tagIncest/TabooIt's Just Sex... Ch. 01

It's Just Sex... Ch. 01


Growing up on a one-hundred acre farm, you tend to find places where you can be alone. Places that nobody else knows about, and where you're never bothered. Places like that help you hide out when you're doing something you'd get into trouble for.

My twin sister, Maxine, and I always used a number of these kinds of places to hide away and fool around. We've always been really close, and that closeness, mixed with curiosity, led us down a special path. We would sneak off somewhere to touch each other as often as we could, without raising suspicion. This, of course, became a favorite activity for us.

When we were eighteen, instead of leaving home like most people do, we stayed to help with the farm. It wasn't really what you'd imagine, in our case. We had farm-hands that did the majority of the work, and our involvement was mostly just management, but we were paid for the work all the same, even if most of that pay went into our living arrangements.

The only internet we had, was through our old flip-phones. This was back when flip-phones were still popular, but even that was enough for us. Most of our time was spent at home, either in the house, or in the myriad of places outside that we could go to have our own time.

One day, I was lying down on my bed, jerking off to a video, when the door suddenly swung open.

"Jesus!" I jumped, dropping my phone in the process. It was Maxine, and she got a good laugh from scaring the shit out of me. She quickly picked up my phone, my cock was still in full view, which wasn't unusual, considering we fooled around on a regular basis.

"You're jerking off to a girl peeing on herself?" she laughed.

"Yeah, so?" I quickly took my phone back, before she could play her favorite 'keep-away' game.

"What is it about a girl pissing that gets you off?" she asked.

"Why do you wanna know?" I countered.

"Nice try, dork. I asked first," she said.

"It's just really hot, seeing a chick pissing in places that society would find gross. Her pants, the carpet, the bed, the sink maybe. What does it matter?" I said.

"I'm just curious. You ever fantasize about me doing that stuff?" she asked.

"Um..." I didn't really want to answer her, despite the fact that we were close. I simply got up, got dressed, and pocketed my phone.

"I knew it!" she laughed. "Just so you know, I'm not making fun of you."

"Ha! Right, I'm supposed to believe my sister isn't going to make fun of my pee fetish," I walked out the door.

"Honestly, I won't. I promise on our secret, that I will not make fun of you, regardless of the sexual perversions you have," she followed behind me.

"Shhh!" I turned, and held my finger up to my mouth to shush her. The secret she was referring to was the fact that we made a habit of touching each other sexually, even doing things like masturbate each other, or in front of each other. We both took that secret seriously, for obvious reasons, so when she swore on it, I knew she was dead serious.

"Oh relax, mom and dad are out in the fields," she said.

"You know someone could walk in downstairs and hear us," I whispered.

"Okay, okay, I get it," she sighed.

I quickly looked down the stairway to see if I could see or hear anyone, but I didn't, which was a good sign. I turned back to Maxine and motioned for us to return to my room, and she went in ahead of me.

"So, um... you wanna fool around?" I closed the door.

"Sure. I actually have a surprise for you," she said.

"What's that?" I asked.

She took my hand and slid it down her pants, past her panties. I could feel her smooth skin against my fingers, a feeling I never tired of, until finally my fingers met with her pussy.

"You shaved?" I smiled with a whisper.

She simply nodded as I rubbed her pussy lips with my middle finger. She was already wet, and getting wetter by the second as she turned to give me more comfortable access. I reached around with my free hand and grabbed one of her tits.

Her nipples were stiff with excitement as I kept touching her. Playing with her C-size tits were one of my favorite pastimes, her slender figure built proportionally to favor a most enchanting form. She could've modeled, easily, and she was commonly the talk of school, when we were still attending. Men would practically drool over her, but the majority would never have had the chance to date her.

My finger found its way inside her now-dripping pussy, and she let out a sigh of pleasure as she leaned back against me. She reached up and touched the back of my head, her expression begging me to continue.

Before long, our lips joined in a passionate lover's kiss. Her hips swayed slowly with my finger's movement as I pinched her nipple with my other hand.

She moaned quietly with a whimper as our kiss became more passionate. I could feel her panties being soaked in her secretions as I kept fingering her, my pace quickened, and her motions became more intense as well. I could tell she was about to cum.

"Maxine!" our dad yelled from downstairs.

