tagIncest/TabooIt's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 06

It's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 06


As you may remember, my older sister finally talked my mom into buying birth control pills for me and I have been taking them for over four months now. Thank God too because I want to keep having sex but don't want any kids. I now have sex with three guys, not just Tommy any more. He doesn't know it but I'm what I guess everyone calls me, a young 18-year-old cock hound! Tommy plays baseball for the school and when he travels I seek out other guys to have some fun with.

Actually, now I'm just like my sister. I love cocks! Big ones, long ones, fat ones and even short ones. A cock always makes my day better and brighter. I like jerking them off sometimes and watching the cum shoot way up in the air. Sometimes I suck them dry, taking every dam drop of that white sweet liquid into my mouth and down my throat. Yes I swallow! Mumm. It doesn't matter as long as I make the cock real hard and then make the guy cum. It amazes me how big and hard they get and then how they shrink in my hand, mouth or pussy before I am completely finished with them.

As you know I have an older sister name Joann who is a junior now in the community college here and she still lives at home with me. She has a boyfriend who is a year older than she is and I know he has been fucking Joann for years. I saw them on more than one night in her room as she was riding him up and down and moaning over and over again. His name is Danny and he has a huge cock, at least 8 inches long.

Anyway, lately, I have been having dreams about my sister's boyfriend's cock fucking me crazy. Sometimes I dream of Tommy my own boyfriend and Danny both fucking me. I even have had dreams where my sister Joann, Danny and Tommy work on me at the same time. They made me scream out with delight when I climax from all their hands, mouths and cocks working over my young body until I can't stand it any longer and orgasm like crazy. God it was so sexy. I woke up and my panties were covered with my wetness.

I know Tommy really has some strong lust for my older sister body. We had talked about her a lot. And I wasn't upset with him since I knew all the guys we knew would like to fuck her. Hell she knew it too. I have to admit, she was really beautiful and built better than any other girl I know in our town. Tommy had done some things with her at the oral party and in fact he had even had his cock in her pussy for a minute. But she made him remove it and go back eating her instead. She was very one sided that night. She had gotten of three times but poor Tommy never got to fuck her all the way and cum in her.

Joann's breasts are round and full and much bigger than my smaller ones. But, we both have the same type of nipples. They're long, dark, and red when we get excited or cold and they stick out an inch or more. We are both very athletic and have long legs with a solid and a very small flat waist. We have the same type of ass. It's round hard and sits up high. Guys say it's the perfect ass to fuck. Anyway, Tommy has told me a bunch of time that he would really love to screw my sister again and get to cum in her pussy.

But Joann is such a cock teaser. She actually had Tommy's fat cock in between her pussy lips for about a minute letting him go crazy trying to pump in and out of her and then she made him stop and take it out. She sucked it until he shot his load but everyone knows while sucking and cumming is nice it's not the same as fucking until you cum.

Anyway, oral sex is really hot in our school and most everyone who is a junior or senior does it. And it's safe, well at last you can't get pregnant by doing that. But we have moved a long way now from just the old oral parties. Now my sister and I actually share our boyfriends with each other and fuck them both on the weekends when mom and dad are gone. And they are almost always gone!!

So with that background, here's the last part one of my story.

It started the first time when my parents had gone out of town to a wedding and spent the night away from home. Joann was to watch me. Again that's like letting the fox into the hen house. We both decided that Danny and Tommy would come over and we would have some fun with them and maybe even have a four way all night. We waited and then the weekend finally gotten here and the parents left early Saturday morning. We shaved each other again making sure we were smooth down there and then we had oral sex together in mom and dad's bed. That was so thrilling and very exciting!!

The guys got to our house at 5PM and by 5:30 PM we were in our rooms with our own men. By 6PM my boyfriend Tommy was straddling my face and slowly pumping his fat cock down into my mouth as his balls rested on my eyes and his forehead and mouth were between my legs licking me. We did a 69 and were sucking and licking each other until we both came in each other's mouths. It was a perfect 69!

After we both had climaxed, we were laying on my bed and he was playing with my tits as I stroked him back to hardness. I love to taste him and always want to suck him off every since we did it the first time which was over a year ago.

