tagIllustratedIt's Not the Size That Counts

It's Not the Size That Counts


This story is accompanied by a facsimile of an original drawing of my own. The original was created in graphite on two-ply Bristol and then enhanced by the use of pastels.


James was, to say the least, under endowed. His first intimation of this was at school when, following a physical education lesson, all of the boys were told to shower. Nobody actually said anything, but he caught them stealing glances at his half-size privates. He, meanwhile, was struggling not to stare at what looked like enormous penises hanging between their legs. As a result of this embarrassment, he tended to avoid being naked in public from then on.

Throughout his teenage years, James managed to keep his body hidden away. He was interested in girls, but he thought that they would laugh at him if they could see him without clothes. Like most youngsters, he had fantasies about women and frequently gained erections when lying in bed at night. But the idea of actually fulfilling any of these dreams was a recognised impossibility.

Although he acted in a friendly manner towards the females that he came across, he could never ask any of them out on a date -- even when they hinted that they would like him to.

James left school at the age of sixteen and immediately started work in an office. His parents couldn't afford to pay for higher education, but he was fortunate enough to find an employer who recognised the lad for what he was; hard working and intelligent. As a result, having started as a junior, he gradually began to work his way up in the Company, reaching the level of manager by the early age of 22.

With little else to occupy his leisure time, James took up first running and then additional training in the local Gym. His physique developed rapidly and he soon turned from a thin, gangling six footer, into a powerfully built and handsome man.

Three years later, he had given up all hope of making any friends, ever. Oh he had acquaintances all right, lots and lots of them. But he would never allow anybody to get close enough to be a friend. When there was a celebration drink after work, he tended to have one alcoholic beverage and then switch to coke for the rest of the evening.

Mary was leaving to have a baby, which meant that James had to face yet another evening at the pub, but this time was different. Mary had recommended a friend to replace her when she left and he had agreed to take her on for a probationary period. Emily had begun work a month earlier. She seemed bright and bubbly and was very popular with everybody -- especially the men. Fortunately, she was also very good at her work.

The trouble with Emily was that she liked sex. No, she really, really loved sex. The problem is that this meant she was amenable to almost any approach and as a result had slept with almost all of the men (and one of the women) at the company she had worked for previously.

One day she had decided that she had been used once too often (her latest office date had introduced a friend after she had been drinking for most of the evening and she ended up being fucked by both of them in a filthy alleyway. They had used her and then walked off laughing, leaving her drunk and with her panties hanging around one ankle. She had regained consciousness to find a total stranger raping her). She was panic stricken for weeks, not just from the possibility of pregnancy, but worse.

All tests proved negative thank goodness, but Emily had decided that things had to change. Her first step was to resign and leave Ashford's. It was a major step to take as she didn't have another job lined up and still had to pay the rent. Fortunately, her one remaining school friend Mary had persuaded her boss to give Emily a chance.

Mary's last Friday arrived and everybody trooped out at 5pm to celebrate -- except James, who said he would be along shortly. Half an hour later, he shut down his computer and put on his jacket. He waited for the lift, but when the doors opened he was surprised to see Emily standing there. "Oh, hello Mr. Johnstone. I came back to see where you were. You're missing all of the fun," she said.

"I was just on my way," he lied. "We can walk together."

Emily had clearly already had a few drinks and put her arm through James's as they strolled along the pavement. This unnerved James a bit but, he had to admit, it gave him more than a little pleasure.

Much to James's surprise, Emily stuck by him for virtually the whole evening. He even had two more alcoholic drinks than he usually allowed himself. He put it down to the influence of Emily. For almost the first time in his life he was enjoying a party in the company of women.

Emily for her part was happy to stay close by James. She felt safe with him. From what she had learned over the last month he never flirted or took liberties with the female staff. He treated women with respect.

The party broke up at closing time -- 11pm. Mary had left a few hours before, feeling a bit tired. The group split up to go their different ways, by bus, tube or train. By coincidence, both Emily and James used the same line, so it seemed only natural that they should travel together.

