tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt's Not Always What It Seems

It's Not Always What It Seems


This was written for the Valentines Day contest, but I inadvertently forgot to submit it. Regardless, enjoy, this is something a bit different for me.

It must have been the sudden hush of voices in the mildly crowded hotel bar. Not that it was that noisy, just one of those "something's happening" drop in the background sound level. The majority of the room was full of businessmen, and women, all of us away from our homes on Valentines Day. I glanced up, the wrong direction, but saw enough faces glancing toward the door that I knew someone new must be entering the scene. Across the room at the noisiest table I saw one of the young "studs" – at least they thought they were – nudge his partner and immediately stand up heading my way at the bar. It figured, a somewhat stunning blonde had been in earlier; they'd bought her a drink but had obviously gotten no where as she was gone – and they were still here.

I finished my gaze around the bar, looking up into the mirror behind the bottles where I could see the cause of the commotion. Or was that, a "lack" of commotion? I nursed my Martini, not really wanting to finish it – just not my kind of drink really – but my buddy who'd left moments before had bought it for me. He was a Martini fan; I was more of a Scotch on the rocks. All that flashed through my mind moments before all thoughts of anything except the beauty standing in the doorway allowing her eyes to accustom to the dim light left my head.

Long black hair surrounded a picture perfect complexion would have been stunning in their own right, however the form fitting red dress and long shapely legs were just that much more stunning. I watched her reflection scan the room, and the look of distaste cross her face just as the "stud" reached her.

"Well, helllooo, hot stuff. Buy a pretty girl a drink?"

His classless words were barely audible to me from this distance – maybe I just imagined what he said because I'd already deciphered what kind of jerk he really was. But there was no mistaking her retort; "Go Fuck Yourself," reaching my ears just as I took another sip. The harsh liquid burned my throat as my sip was interrupted by my internal guffaw, tears momentarily rolling into the corner of my eyes.

I shook my head to myself, enjoying the humor of the jet jockey going down in flames, and decided I'd had enough of this shit. Motioning to the waiter I said "I think I've had enough of this – what have you got in a good scotch?" His answer was pleasing to my ear, and as I awaited his delivery of the goods my eyes once again caught motion in the mirror. As I looked up, her eyes caught me admiring her from afar. She didn't look away, so I nodded. Not much, just an acknowledgement that I'd been looking, and she caught me looking. I'd long ago given up on pretending these things didn't happen. I looked away, my drink arrived, moments later I sensed a presence off my shoulder.

Turning, I found myself eye to eye with those gorgeous green eyes. She smiled, but she didn't have to. "Buy a girl a drink?"

"Only if you'll join me," I said indicating the bar stool beside me. "Hooker" passed through my mind. What else could this be? A gorgeous thirty something brunette in a business mans hotel on Valentines day, allowing herself to be picked up, or rather, picking up on me? I mean granted, I've got that same male ego I had when I was a young stud, but believe me, I don't fool myself. I'm still good looking, even if I am a bit "Folically Challenged." Not bald, at least yet, but the forehead is a lot bigger than it used to be and I better not go golfing without a hat or I'll have a sunburn up top in no time. But, I'm not bad looking; I run 5 miles a day (and have for damn near as long as this vixen's been alive) so I'm still in shape, but still. A terrible thing to think when you first meet someone, but I'm a realist.

"I'd sooner join you than dickwad over there" her arm flinched in "studs" direction; I didn't have to look, I knew who she meant. I observed her closer as she slid into the seat beside me. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra; besides the tear drop cleavage of the stretch dress that exposed clear to the under curve of her breasts, their gentle sway as she moved and the two hardened nipples confirmed. There was no bunching, no panty marks, no indication that she had anything on underneath. Despite my misgivings, I had to admit she was damn sexy, and desirable – even if she was a hooker.

"Here on business?" I asked, the words out of my mouth before I realized the double entendre.

"Not exactly." Her look and slight frown told me she'd thought I'd asked if she was for sale.

