tagGroup SexIt's My Life: Five

It's My Life: Five


This chapter deals with one of my husband's co-workers, and details how Mike managed to get me to perform for him once again.

Thanks to everybody who has been so encouraging to me, both publicly and privately. You make this easier than I had thought possible.

It's almost Spring of 1975, and we still haven't been married a year yet.

* * * * * *

Chapter 1. Shotgun Gary.

The previous episode of 'It's My Life' introduced Suzanne, the grandaughter of our next door neighbor, who Mike had somehow coerced into coming over to initiate me into the world of lesbian sex.

While I admit to not having been overly excited about the prospect initially, Suzanne certainly changed the way I looked at the concept, so much so that she became a frequent visitor for a while. Often Mike would be leaving for work and it seemed that Suzanne would be over before the door had closed behind him.

I was not proud of what I was doing, but justified it in my own mind by telling myself that it wasn't like playing around with a guy, and besides Mike had been the one that got us together in the first place.

Mike continued to try and get Suzanne to come over to party with us again, and still thought that the magic powers of his cock could cure Suzanne of her Sapphic leanings, but not only was Suzanne adamant about not wanting anything to do with him sexually, she didn't want him watching us go at it either.

On the other hand, she wanted me. I, in turn wanted her. She gave me everything that Mike didn't; the tenderness, the intimacy, and most importantly to me the feeling that what I wanted and needed mattered just as much as hers did.

It came to an end one morning when Suzanne came by for coffee and cuddling. We ended up in bed as was our custom, and it was by chance that Suzanne was in the bathroom when she happened to hear the sound of a truck out front. She peeked out the blinds and saw Mike lumbering across the street.

This triggered a comical scene that was pure Keystone Cops, and I would have probably gotten a kick out of it if I wasn't busy trying to get my work uniform and things into the bathroom while Suzanne got dressed. Luckily she had only worn a shirt and jeans over, so she was sitting on the stairs when Mike came in the house.

"Hey Suzie, what are you doing here?" Mike said as I listened from the bathroom while throwing make-up on and trying to make myself presentable.

"SUZANNE came by to see if Becky needed a ride to work," she announced loudly, never giving up on trying to get Mike to call her Suzanne instead of Suzie.

"Oh, well that's why I stopped by," Mike said.

"In that case, I'm outta here," Suzanne said as she yelled a good-bye up to me and left.

I listened as Mike's footsteps pounded up the stairway, and was ready when the bathroom door opened up as I finished applying my lip gloss. The door might not as well ever been there most of the time, because Mike barged in whenever the urge struck him.

"Hi babe!" I said as I pecked him on the cheek. "What's up?"

I was used to having Mike stop by for matinees, but this was pretty close to the time I would be heading off to work myself.

"Just stopped by to see if you needed a ride," MIke said as he followed me into the bedroom where I searched for a pair of earrings.

"Great!" I said. "Suzanne was going to give me a lift," I said. "Did you see her downstairs?"

"Yeah, I saw her," Mike said as he sniffed around like a hound dog. "I told her I'd take you to work so she left. She give you a lot of... rides?"

"Sometimes," I said, not missing his less than subtle comment but pretending that I did. "It's really nice of her to offer when it's not nice out."

"I guess," Mike said as he put his hands on my shoulders while I put on my earrings in front of the dresser mirror. "Boy, it sure smells like cunt in here. Multiple cunts."

I looked at Mike whose nose was twitching in such a comical way that I had to laugh.

"Maybe I've got a yeast infection or something," I said as I spun away to get my pocketbook.

"Sorta wish I had gotten home earlier, because I'm curious about what was going on here," Mike added.

"I wish you had too, because I fell back asleep after you left and now I'm running late," I told Mike as I headed out the bedroom door.

"I'm not as dumb as you think Becky," Mike said as he moved in front of me.

I bit my tongue to avoid giving him the response that was practically out of my mouth and instead just looked at him like I was confused.

"I don't think you're dumb Babe," I assured Mike. "Never did."

"Good. Not that I would mind watching you two in action again, but remember..."

"It's cheating if the other person isn't there," I said in finishing Mike's sentence for him. Mike code of sexual honor.

"That's right," Mike said. "You get a pass on this one, but you owe me one."

