tagIncest/TabooIt's Okay, Dad

It's Okay, Dad


My heart was racing like that of a young schoolboy undressing for the very first time in front of his girl. I had just stepped out of the shower. It was mid-afternoon and I had nothing particularly on my mind. When you're semi-retired, that happens sometimes. Then the thoughts came rushing at me once again. This time I would act them out. I needed to take my fantasy to the next level. I felt a little weak in the knees at the prospect.

I began to dry off slowly. 'This is ridiculous', I thought. 'What am I doing?' And then I remembered some advice from another sexually deprived or overly horny stranger on a website I often frequented. 'Go for it. If you don't try, you'll never know. You have to make the first move. If she has the same feelings, she may not have the courage to reveal them without your help. Trust your instincts. What do you have to lose?'

'Everything,' I thought to myself. 'Still, there might also be much to gain.'

So I continued working the towel across my back, deliberately taking far too long over this simple ritual. As my imagination took over I pictured her perfect little body, toned and tight. I was already almost fully erect. Not what I wanted. If she saw me now it would be embarrassing for us both. I wanted to show some extra length, not put my lust on parade. At least not yet anyway. I turned my thoughts to the hassles of my my part-time income and got back some control over my undisciplined cock.

I knew the back door was unlocked and hoped she would walk in while I was still undressed. She often came in at this time of day to pick up her purse before heading home. She worked nearby and liked to be punctual, on and off the clock. Just like me. I finished drying between my legs. As I reached down to towel off my thighs and calves I heard her footsteps approaching along the short hallway. 'Good' I thought fleetingly. 'No time to get another hard on.' She must have sensed I was in the bedroom but it was too late for her to step back.

"Aah geez Dad," she quipped as she glanced in my direction. Her eyes dropped to my crotch and I was pleased that her exclamation had not exactly been one of disgust. With a little effort my scheme had worked. My daughter had seen me totally naked for the first time, sporting a semi-erection no less.

"Sorry hon," I replied. "Wasn't expecting to get walked in on." She half turned and made a show of looking away.

"Yeah, well, it's not like we're exactly strangers I suppose."

"We sure would feel like it if we were both naked," I chuckled.

Moments of silence followed and it took me that long to remember to cover myself. "On your way home?" I asked casually.

She had not moved away from the doorway but was also being careful to avert her eyes. I thought it only natural to throw the towel onto the bed and begin to dress, starting with my Fruit of the Loom briefs. They were a snug fit. I enjoyed the fact that the thin material cradled my butt cheeks tightly and only served to accentuate the outline of my stiffened organ. This 50-something year-old needed all the help he could get.

"It's okay, you can turn around now. I'm decent," I offered.

Georgina turned slowly towards me again. "That's hardly much better Dad," she said smiling broadly. " Anyways, no. Like I thought I'd hang out here this aft. Maybe catch the ball game on TV with you later. I've got nothing on this evening."

"Really?" I smirked, unable to resist an attempt at some light humor. I anticipated a smart alec response. My daughter had the same raunchy sense of humor as I did.

"Well, could be. If I was home and Stan was around," she promptly replied. Damn, I hated it when she talked about her boyfriend. Was I simply jealous of what he was getting? Probably.

"I mean I'm not going out or anything tonight," explained Georgina with mock gruffness. "Might as well be here as just sitting around at home. If you don't mind, that is. Mom's still away visiting with her out-of-town friends and I thought you might like the company."

"She'll be back sometime tomorrow I gather. So if you want to hang out here that would be great. We'll cook up something quick to eat later. How about spaghetti and meatballs? Nice and simple?" I asked, letting my hand go to my crotch and pretending thoughtless innocence as I made some adjustments.

"Okay, meatballs it is," grinned Georgina.

"You're wicked," I said. "Wherever did you get that mind of yours?"

"Guess," she responded simply. With that she went into the living room where I joined her a short time later, casually attired in blue jeans and a T-shirt with the slogan: 'At least old people don't finish first.' It had been one of her birthday gifts to me.

She was sitting on the couch flipping through one of her mother's fashion magazines. I chose a chair alongside so that I could study her discreetly, taking in the way she lay with her ankles crossed, her long legs stretched out to accentuate her lightly padded 'come play with me' thighs. Damn. Did she have any idea how hot she was?