"Shit," I thought, "how'd I blow that so quickly? "What're you drinking?" I immediately offered, and her tension eased just a bit.


"You got it. Bartender! Chardonnay for the lady." He'd already anticipated the order, was just steps away.

"Coming up." He turned and I saw him begin to pull down a wine glass.

I returned my attention to my new acquaintance, turning toward her, I offered my hand. "I'm Jim" I said simply.

She held out her hand and, her long cools fingers gripping mine. "Stephanie. My friends call me Stef."

"May I call you Stef then?" Her nod confirmed she didn't mind.

"How about you?" She asked. "Here on business?"

"Unfortunately, yes. Business just doesn't seem to think Valentines Day is a legal holiday."

A glass of Chardonnay appeared in front of her, and she took a sip. "So you're not here on business?" I asked again, curious about just what her business was.

"I'm not. I'm along with my husband who decided that I should spend Valentines night alone, so I came down here so I didn't have to be alone." She licked her lips, the shiny wetness accentuating there fullness.

Despite my misgivings about her, the thought that something just didn't add up, I heard my cock talking in response. "I suspect your husband must be an insane man."

"And why do you say that?" her quizzical half smile tantalizing, teasing.

"Because you are so incredibly sexy and desirable that only someone suffering from pure insanity would leave you alone on Valentines night." She gazed into my eyes saying nothing.

"Tell me, Jim. Are you a nice guy?"

"I think so."



"Got a girlfriend?" Just where was this going, I wondered.

"Not exactly. More like a good friend, with benefits." She looked at me again, holding my gaze. She sipped her wine again and then licked her lips before continuing.

"I'm going to stand up in a moment and slap your face and turn and walk away. The key card on the counter is for 2404. My husband is away until tomorrow, and I don't want to spend the night alone. I like older guys, and you seem like a nice guy. Interested?"

I hesitated. Was this for real? I hadn't picked up a girl in a bar in years, and hear a goddess maybe 15 years my junior was picking me up? Once again, my cock spoke for me.


Despite her warning, she caught me by surprise. No sooner had I said yes than her hand came up across my face. Whereas before, the gentle hubbub as she'd entered the bar had subdued, this time it went completely quiet. Every eye in the place watched her sexy little ass departing through the door that she'd come in. The first sound I heard was the underhanded guffaw of the "studs". My face smarted, but I didn't turn to look. I really was stunned, but suddenly realized there was a key card sitting beside the almost empty Chardonnay glass. I sat a few more minutes, finished my own drink, then palmed the key card, paid the bill and got up to leave. The underhanded comments from the studs were now openly pointed at me. I just ignored them, never looking back. 2404 she'd said. I pushed the 24th floor, and when nothing happened say the sign saying I had to use my key to access about the 23rd floor. I tried the key, and immediately the 24th floor lit to my touch. When the door opened, I immediately realized this was a different level of hotel than I was used to. The doors were few and far between. Even the hall decorations looked more expensive. The second door on the right was 2404, I stopped. Should I knock or use the key? She gave me the key; I shrugged to myself, so I used it. The green light told me she hadn't lied.

I pushed the door open. "Hello, Stef?" I called as I stepped in.

"Come on in" she answered, and moments later appeared around the corner carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. "Right on time, I figured you'd know not to follow me immediately. It's the only way you know, if I'd left any other way they'd have known you were following me and I didn't want that."

"You could have told me." I answered, as she handed me the bottle and a corkscrew.

"Not and had you respond naturally. If I'd told you, you would have had to have acted and not many people are really good actors. By not telling you, you had to figure it out, and therefore waited just the right amount of time."

"You've done this before." Not a question, a statement of fact that of course I'd really known, but hadn't thought about.

"A few times."

"So why do you keep with him? Why would a beautiful woman like you need to stay with someone that leaves you alone at night?" I'd finished the cork, and was pouring wind into her glass as she held it out. Finishing I poured myself some and setting the bottle down followed her to the couch in the opulent living room. The drapes were open, showing the dazzling light display of the city below.

