It's Never To Late


Finally he emerged from the bathroom. I don’t know why, but I was a little surprised that he was in a terry robe and not naked. I smiled and reached my arms out to him. He walked to the bed and drooped the robe. I could not help but gasp at the size of his erection. There he stood in all his glory. His body was more beautiful then I had dreamed, and his penis was just what I needed and wanted.

He lay down next to me and started kissing me. I instinctively reached for his cock. He stopped kissing me and removed my hand. He told me that I was not to touch him but to relax and let him give me total enjoyment.

I removed my hand as he requested and let my self-float away with him. He was making me feel like no one had ever done. He was not rushing, but slowly licking me and caressing my face. Every time he licked and blew into my ear a delicious feeling that produced goose bumps surged through my body.

He was driving me crazy. I tried to arch my body against his, so I could feel his cock, but he wouldn’t let it happen. He just continued to insert his tongue into my mouth and my ears and lick my eyelids.

He finally reached down and grabbed the hem of my negligee and lifted it off me.

Ken’s story

My heart skipped a beat as I looked down at her naked body. She did not have very large breasts, but she had very large nipples, with a large aruaole. They had already become firm and extended. The nipples and the aureole were both a deep red and looked even richer in color contrasted with her milk white skin.

She had a full thick covering of red pubic hair. It was so thick that you could not make out her pussy. But just the color alone was exciting. I had never been with a natural red head before.

I then bent over and sucked Boonies tongue into my mouth. I started sucking on it in the same manner that I like to have my cock sucked. In a few minutes she started to moan and lift her hips off the bed in the same rhythm that I was sucking her. I then started to lick her neck and make my way down to her nipple. I started to lick her breast in circular motion getting closer and closer to her nipple, but making sure that I did not touch them. Every time I got close I would just blow on them. Bonnie was reacting just as I hoped she would. She kept arching her body hopping that I would take her nipple in my mouth. Everytime I got close she would let out a moan. It really was turning her and me on. I was in no hurry. I wanted her to get more enjoyment out of being with me then with any other man.

I next left her breast and started to slowly lick and nip my way down her body. I stooped at her belly button. Ran my tongue in circles around and in it. I left and made like I was going for her pussy. She arched her hips in the air, but I just reversed direction, and with one long stroke of my tongue went all the way up to her breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth.

She let out a scream, and I felt her body tense as if she had an orgasm. To my surprise she was shouting yes! Yes! Yes! I have never been able to have a lady achieve an orgasm in this manner. I lifted up from her nipple and kissed her deeply.

I next spread her legs and got between them.

Bonnies Story

Ken was driving me crazy. This was my fantasy come true. Here for the first time was a man pleasing me and not the other way around. This was so much better then a vibrator. With my vibrator I could only imagine but now it was really happening.

Ken was making me crazy everytime I thought he was going to take my nipple in his mouth he would just blow on it. That special feeling that I have between my legs, that certain build up I get was starting tom roll through my body. I was arching my hips needing pressure on my clit, but he would not oblige. My nipples started to ache. They were actually hurting. I had never had an experience like this.

When he was sucking on my tongue, all I could imagine was his cock in my mouth and I sucking on him for all I was worth. I was experiencing sensations I never thought about or even imagined.

When he left my breast I was so disappointed. I couldn’t believe he was going to stop without giving me any relief. I wanted my nipples sucked and pulled and and everything, and here he was leaving them.

To my relief he started to proceed down my body. I couldn’t wait. I had never had anyone perform oral sex on me and I wanted it so badly. He stopped at my belly button, and I found out that I had erogenous zones I never knew existed. It felt so good as he probed it with his tongue.

He then moved down towards my vagina. I lifted my hips to meet him. It was going to happen now, I know it will, when suddenly in one quick stroke he reversed direction and licked right up the middle of my body and sucked my right nipple into his mouth. I let out a shriek as the sensation of him pulling my nipple in and twisting it with his lips sent an electric shock through my system. When he lightly closed his teeth around it I had an orgasm.

I could not believe it. I have never been able to achieve an orgasm with out my clitoris being manipulated. What a spectacular man! As my orgasm subsided he reached over and kissed me deeply. The contentment that washed over me was indescribable.

He then spread my legs and got in between them.

Ken’s story

I climbed between her legs. I know she expected me to fuck her and take care of myself now that she had had an orgasm. I had other plans. I wanted her to experience sex like she had never had before. I wanted her to achieve many orgasms before I was through.

I lifted her legs up and rested the left one on my left shoulder and the right one on my right shoulder. I then moved forward so that they were bent. I took her right foot and started to lick the insole of her foot. The look of surprise brought a smile to my face. I ran my tongue up her foot and sucked her big toe into my mouth. I then ran my tongue down her leg to her knee and back up again. I repeated the process on the other foot.

