tagGroup SexIt's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 04

It's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 04


The weekend for our party came and Jo and I cleaned the basement and went to get food and cokes. We were all ready by 6:00 PM so both of us went to get dressed. Jo had on her red leather skirt and a halter-top. God, she was really built. I put on my skirt and tank top. I looked in the mirror and said, "God. I wish I had tits like Joann."

We went down stairs to wait for our group to show up and our mom asked us how many were coming over. I told her 7 or 8, I wasn't sure. She told us that she and dad would be up in their room. I wondered if they were going to have sex while we had our party? Did they still have sex? Was dad big or small down there? Was he any good? Did he eat mom's pussy? Even better, did she suck his cock and let him cum in he mouth?

Finally, Jo broke the trance I was in and said, "I going downstairs and put on some music want to join me? Mom told me she would let them in and send them all downstairs when they got here. Then she was going to join dad upstairs."

She laughed and whispered, "They're most likely going to fuck while we have our party. I wonder how big dad's cock is? Do you think he licks her pussy? Does she suck his cock? How big do you think dad is?"

I said, "I was thinking the same thing."

Jo and I went down the stairs and put the CDs on. She started to dance around. Her body was so hot, so dam hot. I'm sure the boys will ask her to go in the back room a lot tonight. The group started to arrive and by 8:30 PM everyone was there. This time we had an even number of boys and girls, four each. We all were dancing and having a good time when Barb asked me, "Hey Jane we know it's your party but everyone wants to know when are the games starting?"

I said, "Oh, OK, I'll start them now."

I told everyone, "Ok....OK you guys the games are now going to begin."

I looked around the room and said, "First I want a guy volunteer."

Tommy raised his hand first. I smiled and said; "Don't you want to hear what I am going to have you do first?"

He smiled and said, "I trust you Jane."

I said, "Maybe you shouldn't. OK. For this one you have to take your cock out of your pants Tommy. But then don't touch it."

Everyone laughed at that remark. Then I said, "Then you'll be blindfolded. Each girl will open their blouses and pull their bras up or off. They will each stand in front of you and let you feel their breasts. You have to pick one girl's name each time you feel a new breast. If you match the right girl to the right set of breasts, you get to go in the back room her. We'll all be watching your cock to see how hard you'll get as you feel our tits."

We all laughed as he took his cock out and it was already hard. We blindfolded him and watched his cock growing harder by the second. Then and the girls got in line and each opened their blouses and those that were wearing bras pulled them up. Jo of course wasn't wearing one. Tommy had his eyes covered really good and tight. He stood there as Barb came up to him. Everyone was quiet so he couldn't hear voices. He lifted his hands looking for a tit. When he located them, he moved his hands over the breasts and we all saw her nipples start to grow along with his cock. Barbara was the best looking girl in our group and her breasts were around 32 Bs.

He said, "I have no idea. They're pretty soft and round so I'll guess Betty."

He was wrong. The group said, "Nope not Betty."

The next girl moved up and Tommy felt her breasts. He said, "Sue!"

He was wrong again. Then my sister Jo came up in front of him and pulled her top up and over her head completely so everyone to see her magnificent set of breasts. You could hear the guys whispering. I said, "Shhh!! No talking!"

Tommy took his hands and moved them to her full and very large lovely breasts. Her nipples were already hard. They pointed out at least an inch. We could all see Tommy's cock jumping with his excitement from holding the larger breasts. He was harder and thicker now than before with the other girl. He felt Joann's tits with those hard nipples pushing into his palms, and his cock was so hard it was leaking fluid, pre-cum. It was sticking straight out of his jeans now. As he squeezed this girl's tits, he moved his hand all over them for quiet a long time. For him to actually cup and hold one of Joann's breasts fully, Tommy had to use both hands. He took his time enjoying himself and playing with Joann's full tits. Finally I said, OK Tommy enough who do they belong too?"

He said, "Hum. I don't think there's anyone in this room who has a set of tits this big but Joann! So I'm going to guess Jo, Jane's sister."

He was right and they pulled the blindfold off his eyes. We all watched his hands still on Jo's tits. He was still squeezing them and she was smiling. She pulled her top completely off now as she took his hand and walked to the back room with my boyfriend. Dam it. I sat there wondering what they were doing and then realized from the sounds that they were giving each other oral sex and from what I heard a great orgasm for both of them. Barb asked, "So what's next Jane? What's the next game?"

I was pissed but was able to calm myself. I was thinking, "I'm going to ask him what they did and he better not lie to me!"

