tagRomanceIt's Never Too Late

It's Never Too Late


This is a departure for me. Usually, my stories are just a means for me to express my fantasies about having multiple partners, anal sex, etc. This story only has a couple of sex scenes in it. It's a romantic story that has been knocking around my head for some time. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I hope you enjoy it.

It's Never Too Late.

Present Day

I smiled into the mirror and tightened my tie. It was going to be a lovely day. The weather was going to cooperate, my family was here, and everything was going to be perfect. I couldn't have been happier. It just took a little longer to get to this day than I had originally thought.

10 years ago, Dec 17th.

I got to my girlfriend's house near the University of Illinois later than I had wanted. I had been in Chicago at a second interview with a company up there for a job. I had just graduated with my Masters in Computer Science in December, had moved all my stuff to an apartment in Chicago, and was searching for the best job. I had two offers now, both about the same amounts, and just had to make up my mind which one to take.

My girlfriend was living in a house with a couple other girls and just finishing her undergrad degree. We had met at a Christmas party at a friend's house near where we lived. We grew up in small towns only a few miles from each other in southern Illinois, and I was slightly older, but we hit it off after we talked about us both being at Illinois. After about a month together, we had been exclusive.

I wanted to get a jump start on my career before proceeding to marriage. I hadn't told her that directly, but she knew my feelings on the subject. However, I was almost ready to change my mind. Why? Because it took my breath away every time I saw her after an absence of even a few hours and she turned and smiled at me. It never ceased to amaze me that she said she loved me. I was average looking, a decent athlete, got my Masters degree, etc., but I didn't think that made me a great catch. She, on the other hand, was gorgeous. She was about 5'8", auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin with freckles, decent figure, and very fun to be with. I couldn't have been happier at the moment.

"Hello?" The house was pretty quiet for a college house. "Jennifer?"

"Up in my room getting ready!"

I walked upstairs to the second floor. She had gotten the larger bedroom of the ones in the house, the one with the master bathroom. She had been willing to pay the most rent to ensure she got it. She was only able to do so because her father had died a few years ago and left enough money for her to get thru school comfortably.

I walked in and saw that she was not in the bedroom. Lying on the bed was a very nice black dress. I moved forward to see into the bathroom and she was standing there at the mirror fixing her makeup. Wow! She was wearing a black bra, black thong, and black thigh highs; a better cure than Viagra if I ever saw one. She saw me and turned and smiled. My breath caught.

"The others already left to pick up some things on the way to the party. We are all dressing up."

I stared lustily. "Yeah, so I see!"

She turned and walked toward me, accentuating her hip swing. "Yeah? You like what you see?" She giggled, knowing the answer to that. I was, after all, an oversexed 24-year old male.

I met her near the bed and kissed her hard. She smelled and tasted wonderful. I groped her bare ass as I pulled back, my dick already hard. "I think we are going to be late."

She smiled and reached down for my dick, rubbing it thru my pants. "Hmmm. I think I'll like being late tonight."

I pushed her back on the bed and she sat and bounced, her tits jiggling nicely in the bra. I was going to push her onto her back and attack her, but before I could she reached out and grabbed my belt to start undoing my pants. I stood and watched as she dropped my pants and then yanked down my boxers. She circled my dick with her fingers and looked up at me. She smiled as she lightly licked the tip, and I moaned. This made her laugh her deep throaty laugh that always set off my heart strings. Damn! I may have to marry this girl immediately! I couldn't stand the thought of her being on the market while I tried to justify to myself that I was supposed to stay single until I was established, old enough, settled, or whatever term everyone was using these days. She suddenly dove down on my dick and all thoughts other than sexual gratification were pushed from my mind.

I pulled her off my dick and pushed her onto her back. "I want to taste you!"

She smiled. "Mmmm. I want you to taste me, too. I want you to do more than taste me. I want you to devour me, baby."

This would not be a problem. I reached up and pulled her thong off, making a big deal out of tossing it dramatically over my head and onto the floor. She giggled and put her head down, letting me have my way with her. I looked up across her body. I was kneeling on the floor between her legs. She pulled her feet up on the bed, letting her knees fall to the side and opening her thighs. I could see her pussy lips beginning to swell. I could see up across her beautifully flat belly to her nice B-cup tits. She was a vision.