Georgina had always been my favorite of our three children. My second daughter, she was a tomboy through and through who enjoyed physical activities, had a quick wit and a mischievous demeanor. She was petite and slim with long blond hair, a fair complexion, gray/blue eyes and had a wide, sensuous mouth. Her five-foot two-inch frame curved in all the right places. Physically she had matured late and was into her mid-teens by the time she began to develop a womanly figure.

Now twenty-eight, single and 'looking' she often showed quite a bit of cleavage, preferring scoop necked blouses as part of her daily ensemble. Her tiny waist and small back only served to accentuate what I surmised were generously sized tits. How I ached to see them free and unencumbered by clothing. Quite suddenly she looked across at me.

"Hey, Dad. Wanna bake a cake?"

"Oh, I dunno. I've really got a lot going on right now. I just don't know where to begin." My sarcasm wouldn't be lost on her, I knew. "Really, though. Sounds like fun. Why a cake?" I asked, a little surprised at this suggestion coming from my non-domesticated daughter.

"No reason. We've never done it before," said Georgina.

"There's lot of things we've never done together."

"What do you mean?" she shot back.

I hesitated a moment, allowing her time to let her thoughts roam. "Oh, well, like skydiving for one."

"Funny you should say that Dad. You know, Stan was saying ..."

"Yeah, Stan" I interrupted, clearly showing my disinterest. "So, let's begin."

She stood up and walked into the kitchen, leaving the magazine open on the couch. I looked more closely and noted that she had turned the pages to the lingerie section. Wonder who she is buying for? Stan, of course. I knew she was no virgin. Perhaps subconsciously I felt the need as her father to compete with her boyfriends. What I lacked in youth and stamina I felt certain we could make up for in the throes and passion of an illicit liaison. I followed her to the kitchen where she was already busy gathering the ingredients.

"Who's the lingerie for?" I asked consumed with curiosity and, irrationally, more than a little jealous. It wouldn't do any harm for her to know how I felt.

"No-one. I was just browsing. Can't a girl look?"

"Of course," I replied and almost added: 'You already did. At me. What did you think?'

"Notice anything in there you liked Dad?"

"Gina, in case you hadn't noticed I'm male. And most men aren't all that choosey. We love all ladies' frilly things. So, what kind of cake is it gonna be?" I asked, changing the subject. As I slipped past her to the counter I ran my hand along the small of her back. No reaction. Was that a good sign or a bad omen? If she wasn't even cognizant of that small show of affection how could I possibly hope to move any sexual feelings she had for me to the next level?

"My fav... chocolate coconut. Here's the recipe," she said handing me a book she had pulled from the shelf.

"Alright," I began. "First we're going to need a separate bowl to mix the flour, eggs and butter."

"Oh, no" cut in Georgina. "That's not the way this is going to work. You're not gonna sit there and read. You actually have to help Dad."

"Fine. But you can't just throw any amount of stuff into a bowl. You're supposed to measure it. So, for the flour we'll need two cups to begin. Here's a jug. Pour some in to the right level. See the markings on the side? I'll get the eggs. Can I fix you anything to drink? This is a special occasion and I'm going to make myself an early sun downer. Scotch and soda for me."

"Um, no thanks," she replied, hesitating momentarily.

"Why not? You don't have to drive tonight. You could stay over. And I have some coolers, the Vex strawberry lemonade you like so much. How about it?"

"Okay but that stuff goes straight to my head. S o don't blame me if you end up carrying me to bed later." I couldn't resist smiling to myself. Oh if only that opportunity really came to pass. Was I reading too much into what she had said?

For the next half-hour we went about mixing ingredients with more or less some discipline, following the recipe closely. All the while I took every opportunity to glance at the outline of her breasts as they pressed against the light fabric of her pale-blue almost sheer blouse. At other times I admired her rounded, firm ass as it moved seductively in her skin-tight jeans. I was thoroughly enjoying being physically close to my daughter, even relishing the simple touching of our hands as we worked shoulder to shoulder.

After our third drink we were both beginning to feel pretty relaxed around one other. At one point Gina leaned over the table to reach for the book. In so doing she allowed me a full down-blouse view of her breasts tucked into her floral patterned La Senza demi cup bra.