"Haven't got a clue about what you're talking about Mike," I said as I moved around him and headed down the stairs. "Wasn't Bernie one?" I asked flippantly in reference to the guy he had me be with last fall.

When I got downstairs I saw there was a kid sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine. His face looked familiar, and then I finally recognized him as the guy that rode on the truck with Mike making furniture deliveries.

"Becky, this is Shotgun Gary, my right hand man," Mike said from over my shoulder.

Gary stood up, a skinny kid about Mike's height with long stringy blonde hair and glasses. He also had a bit of a stutter, as I discovered when he stood up and shook my hand.

"P...p...pleased to m...m...meet you," Gary said as he stuck out his clammy hand. "Mike's t...t...told me a lot about you."

"Uh-oh!," I said ominiously. "That can't be good. I'll be ready in a second guys."

I went into the kitchen to make sure that the coffeemaker was off and to see that I hadn't forgotten anything, and Mike was right behind me.

"Gary's a good kid," Mike said as his hands slid under my arms and squeezed my droopy little banana boobs through the uniform. "Think he's cute?"

"I don't know. I guess so," I said, and I could feel Mike's erection rubbing into my ass.

I looked down and I saw he had pulled it out and it was red and pulsating as it arched out of his pants.

"Mike, your friend can see us," I said as I looked into the living room where Gary was shuffling his feet and looking down. "Besides, I'll be late for work."

"Good, he deserves some entertainment," MIke said as he eased me down to my knees. "We just moved a bitch of a sofa up a couple flights of stairs. Get me off babe, I'll be quick."

As I took his thick crimson tool in my hands, I could see Gary was not looking down at his feet any longer. His full attention was on me and what I was doing. Gee, you would almost think he had never seen a guy get his cock sucked in the middle of a kitchen right in front of him or something. I closed my eyes and took Mike's cock into my mouth, churning the shaft with my hands as I tried to get this over with as quickly as possible.

Mike was not as quick as he had promised to be, and while I didn't look to see if Gary was watching, I had no doubt he was. The loud moan that Mike let out as he came would have gotten his attention even if he hadn't been watching, and Mike mooed as each jet of cum spurted into my mouth and down my throat.

"Too bad we don't have time to have you help out my shotgun man," Mike said as I got up and tried to get myself together out of his co-worker's sight, while Mike put his cock back into his pants.

I was beet red as we came out of the kitchen, but it was somewhat comforting to see that Gary was also blushing as we tried not to look at each other while leaving the house and heading to the truck. He was nice enough to help me up into the cab, and also helped me back down when we got to Carrolls' fast food where I worked.

"It was n...n... nice to meet you Becky," Gary said before climbing back into the truck cab and heading down the road.

I headed inside to dish out 25 cent hamburgers and try to sell the Looney Tunes glasses that were everywhere you turned inside the back room of the place. From Mike to Yosemite Sam was not much a change of pace, but a job was a job.

Chapter 2. Happy Hour.

A few weeks after that little semi-public display of affection I gave my husband, Mike picked me up after work on Friday and took me out for happy hour. It was rare that we went out, since that took money, which was in short supply most of the time. This was not strictly social, as Mike had some important news for me.

"We're going to party with Shotgun Gary this weekend," Mike proclaimed as we sat at the bar in Smitty's nursing 25 cent Utica Club drafts.

"We are?" I asked, knowing full well what Mike meant by that. It had been a while since we had done anything with other people, and given the events that Mike had gotten me involved in, that was a good thing. Imagine, a husband and wife spending time with each other, and not getting intimate with others!

"Shotgun Gary enlisted in the Marines, and he'll be gone by the end of the month," Mike said. "Today was his last day at work, and I thought we could give him a big send off."

"Uh... define send off," I asked with concern.

"You know, we could take him out for a few drinks, maybe grab a bite to eat and then go to the movies."

"Really? That sounds great!" I said happily. "There a movie out I wanted to see called 'American Graffiti', so that would be fun." That was my idea of sarcasm, as I had pleaded with Mike to take me to see that when it was at the drive in early last year, only to end up in the same old porn theatre.

"I was thinking of some other movie," Mike said, and from the look in his eyes I knew what that was.

"Going to the porn theatre I take it?" I asked.

"C'mon, it'll be fun," Mike said. "We haven't been there in a couple of months."