The call made us both jump, and I pulled my finger out of her. Our kiss had been broken, and I could see Maxine's big lips had turned a bright red, which was fairly normal when she blushed. I always complimented the way it made her look, overall. She was already very cute, with her short, light-brown hair, and blue eyes, but the added red blush she got on her lips, seemed to perfect the whole look.

She quickly left my room and went downstairs to see what our dad wanted. I was left with a huge boner, twice-over now, and a little more than frustrated that our dad had come back to the house so soon after going out to the fields.

I tasted the mess she'd left on my finger, something I could never get enough of. But before I could jerk off, dad called me down as well.

"Michael!" he yelled.

I sighed and left my room, heading down the stairs. By now, my hard-on had subsided, from the movement. I was glad that was the case, given how embarrassing it would've been to be seen with a bulge in my pants.

"Yeah, dad?" I reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into the kitchen, where they both were standing.

"Your mother and I are going to be away from the farm this weekend, and since the two of you have been doing a good job managing the work load, we figured we'd let you handle all that while we're gone," he said.

"Yes, sir," I said. Our family was always respectful to each other, and we were firm believers in treating others the way we'd want them to treat us.

"I told your sister here, that you don't have to worry about the machine work, the farm-hands will tend to that if they need to. The only thing you two need to do is make sure the orders are set up right, and sign any paperwork that might come in. That includes a shipment that'll go out this Saturday."

"We'll take care of it, it's nothing we haven't done before," I said.

"Good. We'll be out in the fields for the next few hours, why don't the two of you go ahead and take care of the horses, let them out, you know. After that, you should check on the gulch out by marker sixty-four, make sure the stream down there is running clear. Just be careful, when it rained the other day, it rose the water level."

He went back outside after that, and thoughts raced in my mind for the weekend.

"So," said Maxine, "they're going to be gone this weekend."

"Yeah," I said.

We both knew what we were thinking, even if we didn't come out and say it. We were running through the fact that she and I would be the only ones in the house all that time.

"You know‒" she said.

"Not here," I whispered.

We both put on our working clothes, in my case it was a set of overalls, which worked best for the work load, most of the time. Maxine had put on a pair of yellow jean-shorts, the kind that were shorter than average shorts, and a white tank-top.

We both had to wear boots to do this kind of work, which was fine. We both owned a pair of brown hard-toes, and had put them on before leaving for the barn. Once we were far enough that no-one could hear our conversation, we started talking about the weekend.

"So," said Maxine, "what do you think we should do this weekend?"

"I guess the normal stuff we usually do," I said. "We won't have to sneak around in the house, since we'll have it to ourselves."

"Since mom and dad won't be home all weekend, I was kinda hoping we could try something special," she said.

"What's that?" I asked her.

"Well, I'm not sure if you'd want to do what I have in mind, Mick," she said.

"I promise to keep an open mind," I said.

"Okay... I want us to have sex," she said.

I stopped in my tracks, honestly in shock of what I'd just heard come out of her mouth.

"Maxi, that's not a good idea..." I said.

"Mick, I love you," she stopped to face me, "and I love when you touch me. You make me feel special, and I wanna take it further."

"Touching each other is one thing, but sex changes everything, Maxi," I said.

"Why does it have to change anything? It's just sex..." she said.

"Sex is a big deal, sis... where are we gonna get condoms? It's not like we can go get them, mom and dad would be asking where we're going, what we're doing, and why. And we can't leave this weekend to go get them, we have to keep an eye on the farm..."

"I'm on birth control, so that's not really a big deal. Look, I've thought about this for a while now, Mick, and I want you... please tell me you feel the same way..."

"You're right," I sighed, "I've had urges, too. I jerk to the idea of us fucking every goddamn day, but that doesn't mean we should do it... and besides..."

"What?" she asked.

"Well, I don't want to hurt you by taking your virginity... I know it's supposed to hurt the first time..." I said.

"Jesus, Mick, you think I'm a virgin?" she laughed.

"Aren't you?" I asked.

"No, I've had sex before... and then the guy I fucked turned around and cheated on me... piece of shit," she said.



"That guy was an asshole," I scoffed. "I can't believe he took your innocence then ran like a douchebag. I should kick his sorry ass!"

