tagRomanceIt's More Than Sex

It's More Than Sex

byEgmont Grigor©


Through the shades of the family office Dan Elliott watched the woman approach the font door of the house. Cripes, she was old and ugly. What was his mom thinking, arranging a date for him like that? Only then did he catch a movement behind the woman.

Dan's mouth dropped two inches. Mom had brought the kid who looked like she could be twenty, no more. What was going on here? Mrs Street's daughter -- the one being lined up for him to seduce...er, date...had just turned twenty-four. Where was she? What a right cock-up.

He was only getting used to being back home in New Zealand with all the rain, none of his formers dates wishing to know him because they were married or in a relationship and another two couples were in the trauma of divorce. He'd been better off in Special Ops being ordered around by imbeciles and having sleazy hard-faced women as old as his mom for one-hour company once a week.

He heard his mom call "Oh Daniel, Mrs Street is here and wants to talk to you. Please hurry a long. Mrs Street hasn't all day."

The authoritative tone in her voice made his think of being back in the army. His mom was ex-army who'd taught guys and the few women about something almost as bad as bullets or shrapnel -- STDs. Well she actually taught prevention and how to deal with problems when they occurred and oral hygiene and dealing with sand in the ear canals. That sort of thing. Other guy's moms had worked in offices or were cabin attendants on airplanes, but not his mom. Dan had lied that his mom was a special agent and it seemed so preposterous that school and college buddies believed him. Now she was procuring a woman for him to encourage him to get out more.

"Hello Mrs Street, long time no-see."

"Good morning Daniel. I take it that means we haven't seen one another for quite some time?"

"Right on the button Mrs S."

"Mrs Street please. Mrs S sounds like someone who cleans toilets."

"Oh sorry, do you have someone in to do that for you?"

His mom turned military. "Daniel, shut up and stand up straight. Don't tease Helen."

Mrs S looked grateful and turning to the doorway said, "Come in dear, don't be shy. Daniel, allow me to introduce my youngest, Carla. She is substituting for Bonnie who only an hour ago received the chance of a real date -- someone from her office. She apologizes. Nobody wants to date Carla so I said she must fill in to avoid you being disappointed, as you're only just home from active service."

"Good morning Mr Elliott."

"Hi Carla. God you look cute."

Mrs S looked thunderous and his mom said menacingly, "Daniel!"

The 28-year-old redhead knew by the way the babe swallowed he'd over-awed her. No problem about getting into her pants.

Mrs S came in so close they were almost touching noses. "I am permitting Carla to accompany you to the Graham family's annual garden party on the understanding that you behave at all times like a gentleman when in the company of Carla. Do I have your word on that?"

"As an officer and a gentleman you have my word on that."

"You were a sergeant, not an officer," said Big Mouth.

"It's almost the same," Dan said, smiling and patting Mrs S on the arm.

Phew that was a close one. He was aware gentlemen had sex wherever, whenever and from whoever they could. But his relief was premature.

"If you dare touch Carla sexually I shall personally remove your testicles with my favorite meat cleaver."

"Of course, your concern is totally understandable. But please don't terrify me like this."

Mrs S smiled triumphantly and that was the end of that.

As the two women watched Dan and Carla walk to Dan's car, a gap of 2ft between them, Carla asked, "Would you risk losing your balls for one decent fuck?"

"I don't think so Carla. Do you have one decent fuck in you?"

"I'm not sure. Never been properly tested. I only have a series of nervous quickies as the notches on my watch strap indicate."

"How many notches?" Dan sighed, thinking she was a near virgin. But then hope shone.


"How old are you?"

"I turn twenty next month."

"Not yet old enough to go out without a note approving the outing?"

"It looks that way. You can fuck me if you wish on the condition we do it somewhere secure and you approach is slowly and lovingly."

Dan almost groaned but he had to tell her. "Carla, I'm old enough to be your father."

"Bullshit. May I drive?"

"Yes but be careful. When the supercharger cuts you the output exceeds 400 horsepower."

"Is that good?"

Dan thought about praying. Yet the kid turned out to have the brains and ability to touch the gas pedal with an educated light foot. They arrived at the venue and parked she said, "Your car seemed rather sluggish?"

"My apologies," Dan said, having no desire to say the vehicle was designed to provide high performance under hard driving.

"Why have you been invited here?"