Ordinarily I would have looked away quickly, hoping my lascivious glances would go unnoticed. However, on this occasion I boldly allowed my eyes to linger. She was very aware of what I was doing but I was determined to test our relationship, to perhaps take it to a new level. I could always blame it on the whiskey.

"You like?" she asked, giving her shoulders a subtle wiggle and then squeezing them together so that her perfectly shaped mounds, the color of alabaster, popped out even more fully from their cups.

I smiled and gave my head a shake as if to come out of a trance. "Oops, sorry. Nice view by the way. You've been hiding those puppies quite well from your old Dad. Didn't mean to be obvious about it."

"It's okay, Dad. But you didn't answer my question."

"What's not to like," I replied, now thinking about the matching panties she was likely wearing. "From what I've seen of your boobs I'd say they're.... they're... well, lovely!"

"Lovely? What kind of a way is that to describe breasts? Lovely? Really Dad. I would have thought you could do better than that."

"Well. Okay. Sexy then. How's that?"

"A little better."

And we returned to work measuring and mixing the coconut, sugar and cocoa ingredients for the icing. Gina dipped her pinkie into the bowl and lifted her hand to her mouth, sucking her finger clean of the chocolaty paste. She repeated the motion and stepped towards me.

I opened my mouth, anticipating her offering. I was getting really turned on. Instead she smeared the mixture onto my nose, squealed and dodged past me to race to the other side of the table. She flashed a confident, challenging grin.

'Man, she knows all the moves,' I thought. 'Learned or intuition?'

"Now you've done it," I offered, dipping two fingers into the bowl and reaching for her as we continued to circle the table, laughing all the while. She must have let me catch up. Suddenly she was standing before me and I quickly covered one check and her lips in the flavored icing sugar. I did not realize that the bowl was again within easy reach of her hand and our game of cat and mouse began in earnest. As we played our bodies frequently came into contact and more than once I 'accidentally' brushed against her chest, feeling the softness and swell of her breasts. I wondered if she had noticed that I was again fully erect.

"Is that the best you can do," she chided and in one quick movement, managed to rub a huge dollop of the icing sugar onto my balding pate.

"How's this?" I queried, throwing my arms about her as she turned once more to flee. I was out of control and no longer cared one whit. Pulling her back tightly against my chest, my left arm swung over her shoulder and my hand disappeared into her blouse. There it sought out and found space inside her bra. I cupped her breast. It felt warm, firm and more than ample in my palm. She only playfully resisted as I slowly and deliberately massaged the icing mix over her, feeling her nipple come erect as I did so.

At that moment I realized how brazen I had been. "I'm sorry. Shit. Sorry. Didn't mean...." I stammered as I made to remove my hand. "I thought it was a cupcake." I fervently hoped this latest attempt at humor would buy me some good will.

Gina simply smiled. "It's okay, Dad" she replied quietly as she moved her hand to cover mine and keep it inside her blouse. "Really, no biggie." We stood like that, tight and still, for a while longer. "You seem to be enjoying it anyway," she grinned.

I knew she was feeling my cock pressing hard against the small of her back. I didn't know whether I should be ashamed about this overt sexual display of affection, or celebrate the fact that she was not moving away from me. A little of both seemed appropriate.

"Yeah, well. Excuse me," I apologized again as I finally freed my hand and stood back. She turned once more to face me. "That wasn't supposed to happen. I don't know where that came from."

"You mean you've never thought about doing it?" Gina asked. "Touching me there?"

I looked my daughter in the eyes. We understood each other so well. She knew my answer before I gave it and only the truth would suffice. How we had that much chemistry between us I'll never know but it had always been there and, perhaps, for too long we had somehow managed to deny it even existed.

"To be perfectly honest, yes. Often. For many years. I'm kinda embarrassed about it. I shouldn't be thinking this way. I'm your father. I ... we ... shouldn't be doing this."

"Why not?"

"It's morally not right. It's immoral."

"Says who?"

"Um, society I guess."

"Our society, right?"

"Yeah. Why am I telling you this, Gina?" I asked with just a hint of irritation. "You know it's not right."

"In some other cultures it's not considered to be a big deal. As long as there are no minors involved, or inter-breeding. Some people secretly even condone consensual incest as being a natural way to strengthens family bonds. At least that's what I've heard. Why is it that so many other people believe it's so wrong?" she asked.