Much to his amazement, James found himself more at ease with Emily than he had ever been with a woman before. He found her attractive, yes. He had even fantasised about her a few times. But they now seemed to be communicating on a level that he had never experienced before. There was no sexual pressure. He didn't feel threatened. He didn't know if she fancied him or not, but that wasn't important.

Emily was beginning to realise just how much she liked James. He was big and powerful, yet handsome and gentle at the same time. She had never met a man like him and his shyness merely increased his attractiveness. However, she wasn't yet prepared to admit that she fancied him. They parted when she had to leave the train. She wanted him to kiss her on the cheek, but he simply smiled and wished her a good night (after checking that she was OK and that she would be able to get a taxi from the station).

Not a lot happened for some time after. Although James had quite a few sleepless nights and Emily's vibrator seemed to be eating batteries.

Christmas came and with it the firm's Company Lunch. Emily and James had been placed next to each other on one of the tables. The time flew and the wine flowed and before they realised it, the clock was striking 4pm. Most of the other staff members had gone, some to the pub, some to their homes. The two of them took an almost full bottle of wine down to the bar, where they were able to sit in a quiet corner and continue talking.

James's shyness seemed to melt away with the alcohol. He relaxed and his body language became more open and inviting. Emily for her part was moving closer all the time, talking more closely and occasionally moving closer to talk conspiratorially in his ear. He could smell her perfume; feel her arm and breast pressing against his shoulder as she whispered.

James was becoming incredibly turned on. He looked down as Emily told him some of her more intimate secrets, only to find his eyes focussed down the valley between her breasts, the delicate lace of her bra framing the soft pink flesh. He forced himself to drag his eyes away and instead found himself looking at her legs. Her dress was short and the hem had risen higher with her movements. Just then she uncrossed her legs, leaving the slightly parted and revealing the dark band of her stocking tops.

Emily finished what she was saying and leaned back again. She noticed where James's attention lay and leaned back in. Her legs parted a little more and she whispered huskily, "Are you looking at my legs, you naughty boy? You can see I'm wearing stockings can't you? Well, I hope you can't see much further than that or I'll have nothing left to hide."

She pulled away again and James moved his attention back to her face. His face flushed with embarrassment and lust. Looking directly into his eyes she continued, "There'll be nothing left to hide... because I'm not wearing any panties." She paused, before asking, "Tell me what you're thinking now James."

His mouth opened and closed a few times but no sound came out. She reached over and took his hand in both of hers. To anybody watching this may have appeared entirely innocent, but then she dropped her hands to her lap, where she held his hand against her leg. James could feel the nylon sliding against his knuckles as Emily gently and almost imperceptibly moved his hand higher.

As James felt the welt of the stocking pass his hand he thought that his head was going to explode, and as he touched naked flesh he began to feel faint.

Emily was surprised at James's reaction, but recognised immediately that he was in some distress. He had never experienced anything like this in his almost monastic life before and the sensory overload was simply too much.

"I think that we'd better get you out into the fresh air," she said. With that, she stood and pulled him up off of the bench. We'll go and get our coats and then go outside.

Having retrieved their overcoats and paid a quick visit to the lavatory, they made their way outside. In all this time James hadn't said a word. Emily had her arm through his and was steering him where she wanted to go.

"I'm sorry James. I shouldn't have done that -- it was the wine. Please forgive me. Please?"

James looked at her. All he could see was a beautiful, sexy woman asking him for forgiveness. His voice came in whisper, "It's OK. Really it is."

Emily was still more than a little concerned with James's reaction. "James, please don't be offended if I ask this, but have you had any experience with women before?"

He didn't answer her question, but stared straight ahead, his eyes becoming glassy -- almost as if he was about to cry.

"Oh, James. I'm sorry. I didn't realise. I just thought that you were a bit shy. Are you gay?"

"No!" he blurted. "No, I'm not gay," he said more carefully. "At least I don't think so. I've never fancied men, only women."