As you know if you read the other chapters of my story, we have been doing each other orally at least three times a week since I was started going with him steadily. I have been sucked his cock now for almost over a year. Hum.. I wonder how much of his cum I have drunk in that time frame? Well anyway, between my sister and me, we finally got my mother to get me birth control pills to regulate my period. So for the past three and a half months now we have been fucking three or four times a week. But we still like to suck each other off too. God sometimes I want to scream out loud as I cum on his face or his cock.

Like I said before I love sex and love cocks and would fuck until I couldn't walk. If Tommy could keep it hard all the time, I would be fucking him all the time. Tommy was my first but not my only cock now at this point in my story. He really broke me into having any type of sex. I love Tommy so much but there are times when I still think about that night my sister held me down and Danny fucked me almost to death. And I'll tell you about it if you promise to masturbate for me while I do. OK?

Danny is around 21 years old so he really knows what to do when he is fucking you. God he can really get me off. I wonder how it would be with say a 25 or 30-year-old guy? One day I'll have to find out.

Anyway, the four of us have been much closer and have done things together or at least in the same room but Danny had never fucked me. So my sister one night told me Danny wanted to fuck me and she wanted to try out Tommy as he did it. We decided we would really experiment this weekend since my folks were gone and we had the entire house to ourselves.

Now as I lay on my back, Tommy is sitting on my face fucking my mouth with his fat hard cock. "Umm baby. That feels so good", he moans to me as I take his shaft deep into my mouth and down my throat.

And that's how it began, each couple in separate rooms, but before the night was over, my sister and my boyfriend would be holding my legs wide open so Danny's cock could fuck me and make me cum.

As Tommy began to fuck me now I closed my eyes and was thinking about Fanny. God Danny's cock is so long. Tommy been fucking me now for over 10 minutes and was now going in and out of me like a crazy man. I knew he was close to cumming and had already given me 2 huge orgasms.

I was fucking him back as hard as I could by lifting my ass and hips up to meet his thrusts. Mummm I love the feeling a hard cock gave me each time it went in and out of my hole. I could fuck until I passed out. I swear I could. Now I only just turn 18 about a month ago, and I'm young, but I know what I like and what makes me feel good and so much like an animal when a big cock is really pumping into my body. I was certainly feeling more like an animal right now than a human.

But, I didn't care about anything now except making Tommy cum with me this time. I was really working hard on fucking Tommy's cock as I was thinking about fucking Danny's cock later tonight. I tried to hold back as long as I could but Tommy's cock felt so good slamming into my hole I began to climax again. He continued to ram me with his pole again and again. I swear to god that it was as thick as my wrist, maybe more and I could feel it getting even thicken and harden now and knew it was ready to cum. He moved closer to his own climax as I wrapped my shapely legs around his back and pushed down with my feet as I held him and licked his face and bit his shoulder as I peaked with my climax! He moaned and I could see the strain on his face and the heat from his cock inside me as he tried to hold off cumming. I whispered, "Do it baby! Fill me with your hot seed! Given me all of it Tommy! Oh yes baby! Cum deep inside me! Now baby! Give me it now!"

I tried to time my words so he would begin to cum as I yelled, "Oh Yes Tommy!! Now baby! Fill my cunt with your cum! Now! Oh Tommy yes!"

He exploded with shot after shot of warm cum pumping deep into my young tight pussy. I squeezed his cock with the muscles in my cunt just like Joann had taught me! Tommy moaned and we held each other until he had finished. He was wet and I held him kissing and licking his chest and chin and mouth with my tongue. He whispered, "I love you baby!"

And I told him the same thing. I did sort of love him but I wasn't ready to have him and him alone. I wanted to try other guys and see what they had before I was going to settle for one guy. But what Tommy didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Now Joann was talking to Danny and I began to talk to Tommy about switching partners just for an hour or two. We told them we were all together and friends and lovers and it would be fun for all of us to fuck in one bed. Danny agreed immediately but it took a long time with Tommy. Finally the three of us ganged up on him and he agreed. But he told us only this one time and I get to do Joann first. We all agreed!

Tonight, I want Danny to fill me up with his cum. I wanted to feel him cum inside my pussy hole. I told him I was on the pill about a month ago and he said, "Little sister, when we party one of these nights I'm going to fill your sweet young pussy with so much cum and it will make you feel so good baby. I'll fuck you until you cry out with lust and desire. I promise baby. I can't wait until we are together so I can fuck you. I know I'll love your tight young pussy."