The reason we hadn't been there was because the last visit there it was so cold inside you could see your breath and you froze your ankles and feet as the wind whistled through the walls. Winter turning into spring was apparently our cue to return.

"Fun, you mean just the 3 of us going to the porn theatre?" I asked.

"Gee Becky, the kid's going off to war to defend our country," Mike said. "It's the least we can do to thank him. A little party before he goes off to kill some gooks so that we can live like we do."

"Mike, we've been out of Vietnam for over a year," I mentioned, trying to educate my clueless husband while cringing as I looked around to see if anyone had heard his disparaging remark. This was Utica circa 1975 however, so if anyone had heard they probably would have cheered and bought us a round.

"Never can tell when something else might happen where he could get killed," Mike said as he signaled the bartender. "We're going to pick him up early and make a big day out of it."

"Well, as long as we've agreed on that," I said sarcastically, and was ready for another beer myself as the remark when sailing over Mike's head, or perhaps just in our ear and out the other.

"I've got the big day all planned!" Mike said.

Chapter 3. Preparing for the Outing.

Mike was in one of his moods Saturday afternoon, and when I would see him acting all nervous and jumpy I had learned to brace myself and prepare for the worst. That way, I wasn't shocked when Mike's plans turned out to be something strange.

Mike's first move was to pick out my wardrobe, and I laughed at him when he pulled a summer dress from my closet and handed it to me.

"Mike, it's the end of March for crying out loud," I protested, and although it was going to be a nice day for Utica in March, fifty degrees is no weather to prance around in a thin sleeveless cotton dress. "My nipples would rip the fabric as soon as we got outside."

"Oooh babe, you know how much I love it when I can see your nipples sticking out through your clothes," Mike said as he hugged me from behind, cupping my little cones in his meaty paws. "Really turns me on."

I was going to ask him if it turned him on to see that, or whether he got more excited looking at other people looking at me, but let it go. Besides, I think I knew why he picked that dress out anyway.

"That isn't the only reason you want me to wear that," I told Mike. "I know damn well why you want me prancing around in that."

"Can't help it babe, you don't know how much you turn me on like looking like this," Mike said as he lifted my arms and ran his fingers through the dense tufts of hair that filled the recesses of my underarms.

Ever since Mike had seen Suzanne with unshaven armpits, he was determined to have me follow her lead. Wanting to please Mike, I went along with his request, although I did draw the line at letting the legs go.

The result turned out much as I had expected, with my Italian/Greek heritage clearly evident. Any thought that it might be too much for Mike to take disappeared, as he was constantly lavishing attention to my underarms without the slightest trepidation.

If that was the reason we had stayed home together over the last few months, letting the hair under my arms grow was well worth it. I loved the attention around that most sensitive part of my body, and I loved being with Mike and only Mike, and not being shared with others.

This scheme that he had cooking today had me worried that we were going back to what we were doing before.

"Why don't we save this dress for when it gets warmer babe?" I asked, and to my surprise he relented.

"Yeah, summer's gonna be here soon, and I can't wait for that!" Mike agreed, and I cringed at the thought of what was going through Mike's mind.

He was intent on having me wear a dress for some reason, and we settled on a more modest and warmer one, but when I went for the panty hose Mike balked. My legs in March were as pale as could be, but Mike wanted me to leave my legs bare.

"No panties either babe, okay?" Mike added as he walked out of the room.

4. Our big social event.

You can get a good idea of what our social life was like when I tell you what this big day consisted of. After we picked up Gary, we made our first stop of the day, the Utica Club Brewery.

The brewery had a tour that Mike and I had already gone through at least five times that I recall, and it was apparently the reason that we had to start the party in the afternoon. They stopped giving tours at 4 or something like that, so our arrival was strategically timed so that we wouldn't get shut out.

That would have been a disaster to Mike, but not because we would have been deprived of the opportunity to see what a brewery assembly line looks like on a weekend when it wasn't running, and were forced to instead imagine what it looked like.

Our primary reason for coming was to get to the pub at the end of the free tour, where you were given a couple of mugs of beer to sample.

I missed watching the bottles crashing around on the now dormant line, but admittedly enjoyed a couple of beers, which we enjoyed in the quaint old-time pub. It was then that I got to once again appreciate Mike and his persuasive ways.