"Three reasons." She answered. "One, I love him. Don't ask why – but I do." She sat down on the couch; I joined her, not next to hear as the couch was larger than a love seat, but still not far away. "Two, we're fabulously wealthy, so for the rest of my life I will have anything I want, when I want." She paused for effect, stretching her legs, now barefoot, toward me, rubbing her bare feet on my leg, then continued, "And three, we have an open marriage." Her foot slipped over my leg and into my crotch, her toes searching for my cock. "He's actually out with a girlfriend tonight, and he lets me have my flings and when we get back together we tell each other about everything and have a good time ourselves." Again she paused, and then shrugged her shoulders. "It may not be for everyone, but it works for us."

I sat and looked at her, she set her glass on the end table and rolled around into the seat, leaning forward, reaching for my pants. "When I see him next," her hands finding my pants and beginning to undo my belt and zipper. "I'm going to tell him all about how I met Jim in the bar, and how I brought him up to the room..." The tear drop gap in her dress in this position was hanging just enough that I slipped a hand through it, caressing her breast, "and sucked his cock; and how he ate my pussy and how we pleasured each other for hours. And while I'm telling him this he's going to eat my pussy and make me come some more because he likes to eat cum out of my pussy from my lovers and if that makes him happy that makes me happy." Her hands had finished undoing my pants and had pulled my cock out and her tongue was beginning to lick me. On her knees know, I began to pull her dress up. It came with no resistance, revealing that as I'd suspected, she had nothing on underneath. Her perfect tan said she didn't often wear a swimsuit.

She stopped and stood, taking the dress and lifting it over her head, dropping it to the floor. I gazed upon her perfect body, slender rounded hips, firm, but not overly full breasts that needed no bra as I'd already witnessed. A piercing in her belly button and a small landing strip, her labia were pronounced with the button of her hooded clit clearly visible. Reaching for my hand she said "Come on." I stood, and she began to finish removing my clothes. I helped, and soon we were both naked.

"I knew you'd have a nice one," she said, grabbing my cock and pulling me toward the bedroom.

There was no doubt that she was in charge from the beginning. She decided that I was going to suck her nipples; she decided that I was going to lick her clit; she decided that she wanted it doggie; she decided she wanted to be on top. When I'd finally come several times and was about worn out and she'd come too many to count, she let me rest. Lying on the bed, she was playing with my cock which was still limp, when she said "We'll let him rest for a while then I've got a surprise for you."

"What's that," I questioned, but she wouldn't tell me.

I'd begun to doze off, when she leaned down and took my limp cock into her mouth once again. Soft, she sucked the entire thing in completely, and her tongue running completely around and her sucking soon had me growing hard again. "Mmmm. It's always best after we've done it for a while so you don't come so fast."

"Why's that?" I questioned, stroking her hair as she worked my cock.

"You'll see." She quit sucking and rolled off the bed, reaching down she came up with a handcuff attached to a rope. "Give me your hand." She said. I was leery, but silently agreed. She took my opposite hand and slipped the cuff around my wrist.

"I'm not into bondage or anything like that" I said.

"Oh you won't mind. This is all fun." She slipped off the other side of the bed, and came up with another handcuff attached to apparently the same rope which seemed to be looped under the bed.

"Now hold your horses, Stef – I'm not sure I want to do this. Just what is it you're going to do?"

"I'm not going to do anything but suck your cock Jim. I'm going to get you face down so you have to get on your knees for me to get under you, then I'm going to suck your cock until you come in my mouth – and you won't be able to touch me at all the whole time."

"That's all?"

"That's all I'm going to do."

"You'll let me go when I say?"

"After you've come in my mouth and I swallow you dry I'll turn you loose." Her smile was disarming, her beauty disarming, but still – I hesitated.

"Please?" I relented, and she reached forward clipping the other handcuff to my arm. I was now on my knees on the bed, but not for long. She reached down and pulled the rope which tightened, gradually pulling me forward until I couldn't stay up, on my knees, my chest to the bed.

