It's Only Fair


"Oh," he replied. "How should I do that?"

"Here," she replied. Then she got up from the bed and got back on, facing away from, her little brother, on all fours. She reached behind and spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing the tight little pink hole. "Just rub it in there first. Use your fingers or something . . ."

Jeffrey walked over to the bed, bottle of lube in one hand and hard cock in the other. Then he squirted a large amount all over his hand. Just before rubbing it into her hole, his face just inches away from her ass, a strange impulse came over him. He leaned forward and slid his tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to the center of her crack.

She quivered and said, "That's gross Jeffrey."

He spiraled his tongue into her ass.

"Come on," she said. "This isn't what we said we were going to do."

A little taken a back, he said, "Don't you like it?"

"Yeah, I mean, that's not the point Jeffrey. You're my little brother. This isn't a wild 'night of passion' or anything. I'm just letting you do this because I feel bad about what happened. I'm just, quite frankly, giving you permission to use my body."

"So it feels good then?"

She sighed and said, "It feels fine . . . but I thought you wanted to fuck my ass?"

"I do," he replied. Then, without further ado, he rubbed his fingers up and down between her cheeks. And then, after squiring several big globs on the tips of his fingers, he stuck each finger up her ass, in and out a few times, getting it nice and slippery. "Okay," he said, once every finger went up her asshole. "All lubed up down there."

Kimberly took a few deep breaths and then said, "All right, go ahead. But be gentle, Jeffrey, PLEASE. At least at first, until I'm stretched out a little."

"I will," he replied, "Don't worry.

Then Jeffrey pressed the tip of his cock up against his sister's tight little asshole and pushed. It didn't go in right away, more difficult then he imagined. Then he grabbed onto her hips and pulled into her, a little roughly, stuffing the whole thing up her crack.

"Jesus Jeffrey," she whimpered. "Be gentle."

"Sorry," he said, but he wasn't really sorry. His sister's hole was so warm, so constricting, each breath she took was a convulsion around his cock. He closed his eyes and cocked his head back; he was in pure ecstasy.

Then looked down at the beautiful sight, his hands resting on her two magnificent ass cheeks, and began thrusting. Slowly at first, doing his best to be gentle, not really wanting to hurt his sister or anything. But then he increased his speed and started pounding harder and harder. He wasn't even trying to do it; his cock had taken control of his body.

"Oh, please, please Jeffrey," she whimpered. Tears had begun to stream down her face. "Please go softer, slower, be gentle, be gentle, be . . . Oh God!"

But that was the last thing that Jeffrey was about to do. He squeezed both of her ass cheeks in his hands and pressed them together against his cock. His swollen and tender balls were slapping against the back of her thighs, giving him a little bit of pain with every thrust . . . but his cock felt so good . . . his sister's hole was so tight . . . it was a good kind of pain.

Then he started moaning louder than he had been before, panting, practically grunting. Kimberly felt his fingers dig into her ass cheeks and his speed increased; he was going to cum soon.

"Please, Jeffrey," she cried. Then she thought of something that might make things go by quicker. "Please, Jeffrey," she said again, only this time in a low, raspy, seductive voice. "Please fuck you big sister's tight little asshole. Fill my crack up with your cum, Jeffrey. Be a good little brother. Oh God, your cock feels so good up in my ass. Mmm that's it; squeeze those firm cheeks together. Slap my ass Jeff; slap that your sister's ass while you fill her up with your hot virgin load. Mmm baby brother, come on, come on, spank me Jeffrey, spank me, oh God Jeffrey, oh that feels so good, oh cum Jeffrey, please do it quickly, cum Jeffrey, cum in your big sister's asshole!"

Being only human, Jeffrey couldn't last through his whole sister's speech. He filled her up, spurt after spurt, his balls aching, while she begged him to cum. He slapped her ass once, at the very peak of his orgasm, and then he just went slow, in and out, smooth, filling her up with his hot seed.

Then, when his swollen balls were completely drained, he pulled it out. His sister fell down onto her belly, face down, on his bed, letting out a sigh of relief. Completely beat, Jeffrey flopped down beside her, on his side, however, for his cock was still a little hard and he couldn't lie on his stomach.

After a few moments of recuperation, Kimberly turned her head toward her little brother, who lay beside her with his eyes closed and a silly smile on his face. Then she asked him, "How are you feeling?"

He opened his eyes and grinned, "Much better."

She smiled back at him and said, "Good. So this makes us even right?"

Jeffrey ran his hand over his sister's ass, gave it one last good squeeze and said, "Yeah I guess so."

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Total Shit

Hope it was covered in it

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