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It's Not Like That We Just Fuck


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"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Jake sighed deeply as the question was asked yet again. He really did not want to start his day this way but he did not have much of an option at this point. His head was pounding and all he wanted to do was go back to bed, but it looked like his sister Stephanie was not about to let that happen. "Calm down, Stephanie it wasn't what it looked like okay."

Stephanie his 20 year old sister circled the table her arms folded he could see the anger in her face as she pointed her finger at him. "Oh my God, are you really going to try and say I saw things wrong?"

Jake's hangover headache made every word from her mouth echo like gun shots. He stared at her while he leaned back in the large wooden dining room chair. "Okay maybe it was exactly how you saw it. I am 18 and she is an adult to so what does it matter?"

"Jake seriously you don't have a clue why this could possibly be wrong? How fucking damaged are you? I mean for real this does not register on your radar as an issue?" She asked as she finally quit circling the table and took a seat in the chair next to her brother.

The sun beating through the large windows of the kitchen was nearly blinding Jake as he moved his head around trying to find an angle that blocked the light. "We are two consenting adults and it was just sex what the hell."

"What the hell?" Stephanie's mind twisted as she tried to comprehend the nonchalant attitude of her younger brother as she repeated part of his question. The 20 year old pounded her hands on the table and shook her head back and forth.

"Don't get all mad about it, I mean this wasn't the first time it happened." Jake's head still was ringing but he also could not help being turned on as he watched his sister practically pull her long blonde hair out in frustration. She was more angry than he had ever seen her before, her large chest heaved up and down as she breathed so hard trying to control herself.

"Jake you had your tongue in our mom's ass! How on earth is that not a big deal?"

"Well if you had came in sooner you would have seen my cock in her ass, so by comparison which is worse?" Jake said as he tried to laugh and make light of the situation despite the headache and despite how upset his older sister was.

"How long has this shit been going on?"

"Hell I don't know just a couple months maybe."

"Jake this is not normal why on earth are you fucking our mother?"

Jake quickly abandoned any efforts to add comedy to this situation Stephanie was pissed and he could tell it, her nostrils were flared her chest was heaving up and down from her rapid breathing and beads of sweat formed around her hair. Jake knew she was mad but he also had to admit she was turning him on quite a bit with her reaction.

"Okay I will explain if you please just stop the damn yelling." Jake said in a low monotone voice a she stood up from his chair to retrieve something for his headache from a nearby kitchen cabinet.

"Your 18 you should not have a hang over." Stephanie sarcastically replied as she clicked her long finger nails on the large wooden table.

"Yeah I know and you're 20 and should be living in your own apartment still. If you hadn't got kicked out you wouldn't have been here to just walk in the house but you don't and you did." Jake shot back as between the stress of the situation and his headache he was beginning to run short on keeping his temper.

The new living arrangements were still not normal at the Wilson household. Jake had lived solo with his mom since their parents divorce. Stephanie spent the majority of her life with their father. To say their family relationship was tumultuous would be an understatement. Stephanie had to seek refuge with her mother after being booted from her apartment due to missed payments, and with her father living it up with a girl half his age he did not want her around.

"Well I'm sorry my dad doesn't want me with him and I won't live on the streets. I thought mom was the stable one and you and I could try to connect after all these years." Stephanie said as sighed heavily.

Jake ignored his sister's comment as he threw back some pain relievers and gulped some water. "I got a hangover because last night was Bill's birthday and his mom bought us a lot of beer." Jake stated as he sit the empty glass on the counter. "And honestly sis I just don't wanna go down the road of our parents right now that is some shit I am not medically qualified to discuss."

Stephanie looked at her brother and she knew she was trying to have to separate discussions and chose to try and address the matter at hand instead of their past. "Okay well Bill's mom is to blame for that but what about the other shit." Stephanie said in a softer but no less angry tone as she stood from the chair and walked over to her younger brother. "If it makes you feel better I am going to give mom the riot act when she gets home from work too."