"Easy!" she laughed. "Look, I want you to be my new first, so... what do you say?"

"I'll think about it, I promise I will actually consider it. I'm not just saying that," I said.

"Thank you," she hugged me and gave me a quick kiss, both of which I returned in kind, then we headed for the barn.

After we let the horses out, we went to the gulch, which ran through a forested area of the farm. We were out of sight from all directions, thanks to the trees. This was a place that Maxine and I liked to come to, now and then, to fool around, because we knew that nobody was likely to find us.

"So, tell me about this pee thing you have," said Maxine.

"What do you wanna know?" I asked.

"Do you only like watching girls pee, or would you participate?" she asked.

"If you're asking if I'd pee on a chick, or enjoy being pissed on, then yes, I like the idea of both," I admitted.

"What part of the body, specifically, would you want to pee on, or be peed on?"

"Um, to be honest, I'd love to feel a chick's pussy while she pees."

"What else?"

"Maybe, if this theoretical chick and I were fucking, she'd piss on me then, too."

"Keep going, I know there's more," Maxine laughed. She was right, of course, she knew my habits when it came to hiding things, all too well.

"Pretty much anything you can think of, Maxi," I said.

"Oh really?" she teased. "What if this chick was also into pee play?"

"That would be amazing, I mean, we could share our interest freely, if that were the case," I said.

"If she asked to pee in your mouth, would you let her?" she said.

"I've never tried it, Maxi, so I don't know if I'd like it," I said.

"But, would you try it?" she asked.

"I think I would, if she tries it as well," I said.

She grabbed my hand, just as before at the house, and slid it down her shorts to her bare pussy. I smiled at her, and gladly touched her. She was usually fairly direct that way, she wasn't afraid to tell me she wanted to fool around, which I liked.

Just as I'd gone to finger her, I felt a sudden rush of warmth on my hand, and it didn't take long for me to realize that she was peeing on it, and through her shorts. It was an amazing feeling, the sensation of a warm, wet stream shooting against my hand, and soaking the surrounding fabric.

I got harder than usual, feeling her warm piss in my hand, seeing her piss her shorts, and down her legs. Soon, I felt the stream subside, and I fingered her vigorously.

She moved her hips eagerly, clearly just as turned on as I was. It wasn't long after that, she started moaning. Her knees buckled, and I caught her, holding her up as I felt her pussy contract around my finger.

"Fuck, that felt good," she panted.

"Wow, sis, that must've been some orgasm," I pulled my soaked hand out of her shorts.

"It really was," she laughed. "Thank you," she kissed me quickly, then pulled me by my dry hand, down to the rushing water.

I washed up, and she jumped in, then got back out again.

"What was that about?" I asked her.

"My shorts were soaked in piss. I thought it'd be easier to explain being drenched, than a little wet around my pussy," she said.

"Right. Not to mention less awkward," I said.

"So, um, in case you didn't figure it out... I'm kinda into this pissing stuff," she smiled. "It actually felt really good, doing all that just now. You're the first person I've done that with."

"You asked me earlier, if I'd let a girl pee in my mouth, where'd you hear about that?" I asked.

"A friend of mine, Jessica, told me she once peed in her boyfriend's mouth, and he drank it," she said.

"Why would she admit to doing that?" I laughed.

"I think she said it to gross us out. Of course, she didn't know I liked the idea, myself."

"Who's 'us'?"

"Just a few girls we knew."

She got close to me and grabbed my crotch, obviously finding out how hard I was. She gave me a look that I'd learned to recognize over time, and I undid my overalls, then pulled my boxers down.

She knelt in front of me and licked my cock slowly, like she'd done at least a hundred times before, then took the whole length in her mouth. I grabbed her wet hair, savoring the moment as she sucked my cock.

She moved her mouth up and down the length while I watched, our position offered me a clear view of her cleavage, when she pulled back. I kept a lookout for anyone who might see us, as unlikely as that actually was, it was sill possible. I could hear a car in the distance, driving along the road, which only made what we were doing that much more exciting.

Her tongue swirled around my cock when she pulled back, and I could feel myself starting to get closer to cumming. Usually, I'd tell her that I was going to cum, but this time was different, I decided not to say anything, and see how she'd react to her mouth being filled with cum.