Stef slid a pillow in under my stomach, then went around behind and spread my legs until she could crawl underneath on her back, her face up to my cock. She adjusted the pillow until she could suck me without straining herself, and said "Ok, that's good" and began to suck my only semi hard cock.

It was only moments later that I felt the pressure of someone on the bed behind me. With no warning, suddenly hands were on my backside, spreading my cheeks. A male voice said, "Is he a good one, Stef? Her muffled answer from having my cock in her mouth was all I heard. I tried to shout, but with my face buried in the bed, I made only muffled noises. The hands spread some type of lube on my ass, with first a finger, then I suspect a dildo penetrating my ass. Finally to my horror, I knew what was a cock was penetrating me, fucking me, for the first time in my life. Completely helpless, I could do nothing.

At first all I felt was the pain. Then I realized that my once limp cock, buried again in Stefs mouth was growing harder. As Stef was sucking, someone, I finally realized probably her husband, was fucking me in the ass. Stef was moaning herself but I didn't realize why. I was helpless, I couldn't touch anyone, I couldn't fight anyone off, I couldn't do anything except kneel there and take it. The longer it went the more I knew I really was going to come again, but not before whoever it was behind me came deep in my ass. Soon after I came myself, Stef as promised, sucking me dry.

Soon I was alone on the bed, and all I could do was listen to their talk. "God, Stef, he was a good one this time."

"I'm pretty sure he was a virgin. I know how you like virgins. Happy Valentines Day, Honey." It was silent for a moment and then her hand was caressing my side. "Jimmy, if you're ready I'll let you down now."

I was numb, with shock and disbelief. In my mind I kept going over the warning signs that I'd seen and ignored, again and again. "Fuck you" I shouted, muffled, into the bed.

"Ok, you can stay then. Once you settle down." I heard their voices, another woman, Stef, and a man. I finally realized there was nothing I could do, despite my anger, despite my humiliation. Reluctantly, I called her.

"Stef." When she came beside me I said. "Ok, I won't fight." Apparently she knew I wouldn't, and moments later the ropes came loose, and then a key released the cuff on the right side. I found I could hardly rise up I was so stiff, and before I knew it someone was releasing the cuff on the other side. I looked over – the stunning blonde from the bar earlier in the evening was standing there, totally nude, stepping back. I couldn't have hit her even if I'd wanted, it was all I could do to roll over and sit up. My ass hurt.

"What," I asked, needing a drink of water, "the FUCK did you think you were doing? That's FUCKING RAPE!"

"Well, Jim," the man began.

I interrupted, "Just who THE FUCK are you?" Something about him was familiar. He was sitting there in the chair, totally naked, and suddenly it dawned on me.

"Jim", Stef said, "this is my husband, the Senator." And so it was. "This is my girlfriend Cassandra." She continued, pointing out the blonde. "And if you think about it, nothing happened here that anyone will believe was not consensual."

"And just what was it that happened?" I asked, not sure I could believe it myself.

Stef just looked at me for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders. "I told you, we've got an open marriage. Cassandra and I are lovers, but the Senator now, he isn't quite as found of sex with us as with men. Cassandra and I take care of each other, and she lets me have my men every now and again, and occasionally like tonight we share with the senator. Actually I think it's my favorite, I love the feeling of your cock bobbing in my mouth from his fucking you from behind, and with Cassandra eating your cum out of my pussy I always have my biggest orgasms."

"Son," the Senator said, "there're two ways you can look at this. Either you picked up a really pretty girl in the bar and spent about three hours having your way with her, and found out there was a price to pay for your fun and went along willingly, or you got shanghaied and taken to somewhere you didn't want to go and got raped. Either one, you aren't going to find anyone else who'll believe you, but either way, there's no doubt about it, you got fucked by your elected official. Take it how you will.

I shook my head, went over to the couch and put my clothes on. I stopped at the door, looking back. "You guys are all fucked up," and walked out.

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