I took both her hands in mine. God but she was beautiful. Not in an innocent sort of way. That too. But also as a very desirable woman and someone I really, truly liked as a person.

"I dunno exactly," I replied. "I mean if it's a matter of sex between consenting adults, as we are, and there's no intention to ... well, you know ... procreate, I just don't know. I can see all kinds of problems even so."

"How do you mean? Like what kinds of problems?"

"Things like jealousy between family members." I went on to explain how I believed that human emotions such as possessiveness, denial, anger and hurt could rent an incest family apart unless each person was of strong character and had a giving, and forgiving, nature.

"All I know Dad is that to deny your inner feelings all your life is also not healthy for relationships," suggested Gina.

"Does that mean you're attracted to me?" I asked.

"Dad, do you remember how it was when I was much younger. A child and right up until I was thirteen or fourteen or thereabouts? Do you remember how we used to play together, horseback riding and goofing around, wrestling on the floor?"

"I remember. But then that had to stop."

"Yes. There was that one time we were wrestling and I pinched your nipple and you pinched me back. It was an innocent gesture on my part. It was going around at school. Anyway, then you were tickling me in some private places. And, suddenly, you stopped. What did you say then?"

"I said that if I ever did that again you were to tell me to leave you alone, to never touch you like that again 'cause it was not right what I was doing."

"And we never did fool around after that. The trouble is I really miss those times Dad. I felt I lost something very precious to me. I remember being sad for a long time. Sad that we couldn't be together anymore in that way. Sad, even now, that you stopped trying to get close to me physically. I've never been sure it was the right thing to do. To stop I mean."

"Gina. I love you the more for your honesty. But as I've said before, your mom and I ... well, we don't ... you know ... get it on anymore. At least it's very seldom. It's no-one's fault really. She never showed much interest in me after you kids were born. Then it was our careers. Life happens, you know. Anyway now I'm just a frustrated old man, a married monk is how I tend to think of myself. I'll explain further sometime what I think went wrong. But for now I'm just really uncomfortable with the thought that I might be using you to address my own personal problems."

"Let me ask you then Dad. Do you love me?"

"Off course I do, Gina. You know I do. I've told you that many times."

"As your daughter. But also as a person?"

"Yes. Actually, yes. I believe I do."

"And as a woman? I mean as a thinking, feeling, sexual human being?"


"Then you wouldn't exactly be using me, would you, if the feeling is mutual? So, where does that leave us?"

"I'm not sure Gina. I had always hoped for this day and now I'm just all mixed up. A great big grown man all confused. Go figure. It would've been so much simpler if you'd just told me to back off when I grabbed you just now. That would have resolved things because I would have known you were not prepared to cross any new boundaries with me. Now I just don't know where we're at in this whole thing."

She took her hands back then and smiled. "I need a shower to get cleaned up."

"Yeah, me too" I replied, the spell between us broken for the time being. "Take the guest bathroom. I'll get freshened up and make myself another drink. The cake will be ready to come out of the oven in 20 minutes. Meet you back here?"

She nodded almost imperceptibly and walked away down the corridor. I made my way into the master bedroom, left the door open and pulled off my clothes. I was playing roulette again, wanting to get caught. I hadn't yet heard the shower come on and wondered if Gina might walk in.

I took my throbbing cock in my hand and masturbated, hard, stifling my grunts of pleasure and feeling waves of relief as I came in one explosive climax into the toilet. There was no sign of Gina but just the thought of her possibly catching me in the act was enough to take me over the edge.


The cake was still warm as we completed the icing and sat down for a celebratory slice, sitting side by side with the chairs turned towards each other. Gina looked so incredibly sexy. She had wiped the food stains from her blouse, making it partly see-through in all the right places. She didn't bother putting her bra back on, or her jeans. The blouse was barely long enough to cover her small hips and whenever she moved I enjoyed an unobstructed view of her floral print, snug-fitting lace trimmed panties.

As we chatted casually she stretched out her long legs, leaving them open slightly at the thighs. Was it only my imagination or did I detect an outline of her vagina pressed against the taught fabric? I refreshed our drinks and sat down in front of her again. "You must know, don't you?" I asked.

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