"Oh fuck," I whispered in bliss. Her motion picked up in pace, as if she'd anticipated what I was thinking. Without a word, my cock started shooting hot cum into her mouth.

She whimpered, and looked up at me in complete surprise, but she didn't pull away. I could feel each spurt hitting her tongue, which she'd curled up at my tip, whether from instinct, or not knowing what else to do, I didn't know, and I didn't care. The only thing that mattered to me in that moment was the feeling.

After I'd stopped cumming, she pulled away and swallowed hard. She'd never even had my cum in her mouth before, let alone swallow it. Normally, when she would blow me, I'd just cum on her face or something. This was a new experience for both of us.

"Jesus," she coughed. "That was a lot of cum, Mick. I've never swallowed cum before... it was more than I expected."

"Did you like it?" I pulled up my overalls.

"Yeah," she wiped her mouth.

"We should probably head back, now, we don't want them to get suspicious about where we are, if we're here too long," I said.

Friday finally came along, and our parents left in the evening for their trip over the weekend. It was just me and Maxine now, at home, on the whole of the farm. The farm-hands had gone home after a long day's work, and a storm had brewed outside.

We decided to watch a movie, and talk about what all we would be doing for the next couple of days, making time to touch each other like usual.

"So," said Maxine, "have you given any thought to what I mentioned earlier this week?"

"About the sex thing?" I asked.

"Mhm," she said.

"I don't know about it, Maxi..."

"Oh, come on, bro!" she whined. "It's just sex..."

"You keep saying that, but sex is a big deal. What if we fuck, and then regret it, afterward?" I asked.

"I won't!" she said. "Mick... I want you inside me. I want you to make me yours. I wanna feel you thrusting yourself in me..."

She climbed up onto my lap, straddling me. She kissed my lips tenderly, then whispered in my ear.

"I wanna feel your cum shooting inside me... please, baby?" she said.

I was insanely turned on by this point, both by her extremely visual request, and by how seductive she was being. She knew exactly how to manipulate me to please her sexually, whenever and however she wanted. It was a power she'd always had over me, and in my weakness, I gave in to her request.

"Oh fuck, yes," I muttered.

She reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, then unzipped them, and grabbed my raging hard cock over my boxers.

"Take off those pants," she whispered. She got up off me long enough to strip her clothes of.

I stood, and did the same, while she laid on the carpeted floor and spread her legs open for me. I knelt down between her legs, and positioned my cock at her pussy, but stopped and looked at her.

"You sure you wanna do this? I mean, we're siblings..." I said.

"Yeah, no shit, we're siblings," she laughed, "and we've touched each other, and done every but actually fuck, so stick it in."

I laughed, realizing the fact that I mentioned our relation, even though that has never played a role in whether we've fooled around, or not.

I looked down at her, as I felt my cock penetrate her.

"Mh!" she winced. "Ow! Fuck!"

"What's wrong?" I stopped, seeing she was clearly in pain.

"Nothing, keep going," she said.

"It's not 'nothing', Maxi, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Okay... please don't get mad, but I lied about not being a virgin," she said. "Just keep going."

It was clear I'd just deflowered her, so it was pointless to stop, only to make her first time a bad one. I pushed further inside her, gently this time, and leaned down to kiss her.

She wrapped her arms around me, her legs were pulled up and bent as I made love to her. Her breasts heaved, and her heavy breathing accompanied each slow thrust, while her pussy choked my throbbing cock.

This was the most turned-on I'd ever been... I was fucking my sister, of all people. It was wrong, but it felt so amazing, and so right. It was as if my cock was made specifically for her pussy, as if nature always intended for us to fuck each other. How could any other woman compare?

I knew I wasn't going to last long like this. I tucked my head down at her neck, and started sucking on it. I'd done it before, but never long enough to make a mark, but this time, I'd been caught up in the act, and lust was quickly taking over.

She moaned and began moving her hips with my thrusts, which had picked up pace now. Thunder clapped loudly outside, and the electricity went out all over the house. I sucked on her neck harder, as we lay there, fucking on the floor, in the near-dark room.

"Oh god!" she moaned.

I could feel her pussy contract around my cock, and that was enough to send me over the edge. I stopped sucking on her neck, and breathed heavily in her ear, and I could feel her jump as I started shooting cum deep inside her.

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