She didn't say 'Thank God', but she thought it. Instead, she said, "And do you fancy me?"


"Good, then that's no problem then, is it?"

James considered for a moment and then shook his head slowly. He struggled to find the right words, "I really fancy you, but... Well, I want to... you know, but... I'm afraid that I'll disappoint you."

Emily smiled sympathetically, "You are so kind and gentle and caring. Have you any idea how attractive that makes you? OK, so you're a virgin. It doesn't matter. Everybody else is to start with, aren't they? We'll just take things slowly, that's all."

"It's not that," he muttered. "Well, that is part of it I suppose, but what I meant was that... I'm... not very well endowed." Having finished, he looked away in shame.

No more than two seconds passed before she grabbed his shoulder and forcefully turned him back to face her. She placed her hands behind his head and pulled his face towards hers. The kiss started with the gentle meeting of their lips. As the pressure built, Emily's lips parted. His lips followed suit. Before James knew what was happening, her tongue was invading his mouth. His momentary shock was removed as he lost himself in the pleasure of the French kiss.

Emily was pressing her body to his and their embrace was becoming ever more passionate.

A passing woman said aloud (sarcastically), "Why don't you two get a room?"

The comment broke the spell and they parted, giggling.

"I think that maybe we had better go home now, before we get into trouble," said Emily.

James felt as though he was being swept along by a tidal wave and just followed where he was led. It seemed that in no time at all the couple were at the door of Emily's flat. She pulled him inside, slammed the door shut and then re-started their kissing.

Although enjoying the delights of Emily's tongue, James was otherwise passive. She longed for the touch of his hands on her skin. They moved straight to the bedroom. James froze on the threshold. When she looked at him holding back he desperately tried to explain.

"I don't want to let you down. I'm terrified that I won't be able to satisfy you. I... I simply don't have the... equipment."

Emily spoke sympathetically, "Look James, it really isn't anything to worry about. I'm sure that you can still give a woman pleasure."

She led him reluctantly to the bed and began to undress him. He was down to just his underpants, when she realised that he still didn't appear to be aroused physically (although his red face confirmed his mental state). Emily knelt down in front of James and slipped his boxers down his legs. She looked at the tiny dick in front of her and willed herself to say, "It really is OK James. I have seen a small penis before." 'But not that small' was what she didn't say.

"But nothing is happening," he groaned.

"That happens sometimes. But you don't have to worry about that. There are lots of things you can do to satisfy me." She smiled and asked, "Would you like to undress me?"

James looked as though he would burst. His face went an even deeper shade of red and he looked as though tears were about to well up in his eyes. "Yes please," he whispered.

His hands fumbled with the zip on the back of her dress, but eventually pulled it all the way down. He slipped the straps from her shoulders and began to lower the garment to the floor. The cups of Emily's bra came into view, revealing that the lace was even finer than he had anticipated. The darkness of her nipples was clearly visible.

As James dropped the dress Emily stepped forward to kiss him again. He struggled with the fastening at the back of her bra and failed in his attempts to undo it. She smiled and reached behind to unfasten the bra herself. She let James remove it. Stepping back from him she stood dressed only in her suspenders and stockings.

James was fascinated by Emily's smooth and hairless pussy. He couldn't take his eyes away from the pink lips that were clearly visible -- until she climbed onto the bed and indicated that she wanted him to follow. As they lay side by side, Emily put his hand on her hip and said, "Do you really want to satisfy me James?"

"Yes, more than anything," he replied.

"Do you see these nipples? They need attention. I want you play with them."

James moved his hand up her side uncertainly. When he reached her breast he cupped it gently and then rubbed his thumb across the nipple.

"That's it," Emily hissed. "I like that. Now use your other hand as well."

James changed position slightly in order to enable both his hands to play with her. Emily closed her eyes and smiled, a slight sighing noise escaping form her lips. After a few minutes she opened her eyes again and watched James's face as he worked on her breasts.

"Do you think you could do that with your tongue?"