She raised her head up and saw that I was just looking at her. She frowned at me impatiently. "We still have a party to go to and I'm horny, so are you going to eat me or what?"

I smiled. "All in good time, my child."

She put her head back down and I kissed my way up her right thigh. She let out a low throaty moan like a cat purring. I loved cunnilingus almost as much as she enjoyed receiving it. She loved getting off and I loved the way I could stimulate, tease, control, and work her into a frenzy. When I reached the conjunction of her legs, I took a look at her shave job. She always left a small strip above, but shaved the lips and around. It was a look we had discussed and she knew I loved it that way. I grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs up alongside her chest. Her pussy started opening up as the outer lips slowly peeled away. I pushed my face down low so that I could get at her ass. I rimmed the little star, eliciting more moans and then dragged my tongue slowly up over her pussy, causing the lips to open further, and then up across the hood to coax her clit out. I lapped at it. She jerked at the contact with her clit and I started tongue-fucking her, feeling her juices start to flow. I moved up and kissed her clit while I worked a finger into her.

"Oh, yes. Please, Dennis. Make me cum!"

She got excited pretty quickly tonight, so I went right to work. I started running my tongue all around and over her clit as I worked my second finger into her. I started pushing them in and out and she was starting to thrash. I could tell she was close so I sucked her clit into my mouth, buried my fingers into her cunt, and started humming. She immediately stiffened, her hands grabbing my head and holding it in place. She bucked a little, her muscles tightened, her toes curled, she tried to smother me into her crotch, and then finally she collapsed back onto the bed.

"Mmmmm. That's just what I needed, baby." I smiled up at her and she looked at my face. "Oh, my, you are definitely going to have to wash your face before we go to the party."

"Mmmm." I licked around my lips. "I want be able to taste you the rest of the night!"

She laughed. "Yeah, but I don't want you to smell like my pussy at the party!"

I stood up and stepped out of my pants, my dick hard as an iron bar. She scooted forward. "I'll just give you a quick blowjob. I don't want you cumming in me right now. I don't want to go to the party with a cum-soaked pussy."

"Well, let me see. Maybe I don't want a quick blowjob!"

She laughed again. "Yeah, right. You're a guy. You could always use a quick blowjob."

I chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

She went to work on my knob first, licking all around it, knowing just where to hit the nerve endings. She had me moaning in no time, so she then covered my dick with her lips and sucked me to the bottom. She loved to look up and watch me, so I opened my eyes and looked back down at her. I know that to most men any woman with your dick in her mouth looks great, but my Jennifer was gorgeous and looked better than anyone I had ever seen. She knew how to make it a visual experience for me as well. She would look up at me and make very dramatic licks while I watched, sending me into multiple sensory overload. She knew every inch of my entire body and delighted in satisfying me. God, I loved this woman!

It wasn't long before my hips started their autonomic thrusting and I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth a couple of strokes and came buckets. She kept me just barely in her mouth, swallowing the entire load. She sucked me until I couldn't take it any more and then released me. I looked down at her. "I love you, Jennifer!"

She smiled. "Yeah, that's what every man says when a woman is on her knees swallowing his cum!"

I bent over, put my hands under her arms and stood her up. I kissed her lightly on the lips and looked at her seriously. "No, I mean that I love YOU! Sure, I love your body and the way you suck my cock, you little vixen, but I love you body and soul."

She hugged me tightly. "I'm glad. I love you more than I can show."

She released me. "Now get dressed while I check out my makeup and hair. Damn. I was all ready until you came and forced me to have sex with you!" She smirked as she rushed back into the bathroom.

In no time, we had gotten dressed and made it to the party. It was really just getting into full swing when we got there. It was pretty packed, as most college parties can be. All those invited usually brought along a few extras.

It was about midnight when the "Event" occurred. I was getting a little drunk and talking about my job opportunities in Chicago with some partially-interested folks and Jennifer had gravitated to her long time girlfriends. Finally I saw her from the back, standing in the next room, probably talking to some of her closest girlfriends. They were all just around the corner so I stealthily moved up along the door frame to eavesdrop. It would be one of the largest regrets of my life.

