tagRomanceIt's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 11

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 11


It’s Just a Business Transaction-11

Aida was not sure how she would be able to raise a half million in cash for Greg. He had called her yesterday about the money again. He really seemed desperate but he would not tell her what was wrong. But had promised her he would in due time. The only person she could try asking for a loan from would probably be William Sr. But how to convince him to loan her the money? Would he tell Alex? Should she have been more assertive with Greg as to why he needed so much money? What if he used the money for something illegal?

Alex’s attitude towards her seemed to be cooler too after the day he had sent her home from the hospital, and he had not shared her bed again for the past few nights but he would look in on her in the morning before going to work. He seemed to be angry and each time when he looked in on her it seemed that he wanted to ask her about something but at the last minute he would hold it off. Did he want to ask her about the baby? Was he angry with her for not telling him about the baby or was it something else?

The vitamins and pills that Nicole had prescribed her had lessened her vomit motion. She would still throw up but it wasn’t as bad as before at least she could hold down her food now and her appetite had increased tremendously.

She now stood naked in front of the full-length mirror in the closet to look at her figure. She cupped her breasts and hadn’t noticed any changes in them yet. She ran her hand lovingly on her still flat tummy and wondered quietly. Are you going to be a handsome little boy like your father or a precocious little girl? She asked her stomach dreamily.

She remembered how she had wanted to abort the foetus the very same day after Nicole had told her about the pregnancy. But now she felt a very warm close maternal feeling towards the tiny little life in her, and could not help, but to feel a wonderful happiness spreading through her. But it also brought her back to the present situation. She wouldn’t dare hope Alex would love her as she had loved him. She knew his coolness towards her had got to do with she not telling him about the pregnancy but she needed time to think over the situation, the best way to resolve the matter. Would he still want her to stay on after the baby was born? Most of all would she bear to leave her baby and her love for Alex behind after the baby was born? Running away with his unborn child now would be out of the question. Knowing Alex, he would make sure she stays and give birth to the baby even if he had to tie her up physically. And yet to stay on without love would be just as miserable.

She sighed dejectedly at her situation. I will think about it later, meanwhile let me help settle Greg’s problem first. She gave a sigh. She made up her mind to try and ask William Sr. for a loan. She got dressed and went over to the east wing looking for him but would make sure the other two Jeffersons would not be in her way. Ever since that morning she had kneed Roderick in his groin, she had even seen less of him and his mother.

Sometimes Aida would still run into Marie and she would glare at Aida but said nothing. And the most surprising news was, apparently Roderick had taken to working out in their well-equipped home gym according to the servants. Not that she was eavesdropping or anything. This is a huge house, and no matter how discreet things were ran, servants were bound to gossip to one another but they knew better than to gossip outside the house. Besides, they were well paid and fairly treated.

As usual Aida found William Sr. in his study with Miss. Kathy the nurse playing a game of poker. The old man’s face immediately lit up upon seeing her.

“Aida! Come and join us for a game,” exclaimed the old man.

Then added victoriously. “Miss. Kathy here has been losing steadily. I am afraid she would have to sell herself soon to repay her gambling debt.”

“Oh dear, I am afraid so too,” laments Miss Kathy looking to Aida for support.

“That’s because he cheats Miss. Kathy!” said Aida laughingly. “I don’t suppose you check inside his sleeves, do you?” added Aida slyly still laughing.

“Aida! How could you give away my secret? Now I’m gonna lose the stake!” sulked the old man. Miss. Kathy looked shockingly at him. Then suddenly burst out laughing too.

“Alright, alright you may have your two glasses of Bryant Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 or however you pronounced that for dinner. No more than that and that’s final!” said Miss. Kathy firmly.

“But you said I could have three glasses if I win!” argued the old man.

“I did but I didn’t know that you cheated! Two glasses or nothing! Your choice,” said Miss. Kathy with a curt nod of her head.

Old man William Sr. glared at both the females and muttered under his breath. “Women!”

Miss. Kathy then excused herself and left the study leaving Aida with William Sr. alone to their conversations.

“So, how are you today young lady? You were positively glowing compared to the past few weeks. How was the morning sickness?” beamed William Sr. knowingly.