I laughed but my pussy was wet just thinking about his big cock that night. And, now it was happening to me. Danny was on top of me as Joann bounced up and down on Tommy's cock. She had gotten him so hard so fast it was scary. Danny inserted his cock slowly and moved further and further inside my pussy. Having Tommy's cum in me already acted as a lubricant and Danny pushed and pushed until he was balls deep inside me in no time.

I closed my eyes and sighed loudly as he began to slowly fuck me. It was pure heaven to feel 6 or 7 inches of long hard cock move in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I began to cum almost immediately as Danny picked up the pace a little, His hips thrust and his cock fucked in and out of me giving me more than I have ever had inside me. He smiled down at me when I opened my eyes and saw him. I wrapped my legs around his waist now and rammed my hips up into him lifting us both up off the bed. I squeezed my pussy muscles as tight as I could and I made Danny moan just like I did his brother. He bent his head down and sucked my nipples one at a time as his hips never stopped pumping on top of me. We continued to fuck for a very long time. Danny had already cum in Joann so he was lasting a much longer this time. I was happy about that too! He felt me climaxing again and held his cock deep inside me and let me fuck myself on it! I screamed as I rammed up into him again and again and then hung there up off the bed peaking on what was the best orgasm of my young life.

As I recovered from my climax, I looked over at my boyfriend Tommy and saw him holding my sister's hips as she was going wild on his cock riding him up and down. The sight gave me chills as I watched them fuck as I was being fucked myself.

All of a sudden Tommy yelled out scaring me, and he began to ram me harder and faster. I felt his big cock get harder and I knew he was about to cum inside me. I moaned not knowing if I wanted my cunt filled or if I wanted his cum in my mouth filling have it with his sweet wetness. He was pumping and pumping and I felt the first shot spray the walls of my pussy deeper than anyone had ever sprayed them with cum. I lifted up and said, "Oh yes! OH God yes! Fuck me Danny cum in me baby! I want your cum now Danny!"

Danny moaned a few seconds later as he felt my pussy squeezing his big cock and I began to orgasm again from his cum pumping inside me. Dan's cock was driving in and out of my pussy, like a fucking machine and boy did I climax again. It was a big, long, mind blowing, earth shattering, and time standing still type of orgasm. You know those types that you always remember and compare to those you get later on in your sexual life.,

Danny pushed it all the way into me and held it there as I helped by wrapping my legs around Danny and squeezing him as I pushed him down as deep as I could get him inside me. I also continued to squeeze my cunt tunnel really hard around his cock. His cum was leaking out from around his big shaft buried inside me. I was betting he was cumming up in my stomach. Danny's cock is so fucking long, and my sister is so fucking lucky. She told me later that I really looked hot pumping my body on his dick. God it's so big.

Finally I let my legs go and unwrapped them from around Danny's body as I was holding him against me, and keeping his big cock deep inside me. Danny pushed my body up grabbing my legs and making them go over my head as he continued to fuck my little cum filled pussy. Jesus, I was in heaven, feeling his cock staying hard.

Completely gone from the feeling of my last orgasm, Danny was now just touching cervix as my sister was watching us now. They were both sitting up and she began to stroke my clit as he hammered me with every stroke. In and out of me his long hard cock with every stroke gave me a shutter and a shiver allover my body With my legs over my head he was going even deeper now into my pussy. I was tingling all over, completely dedicated to letting Dan do with me what he wanted to do. My body was all his now. Tommy had already sat up too from fucking my sister and he sat next to her and just watching me getting fucked. I looked at him and saw his eyes lusting over with his own excitement when Joann began to play with his semi-hard cock. I knew Joann had fuck Tommy real great.

But for me, all I wanted was Danny's cock staying inside my pussy fucking me. I yelled out loud, "Oh Danny. Oh God. Fuck me! Just keep fucking me. Never stop fucking me. OH god I'm going to cum again. NOW Oh God. Oh baby. Yes. Yes. YES. YES. YES. YES OH GOD. OH GOD Y _ _ E _ _ SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....."