Not entirely sure what she meant, James did his best. Emily encouraged him, "That's good, but try sucking them into your mouth a little. Ohhhh..."

Although inexperienced, James appeared to be a good learner. "You can even use your teeth a little if you want. Just gently bite them. Not too hard though."

The sensations that James was producing in Emily's body were having an affect that she had never experienced before. Already turned on, the pleasure she was receiving from James's attention to her breasts was bringing her rapidly to orgasm. She yelled as she came. James stopped, worried. Emily grabbed his head, pulled it back to her breast, "Don't stop now, please!"

Once the waves had subsided, she gently held his head between her hands and lifted his face to hers. "Thank you," she said and kissed him. "Nobody has ever made me come just by teasing my breasts before."

James was filled with a feeling of pride that he had given a woman such pleasure.

With a coy smile Emily said, "Would you like to do something more for me?"

He nodded.

"Well bring your lips down here and see what you can do." She indicated her pussy.

James was uncertain of what she wanted, but bent down and began to lightly kiss the folds of flesh between her legs. She spread them, revealing the wetness around her vagina. The lips were parted, as if they were a mouth waiting for a tongue. He followed his instincts, kissed Emily's pussy and pushed his tongue in as far as he could.

Emily arched her back. "Oh yes James. That's right. Just like that!"

James continued to push his tongue in and out of her. Emily's breathing became laboured. She said, "Now lick a bit higher. Just above the hole. There, just there. That's... Ohhhh...."

James recognised the signs of orgasm and continued with his ministrations. Emily was beginning to thrash wildly now and he thought his head was going to be crushed by her thighs.

Once more they lay side by side while Emily recovered.

"Now it's your turn," she said. She kissed him on the lips, nose and forehead, then each temple and cheek, before returning to his lips. She then began to move downwards, kissing as she went. As she travelled down his chest her eyes wandered towards his dick. As she drew nearer it began to grow. She smiled to herself, pleased that her kisses were having the desired effect.

Reaching his navel, she used her tongue to play with the hole. When she looked again she was surprised at how much James's penis had grown, especially as it still looked rather soft. Her lips reached the tip and she kissed it. It nudged her back and then pushed insistently. Emily allowed her lips to part and the dick eased its way inside. Her head was lying on his stomach and she closed her eyes as the flesh between her lips continued to grow.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt the head push against the back of her throat and realised that her lips and mouth had been pushed wide open. Withdrawing, she looked down at James's by now fully erect penis. It was enormous! As big as anything she had encountered before.

"I'm sorry," said James. "I wish I could be bigger for you."

Emily looked at him to see if he was joking. He wasn't.

"But James, you've got nothing to worry about. Almost any man would want one like that."

"You're just saying that."

James had only ever compared his cock with others when flaccid. He had only ever seen his own in an erect state and had assumed that they all grew proportionately the same.

"James, trust me. I know how big the average is. Most men double in length and width, yours must be five times bigger."

He looked shocked. "You mean that I'm normal?"

"Oh, you're more than just normal," she chuckled.

Emily swung her leg across him and positioned her pussy above James's dick. Having already climaxed twice, she was dripping wet. The head stretched the opening wide, before the rest of his penis followed inside. She almost came again as she slid down the length. When fully impaled upon his fleshy spike, she sat still with glazed eyes.

"What's the matter," he asked.

She smiled ruefully. "If I move, I'll explode."

James's inexperience meant that he wasn't sure what to do next. He could see the little hood of flesh standing proud between her legs, the area that gave her so much pleasure when he licked it. He reached down and began to stroke it with his finger. Within seconds Emily came again. James could feel the walls of her vagina rippling, almost sucking and his penis.

Perspiration was running down between Emily's breasts, her hair was untidy, wanton looking. She stared down at James and said, "Now, you are going to get the biggest and best fucking anyone will ever give you."

She raised herself up until only the head remained inside, before driving herself down on him again, hard. She repeated the motion over and over, gradually increasing the speed of her thrusts.

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