Aida was dumbfounded at his words and stared at him with her eyes big and round. William Sr. just smiled at her. Finally she found her voice.

“Did Alex tell you?” said Aida questioningly.

“Miss. Kathy did. She saw you throwing up a few days back and reported it back to me,” said William Sr. happily.

“Well, actually Alex doesn’t know it yet…I meant he knew but we did not discuss or rather I did not want to discuss with him yet,” said Aida unhappily.

“You will have to discuss it with him my dear, you only have five more months left. And I would love it very much to see my great grandchild and of course I would really love it if you could go on as Mrs. Jefferson,” said the old man softly eyes misting over.

“I know,” sighed Aida. “Could we not talk about it? I…err…I needed to discuss something else with you,” said Aida hesitantly.

The old man just looked at her waiting for her to continue.

“I needed to borrow some money,” said Aida and added quickly in a rush. “Not for me though but my friend - a very close friend. I think he is in some kind of trouble but he won’t let me know but he needed the money urgently and I don’t have it and I didn’t want to ask Alex for it cos’ both don’t seems to be very fond of each other…”

“How much is the sum?” said the old man calmly staring at her.

Aida took a deep breath and said quietly. “Half a million dollar.”

The old man seems to be doing some thinking and then reached for the drawer on his desk. He drew out a chequebook and wrote out the sum then handed the cheque to Aida. Aida took the cheque with trembling hand, staring openly at him in awed.

“You trust me? I mean don’t you even want to know who was my friend? What…what if I run off with the money?” queried Aida.

Old man William Sr. gave her a fond smile.

“I trust you my dear. Besides, it’s only half a million dollar. I used to bet one million dollar for each card I called in poker when I was younger,” said William Sr.

“Thank you,” said Aida, looking at him gratefully.

“Run along now and do your thing. Oh, could you called Miss. Kathy for me? I’ll have to find another way to cheat her out of another two more glasses of my favourite wine,” winked the old man.

Aida kissed William Sr. on the cheek and left the study. She was on her way back to her room when she crossed path with Roderick. He was in his gym gear. Guess he had indeed been working out by the look of it and he does look different. He doesn’t have that stoned looked about him anymore and he looked fitter too. But he would stare at her still with that licentious look of his, which still make her feels uneasy. He did not say anything, merely leered at her and walked past her not even touching her. That’s a first! She thought with relief.

She reached her room and looked at the clock, 2.28pm and more than enough time to bank in the cheque. She looked at the cheque and noted it was from First Union National Bank with branches all over the town, and it was written out in her name but crossed. That means she had to bank into her account first, but that would take about two days to clear the cheque, and only by Monday would she be able to withdraw the cash for Greg. She decided to give Greg a call on his mobile. There was no reply so she decided to leave him a voice mail.

“Hi Greg, it’s me. Listen, I got the money but I can’t give it to you by tomorrow. The cheque would only be cleared by Saturday the latest. So could I see you on Monday say about 1.00pm at your place to hand you the cash? Well, give me a call back if you receive this message.”

Aida then drove into town and banked in the cheque.



They were at Sonja’s hideout as usual. She looked at Greg for a moment then shrugged her shoulder and gave a toss of her platinum hair. Greg was breathing harshly staring maddeningly at her. He had enough of her. If she was going to kill him so be it. He thought. There was no way he would do it. Poisoning the water was bad enough. Sending him in broad daylight to Alex’s office with that stupid gift box almost freaked him out despite the disguised. And now she wants him to plant a bomb in the Jefferson’s oil refinery! That was the last straw. If he was caught it would be no different than putting a bullet in his skull now. Planting a bomb was an act of terrorism. No he can’t do it, he won’t do it. It would be better for her kill him now then later. And Greg realized he and Rupert were getting deeper and deeper into the shit hole and very little chance of getting out of it clean.

“Calm down Greg, I never insisted on you doing it. I was just asking you. I can always find someone else to do the job. I know it’s a bit tough. I really do understand the problem you are facing,” she said with exceptional sympathy.

Greg could not believe his ears. He could not believe Sonja could take it so lightly with his protest. Knowing how malicious she could be, it was impossible to believe she had a change of heart.