"I don't care and I am sure she won't either, Stephanie you're the outsider here and your not my mom or hers. But that is neither here nor there, I will explain what you saw if you chill out." Jake said as he looked his sister straight in the eyes. He could see the fire quelled in them as he spoke. "It started a few weeks after my 18th birthday, she was out shopping I was home alone and well I got bored."

"What the fuck are you talking about, bored?" She said with anger as she stepped closer to her brother almost pinning him against the counter.

"Shut up and listen you overbearing bitch. Stephanie you want an explanation well I am going to freaking explain." Jake shouted back at her as he pushed her back a few steps away from him. "I was home alone and I got bored and well what do a lot of guys home alone bored do? I started jerking off, the only problem was I didn't realize Mom was going to be home so soon."

Stephanie nodded her head as she listened to her brother's story Jake could feel her eyes almost burning holes through him as he stood before his almost as if he was on trial.

"I was on my bed with a pair of Gina's panties wrapped around my cock jerking it thinking of the last time I saw her. Mom apparently saw me she watched me and as she put it she liked what she saw."

"Really you're trying to tell me our mom, the same mom who divorced dad because he wasn't into her religious crap, just liked what she saw when she looked at your dick?" Stephanie's eyes blinked repeatedly as she tried to process the news she was receiving. The young woman shifted and inhaled deeply as she pointed her finger in her brother's face "No they divorced years ago because mom wanted to be the religious leader of the neighbor hood and dad wanted to do other shit. I don't buy it one bit"

Jake smiled as the tale was to much for his older sister to handle. "Yep that is exactly what I am telling you. I have no elaborate tale of seduction I have no great excuse. I was jerking off and she came in the room and before I could try to cover up or apologize for leaving my door open, she was on my bed with my cock in her mouth."

"Fuck no not our Mom." Stephanie said with shock and disbelief in her voice.

"It's true, and damn was she good at it." Jake said as he sensed an opening with his sister, for the first time this morning she was no longer on the offensive. "Why do you care you've barely been around over the last several years, living it up on your own. You grew up with dad to boot I figured you'd be more open minded."

Stephanie looked at the floor as she felt a single tear roll down her cheek. She had grew up with their dad but it was not all fun and games, a fact she did not realize until she reached a point of being to stubborn to admit going with him was a mistake. "Living it up?" Stephanie questioned as she finally managed to at least respond to one point her brother made.

"Dad got you an apartment, you fucked it up and now you're here. I don't see where you got any place to judge me."

"Jake, dad kicked me out cause I was cramping his style he said, and I lost the apartment cause I got hooked up with a guy just like dad." Stephanie replied with great anger in her voice.

The siblings stood in silence for a few moments, as they both tried to compose themselves. The sound of the silence was near deafening as while they did not speak they did not break their stares.

"Okay lets make a deal we focus on one of our problems first then the other because this drifting around isn't getting shit handled." Jake said as he finally broke the silence.

"Agreed and since this all started with you tongue fucking our mom's ass I say we solve that issue first."

"I thought we did I explained it she liked me jerking off, it is actually that simple." Jake did not blame her for finding the story to be a little less then believable. He was the one who lived it and even he was in shock that it happened. It was not like he ever thought of his mother as some sex crazed animal, in fact Stephanie was right a lot of the divorce centered around mom's new found religion. Jake knew his mom had a wild past, but until that day he only ever knew her as a fairly religious normal every day mom, granted she was a smoking hot mom and his friends did not waste time to inform him of her milf status, but at the end of the day she was just mom.

"Jake that story is such bullshit. I cannot accept that our mom just took your dick into her mouth." The disbelief still filled Stephanie as she spoke.

"Oh my god, Yes our Mom, your Mom my Mom. Jennifer Wilson whatever you want to call her was on my bed fully clothed with my cock in her mouth."

"Why didn't you stop her?"

"Why would I want to?"

"Because she is Mom, jackass!" A few tears started to form in Stephanie's eyes as she still did not want to believe any of this. She wanted to hold onto the image she had created in her head of her mom as some sort of virtuous woman.