Then I said: "OK they have a few more minutes back there and then we'll play the next game. We danced and partied for 10 more minutes. Finally I said: "The next game is going to start in 5 minutes. As I said that Jo opened the door and they walked back out. Tommy's face was covered with her cum. She licked her lips looking right at me. She smiled at me and came close as she whispered, "His cock isn't as big as his two brother's but it sure did cum the same. Want a taste?"

She tried to kiss me but I stopped her. I ran upstairs to see if my parents were up in their bedroom. They were, and it was dark in their room. But from the soft sounds of sex coming into the hallway, I was sure they were fucking or sucking. So I went back down to the basement again. I said, "OK everything is cool. The next game is called Twister with a spin. So everyone get a partner." I picked Tommy quickly.

My sister picked Steve. I told her one-day when she asked me about the guys who were going to be at this party, which had the biggest cock? I told her that Steve had the biggest cock of the group. It was huge. The couples would stand and face each other. When I spun the wheel and a color was picked, the girl or guy who had that color on a piece of clothing, had to remove to that color clothing and move a leg or hand to that color on the board. The first one or should we make it couple, who get down to one piece of clothing wins and he and she will go into the back room.

The group said, "Individual. If it's a girl she waits and then goes in the back with the guy who also gets down to one piece. It might be another person than the one you are standing with now. OK?"

They all said, "YES. It sounded like fun."

So we began. I spun the wheel and blue came up, three girls took off their tops, well they pulled them up over their bras but didn't pull them off, incase my mother started coming down stairs. I was thinking, "Oh, she cumming but not down the stairs."

I smiled to myself.

One boy had to take his top off too. I spun the wheel again and red came up. Joann had to pull her red leather skirt up over her hips showing all of full ass and us her beautiful long silky legs. She did wear panties and they were pink and they were stained from her wetness. I guessed that was her wetness coming out from her pussy after Tommy licked her earlier in the back room.

We had now reached the point in the game where the next spin would bring someone down to at least one piece of clothing left. The boys were all standing around in their underwear one had his shirt off too. The girls all had their skirts on except Jo but all of them had their blouses, tee shirts, sweaters, etc. up over their tits.

The guys were chanting green make it green. Barb had on green bikini panties. I spun the wheel and it just missed green and landed on white. Two of the girls and all of the guys had to drop their panties and underwear. The guys stood there with their cocks hanging out and bobbing up and down. Some were semi-hard, others hard depending on their excitement. They were either sticking out all the way very hard or were hanging half way up.

While the girls all laughed, Jo was checking them out. I waited a few minutes and watched the guys' cocks grow as they watched the girls. Jo flashed them a shot of her pussy and they all laughed and then moaned when she rubbed it. She was such a slut! The girls laughed and we all started to flash the guys. The guys were having a great time. Sue said, "Spin the damn wheel Jane."

I did and it landed on blue again. Barb pulled down her panties and said who would like to go with me in the back room. All the boys raised their hands, but Barb waited until I spun the wheel and Steve was going with her. Steve's cock looked much bigger than the rest of the guys! It was sticking straight up in the air. He was really hard. She took his hand and they went into the back room. The rest of us got dressed and started dancing again. Steve and Barb were gone for the maximum time allowed, 25 minutes. When I rapped on the back door, each of them came out fixing their clothes and smiling. We continued to play and most everyone got a turn. Jo got to go into the back room twice.

"Beginner's luck", Barb told me. Steve and my sister went in the back for a good half an hour. I tried to get them to come out after the 25 minutes maximum, but neither would open the door. I heard him grunting a few times and I knew he was cumming for her. I was about to go back there with the key when he came out and looked like he had been raped. His shirt was ripped and Jo had her top with only one tit in it. I was wondering if Steve tittie fucked her.

The party was going well when it was time for the circle. Jo asked me, "So Jane, what's the circle?"

I told her, "Since you're new, you'll just have to wait and see Jo. It something only for our group and no one knows about us. I want to keep it that way Joann!"

She laughed and smiled at me.

We sat around in the circle with the guys holding their cocks out and stroking them. The girls were sitting with their spread eagle and had their panties pulled to the side or they had taken them off completely showing the boys their pussy. Everyone got to see everyone else's sexual parts at this point. That was the circle, no secrets or hidden body parts. The rule was everyone had to show their vagina or cock to the group..

I said, "Since Jo is my sister, I think I should pass the next game over to someone else."

Sue said, "OK I'll do it."

