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It's Never To Late


Ken’s story

I can hardly believe how much time has passed. It seems like yesterday that I arrived in New York, a 26-year-old Marine Corps Captain. I had just finished three years in Viet Nam, and I had had enough. People would greet me and say well at least you survived. If by this they mean I am alive, then I guess I survived. But to tell the truth no one really ever survives being in a war.

From 1966 through 1970 I had lost both my mother and father in an automobile accident. I also saw the people I was closest to killed in action. The pain was almost unbearable. My answer to all of this was not to let myself get close to anyone. By doing this I would not be hurt ever again.

I decided that after I was discharged, I would come to New York, get my MBA and become a millionaire. I worked like a demon to achieve my goals. I was one of the fortunate ones. I let no outside interest deter me from my objective. By the time I turned 58, I was independently wealthy, the head of one of the most well known brokerage houses, and alone.

I had also kept the promise to myself not to form any relationship that would end up causing me pain. I was involved with many females during my life. Most just for what I called sport fucking. If I felt the relationship was becoming too serious I simply ended it.

The one positive that did come out of the various relationships was that I had sex with so many different types, that I learned to become a very efficient lover. I learned that not all women like the same things, and that different techniques were required with different women. There were two things that I found out through out all of this. The first was that what I really enjoyed was giving pleasure. If a woman wanted control it was just not for me. I was the one who got off on seeing her enjoy the sex. The second thing that I found to be universal was that slowness was a must. Rushing through sex was a real turn off to all the females that I bedded. It was very important that I took time to ensure their satisfaction.

I kept my self in excellent shape. I am 6’1” tall, and the same 190 pounds that I was when I was in the Marine Corps. I run every morning, and lift weights at least three times a week. My hair is no longer light brown, but salt and pepper, and I have blue eyes.

My best friend Paul, who is married for 35 years, is always trying to fix me up. I don’t understand why these married guys always think that some one who is single is unhappy. I love he and his wife Cynthia dearly and always go along with their efforts. Over the years I have met some fairly nice people this way. When the invitation came to join them at their home for dinner, I knew already that they must have another friend for me to meet.

Bonnie’s story

I am 58 years old, and lost my husband 5 years ago. I am 5’8” tall and weigh 128 pounds. I am a natural red head, although the last couple of years I have had to touch up the color somewhat.

I was married to the same man for thirty years. We met while we were in college. He was from a very wealthy banking family and we lived a very privileged life. We have two daughters, both married to very successful doctors. He died suddenly from a massive heart attack.

Up until his death, I had never been with another man. I remember being so excited to be getting married and finally “doing it”. Well I can honestly tell you that I was really very disapointed. Aside from the slight pain, I was expecting worse, I remember only being left very unsatisfied. I thought for sure that it would be much more thrilling then masturbation, but at least when I masturbated I achieved orgasm.

My husband loved me to perform orally on him, but when I suggested that he do the same for me he said that he couldn’t. Thank God this was the time of the sexual revolution, and I found through reading various women’s magazines, that it was only natural for me to expect an orgasm and that if my partner could not fulfill his obligation there were always vibrators. So for the rest of our married life I was left unsatisfied by my man. He was only concerned with his orgasm, never even trying to understand that I might have needs also. So it was my trusty vibrator which kept our marriage going. Other then that it was the perfect marriage. I know he loved me with all his ability. I also love him with every fiber of my body.

When he died, I was really lost. It was very hard for me to imagine living, let alone go out with another man. My friend Cynthia finally convinced me to go out. She felt it would be good for me, after all I might not be young but surely I was not dead.

About a year after the death of my husband I started to date. I had a few sexual encounters and found them to be as lacking as they were with my husband. I soon came to realize that as long as I had my vibrator what did I need a man for.

Cynthia and her husband Paul, who really were dear dear friends, continued to try and find someone for me. I told them that I really was very happy and not interested in meeting anyone. Never the less they continued to try and find me someone.

One day Cynthia phoned and invited me to dinner. I knew that this meant that she wanted me to meet someone. I told her that I was flattered, but I really didn’t want to go through the hassle. She told me that this is going to be different. Paul had a friend who I had never met, who like me was not interested in anyone. She and Paul felt that it would be the perfect match. Neither of you wants to meet and therefore it would be dinner with friends with no expectations. I really did not want to do this but felt that I had no choice.

Ken’s story

When I arrived at Paul and Cynthia’s apartment, Bonnie was already there. Paul made the introductions and we all sat down to cocktails in the living room. We engaged in the usual conversation of what I did what she did was I ever married did she have kids etc.

It turned out to be much more pleasant then I expected. First of all I found her to be very attractive. Second, she was very interesting. She was very involved with the Museum of Modern Art. It was a subject that I really knew nothing about. She seemed surprised that I would admit that. I found talking to her to be very satisfying. It felt that the evening had just started when Bonnie looked at her watch and exclaimed that it was passed 12 and she really must be going. I asked if she would like me to see her home, but she insisted that she would do so on her own.

When she left I told Paul and Cynthia that this was a very special lady. I never expected to enjoy myself so much. I also asked for her phone number.