I could hear Jennifer's voice, a little slurred, but still strong. "Yeah, it was last March, just after Dennis and I were supposed to be exclusive. I was horny after he was gone for a week and then after being out drinking with you guys, I ran into Don. We had a couple more drinks until I was drunk and horny. He has a big dick, so I went back to his place and fucked him senseless."

One of the other girls started asking questions, but I was stunned. I couldn't talk. I couldn't breathe. I had to get out of there. I stepped around the corner and she saw me. Her eyes widened as she saw the pain in mine. I knew that I had tears forming in my eyes, but I didn't want to be seen crying at the party. I couldn't stand the thought of not being "macho", so I clammed up and ran out. I could hear her calling my name, but I didn't care. I rushed back to my car and drove back to Chicago, even though I might have failed a breathalyzer. I had left my coat behind and, more importantly, my heart. I was devastated that she had been lying to me that entire time, but even worse, that she was telling her girlfriends that she had done it behind my back. I paced, I cried, I got angry. I called her home phone and left a rambling rant about her being a lying, cheating, two-faced slut. Finally, about 6am, I was exhausted and fell asleep.

Dec 18th.

I slowly became cognizant of a banging sound at about noon. I looked up at the clock for verification that it was no longer morning. I had hoped to sleep away the entire weekend. It was only Saturday. The pain that I felt had nothing to do with the alcohol. It was purely the betrayal of my beautiful Jennifer. She had betrayed me when we said we would be exclusive, and then I had to hear about it 9 months later when she was drunk, bragging to her friends about fucking Don. I rolled off the couch and approached the door, the apparent source of the banging. I looked thru the peephole. It was Jennifer. Shit! What could I do? She knew I was home because of the phone call and my car. The apartments had marked parking spots and mine was in its proper place. Fuck! I opened the door.

Jennifer looked like hell. She was rumpled, her eyes were bloodshot, her eyeliner had left tear streaks down her face, and she looked exhausted. She just stood there.

I took the hard line. "What the fuck do you want?"

"I guess I deserve that. I'm so sorry, Dennis. It's just that...."

I cut her off. "What? It slipped your mind that 9 months ago, when we were supposed to be exclusive, you fucked Don? Why? Was he better than me? You couldn't be without a man's dick for a week? What? Then I have to find out when you are telling your slut friends at a party how you went out and fucked another guy behind my back? What?"

She stood there dejected and defeated. She hung her head and started to cry. Between her sobs came a few words. "So sorry... I wanted to tell you... it was such a mistake... I was frightened by my feelings for you... love you so much... can't imagine being without you... please... don't turn me away...."

I just stared. I was so angry I couldn't see Jennifer any more. Just some woman who had fucked a guy I knew. "Jennifer, I don't ever want to see you again. You fucked up and you have to pay the price, now get out of my life."

She looked at me, tears streaming down her face and turned and fled. I just stood there and watched the love of my life leave. Then I went back to the couch and turned on the TV looking for college bowl games. I did do one thing right that day. I called the company I had decided to work for and accepted their offer. It meant I would start work on Monday and could get my mind off of Jennifer.

Dec 19th.

Sunday was the worst day of my life. I had thought that Friday night and the Saturday confrontation with Jennifer were bad, but Sunday was worse. First, I had to face it alone. For the first time in a year, I woke up knowing that the woman I had loved was not going to be there. I tried to stay angry, but now I just grew morose. I got phone calls, none of which I answered, from several of her friends, telling me how bad it was for Jennifer. For her? For HER!?! My heart had been wrenched out of my chest by her lying and it was bad for her?

I tried to watch football. I tried to work on the computer. I tried to do anything, but I couldn't concentrate. About 4pm, Jennifer called again and left a message. She said that she knew she could never make it up to me, but wanted to try to explain and talk again. I never answered her call.


I buried myself in my work for a couple of days and then went home for Christmas. My family asked what had happened between me and Jennifer twice, but they could tell by my answers that it was best to leave it alone. The holidays went slowly. It was hard to see the happy couples in my family, but it was nice to be around loved ones. When it was over I went back to work to build my career.

