tagIncest/TabooIt's No Big Deal

It's No Big Deal


This story is a repost of a story I had previously had taken down.

All the characters in this story are over 18.

This story is fiction.

This story is 100% written by me.


Daniel was going to let his mind go there for just a moment. It wouldn't be long, just a split second so he could clearly see what was going on. He looked at the picture of his sister he had on his phone and in his head he thought of her naked. Whatever was going on with him, that really did the trick. His thought process decided to take liberties with its new freedom and went from naked, to sexy, and all the way to seductive. In half of the split second he had originally allowed for this thought experiment he had gone from picturing her naked to imagining himself fucking her.

The realization of what this was slowly crept up on him. He liked girls after all. He had been just a little worried. He did like girls but recently he had been feeling like maybe he didn't like them enough. Some of the girl at school were drop dead sexy but they weren't doing anything for him. It had been a subtle thing for a while but Daniel just realized that none of the girls at school could make him horny. Of course a lot of them were underage and illegal for him to touch now but that was another issue. He was mildly attracted to them but getting a hard on at school was not something that happened.

It really was driven home just how much of a problem he might have when one of the poser guys had his girlfriend pretend to like Daniel and run her hand up against his crotch. Daniel had no reaction. It was great to look at everyone in that little clic and let them know they hadn't gotten to him but deep down he was worried about his sexuality.

He considered the remote possibility that he might be gay. After all, if you don't like girls then ... But he didn't need a half second of thinking of that to prove to himself that he was absolutely not gay. Whatever reaction he was hoping girls would give him, the thought of a guy gave him the complete 180 of it.

For weeks he'd tried to force himself to like a girl at school. He tried to talk himself into believing he was in love or sexually attracted. But nothing was working. Daniel was confused. It wasn't that he just didn't want sex because his body was telling him that it did but with every girl at school, even his girlfriend Kate, there was just something missing. There was some key element of attraction that wasn't working.

The technical details of how Daniel got past the internet security his parents put up were long and involved. Daniel originally had wanted to understand all of it before trying it but after a while he found himself just copying and pasting code from tutorials into something called a terminal he was running from something called a LiveCD and then boom, he was on the real internet. It was a shame that he had to do all of that. He was 19 after all and if he wanted to he could just move out, get his own place, with his own internet, and he wouldn't have to do all of this. It wasn't so much that his parents still treated him like a child as the internet setup was just so complicated that his dad probably just didn't want to go in and fix it.

Porn, he wanted to see porn. He found a site with lots of pictures and even some videos. Jackpot, and if there were viruses then it wouldn't matter because the hard drive on the computer wasn't even connected anymore. No one would ever know he was looking at this.

He cycled through a bunch of random videos. They were all good and the act of watching people have sex was certainly giving him a hard on. Maybe he just needed porn. Maybe he couldn't just have a pedestrian relationship. Maybe he was built for more in his sexual life. Maybe he was the kind of guy that needed a threesome with pornstars to get it up.

A week went by where Daniel had his little ritual. Close and lock his door so his parents couldn't just walk in on him, get the super privacy LiveCD thing into the CD rom of the computer, open the side panel, unplug the hard drive, boot up and let the sweet sweet taste of porn fill that gaping hole in his life. Of course since he was legally old enough to get married there was always that solution but he'd have to find a girl he actually liked first.

It was while he was randomly looking at various videos that he discovered a lot of things that he liked and didn't like. Threesomes with two guys, he did not like. Threesomes with two girls, now you were talking. Older lady in her forties, Daniel didn't like. Early twenties with long legs, Daniel was very interested.

During his time cataloging his preferences in porn he discovered a video that seemed to have a lot of acting at the beginning of it. Some of these were fun to watch but Daniel always hoped the writing and the acting could be better. Lesbian talks her friend into having her first lesbian experience but before they really say anything interesting they're taking their clothes off. Guy is going to talk a girl into fucking him in public but instead of really talking her into it he resorts to cash. Husband is going to talk his wife into letting him have a threesome but the conversation is cut short because the wife already has another woman in the bed waiting for them. Sure this is porn and people only watch it for the fucking but they had such a good set up and wasted it.