After receiving the information I left and returned home. I undressed and got into bed, and with a laugh I noticed that thinking about her had brought about an erection. I felt like a teenager, and believe me it’s been a long time since I felt this way. The thing that was so different about her was that I truly enjoyed her company. I did not even realize that I had sexual feelings about her. I did know that I wanted to see her again. I wanted to spend time, learn about art, and see the city through her eyes. It was almost like I could be her friend. If anything developed after that so be it.

I closed my eyes and my hand automatically found the hard shaft of my penis. I started gently stroking myself as visions of Bonnie flashed through my brain.

Bonnie’s story

I could not believe the man I had just met. Not only was he extremely handsome, but he was really interested in what I had to say. It was not the fake attention; it was a real interest. I could not help thinking that I would like to spend more time with him. Really get to know him. I bet he is like all the others, when push came to shove he would only be interested in his own pleasure

As I closed my eyes my hand went to my breast and I felt my nipple starting to harden. More thoughts of ken played in my mind as I pulled and pinched my nipple. Without thinking twice I reached into my nightstand and removed my vibrator. As I worked it across my clitoris I had visions of Ken, naked and really satisfying me. I had a beautiful orgasm and fell asleep with a picture of Ken in my mind.

Ken’s story

I woke up as always at 5 A.M., got dressed and went for my run. While I was running the events of the last evening went through my mind. I really enjoyed Bonnie. I was really surprised by my feelings, because my life was going along just as I had planned it, NO ATTACHMENTS, and here I was thinking of nothing but this women.

When I arrived home I showered, dressed, made some coffee and picked up the phone. Her number was on the table right next to the phone, I dialed it without hesitation. It rang three times and finally her answering machine picked up. I left a message that I really enjoyed meeting her and wanted to know if she was interested in going to brunch today. I left my number and asked her to call.

Bonnie’s story

I thought that I heard the phone ringing, but by the time I got out of the shower it had stooped. I threw a terry robe on and went to the answering machine, thinking that it was probably one of the kids calling to see what was going on. I was really lucky that both my daughters were always checking in and interested in my well being.

I pressed the play button on the machine and heard his voice. I couldn’t stop my heart from racing. I thought I heard his message correctly, but played it again to be absolutely sure. He wanted to take me to brunch today. We had only met a few hours ago and quite frankly I did not get the impression that he was really very interested in me I that way. With a moments hesitation I called him. He picked the phone up on the first ring. I felt like a kid, stammering and stuttering. He finally got the message that I was faltered and would love to have brunch.

I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready; I was to meet him in one and half-hours. As I stood naked in front of my full-length mirror, I wondered what he really thought of me. My breasts were no longer “perky” as a matter of fact they did sag a little, but not bad for a 58-year-old. The rest of my body was trim and in great shape. My hips flared, but had not spread and the thick patch of red pubic hair still made me look like a woman.

I dressed in a pair of black gabardine slacks with a white silk blouse. The blouse was what I considered sexy because it was sheer enough for one to get the hint of my bra. I checked the mirror once again, was satisfied and off I went.

Ken’s story

I was elated that bonnie had accepted my invitation. I was siting in my favorite restaurant in SoHo, when this lovely redheaded vision came into view. She was looked around for a moment before she noticed me. She smiled I waved and stood as she approached. It was a little strange; I did not want to shake her hand, but did not feel I knew her well enough to kiss her.

Bonnie saved the moment for me. She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. I was really surprised at the softness of her lips.

I had the most wonderful afternoon. We sat and talked, laughed and expressed our opinions on a variety of subjects including the two forbidden ones, religion and politics.

I couldn’t believe where the time had gone. We left the restaurant and I took her home. When we arrived I paid the cab, walked her to the front door of her apartment.
I told her that this had been one of the most wonderful afternoons that I had in a long time, and asked if she were available for dinner on Wednesday. She responded affirmatively, I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips and left.

Bonnie’s story

I was a little nervous as I approached the restaurant. I was surprised at how much I wanted this man to like me. I entered, and all of a sudden I went blank. I didn’t see him. I started to look around and then finally saw him sitting there smiling. He waved and I walked over to him. He rose as I approached. I could tell that he was a little uncomfortable, not knowing how to great me so I just leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

It was a marvelous afternoon. I can’t remember when I enjoyed myself so much. I found out we had a tremendous amount in common, except for politics. What was great was that he accepted my opinions and did not try to prove me wrong, and how superior he was. What this showed me was that he was very confident in himself and did not need other people to prove his self worth.

The afternoon ended too soon. He took me home, and I could not decided how he would react if I asked him in. I really didn’t know how I would react if I asked him in. I was debating with myself half-listening to him when he asked me to dinner. I responded in then affirmative without a moment’s hesitation. He then leaned forward ad gave me the most thrilling kiss. I was surprised at the softness of his lips, and how my breath just stopped and how weak my knees felt.

Ken’s story

The next few weeks were the most wonderful weeks of my life. I spent a tremendous amount of time with Bonnie.
The days that I did not see her I spoke with her on the phone. Every morning when I awoke I reached for the phone and called, and every night before I went to bed I called.