"Three years ago when I was in a yacht race I dove into the water and rescued the near-drowned Mrs Graham who'd fallen off the leading yacht unnoticed. She was quite pleased I saved her. She gave me this car plus $100,000 and invites me to her garden party each year and to Christmas dinner each year."

"And is one of her daughters to marry you?"

Dan smiled and said good thinking but Mr and Mrs Graham had three children, all male.

An elderly woman rushed over and kissed and hugged Dan. He introduced Mrs Graham to Carla and Mrs Graham said it was lovely seeing Dan 'patently out of his age group'.

"Was that good or bad?" Carla asked, as they watched the hostess hurry off to greet the Prime Minister.

"She's just jealous."

The music was great, a number of people knew Dan but Carla knew no one and after ninety minutes she suggested to him they go for a walk. Before Dan could reply a fight broke out and a large guy completely demolished his opponent. Mr Graham and his three adult sons rushed in to quell the loudmouth guy who was by then swearing and ready to act violently. He broke a bottle on the back of a metal chair. People scattered and the Graham men backed off.

Carla said, "You were in Special Operations -- go in and deal with him before he hurts someone badly."

"What if I'm hurt?"

"I'll get a cab home."

Dan sighed and said women. He walked straight up to the guy who bellowed and thrust at Dan's face with the bottle. A couple of women screamed.

Dan ducked and the thrusting arm went over his shoulder. He did something so quickly that people up quite close couldn't describe what happed. The guy just folded and Dan caught him and helped the Graham men carry him away.

People called 'Bravo' and 'Great work' as Dan walked back to Carla and he expected her to say something nice but oh yuk not 'My hero." But no, she handed him his drink and said, "That was disappointing. Over so quickly and none of us saw what happened. Was it martial art stuff?"

Straight-faced Dan said no, he'd removed the guy's nuts with her mom's meat cleaver.

Carla thought that was ever so funny.

A few minutes later Mr Graham came over and patted Dan on the back and said quietly, "You are a great guy to have around. Thank you."

Dan mumbled thanks to Alexander and was smothered in a shoulder hug. When he looked across at Carla he was astonished at how proudly she seemed to be looking his way.


As they walked to the car, Dan holding on to the keys, Carla said, "What will you work at now you have won your discharge?"

Dan's face darkened. "With a smashed up leg you win a discharge from the service and nothing much else other than a gratuity."

"Oh bitter are we?"

Dan's finger's squeezed into neck throttling mode. "Shut up, you don't know what you are talking about."

The young woman pouted. "That's partly true and probably equals your level of understanding."


"I'm just a junior receptionist at a medical center, sitting on the bottom rung. But already I know things -- just as with people generally, some doctors and surgeons are streets ahead of others. Tell me, you were patched up in a field hospital and then sent to a better hospital..."


"...in Egypt and from there you came home with a limp and not knowing what to do about your future?"

"Yeah, yeah, good thinking. And what would you do in my position Little One with the big flow of confidence?"

"Activate my brain and seek advanced knee reconstruction."

"Oh yeah. Well I have news for you..."

Carla pulled out her phone and notebook as the grumpy man drove off. She called a number and said, "Mr Slater. It's Carla from reception, you daughter Lisa's friend. No I'm not in trouble but am with a young returned soldier who has a problem. I thought you could be still in on Saturday working, unlike everyone else. You really do need to get a life...oh sorry. I want to make an appointment before this jerk...Afghanistan...airlifted to Egypt I understand...knee...has given up on it, limps...not yet thirty...what now? Are you sure, it's late Saturday afternoon? Right away...yes sure. Magnificent. Thank you Mr Slater."

Carla turned to Mr Grumpy. "One of the foremost orthopedic surgeons in the country is waiting to see you."

"Well lady do I have news for you. I'm not..."

"Stop the car," Carla said brusquely and was obeyed. She got out.

"Where are you going...and why?

"It's of no concern of yours Mr Grumpy. You'll never see me again."

Carla waited nervously, fingers crossed. He looked at her intensely and she stared him down.

"Oh crap. Get back in. Tell me where to go to find this Rooster."

Carla jumped back in, delighted, and kissed his shoulder. "God, you had me going there for a minute as there are no cabs out here and I'd thought you'd left your intelligence back in Afghanistan."

He grinned, grabbed a breast and squeezed. She yelped, he grinned and they drove off, friendly again.

Randolph Slater completed his cursory examination, interested mainly in flexibility and appearing to be pleased with what he found.