Daniel looked at the video with the acting and wondered how it would be. The scene started off pretty normal but then Daniel heard something that got to him. The girl called the guy her brother. That woke Daniel up. He felt a tension in his whole body. The guy reciprocated and called the girl his sister. Daniel's heart slammed against the walls of his chest and he felt blood rush to his head. He didn't even need to touch himself. He hadn't even gotten his dick out of his pants and he was cumming all over himself.

What was that?

Almost frantically he did a search for more videos with brothers and sisters. He found some of sons and moms but just a quick look and that really didn't interest him. Usually after he had finished once he was pretty much done with his porn for the day but once he found another brother sister video he was right there cumming again. He went through eleven different videos and amazingly was able to masturbate eleven different times to the same theme.

The next day, after he had had time to think things over he wondered if he might be attracted to his sister. Could he even go there? Dare he go there? He looked at her picture and in less than a moment her mental image was naked in his bed with his cock in her pussy. So, yes, yes indeed, he was sexually attracted to his sister.

He was sad following this revelation. It was great to know that he really did like girls but somehow he just knew that Tina would never think of him that way. It would be a desire that he'd never be able to fill. Sure, he wanted lots of other things that he'd likely never get either but somehow this one made him very sad.

Daniel looked at himself in the mirror. He tried to see if he looked at all like those sickos they put on the news sometimes when people get caught committing incest where you just look at them and instantly you know there's something wrong with them. He didn't think he looked like them. Was there something wrong with him? Surely there had to be more people who do this sort of thing than just the ones who get caught and more still who feel this way that never act on it.


Tina pulled up to the house and as expected found her parents out. Her little brother was upstairs in his room doing whatever it was that high school boys did when they were alone in their rooms. He must have a magazine up there because there was no way porn was getting into the house through the internet with all the security their father had put into the system. Tina wondered if her dad had a back door so he could look at porn but just the thought of it compelled her to think of something else.

Tina dropped her bag down on her bed. 'Hello, bed.' she thought. 'I'm back.' She got her laundry out and put it by the door. If she was lucky mom would just see it and do it. It was like magic. She started to look over the course listings for the next semester and wondered if she should apply to switch dorm rooms. Her roommate was starting to get a little annoying. She could go another year without declaring a major but she was starting to get the feeling that biology was really the thing for her and wanted to do a preemptive strike on it.

She was doing a once over in her head and then putting notes into her phone when a knock came to her door.

"Yeah" said Tina.

"Um, can I come in?" asked Daniel.

"Yeah. What's up?"

"Can I talk to you about something that's a little weird?"

"Trust me. Whatever you high schoolers are going through it ain't nothing like the foolishness that goes on in college."

"It might be."

"Shoot. What is it?"

"um..." he seemed really embarrassed. "I have this friend."


"And he's got this problem."


"He says his girlfriend won't let him go down on her."

Tina looked up from her phone. "Is this a sex talk?"


"And you want to talk about it with me?"

"I can't go to mom."

"Fine. What again?"

"My friend's girlfriend won't let him go down on her."

"Are you sure the story doesn't go something more along the lines of 'he wants her to go down on him but she won't'. I'm pretty sure that's how it actually goes."

"Nope. He wants to go down on her. He really enjoys doing it but she just has some sort of block about it."

"So why are you telling me?"

"I don't know. I don't have any good advice for the guy so I thought I'd ask a girl. I know I like it when a girl gives me head but I also know I like fucking way more."

"We all do."

"But I heard girls really like it when the guy goes down on them."

"We do."

"So what do I tell my friend? What should he do? He was saying he might want to break up with her over it."

"He shouldn't do that."

"He really wants to go down on her. He says that's his favorite thing to do. He says if he can't go down on his girlfriend then he's going to have to go down on someone."