This was the most perfect woman I had ever met. I was, for the first time willing to break my pledge to myself and get involved. The only issue that was left to be resolved was if she would be a good sex partner.

Up until now we had not had sex. I was taking it very slow, because I sensed that she would not be comfortable with any quick sexual advances. It really turned out to be a blessing, because for the first time I was able to get to know another person without any sexual pressure.

It was now time to take the relationship to the next level, and maybe one that would turn into a permanent thing. I had to find out if we were going to be sexually compatible.

That evening I asked Bonnie to spend a weekend with me at my house in Vermont.

Bonnie’s story

Over the next few weeks I was completely swept off my feet. The flowers the phone calls the dinners the walks in the park were all perfect. I had never had feelings for another man, including my late husband like I had for Ken.

The only fly in the ointment was that he never made any sexual overtures. Sure we kissed, held hands hugged, but he never once suggested that we spend the night. I was slowly convinced that I was to old for him and not sexually attractive to him and that he thought of me only as a good friend.

When he asked me to spend a weekend with him, I jumped at the chance.

Ken’s story

The drive to Vermont seemed to take forever. The reason of course was that we were going to have sex, and quite frankly I was nervous. I desperately wanted to please and satisfy her. I realized that I needed this woman and I did not want to do anything to mess this up

We finally arrived at my home. It was located on a five-acre tract of land deep in the Green Mountains. It was already past eleven when we arrived. I showed Bonnie the house. I was very proud of this retreat and was pleased with her reaction to it.

Well the time had finally come. I took her to the upstairs master suite. I had a king-size bed against one wall. It faced a raised fireplace, so that when lying in bed you had a beautiful view of the fire. If you turned to the right the wall was all glass with a terrific view of Stratton Mountain. To the left was the entrance to the bathroom. It was done in marble, and had a two person Jacuzzi, a steam shower and double vanity.

I took Bonnie in my arms and kissed her deeply. I then told her that I have never had feelings for anyone like I have for her. I then suggested that she get ready for bed and I would make a fire in the fireplace. She kissed the tip of my nose and said that would be just perfect.

She started to unpack, and finished while I was still getting the fire started. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. When she reappeared she was wearing a sheer white negligee. The lights were out in the bedroom; the fire blazing and she stood framed in the bathroom door.

It was like she was naked, but not really. I could see that her nipples were hard and extended, and that she had a very thick covering of pubic hair. I immediately was erect. She walked over to me look into my eyes and said “hurry I want you so badly”.

Bonnie’s story

The ride seemed to take forever. We finally arrived at a very beautiful secluded home. My mouth drooped open when we walked in. This place was gorgeous. It reminded me of the Ralph Lauren ranch that you see in the ads for his clothing.

I could feel the tension rising in both of us as he finished the tour of the lower level. Ken turned to me and said let’s go up to bed. My heart started to race. I wanted this man more then anything in the world, and I wanted the sex to be perfect, for me as well as for him.

If I thought that the lower level of the house was something, the upstairs bedroom put me over the top. There was a king size bed in front of a raised fireplace, a pictured window, and a bathroom you would expect in a spa.

He completely surprised me when he took me into his arms kissed me more passionately then I had ever been kissed and told me of his feelings for me. I was speechless. I could not believe that he felt the same way that I felt. He suggested that I get ready for bed while he got the fire going. I responded as if in a trance.

I had bought a new sheer negligee for the occasion. I unpacked and took the negligee into the bathroom with me. I undressed, looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I could not believe how lucky I was. I opened the door and just stood for a few minutes watching him. I was aware that he could see me as if I had nothing on. The thought of it caused my nipples to harden and I knew that I must have this man now.

I walked over to him and told him how much I needed him and for him to hurry to bed.

Ken’s story

I returned from the bathroom in my terry robe. Bonnie was lying on top of the bed. The fire was burning brightly, her hair was spread out on the pillow and she had a smile of contentment on her lips.

I dropped the robe and stood momentarily naked before her. I had an erection that was throbbing in anticipation. She lifted her arms to me; I smiled and lay down next to her.

I started to kiss her and she immediately went to reach for my cock. I took her hand and said to her that all I wanted was for her to lie back and enjoy herself. Let me do the work and you relax and enjoy.

She looked at me sort of strangely, but put her hands to her side and I resumed kissing her. I concentrated on her mouth sucking on her tongue and on her lips. I loved the way she was responding to me. At first she was very tense, but after a few moments I could feel her begin to relax and move with her feelings. I next licked her eyelids as I made my way to her ears. I ran my tongue around her ear and blew softly into it. I was achieving the desired effect as I felt the goose bumps on her arms. I moved back to her mouth and inserted my tongue. A small moan released from her throat as she arched her body trying to make contact with mine. She still hadn’t removed her negligee, so I reached down and took hold of the hem and pulled it up over her head and off.

Bonnie’s story

While Ken was getting ready in the bathroom, I lay upon the bed and tried to arrange myself in the most seductive way possible. I spread my hair out on the pillow, and arranged the sheer nightgown to give just enough suggestion as to what it covered.

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