“Oh yeah! I suppose you would use my sister to threaten me again? You listen here bitch, I don’t fucking care about my life anymore! But if you touch a single hair on my sister, I am going straight to the police!” warned Greg.

“Dear, dear, dear…come on now hun, you don’t think I would really harm your sister? Do you? I mean... I am not as bad as you have portrayed me! I promised you ok; I will not touch your sister. Scout’s honour,” she put up her right hand and made the scout sign.

“Now why don’t you go home and take a good nap, we have a play tonight! And you want to look your best, don’t you. Go on now, I will see you tonight,” cooed Sonja and sat down on the sofa.

Greg looked at her warily. The bitch was toying with his emotions. He thought worriedly. He slowly eased up to the front door. Without turning his back to her he groped for the doorknob and twisted it opened then slipped out as fast as he could move. Well she did not opened fire or chased after him.

“You are not going to let him off that easily are you?” came Roderick’s voice. Apparently he had come from upstairs.

“What do you think?” Sonja said coldly.

“So what’s the plan?” said Roderick and came to sit next to her.

“Well…I think Rupert is going to have a long holiday sooner than expected, and then we invite Wendy for the party…and it’s time we invite our slut too,” said Sonja evilly.

“ You mean Aida? And we’re moving up the plan too? Now we are talking. Thank goodness for that!” Roderick rubbed his hands with relish. He then leant over to try and kissed her but she moved off him stealthily like a cat.

“You’re not my type,” said Sonja looking at Greg coldly.

“Oh come on! I did what you asked. I go to the gym. I tried smoking less coke for the time being. I behave properly; I didn’t even touch that bitch when I walked past her this afternoon! At least give me a kiss,” said Roderick angrily.

“Working out is for your own good. You gotta build up your strength. You know how possessive your brother about that slut that he had to have a bodyguard around her almost 24/7. In case you need to fight off the bodyguard at least you got the means to do it. Just hope you can manage,” said Sonja.

“But don’t you want to test out my strength personally? You can tell me if I still need to improve if I don’t reach your standard,” replied Roderick slyly.

Sonja thought for a moment and looked at Roderick. He was not that bad looking truth to be told and she could not afford to lose him now when the plan was so close. Besides, it’s only flesh no big deal. When this whole messy business was over she would get rid of him too. Slowly and seductively she shrugged off her slinky one piece revealing her body to him. Roderick did not need to wait for an invitation and lunged at her groping and pinching her everywhere at once. At least his breath doesn’t stink like before, she mused. She let herself succumbed to her animal need and let Roderick used her body.

Marie was upstairs listening to her son and Sonja’s animal cries of wild coupling below. She was getting turned on and started to rub herself seeking her own release too.

Marie had never really warmed-up to Sonja. She was very wary of the younger woman. She had tried to warn Roderick about getting mixed up with her but Roderick was drawn to her. When Roderick told her he was going to join forces with Sonja in getting rid of Alex and his grandfather, she had opposed to the idea. Her son had coaxed her into their plan laying out all the dreams that they would finally achieve if they get rid of the other two Jefferson, and Roderick had also promise his mother that he would deal with Sonja when the whole thing was over. Marie eventually agreed upon it.

Marie found Sonja’s stares very unsettling. Even though Marie often seen Sonja’s face in the media she found Sonja oddly familiar. Finally the first time Marie saw Sonja in person, it gives her an unknown fear. She was very familiar, too familiar. She looked like that woman of twenty-four years ago but she was long dead and she does not have a daughter if she remembers correctly. In fact her late husband wiped out her whole family in a single night.

Marie may be a tart but she prided herself with a good memory and sometimes a burst of brilliance when the time required. She was still rubbing herself when she slowly let her mind drifted back to that fateful night so very long ago; she just had a heated argument with Roderick’s father, William Jr. about their sex life. William Jr. was fucking her less and less. It seems lately he was distressed over something. He lost interest in the business. He even lost interest in her anally, which pissed her off greatly.

William Jr. had slapped her, threatened to divorce her and cut Roderick off his will if she was going to continue to be a whining bitch. He had then walked out of the house angrily. But Marie wasn’t going to let him go that easily. She knew where he was going to and had followed him in her own car. True to her own prediction William Jr. had indeed gone to seek out that tall Mendelssohn bitch with the platinum hair at their house.