"Do I know who you're talking about?"

"I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't say their names, just to be safe."

"That's a pretty hard puzzle you got there. On the one hand, I have to side with the girl. If she says she doesn't want to do something then duh, you can't do it. On the other hand, why would she not want a guy to go down on her, it's amazing."

"See, that's what I said. Don ... I mean, my friend says it would be different if she just wanted to wait and they never had sex at all but she likes having sex she just won't let him lick her between the legs."

"He's just going to have to live with it. If he breaks up with her because she won't let him do that then it's a kind of sexual pressure and that's really just wrong. He has to break up with her for some other reason, not because she wouldn't let him put his mouth down there."

"Right. Ok, I'll tell him. Thanks."

"I still can't believe there's a girl out there that doesn't want a guy to go down on her."

"I know."

"I have to beg guys to go down on me. I had to ..." Tina was suddenly conscious of the details she was about to reveal to her little brother.

"Yea?" he encouraged her to continue.

"Well, I had to let the guy do a lot and go a lot of places in order for him to go down on me and in the end he really sucked at it."

"I'm sorry. We really need to be better at that don't we."

"Yes you do. If your girlfriend ever asks you to go down on her then just do it and get it over with."

"You don't have to tell me. I like doing it."

"Then I bet Kate's very happy."

"I hope she is." Daniel said and then added. "Sis, um I read that in some cultures it was like part of proper manners."

"What do you mean?"

"You know, like if there were two friends and one went to visit the other at home then it was sort of an expected part of the the whole thing."

"What? That has to be a myth."

"I read that it was true."

"Even if like two guys go to each other's house?"

"I don't know about all that. It said that when women would visit each other they would do it for their friends."

"Like lesbians."

"Or they would get their husbands to do it. Some famous somebody with a bunch of letters after his name had this theory that in their culture licking pussy and sucking dick weren't considered sexual since you couldn't get pregnant and then somehow, like maybe the same way table manners evolve it just worked out that in their culture if you visit someone's house you knew you were going to get sucked off or maybe you had to suck someone off as just part of normal hospitality."

"Sounds like a great way to cause trouble."

"I don't know. I was thinking hard about it and they sort of have a point."

"Like what?"

"Outside of girlfriends who are scared to let a tongue touch them, oral sex really isn't that big a deal. You'd never have to beg me to go down on you. You probably wouldn't even need to ask, I just do it automatically as part of the whole package." said Daniel but there was something in the way he was phrasing it that was setting alarm bells off in Tina's mind.

"But you know for a girl, we have to take breaks from giving head. Our jaws get tired. I don't want to give head every time. Sometimes it's ok but not every single time."

"Yeah but going down on a girl is like nothing for a guy. I seriously can't understand why you would ever need to beg for that."

"Guys complain about this and that."

"Well, they shouldn't. If a guy ever complains and says he doesn't want to go down on you then just come home and I'll do you right."

"Wait ... What?" Tina was a bit shocked to hear her brother say such a thing.

"What? I just said I didn't think oral sex was such a big deal. Maybe I'm not willing to go all out like the tribal people in the article but I think I can see their point."

"But ... You said."

"I said that if you ever want a guy to go down on you, no strings attached and without expecting anything more or asking for anything in return, then just give the word and I'm there for you."

"Wait. You're fucking with me, right?"

"What's so hard to understand? You said you were frustrated with guys when you have to beg them to go down on you and I said that if you ever need someone to go down on you, just ask me and I'll be happy to do it."

"You would really ... Um" Tina cleared her throat.

"Lick your pussy. Yeah. Get you off. Yeah. Why not? I'd just be helping you out, that's all. It wouldn't be anything more than that. Stop being weird about it."


"But what? Fine, now you're wigging out. Sorry if this goes over your college head."

"You're putting me on."

"Look, I've said my peace on it. Believe what you want. I have to go and see if I can talk this guy out of breaking up with his girlfriend."

