It's Okay


I didn't answer. I just wanted this to be over.

Ruth was intent on having her fun, though. She kissed me and, as she did, her hand snaked down to my limp pecker. When her soft fingers wrapped around my penis, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and then began stroking my cock. It took a while, but after a few minutes of her stroking and kissing me and Darrin, who seemed to be in no hurry, reaming my ass, my cock began to respond.

"See, Darling? You like it. You just had to get over those silly hang-ups you had. Like "I'm a man," "men don't get fucked in the ass," and all that. Just focus on how nice Darrin's cock feels stretching you and filling your asshole. Now you're loving it, aren't you?"

Her hand was moving faster now and Darrin was keeping up with the rhythm of her stroking. Despite all of the humiliation, shame and fear, it felt good to have Ruth stroke my cock. I didn't feel impotent any more. I was as hard as I've ever been and my hips began thrusting involuntarily. That seemed to get Darrin even more excited.

"See? That's it. Wiggle your little ass for Darrin. Show him how good you can make his cock feel with your tight little boy-pussy." I would have protested, at least in my own mind. But I was getting close to an orgasm so I just shut out Ruth's words, at least as much as I could, and focused on my impending climax.

It was intense. It seemed to last forever, I was so caught up in the moment. I don't usually shoot my cum very far. It usually just sort of dribbles out. But this time I shot a long arc up to my neck. The second jet hit my chest and two more hit my stomach. I had jism all over myself. And, in just seconds, urged on I guess by the involuntary contractions of my asshole when I came, I had a load of jism in my ass, too. Darrin thrusted over and over again, roaring out that he was cumming, as if an announcement needed to be made.

Ruth enjoyed the show. Even more, she enjoyed scooping up my cream and feeding it to me with her fingers. I'd tasted my cum before sometimes when I'd jacked off. I didn't like the taste all that much and I'd certainly never tasted my cum with Ruth around. That would be just plain queer. I didn't have much choice now. I was tied to the bed with another man's now softening cock still deep in my ass. I was a defeated man, and I knew it.

While Ruth was feeding me my jism, Darrin slipped out of me and flopped down in a chair next to the bed.

"Wow! That was great!" he said to no one in particular. Great for one of us, I thought. But immediately I admitted to myself that, if you set aside pain I felt at first and the humiliation I still felt, if you concentrated just on the feeling of the orgasm, it was the most intense orgasm I could remember feeling. But it not as if I was going to smoke a cigarette with Darrin and say, "It was great for me, too."

Darrin and I rested from our exertions. Ruth got up and did something in the bathroom. I didn't know what, but I could hear the water running for a while. When Ruth came back, she had a hot wet towel, which she set on my chest as she untied my hands.

"Now, Love. I want you get on your knees in front of Darrin and clean off his beautiful cock. Get all of your slimy shit off of it."

"NO!" I surprised myself with the vehemence of my response. "I'm leaving."

"No you're not, Honey. In the first place, Darrin could beat the crap out of you before you got to the door. And, in the second place, I have a gun that actually has live bullets in it." She smiled demurely. "You're not going anywhere and you're doing exactly what I say." To emphasize the point, she showed me the gun. It was a revolver and she opened and spun the chambers to show me it was loaded.

I got off the bed and knelt down before Darrin with the towel. He spread his legs to give me access to his now stinky cock. And I started cleaning it off with the towel.

"No, Honey. You've got to show him how much you love his cock. Don't just wipe it off like you're wiping a glass. Caress it gently and lovingly. And do a good job," Ruth paused for dramatic effect. "You know you should always wash things well before you put them in your mouth.

I was ready to say 'no' again, but I knew what the reply to 'no' was. What was the point?

As I was kneeling down, washing Darrin's cock, I felt his cum begin to dribble out of my asshole, down the cheeks of my ass and onto the carpet. My first reaction was to try to hold it in to avoid making a mess on the carpet. Then I realized that I didn't want to be holding in Darrin's cum so I just let it dribble out.

"Now I think Darrin could use a little R&R time, Honey. Why don't you come over here and take care of your wife now? Darrin couldn't really take care of me properly before you came. We were saving up his energy for you. So I could really use your tongue on my slit."

Ruth lay down on the bed and spread her legs to give me access. I'd licked her to orgasms thousands of times before. I'd always liked doing that. Now I hated it. I hated Ruth for putting me through this. I hated being a pussy-licker for my wife when she was obviously saving her more daring sexual activities for Darrin. I hated the fact that Darrin was sitting just a few feet away, feeling terribly superior while I satisfied my wife with my tongue.