Mike was chatting up the bartender with his undeniable charm, first praising the flavor of the beer, which was stretching things a bit, I thought. Then Mike went into the reason we were there with the bartender, explaining how ol' Shotgun Gary had just enlisted in the service and would be headed overseas.

Gary didn't seem shocked by having Mike sending him abroad before boot camp or anything, but having worked with Mike for a year he was probably immune to the bullshit by now, and just sat there and sheepishly grinned as Mike poured it on.

Needless to say, our gratis two brews became many more, which Mike instructed us to drink fast when the bartender broke free from Mike to wait on someone else.

"Pound em' down, because they'll be closing soon," said Mike, and we complied under the careful eye of the brewery's Schultz and Dooley characters that graced the walls.

By the time we left, we were comfortably numb, and ready to head out to dinner. To my total lack of surprise, we went to my workplace, Carrolls' fast food restaurant, where Mike instructed me to find a way to improperly use my employee discount.

I managed to get Joan to wait on us, as I knew her the best of any of the staff I could see, and she came through with a couple of trays full of half price food. Mike was grateful, and tried to show it as he kept talking to my co-worker after Gary and I had headed to a table.

"You l...l... look pretty in that dress, Rebecca," Gary said to me but I only half heard him as we unwrapped our burgers, while Mike kept talking to Joan long after she had finished waiting on us.

No surprise there, as Joan was a chubby blonde with a enormous pair of jugs on her, but Mike did his best to look at her face occassionally as I watched. Mike came over to join us after a few minutes with his patented goofy grin intact.

"Damn, that girl can sure talk," Mike exclaimed as he grabbed a burger from the pile and crammed half of the little sandwich in his mouth almost before he got the wrapper off. "I was hoping you would rescue me from her because I was starving."

"Looked like you were hungry, judging by the way you were drooling up there," I noted while dabbing a french fry in ketchup.

"What? Oh," Mike said as he knew what I was referring to. "Hey, looking is free, right Gary?" Mike roared as he slapped Gary on the shoulder. "That broad sure had a lot to look at too!"

"I... I was telling Becky how pretty that dress is," Gary said haltingly, and smiled as he lowered his eyes.

"Oh yeah," Mike replied. "You wanna know what she's wearing underneath it? Nothing!"

I ducked my head in embarrassment at that, as Mike had been pretty loud already, and that last announcement sounded like it came over the loud speaker.

Gary's eyes came up at that and did a subtle visual undressing of me. The kid was so cute and shy that I didn't really mind, and frankly he had been a helluva lot nicer to me that Mike had been so far that evening.

We finished our $4.27 banguet and headed out the door, with Mike announcing our next stop, which was the porn theatre. First we had to stop at the grocery store, where Mike ran in and bought a six-pack of tall boys.

In the parking lot of the porn theatre, we passed around a joint while I tried to cram the beers into my purse, finally having to empty it of all my own stuff in order to accomodate the beer before we entered.

Ah! Who says you can never go home again? The familiar sights and sounds and smells of the Petit Cinema filled our senses as we staggered into the dark theatre and groped around for some seats. Mike maneuvered us around so that I was sitting between the two of them, which was odd because I assumed they would be poking each other in the ribs and commenting to each other during the show.

We cracked open the beers as quietly as possible, trying to pop them all open at the same time to make one loud hiss instead of three little ones. We synchronized pretty well, as only the guy sitting directly in front of us heard a thing, and we settled in to watch the couples hump away on the screen.

"Becky," Mike whispered in my ear after a few minutes. "Put Gary's hand on your thigh, like this."

Mike's hand came over and grabbed my leg just above the knee, and then slowly slid it up my thigh, pushing my dress up even higher than it was naturally.

"Come on Mike!" I hissed back at him.

"Becky, don't make me look bad," Mike said. "Besides, you owe me from your carpet munching with Suzanne that I let slide."

"You don't know what you're talking about," I whispered back, but suspected that maybe he did after all.

"Just do it, he's a cute guy isn't he?"

So there I was reaching over for Gary's hand in the dark, and he jumped when I found it in his lap. He let me take it and pull it over onto my thigh, and I guided it up and down as Mike was doing. Gary got the hang of it pretty quickly, and soon both of my thighs were being stroked, with my dress going further and further up every minute.

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