tagChain StoriesIt's Just Sex! Ch. 02

It's Just Sex! Ch. 02


This wasn't a good idea. Norman tried not to fidget as he studied the advertisement for Wüsthof knives, wishing he had one about now. I shouldn't have let him talk me into this. His already sweaty palms exuded more moisture and the cooking magazine nearly slipped out of his grasp. He was glad he was alone. It would have been embarrassing to have other people watching while he had a nervous breakdown in the reception area of the "It's Just Sex" dating service. He should have made Adam come with him. After all, it was his best friend that had suggested the visit and it should be his best friend holding his hand while he waited.

The double-glazed glass window moved aside and a busty young woman smiled at him. "Norman Glazer?"

"Y-Yes." He arose with a stammer, dumping half-a-dozen magazines from his lap, then awkwardly stumbling about, gathering them up and replacing them on the table.

"Ms. Harris is ready to see you."

The fight or flee instinct warred in Norman's body and he fought the urge to race out of the door and forget that this had ever happened. However, he drew his thin body up straight and gave her a weak smile. "Thanks."

Norman grasped the golden doorknob and stepped through into Ms. Harris' spacious office. Sexual prints of each gender and every position hung in dark wood frames and Norman slowly made his way to her desk, ignoring her completely. Jesus! He thought, examining one picture. I didn't know you could do that ...

"Mr. Glazer?"

Norman trained his eyes on Ms. Harris, an attractive older woman who was immaculately coiffed and dressed in a cleavage-revealing suit dress. She gave him a knowing smile, looking up at the print he'd been closely inspecting, then politely extended her hand. "I'm Sonia Harris. Won't you sit down?"

Norman sat down after taking her hand and tried to make himself as comfortable as possible. He noticed that she wiped her hand on her dress and cursed his nervousness. He plucked at an invisible piece of lint on his pants leg while Harris observed him.

"So what brings you here, Mr. Glazer?"

He cleared his throat, daring to look up at her. "I'm a virgin."

"At the age of thirty-two?" She laid the manila folder down with his personal information and smiled broadly at him. "How very refreshing!"

"You're the only woman I've ever found who thinks it's refreshing." He spat, his anger overpowering his unease. "Women I've been with hear that and I'm suddenly accorded leper status."

"That's too bad, Mr. Glazer. I think you've been hanging around the wrong women." She sat back in her chair, absentmindedly chewing on the end of a pencil. "Well, you know that we're a dating service and that we solve problems."

"What about fantasies?"

"You have a specific fantasy in mind?"

Norman squirmed, his anxiety returning as he tried to figure out how to put his jack-off dreams into words. "I'm in love with my grandmother. I want to have sex with her and lose my virginity."

"I see." Ms. Harris sat up. "Well, I'm sure we can arrange something but not with your real grandmother. You understand?"


"And that's what you want? That would make you happy?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Fine. Well, why don't we finish up the formalities and see if we can't find you some satisfaction?"

* * * * *

Norman pulled his car over to the curb and sat looking at the house's address, making sure it matched with the address on the slip of paper. This was it. He put the machine into park and killed the engine, nervousness snaking through him like a bad artery. Ever since this morning, he had wanted to back out of this and the feelings were extra strong now that he was here. He'd suffered through the interrogation session with Ms. Harris and had allowed himself to become a pin cushion during the medical testing session. He assumed that he had passed because at nine this morning, a uniformed delivery person had given him an envelope that held this piece of paper, the very same piece that he now sat staring at.

"Get out of the car, Norman, and stop being a pussy for once in your life." He angrily growled at himself and got out, heading up the cobblestone walkway. He knocked and nearly fell on his ass when his grandmother, Tamlyn answered the door. "Grandma?"

"No, honey. My name is Billie. Come on in." He couldn't get over the fact that this woman looked like his grandmother but he also couldn't think straight because she was wearing a diaphanous gown that left nothing to the imagination. His cock began to harden as she shut the door and she smiled. "Looks like that's a pickle in your pocket."

Billie grabbed the bulge in his pants and Norman moaned, startled to find her tongue in his mouth. He threw his arms around her, clutching her to his body and frantically thrusting his tongue in her mouth. She pushed him back with a big smile.