But I did what I had to. Ruth was really horny. Even two orgasms weren't enough for her. She didn't finally push me away and say that she'd had enough until after her third intense, and loud, orgasm. And then, for a few precious moments, I was left alone. No one was humiliating me. No one was paying attention to me at all.

After a while, though, Ruth got a second wind. She didn't want another orgasm-at least not one for her. But she wanted to control things again.

"Do you think you can stand up for a while now Darrin?" He did think so and he did stand up.

"Okay, Honey. You got the benefit of Darrin's hard cock in your ass. Now it's time for you to show him how much you appreciate it." Again, the dramatic pause. "Get on your knees in front of him and make love to his cock." She waited a second but, even though I was moving, she started up again. "And I mean it. You're not going to get away with just sucking Darrin off. I want you to make love to his cock. Let him know that his is the best cock that's ever fucked your little boy-pussy, the best cock you've ever sucked."

Well, it was that, of course. It was also the worst cock that I'd ever had. But Ruth didn't want to discuss the fine points of grammar and logic. She wanted her show.

In a way, the hardest thing I did that night (I suddenly had an urge to say, 'other than Darrin's cock'. I don't know what it means that I'm inclined to make jokes now. I think it's just a nervous reaction.)...the hardest thing I did that night was when I knelt down in front of Darrin. It was such a primitive and blatant sign of submission. My heart was pounding and I felt as if, even though this was all forced, I'd somehow conceded something important to Darrin and Ruth. I wasn't a man any more. I was a sexual toy for either of them to use as they saw fit.

When my fingers touched Darrin's cock, it sort of jumped. He was excited. And I think it was about the same sign of submission that had me in turmoil. Of course, he was on the other side of the sign of submission. I stroked him gently and felt him harden in my hand.

I hated this guy. I had thought he was my friend and all the time he was fucking my wife behind my back. And, then when he was about to be found out, did he come clean and quit like an honorable man? Of course not. Did he just skulk away and hope that I'd never find out it was him? No. He set up a trap so he could completely humiliate me in front of Ruth. He knew that things could never be the same between Ruth and me after this. She could never respect, much less love, me now. He used our friendship, or what I thought was a friendship, to trap me. He let me confess my plan and, in so doing, give him the upper hand.

I hated him. But I confess that I felt a sense of power when he responded to my touch. By the time he was almost fully hard, I didn't have to force myself to take him into my mouth. It seemed like the right thing to do. It seemed necessary. And as his tumescent tube filled my mouth, I heard a quiet moan escape from my throat-the sort of moan Ruth had been projecting for me earlier.

I could feel the raw power of his erection, the desire and, even, need that drove him to thrust in and out of my mouth. I controlled that. Of course, I didn't have the option of quitting, but still, it was my hands, my lips, my tongue that turned a soft mass of floppy flesh into a hard pumping and thrusting rod. I closed my eyes and worked Darrin's cock hard with my lips. I realized where I was psychologically now. If Ruth had told me to forget it, that I could leave, I would have stayed. I would have kept my lips wrapped around Darrin's cock trying to milk it of its seed, of its male essence. I wanted to make him explode in my mouth. I wanted to feel his salty treat cover my tongue and slide down my throat.

Ruth could see the transition. Darrin could feel it. There was no use trying to hide it. I moaned with pleasure at the feeling of his throbbing cock in my mouth and I jacked the base of his cock hard. Darrin put his hands on the back of my head and thrust even deeper into my mouth. I was quickly rewarded with his salty, sweet, stinging cum flooding my mouth. Three, four, maybe five spurts filled my mouth. And I swallowed it with relish.

Darrin fell down in the chair, completely spent. And, in a final act of acceptance and submission, I gently kissed his softening cock and lay my head on his lap.

"See, Hon. I told you. You'd be fine. I told you it would be okay."

And Ruth was right. It was okay.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/02/18

This is kidnapping and rape!

He should report it to the police, and if nothing happens, wreak some vengeance on them both. I like hot stories of reluctant men turned, but THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

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by Anonymous03/14/18

He Would Have Been Better Off Being Shot

Is there really a readership for this? I kept hoping he would get the opportunity to get the loaded gun and shooting Darrin's dick off and ramming it into his wife's cunt and emptying it there. Don't worrymore...

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by bayernpeter111/14/17

Only for pervert gay idiots and cuckold/wimps!!!!

Even its a fantasy it shows how low your brain works!!!

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by Samuel_T_Cogsley10/05/17

Please relocate to the correct listing- this is NOT revenge

This story sucks. It needs to be relocated to cuck/bi-male.

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by luquinhasBR08/24/17

Is it non-consent?

Hey, guys. About this being in "non-consent", instead of in gay male or other category

Literotica kinds of shift your stories around, disregarding the category you put it in first place. I don't knowmore...

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