The Mendelssohns had lived in a very luxurious double storey house at the outskirt in another part of the town. The ground floor of the house was of glass paneling apart from the massive oak door, which made it easy to see from the outside to what was going on inside the house. The surrounding of the house was planted with tall fern trees and shrubs. And the nearest neighbour was two miles away at least-thus the Mendelssohns were able to enjoy their quiet solitude without being disturbed.

Marie had parked her car far off from her husband’s, away from the driveway in some thick undergrowth and had walked the rest of the short way to the house. She then sneaked around to the side of the house and hid in some bushes and look inside the house right into the living room. She could make out her husband half undressed figure on top of a woman, humping her on the living room rug but it seemed to her that the woman was struggling. Marie inched closer to the window and could see the woman was actually crying. Oh no! Her husband was raping the woman! So the woman wasn’t interested in her husband at all. She was disgusted with her husband’s behaviour but yet oddly the scene in front of her made her horny and she had slipped her fingers under her thongs and began to play with herself.

She was so lost in her own pleasure she did not notice a car had driven up the driveway. A slightly balding, short portly man got out of the car and strode up to the front door to open it. Neither did the occupants in the house realized that the woman’s husband – Jeremiah Mendelssohn had suddenly came home and had seen them on the rug. Mendelssohn took one look at them and gave a roar from the doorway, which brought the three of them out of their action. He immediately lunged for William Jr. who was still buried in his wife’s pussy and punching him in the face while the door shut off by itself cutting out the sound once more. William Jr. lost his balance and fell over with his fast shrinking cock bouncing about now. Mendelssohn’s wife immediately clambered away clutching her torn dress to her body. Mendelssohn had then tried to kick William Jr. in the crotch but being younger and more agile, William Jr. had been quick to recover his movement.

Even though William Jr. was on the floor flat on his back he was quick to grab hold of Mendelssohn’s leg before it made contact with his groin to do any damage. Just as quick, William Jr. twisted Mendelssohn’s leg and he fell over too. While William Jr. was trying to rise up to a standing position with his pants around his ankles, Mendelssohn had reached inside his vest and pulled out a gun and took aimed at William Jr. Marie looked on in horror from outside the window, still rooted to the spot hidden behind the bushes. She could not hear what they were talking about as the glasses were soundproof but judging by their action Mendelssohn must be cursing or yelling at William Jr. telling him not to move for William Jr. had froze, putting up both his hands as if to surrender.

Slowly Mendelssohn got up, his face a masked of fury mouthing rapidly at William Jr. Marie could only guessed Mendelssohn was about to fire at William Jr. for his wife had suddenly jumped in and made a grab for his gun. That gave William Jr. the opportunity and rushed forward to try and wrestled the gun off Mendelssohn. The three occupants inside the house were in a mad tussle now as to who would be able to get the gun first. Marie heard a soft bang and saw Mendelssohn’s wife keeled over slowly, eyes glazed. Both men were shocked but still holding onto the gun. William Jr. was the first to recover. He wrenched the gun off Mendelssohn and now looking triumphantly at him. Mendelssohn was scared now. He tried to wave his hands at William Jr. as if begging to be let off but William Jr. just cocked the gun and fired at Mendelssohn in the direction of his heart. Again Marie heard a soft bang and this time it was Mendelssohn’s turn to keel over lying next to his wife’s body.

Marie was standing there scared out of her wit. She was trembling badly. She had just witnessed her husband cold-bloodedly killed another man over a cunt. She knew now what her husband was capable of when provoked. She would have to becareful with him. To get into his good book, she would have to pledge allegiance but she would have to let him know too that she saw everything so she decided to make her appearance. Just before she came out of her hiding place to go into the house, she saw a little boy aged about seven or eight in his Spiderman pyjamas jumped out of nowhere and had flung himself at William Jr. beating and kicking him with his little fists and spindly legs. William Jr. easily caught hold of him. What William Jr. did next almost make Marie cried out in horror. She stuck her fist into her mouth to stop from crying out.

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