"I need your medical files including x-rays and scans and I'll want to update with new x-rays and scans. What I think was done to you was workmanlike but there could be room for improvement. Right, off you go. I must be off to meet strangers who call themselves family. Get Carla to make appointments for you on Monday -- give her this list. And don't worry, you'll be fine."

Carla spluttered, "Don't worry, you'll be fine?" You accepted that fob off? Aren't you interested in health outcomes?"

"I don't know. It doesn't seem to matter what you know."

"Bullshit. Whether or not you know it, your mind wants the information...oh Mr Slater!"

"Oh hi Carla. I meant to say earlier you look swell dressed up and in full war paint."

"Mr Slater, I'm sorry but telling Dan not to worry, he'll be fine is simply not good enough. I need him to know..."

"All right, cool down young lady. I spoke conservatively because I lacked information still to come in. However my instinct is I'll achieve a new perfect reconstruction and it will then rest on Dan to follow a rigorous exercise regime to return that knee joint to one hundred percent mobility or very near to that target. Any more questions Carla?"

"No Mr Slater. And thank you. I am most grateful."

"You don't need to work your brain when you have this lively young lady around you, do you Mr Elliott? Good afternoon."

"Jesus, he said one hundred percent."

"Or near to it. You'll catch a fly if you stand with your mouth open like that. Come on, take me home where we'll to sit mom down and make her understand we are a number. You are not leaving my side until we have your knee back to operating at one hundred percent."

"Or near to it."

"We aim for one hundred percent soldier and don't you forget it. I will be learning from our physiotherapy department how to manage your post-op recovery and overall fitness status appropriate for the top five percent in your age group."

"Wow, I could get to like that but listen to me Carla. I'll proceed with the surgery but could you deal with your mother without me? Please."

"Christ Dan, I can't believe you were operational in Afghanistan and yet are afraid of my mother. You're going in, and that's the end of that. Oh, Mr Slater and I had had a quickie on his chair not long ago. He owes me one, that's why he saw you at such notice. He'll probably operate on you within a fortnight."

"Y-you and Mr Slater?"

"Oh come on Dan; it's only sex."

That left Dan thinking he'd be better off dealing with woman nearer his own age. They would be available women concerned about having a marital future so therefore weren't bossy and if anything were a little timid to avoid scaring him off.

"While you going out with me you can still fuck my sister if that's what you're thinking; I have laid out my position."

Dan's fingers on the wheel, usually soft and ready to react, began throttling the rim.

* * *

Now Mrs Street was moving closer to Dan, appearing ready to clutch his arm for support. She practically cowed as she faced her younger daughter and said, "Carla, stop this and stop instantly. How dare you talk to me like this. When I say no-way I mean no-way will I allow you to date Dan, why he's almost..."

"Bullshit mom and get off my back will you. I make the decisions how I run my life -- you weaned my years ago to bring me to this day and not I'm casting off. Get it!"

"But darling, you are still very young in a cruel world and..."

Dan squared his shoulders. "Mrs Street, shut up. You are so busy flying around like a fart in a bottle you haven't been really listening to your daughter or taking in her expression. If you want to lose her, for her to walk out on you, you're going the right way about it."

Mrs Street burst into tears. Dan avoided looking at Carla it case that triggered her into chewing a piece off him for interpreting family business.

"Mom are you all right? What's going on in here?" said elder daughter Bonnie entering and stripping off her coat.

"Carla wants to date Dan and says it's happening whether or not I approve."

"Oh Christ, you are Dan. Look what I turned down. Um, are you..."


"Oh sorry sis, you know me, always in for a chance. Mom please stop this nonsense and allow Carla to have a fling with a hunk. God, some of the creeps she'd associated with I wouldn't allow within fifty feet of me. Here, I'll pour you a stiff gin. Are you guys coming or going or on your way upstairs to bed?"

"Staying right here to have coffee thank you until Mrs Street settles down."

"See mom, he cares for you just as he'll care for Carla, surely."

"Not too much gin Bonnie."


The chemical stink around him was almost as bad as the waste pits at an abattoir, Dan theorized as he was wheeled from the recovery room. Carla was immediately at his side and took the stainless steel basin from him.

"You won't need that champ. You're looking good. Only weak city punks and women throw up after waking up after an operation."

Dan believed her and didn't vomit. "Fresh air," he whispered.

"There is sunshine and clean filtered air in your room," she promised.