I heard from Jennifer once a week for over 5 months. Each time she would leave a message on my phone just asking to talk. I couldn't do it. I was too hurt, too prideful, and too scared that the sound of her voice would lure me back against my will. The last time she sounded really strange and desperate, but I still couldn't bring myself to call her.

4 years ago, Christmas again.

6 years later, it was Christmas again, and I was at home. It was great seeing the family all gathered together. I was still single and enjoying attacking the singles life in Chicago, albeit with some care. We all went to the large mall nearby between Christmas and New Year's for some sales and to get out of the house. I was walking along, doing window shopping, when I saw her. Up ahead, standing there, holding some bags was Jennifer. No mistake. I started to turn away when she turned and saw me. She smiled a sad but happy-to-see-you smile, and my breath caught like it always did. Nothing had changed and she still owned my heart.

We stared at each other for a second and then she came toward me, smiling. I tried to smile, but I knew it had to look forces. She was still gorgeous and I still had feelings for her. It was going to be tough.

Then from a store on the other side of the mall came a small strawberry blonde girl, seemingly about 4 or 5. "Mommy! Mommy! Look what I got!" She ran straight toward Jennifer holding an ice cream cone. Trailing in her wake was a woman that I knew was Jennifer's sister. I had met her once, but couldn't remember her name.

Jennifer turned, squatted down, and smiled that fantastically wide smile that I remembered. "Ooohh. That looks good. What flavor is it?"

"Vanilla! I only like vanilla, Mommy, you know that."

Jennifer took the little girls left hand while the right was occupied with the ice cream and led her over to me. I was trying not to stare. Jennifer was a mother. She had a daughter. That meant that she was probably married and settled and had moved on with her life. Meanwhile, I was... still hooked.

Jennifer introduced us. "Angela, this is a friend of mine from college named Dennis. Can you say hello to him?"

"Hello, Mr. Dennis."

I bent over. "Very nice to meet you Angela. You are a very pretty little girl." She smiled and said thank you; trained well by her mother. I looked up at Jennifer, hoping to get through this with minimal effort. "You still look wonderful. And you have a beautiful daughter."

"Thank you. You look good. Work and Chicago must agree with you."

"Yes, well, I've thrown myself into my work and I love Chicago. The winters are a little hard, but the town and the people are great."

"Not married yet? Nobody has tied you down yet?"

She asked that so nonchalantly. I was trying not to hyperventilate. "No, not married or tied down. No steady girlfriend right now." I wanted to ask her about her husband, but she moved right along.

"How is your family?" She continued talking like we were old friends that hadn't broken up under terrible circumstances. It had been six years and she may have moved on, but I was still under some spell from the damn woman. Her eyes still riveted me.

"Everyone is doing well. Parents are still healthy and the siblings are great. How about you?" I managed to remain calm on the outside, but inside my heart was hammering. Her sister walked up at that point.

"You remember Diane, right? She works with me here in the mall."

"Hi, Dennis." I could have gotten frostbite from her piercing glare.

"Good to see you Diane. What do you two do in the mall?"

"We both work at the travel agency at the end of the mall, near the western entrance."

"Oh, right. I seem to remember that was your mother's travel agency."

"Yes, well, she wanted to retire, so Diane and I took it over."

"That's great. I hope things are going well." I tried to start my retreat. "Listen, I need to catch up to some of my family. We're supposed to meet over at the food court."

"Okay." Jennifer's eyes seemed to mist over a little... or maybe that was mine. "Tell everyone we said hello. It was great seeing you."

"Yeah, it was great seeing you guys again." I turned to leave but turned back to watch them go. Jennifer was still beautiful, had a wonderful figure, and I wanted to grab her and kiss her before she left again. But alas, I had no such attack of fortitude. As they left I noticed that Jennifer and Diane were talking heatedly. I suppose I was getting torched by Diane. The little girl was eating her ice cream.

I found my family where we had agreed to meet and told them that I had seen Jennifer. There was a moment of silence. I looked around. "What?"

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