She stood up and the rest of the girls stood up with their skirts up over their hips. Each girl had now taken off her panties. The boys sat there watching as Jo reached over and began stroking Steven's semi-hard cock. Sue said, "Jo since you are new here, you are excused from this next game."

Jo said, "I'll play! I don't care. Let me play."

Sue said, "OK, If you're sure."

She told everyone she was ready for anything. I knew she wasn't lying!"

Sue said, "OK! Then you can play. In fact you can go first. I want you to move around to each girl and check to see if her pussy has any of the boys's cum in it. No one should have fucked in the back room. Only oral sex is allowed here."

Jo smiled and said "OK whose first ladies?"

Sue said, "If you don't want to do that you can check me and I'll check everyone else."

Jo looked around the room and said, "I'll check you Sue. Sue came over and stood in front of Jo. Jo knelt on her knees and as Sue pulled her panties to the side, Jo took her fingers and pulled her panties all the way over showing everyone her very nice shaved pussy. Sue stood there with her legs spread wide and her legs still in her panties. Jo inserted a finger and Sue jumped a little. When Jo pulled her finger out of Sue's pussy it was wet but no cum. My sister smiled up at Sue and licked her finger. The boys all moaned.

It was wet with Sue's juice. Sue said, "Well that's one way to check, but you have to get much closer to my pussy and look real good. The rule is you actually have to taste me!"

Jo moved in and had her face about an inch away. She could smell Sue's musk. Jo stuck out her tongue and licked up Sue's slit. Sue moaned and pushed her pussy into Jo's mouth. My sister wrapped her arms around Sue and held her ass as she pulled her pussy into her mouth and began licking and sucking on Sue's vagina. It was unbelievable! The group started to whisper and chant, "Eat her. Eat her Joann. Make her cum, make her cum Joann."

We moved in closer now and watched as Jo eat Sue's pussy like a champ. She had Sue whimpering in seconds and finally Sue had to be held up by the boys as Joann made her cum with a huge orgasm. The boys stood there holding Sue under her arms with their cocks pointing at Jo sucked on Sue's pussy for maybe 5 minutes. Sue held Jo's head tight against her cunt and pumped her hips fucking my sister's face. Joann didn't bother moving back at all. In fact Joann saw the hard cocks around her and took one in each of her hands. As she licked Sue's pussy, she began jerking off the cocks God she was so brave and so very evil. I was so hot watching her.

As Jo sucked Sue's pussy fast and hard, Sue had another hard fucking orgasm. This one was a major climax. Jo pulled back and said, "Who is next? Anyone else want a little oral sex?"

The two boys whose cocks Joann held in her hand stepped up closer to her. She smiled up at them and put there cocks next to her cheeks and began rubbing them on her face and sucking them one after the other. She knelt there in front of Sue and as Sue stepped back and fell down on the chair. Her legs wouldn't hold her and she felt completely drained from the orgasms Joann gave her. As she moved away, the two boys moved even closer and my sister began to suck each cock. First the one on the right and then the one on the left. Back and forth she moved her head sucking both guys until they both shot huge loads of cum on my sister's face and in her mouth. When it was over she smiled at the group and swallowed all the cum. Two other boys moved towards Joann when Barb moved in and said, "My God! That was certainly erotic and exciting. OK! Jo you're now in the club baby. And I bet you are going to show us a lot of new and sexy things."

Jo said, "I'll do my best with all of you. But do you ever play a game where girl and girl get to go back in the room? If not, you should try it. Or a boys with a boys would maybe be even better if we got to watch them"

Barb said, "We'll consider that for the next party."

The boys said, "No way I'm not sucking any guy's cock. I want girls."

She just laughed as Joann asked, "Well guys, both are good. And, will we ever fuck each other at these parties?"

The group said, "No."

Then Barb said to her, "This is an oral party only. But what you do on your own time is up to you Jo."

She smiled and finally wiped her face removing the excess cum dripping off her chin. It was sexy and strange at the same time. Barb said, "I'll let you all know when the next party will be. I guess we better get ready to go home."

Jo said, "I'm home so any guy, or girl who wants to stay and play longer is welcome to do so?"

But, they all left. I looked at my sister Jo and my boyfriend Tommy and wondered again what they actually did in the back room. I walked Tommy to the door and stood on the porch kissing him and letting him feel my ass. I said, "You better tell me everything tomorrow about what you and my sister did inn the back room. I want to know what Jo and you did, all of it. You better tell me everything."

He smiled and said, "Sure babe don't worry. I wished it were you back there with me. But God Jane, your sister has some tits!"

I punched him on the arm and he left."

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