Jake laughed as she called him a jackass while he walked passed her to the living room with Stephanie in tow. His headache was easing up some he typically always experienced headaches from drinking but with a little medicine he was usually okay. Jake sat down on the leather couch and leaned back the leather was cold on his bare back as he readjusted his sweats to try and hide the semi erection he now had. Stephanie not one to let the argument end with someone else having the last word dropped herself onto the love seat across from her younger brother.

Jake looked at his sister and he could tell the discussion was bothering her deeply but she was the one who would not let it die as he continued. "Okay where was I? Oh yeah mom sucking my dick. Why did I not stop her? Because she was giving me the best head I ever had. I don't have to many girlfriends who can deep throat my dick and well mom was amazing. I couldn't hold back she was squeezing my balls and her finger was sliding up in my ass well she damn near choked herself on it."

Jake could see Stephanie breathing heavier and heavier as he described the scene, he could not help but wonder if it was still all anger with him and their mom, or was she turned on a bit. He decided to roll the dice as he started to get more descriptive, he moved the story along from just the blow job to the first time him and their mom actually had sex.

"I was laying on the bed her finger probing my ass as she gagged and slobbered on my shaft. I groaned and moaned as she slid all the way to my balls then let go. I came so hard in her mouth I nearly passed out." Jake said to his sister with an evil smile, he knew at some level the story was getting to her as he could not help but stare at her heaving chest as he continued. "I guess mom was so turned on after the blow job that while I was laying there she undressed herself."

Stephanie just sat there her breathing heavy her pulse racing. She herself did not know how much the story was bothering or in what way. She wanted to slap Jake, but at the same time she wanted to hear more of this. "This isn't the mom I know" Stephanie managed to stutter out, the young woman was no longer flat out denying it and calling her brother a liar but rather now sat there taking it all in and mentally forming images in her head.

"I did not know how to react when she suddenly sat down on my dick taking it all inside her hot wet pussy. I instinctively started thrusting my hips upwards into her as she clawed her well long red nails down my chest." Jake was being relentless now as he described in graphic details the torrid sexual acts he had committed with his own mother.

"That's it fuck your mommy's pussy. she moaned as I grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her harder and harder. She was moaning so hard I could feel a rush of warmth as she came so hard on my cock. I did not care who she was at this point I rolled her over and got on top of her I could not help it I wanted no I needed her pussy some more. I threw her legs over my shoulders and plunged my dick into her I filled her pussy up she moaned and clawed my back as I stretched her more. My bare dick was so deep inside Mom's bald pussy and I loved it." Jake narrated the details as if he was watching them happen again. His cock now leaking pre-cum forming a small stain in his sweats.

"You have to stop Jake please I cannot listen to this it is so wrong." Stephanie pleaded with her brother, she was mad, angry, pissed off and yet turned on also. She wanted to be sickened by the incestuous story her brother was sharing but her body was betraying her.

"The sound of my flesh slapping against hers was all I could hear. I was pounding my dick in and out of her. I was fucking our mom like a cheap slut and she was loving it, she was leaving claw marks on my back as proof. I could hear the sounds of suction, she was so wet she was cumming all over my bed she was begging for more and I was wanting to give it to her. I rolled her over and pulled her up on all four's I spanked her ass so hard calling her a naughty mommy as I did it." Jake recited the events making himself now breath harder, his cock was begging for relief. The story was now not only torture to his sister but also for himself.

"As you did what?" Stephanie said almost breathlessly as she looked at her brother.

Jake could tell now, he knew she was hanging on his every word now his sister was enjoying the story the details of the day he used their mom like a slut. "I pulled back on her long brown hair I held it tightly as I pushed my dick into our Mom's ass. She was so wet from the fucking before I went balls deep on one thrust. She was begging me not to take her ass but by the time I was fully inside she was loving it. I fucked her tight asshole with hard powerful strokes as I spanked her butt."