Daniel left Tina's room and Tina was left there with her jaw hanging open. Had she really just heard her brother say he would go down on her?


Tina took a moment to compose herself. She got her phone out and started a message to her roommate.

"My brother just offered to eat me out."

Before sending it, she paused. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to expose this new side of her family but she really wanted to talk to someone about this. She deleted her message and typed a new one out.

"This guy offered to give me free pussy lickings and doesn't want anything in return."

"Great" answered Amanda. "But they always want something in return."

"Not this guy."

"Trust me. He wants something. A guy will go down on you and then when you're really horny they go in for the score even though you said no."

"I don't think this guy would do that to me."

"Does he want to go out with you?"

"No, he just wants to lick my pussy. He doesn't even want a blow job in return."

"Wow. Get on that. If it was me, I'd abuse the hell out of that deal."

"I know but wouldn't you feel bad just taking?"

"Hell no. Guys do enough just taking. If I could get that deal I'd jump on it. Free orgasms and I don't have to put out. If you don't want him then send him my way."

Tina had twisted the story so she could get it out there and have a way to talk about it but now the lie was taking over the truth. Tina put her phone down and tried to think about something other than the fact that her brother wanted to lick her pussy.


Daniel's blood was on fire and his lungs felt like they were trying to get every last molecule of air out of the room. He had tried to walk a line. It was a very fine line. He felt like he had to give his sister at least some hint of how he felt about her but he couldn't just go all out. He didn't want to scar her or run her away. He dropped his hint and so he was satisfied. If she tried to corner him with it then Daniel hoped his words had walked the line close enough that he could hedge and take them back. He could say she misunderstood him. He could say he hadn't meant 'you' as her specifically but more of as a general thing. At the same time, if she wanted more then he hoped the hint was strong enough.

Daniel knew the most likely outcome would be that Tina would question what she heard and if she wasn't into that sort of thing then she would just not act on it. She cared too much for him to do anything that would hurt him.

Daniel had picked his target well. Asking to fuck his sister was too sexual. Asking to kiss was too romantic. Asking to see her naked could be turned around to not be a strong enough hint. Turning oral sex into somehow a non sexual thing and then saying it wasn't a big deal, he'd just help her with it the same as she might help him with his homework seemed like the right balance.

Daniel wasn't really expecting huge results from this. He hoped for huge results but his brain calculated that nothing would likely happen. He had planted his flag and had appeased his own inner desires. Daniel didn't usually let the ball stay on the girl's side of the court but Tina had the ball and he'd just have to wait.


Tina looked at her brother across the dinner table from her. She couldn't believe him. He was smiling and talking and happy. He lays this huge bomb on her and now he's acting like it's no big deal. There was this huge elephant in the room that he put there and now he was ignoring it.

He had to be playing a prank. This was all just some gag to get a rise out of her. Well, it was working but she wasn't going to just be punked. She was going to up the anti and then watch him sweat and try to worm his way out.

Daniel saw that mom was getting low on wine so he went to the kitchen to get another bottle for her. Tina got up and followed him.

"I know it was a joke." she accused him.

"What was a joke?"

"Come on. Don't be stupid. Admit it was a joke."

"What was a joke?"

"Licking my pussy. You weren't serious."

"I was." He said it with a straight face.

"No, really. You're just trying to mess with me."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you saying you want to go down on me."

"I do but" he paused and changed tone "only if you want me to."

The little shit wanted to play hard ball. "Fine. Then I call."

"Call what?"

"I call your bluff."

"We're not playing poker."

"I don't know what you're playing but I call your bluff. You want to lick my pussy?"

"Only if you want me to."

"Ok. I want you to. There, now what have you got to say?"

"Ok, when?"

When? Tina didn't know. Why didn't he just back down? "Tonight, unless you have plans."

"I'm free. What time?"

"Now come on. You're fucking with me, aren't you? You're getting a huge laugh at seeing me all riled up."

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