"Thank you for being so beautiful to me you beautiful creature."

Carla wasn't sure about the creature tag but she sure liked the other bit. She went to reply but saw Dan had fallen asleep.

"I love you," she said, kissing his cheek, aware that message would get to his brain. She stood aside as the guys pushed the bed into Dan's room.

Dan was up walking next morning and discharged into home care on the third day after the partial knee reconstruction. The two mothers had agreed it was very appropriate that Carla should move into the guestroom at the Elliott's home.

When Carla kissed her apparently reformed mother for agreeing to that Carla growled, "Order Bonnie to keep away from him all this week. I don't want her near him while he's in a vulnerable state."

"Darling, don't you think that's rather over-reacting by being territorially aggressive?"

"Just do it mom. Bonnie is both immoral and predatory."

"Those are awful things to say about your sister darling but I am aware you are under stress. Yes, I'll tell Bonnie he can't have visitors until next week because of...um..."

"Destructive infection."

"Oh yes, brilliant. It's difficult to argue against that."

Sex of course had underpinned the relationship between Dan and Carla. On a Sunday a few days into his post-op rehabilitation they arrived home after going bowling late morning to find no one at home. A note from her mom said Bonnie had gone ice-skating with the Douglas boy and Helen and Arnold had gone to a movie.

Carla recited details of the note to Dan and turning asked him what he wanted to do. She saw the look, said oh God and was down to her bra and panties before Dan had time to blink the fourth time. She jumped up into his arms, folding her feet around his waist and rested against his growing erection.

"I'm aroused, can you smell pussy juice?" she asked.

The erection reached maximum as he said, "Um, yeah?" She reached under her butt and squeezed it and he lumbered off to the kitchen/breakfast room sofa making deep growling noises between her breasts as she hurriedly pulled her bra under the twin mounds to provide dribbling access.

They reached the sofa and he landed her gently and he stood beside her expectedly. She didn't require instructions. She unzipped him and worked out the erection and marveled, "Oooh. You are so huge."

Although proud, Dan was not inclined to boast. "According to what Bonnie said you have associated with wimps."

"And Mr Slater."

"And Mr Slater. If you want to see big, go into the showers at an army camp."

"This will do nicely thank you," Carla said, giving it a long lick and saying it was unlikely she'd get all that down her throat."

"Deep throating is okay but what I'd like best is you squeezing my nuts softly while bobbing your head over the head of my cock, pausing occasionally and pretending you are attempting to get your tongue down my pee-hole."

"Oh God, no one has ever told me what they like but it's rare for me not to help a guy get a shot away."

"That's fine baby, just not too much talk huh? When I go to tongue and finger you just tell me what you like best, very briefly."

Eventually Carla lay on her back, legs spread wide -- her left leg resting up on the back of the sofa -- and she spread her lips and looked at Dan coquettishly.

"You looked rather professional all ready like that," he grinned as he slid into her.

"I've seen mom taking on dad a couple of times, right here, and I just used my recollections for reference."

Dan gulped and almost fired away only a second after beginning the intended long and slow fuck Carla had for so long desired. He steadied and regained control and then began the slow push and pullback up the rather tight velvet glove and watched the joy sweep her face as her sensitive spots radiated their pleasure. For that reason alone that first fuck far exceeded his expectations and the kisses she gave him at the end when she fell away near exhausted told him all he wanted to know.

They cleaned up and she went to bed and he went home before any of her family returned. On the short walk home he played back the sounds he'd been hearing over the past hour, "Oooh, um, um, oooh, aaaaaaagh, ooooooooh, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, oooh, ho-ho whew. God you can fuck."

Dan grinned with the lovely feeling of having a swollen head through inadvertent flattery. What more could a guy ask? He'd left behind one very happy girl. Everything was right in the world and soon perhaps he wouldn't have his limp.

Dan and Carla relaxed more through increasing the time they spent together. They talked into a deeper knowledge about each other and very soon entered the stage of knowing they didn't have to been having sex to know they were one. Mrs Street soon became aware of this and began inviting Dan to weekend lunches and midweek dinners and before long invited Dan to call her Helen and the breakthrough with silent-type Arnold came when without warning he invited Dan to have a game of golf with him and a couple of pals. The guys arrived home late for dinner, smiling and half drunk and Arnold crowed they had won the side bets. "This boy is good -- his drives go straight and fucking out of sight."

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