My sister just sat there jerking Tommy off as they watched me being fucked by Danny. Danny work his cock in and out of my body like a piston I a car. He had my pussy and ass sticking up in the air as he held my legs over my head and pushed my knees against my small boobs. He was humping and hammering down into me as fast as he could go now.

Danny's cock was like a fucking drill and he rammed down into me again and again and again giving me all I every dreamed of or wanted. Finally he said he was going to cum and I felt his cock swelling fatter and harder inside me. It was getting so hot too. I could feel it get warmer as he moved closer and closer to his orgasm. "My god. YES...', he moaned out.

And his balls had tightened up and were still slammed against my ass hole as he arched his back and moaned louder.

He pumped his cock into me one final time and began to shoot his load again. Finally.....finally....I felt what I had dreamed about for so long. Danny had fucked me to completion and his cock was beginning to thump as the cum pumped out of it for a second time and shot so very deep into my pussy hole.

His cock kept on pumping and pumping and his big cock kept thumping and thumping inside me. I was sure I could actually hear it thumping with each shot of cum he put in my pussy. His cum kept shooting and shooting filling my pussy up. There was so much of it, it was running out of my hole now as Danny rammed down into me with all of his inches. It ran down between my ass crack and then under my ass and on my ass and back. Since my ass was now over my head the cum was running up my back and then on to the bed. Joann put a towel under my back and ass so there wouldn't be any cum satins.

I moaned and cried with my passion as Dan continued to fuck me into one last orgasm. This time he let go of my legs and I let them fall over his shoulders as he stayed deep inside me. He held his cock deep and let me pump my pussy on him again fucking myself. My little ass was humping both of us up off the bed like a machine, like a wild animal. He was driving into a state of lust I never knew I had. As I peeked with my final climax, I was crying and screaming and felt I would die from the shear joy of it all.

When I reached my peak I moaned long and low with a sound I didn't believe came from me. I elevated us higher and held both of us up in the air just pumping my pussy on his beautiful cock shaft buried deep inside me.

I just continued to cum and cum and cum. I wasn't sure I would ever stop cumming. But, God.. It was so great. I didn't want it to ever end. I guess none of us ever want our orgasms to end, right? But they do and it did. Finally I let my ass fall to the bed drained. Danny raised up off of me and said: "My God Joanne that was a "E" ticket ride baby. You are better than Funland and much prettier too. You really got me off and you knew it too, didn't you babe?"

I smiled and said: "Yes. I sure did. Glad you liked the ride Danny. But, I bet I enjoyed it more."

Joann laughed and said. "OK Tommy.. It's your turn. Come over here and let's see what you got left for me. Suck on my pussy while I suck your cock."

She pulled him down and in a few seconds she had turned her body around so her pussy was over his head and her mouth lowered down to cover Tommy's already hard cock. God. I think Tommy's cock had gotten bigger than when we first started eating each other out. It looked bigger tonight as my sister sucked on it. As I lay back against Danny's chest now letting him play with my small breasts and hard nipples we watched as my sister and my boyfriend began to go at it in a 69 position.

Her mouth went down on Tommy's hard cock and she pushed down on his face with her cum filled pussy. She did every move I could imagine so Tommy's face was covered with her pussy juice. She screamed loud each time that he worked her into another orgasm. She had a lot of them as she burned Tommy's face with her body. Poor Tommy, I bet he could hardly get a breath she was pushing her pussy so hard on his face. She had engulfed his cock all the way down to his hair as she pumped away with her mouth. Dan and I watched as Tom pumped it in and out of her sucking mouth. We could hear him moaning and saying: "I'm going to cum Jo. I'm going to cum. Suck me. Suck me hard baby."

And them he began to jerk and shake as he pumped his cock into my older sister's mouth letting his cum fly. I sat there just watching and taking mental notes. I was in a state of wonder at how she made her mouth form such a perfect seal around Tom's cock shaft. Practice I guess, lots of practice.

Finally Tommy finished and they both sat up. I took Tommy's hand and we went back into my bedroom where we spent the rest of the time together licking and touching and finally fucking one last time before the boys went home around 1AM. I fell asleep in seconds I was so tired.

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Love this

Love your story, but you should look into an editor. You mix up the boyfriends names a bunch and it's a bit distracting. But other than that great story!

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