"Whoa, big boy! You're gonna kill me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Come here." He took her hand and followed her to the bedroom, stripping on her order and crawling next to her on the bed. When she opened her arms, he dove into them, bumping teeth with her in his eagerness to kiss her. "Ouch!"

Norman looked at the blood streaming from her cut lip and tears filled his eyes. "Fuck! I can't do anything right!"

"Norman." Billie rubbed his back, giving him a moment to compose himself before she spoke again. "Lie down."

"Forget it, Billie. I'm a miserable fuck-up."

"Would you rather be just plain miserable?" He nodded negatively and she gently tugged on his arm. "I didn't think so. Now come on. Lie down."

He laid on his back, hastily wiping his eyes as she moved over him, still licking her injury. She began by touching his body, rubbing his chest, arms and stomach in slow, relaxing strokes. The sensual massage did a lot to cure his anxiety but did nothing to soften his arousal. Her hands moved down to his hips and legs and he whimpered as she purposefully ignored his cock.

"You have to relax, young one." She whispered. "Take it nice and slow."

Norman understood. He reached up for her, pulling her mouth down and gently kissing her plump lips. Her smile encouraged him and he kissed her again, rubbing his tongue against her wound in apology. She shivered when his hand found her breast and the contact with her nipple was electric. It sent a tremor through her that drilled a wet hole into her pussy. His inexperienced fingers tweaked her nipples until they were rock hard and pulsing with energy and he gave them a brief licking before he moved down to her pussy.

"Oh, yes." Her whisper fueled his confidence and he forced his tongue to burrow deeper in her juicy cunt, licking up and down her quivering inner lips and thrusting his tongue into her hole, lapping up her cream. It took her less than a few seconds to cum on the tip of his tongue, shaking so much that he had to wrap his arms around her middle. Norman arose and gave her another kiss, proud that he had been able to satisfy her. "Now it's your turn. Come make love to your grandma."

Norman thought he'd fallen asleep and was sweetly dreaming of lying on top of this woman who so looked like his grandmother, getting ready to slide into her slick hole. He pushed down and felt his cock enter her drenched tunnel. The feeling was so exquisite. At once, he knew why all the guys raved about sex. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before and when her muscles squeezed his cock, he thought he'd pass out in sheer happiness. He bent to kiss her, holding her hands down as they moved together, working towards an orgasm.

Billie came first, her mouth forming an 'O' as her body was wracked by delicious shudders, her pussy walls rippling around his young cock and milking him to his release. Norman shouted as he came, driving himself in as deep as possible inside her throbbing passage and depositing his virgin load. She wrapped her arms around him, cuddling him close as he quivered through the smaller aftershocks, his prick jumping inside her.

"I love you, Grandma." Norman said softly, his eyes fluttering as he slipped into sleep, a smile on his lips. Billie tightened her embrace and let sleep whisk her away as well.

* * * * *

The phone rang at Norman's ear and he gave an irritated moan before raising his head and answering it. "Hello?"

"Mr. Glazer, it's Sonia Harris from 'It's Just Sex'."

"Oh, good morning, Ms. Harris."

"It's been a week since your date and I hadn't heard from you. I was just calling to find out if you were satisfied with your experience."

"Oh, yes! Very much so, Ms. Harris, but I hate to tell you that I won't be using your service again."

"Oh? Why's that?"

"You took care of everything for me so well that I won't be needing you again."

"Well, that's a good thing, Norman. Glad that our agency could be of help to you. If you ever need us, don't hesitate to call."

"I hope I won't have to but thank you just the same, Ms. Harris."



Norman stretched, hanging up the phone at the same time and turned over to gaze at the smiling face of his widowed grandmother, Tamlyn. He gave her a warm but passionate kiss, laying on the pillow beside her and lovingly touching her face. "You never told me what possessed you to contact the agency."

"I was lonely." Tamlyn said, shivering at the affection in his touch. "I thought I could find someone to fill the empty space in my heart. Little did I know that it would be you."

He smiled, giving her another kiss, this time accompanied by his tongue. He had found the love of his life, his grandmother and he was dedicated to making sure that she knew that fact every second of every minute of the day. As his hand slid down to caress her breast, he nibbled at her ear. "By the way, who's Billie?"

"It's my middle name, silly boy."

Norman stared at Tamlyn for a moment before breaking into laughter, then returned to the task at hand: making sure that Tamlyn Billie Glazer knew that she was loved.

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