I next started tonguing her thigh all the way down to where it joined her pussy, being careful not to touch her cunt. Every time I did this she raised her hips off the bed to meet me, but I retained my control. I repeated this on the other thigh, alternating between the right and left leg.

Bonnie kept spreading her legs wider and wider everytime I ran my tongue down them. I noticed that the thick hair between her legs were getting damp. Because of the thickness of the hair I still had not had a view of the charms that lay underneath.

I now was having trouble with my own self-control and knew that I had to taste her. I lowered my head to her pussy and pushed my tongue through the thick hair at the bottom of her pussy just above her asshole. As I entered her she let out a loud gasp. I ran my tongue up the length of her pussy, flicking her clit and back down. She started to move her hips in rhythm with my up and down motion. As her rhythm got faster and faster I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran my tongue across the top. She grabbed my head and exploded into orgasm.

Once her orgasm subsided I released her clit from my mouth. I then pushed her legs all the way forward so that her knees were pressing down on her breasts. I lay down flat on my stomach with my face right at her pussy. This time I started licking her anus and up her vagina. I sucked one side of her inner lips into my mouth and gently grabbed it with my teeth and spread her open. I then licked back down to her anus and repeated the process on the other side. When her hips started to move up and down again I once again instead of sucking her clit into my mouth I started to swirl my tongue around and around. I would then alternate flicking it with my tongue and swirling.

She once again had an orgasm. This times however I didn’t stop. I knew that her clit would be sensitive, and even a little painful. I also knew that it would only last a short time, as another orgasm would build up.

She had three orgasms this way. I now need relief. My balls were swollen. Filled with cum. I lifted myself up onto my knees. With her knees still pressed into her breasts I entered her. I had to control myself. I wanted my own pleasure but I also still wanted her to receive more pleasure. As my tempo increased she started to match me thrust for thrust.

What a wonderful feeling it was to be inside her. I could feel the ridges on the side of her vaginal canal. Her muscles were quivering and grasp around my cock. I knew it would not be much longer. I also knew that in this position it was impossible for my cock to make contact with her clit. I really wanted her to cum with me. I looked at her face, her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth was open gasping for air. I grabbed her hand and put it on her clit. I told her to rub herself so that she would cum with me.

She started to rub at a furious pace. In no time I had the most satisfying orgasm or my life. Just as I finished Bonnie let out a blood-curdling yell as she finally hit the wall with the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Bonnie’s story

I was fully prepared for Ken to enter me. I had had my orgasm first, which was fine with me and was looking forward to him having his satisfaction. The sex had already been the best of my life. I also knew that I would never have to use the vibrator again.

When he lifted my legs I thought that it was just to gain a better position for entry. I was schocked when he started to lick my feet. When he sucked my toe into his mouth I had a weird sensation. Could my toes also be an erogenous zone? The feeling was wonderful. I could feel my self starting to get that special feeling again.

When he started licking down my legs my mind started to race. Was I finally going to know what it felt like to have oral sex performed upon me? As he got closer and closer to my vagina my hips started to rise to meet his mouth, but he just almost got there. I was so turned on I could feel my secretions start to run out of my vagina.

Finally he inserted his tongue into me. I have never never felt anything so wonderful. My mind was leaving my body. I was being transported to another place in time.

When he sucked my clitoris into his mouth I exploded. I thought that this was going to be the end, however he never stopped. I had who knows how many more orgasms. I also discovered that my anus was also an erogenous zone. Every time he ran his tongue over it, it made me crazy.

I don’t know if I could physically take much more. I had so many orgasms that my body was all jingelly. Ken must have been ready to explode, when he entered me.

It felt out of this world. He had my knees pressed into my breasts. With my body in this position he was able to achieve a very deep entry. I knew I couldn’t cum this way because there was no friction on my clit. I didn’t care. This wonderful man had made me feel like no other person could. I wanted him to have his pleasure.

As his tempo increased, I started to match him thrust for thrust. I cannot put into words the wonderful feeling of him pounding and pounding into me. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and put it on my vagina. He told me to cum with him. I started to rub furiously. Ken exploded into orgasm and I followed. My orgasm was so intense that I almost passed out.

Ken’s story

I fell into the most blissful sleep. I knew that I had finally found the girl that was right for me. It may be rather late in life, but good things are worth waiting for.

I knew that in the morning I would ask Bonnie to marry me.

Bonnies Story

I fell into a sound sleep. I awoke to the smell of coffee. Ken had already been up and had gone for his run. He appeared at the door of the bedroom with a breakfast tray. He said you must be hungry after all the energy you expended last night.

He placed the tray on my lap leaned over kissed me and asked me to marry him.

Authors note

We have been married for seven years and it is as fresh as day one.

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