"I just can't believe any of this." Stephanie said as her skin felt flushed her body temperature had risen considerably since the start of the story. She had spent so many years listening to her dad's stories about her mother and then she herself had built her up to be some virtuous figure, but now to hear about her being taken by her own son, it was almost too much for her mind to accept. Stephanie had seen it this morning she seen them together, but some part of her wanted it to be her brother's fault and now it seemed he was just a willing participant to their mother's lust.

"Well that is what happened and ever since I pretty much just take Mom when I feel the urge. I have learned a lot about her she is a lot more wild then we both knew." Jake said nonchalantly as he ended the story and shifted around on the couch realizing he was not able to hide his hard cock anymore as it was pitching a full tent in his sweat pants.

"So it was as simple as you apparently have a big dick? It can't possibly be impressive enough to force our mother to perform such taboo act." Stephanie tried to revert back to her anger with Jake, and all she could think of was to insult the size of his cock. She often used this tactic with boyfriends who were to full of themselves, as a psychology major it was one of the first things she learned that most men can handle having their manhood insulted.

Jake knew his sister's game she had used petty insults before in the limited times they spent together after their parents divorce. He was all but immune to them. His sex drive was in full gear, that despite not feeling 100% he wanted to see where he could push the current situation with his older sister. He knew the sexual tension was thick in the air when he decided to stand up from the couch and drop his sweat pants to the floor. The 18 year old smiled as he tossed his long brown hair back and reached down to give his hard cock a few strokes. He was completely shaven not a hair to be found on his long cock.

"Holy shit!" Stephanie exclaimed as stared at it mouth gaped wide, shocked at it. Her brother's cock stuck straight out like a torpedo ready to strike. He was blessed with not only length but also width,. Stephanie's mind raced she had only seen a cock like this in a few movies her ex's talked her into watching.

"I have been told by many it's like being fucked with a log." Jake said as he I kicked his sweats off and walked across the living room with it in his. He stopped and stood mere inches from my sisters face as she stared at it, her eyes not adverting her eyelids not even blinking since he exposed himself.

"Suck it." Jake said calmly as his sister finally broke her gaze and shifted her eyes to her brother's.

"I can't you're my brother."

"I won't tell anyone sis I promise." he said as he placed his hand on the back of her head and gave her a gentle nudge closer to it. Her lips so close that the hot breath escaping her was almost enough to make him cum right then and there.

"It is not right, you know it is not right." She protested meekly as she was being inched closer to it slowly.

"I know that is what makes it fun." He said as he gave her one last push and as she tried to speak again the head of his cock entered her mouth. Jake groaned hard as he pushed it further inside her mouth. Her ruby red lips stretched around it as he started to fuck her mouth. Jake did not care who it was he just wanted to cum, but the fact it was his sister taking his dick made it so much hotter.

"See you like it too." He said as he picked up the pace thrusting in and out of her mouth now choking her gagging her with it. "I am gonna cum and your gonna swallow it all!" He said almost commanding her to take his load down her throat. He no sooner could finish the sentence as he was exploding inside her mouth his balls tightened almost like a vice was squeezing them as he popped a massive load.

Stephanie swallowed as much as she could, but it was to much as Jake flooded her mouth with cum. "You're an asshole I don't even swallow my boyfriends cum. I can't believe you made me do that. I fucking hate you."

Jake still had a grip on the back of her head as he pushed her from the love seat to the floor. Stephanie laid there almost in shock at how easily her brother flung her body to the floor. She had always been bigger and stronger than him until a late growth spurt and years of high school football changed his physique. Jake stood over his sister's body she was so sexy long blonde hair beautiful round D cup breasts and curves in all the most perfect places.

Jake reached down and grabbed her tiny sleeping shorts and jerked them off her, she wore nothing under them. His cock was still throbbing even after cumming as he looked down at her hairless pussy, he could see it was soaking wet. He lowered myself to the floor and spread her legs wide she did not resist him as he pushed inside her pussy.

"No no you can't" She finally pleaded as she snapped back to the reality of the situation.

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