tagIncest/TabooIt's Only Lust Ch. 01

It's Only Lust Ch. 01


As time permits I will continue this story. Thanks for reading and your comments.


The loud voices and clanging of pots and pans drew me out of my sleep. Letting my eyes adjust I turned my head over to look at the clock on the nightstand. It showed 10 in the morning. I swung my feet out to the floor and sat up. For several seconds I wrestled with the thought of what to put on while playing with my semi boner. On the floor next to the bed laid my sweat pants. Still too tired to care about what I should wear I choose the sweat pants and pulled them up over my naked butt as I stood. I shuffled into the closet and grabbed a clean T-shirt off the rack. As I put it on I slowly walked out of my bedroom and approached the kitchen. I could smell the fresh brewed coffee and fried bacon before I entered.

Sitting at the table was Joyce. She sat there still in her pajamas and all her attention was on the Kindle Fire in her hands. For someone who did not care for technology, she was hooked on this one device. Richard was busy at the stove cooking his eggs for breakfast. Richard was a true creature of habit. Maybe once a month he would have something else for breakfast.

As I entered I said. "Good morning."

"Morning, do you want any breakfast?" Richard asked as he played with his eggs as they warmed up.

"No thanks." I replied as I reached for an empty cup and the pot of coffee.

"Aren't you running a bit late?" I asked Richard.

"Yeah, I got a late start. I've got to wolf breakfast down and get to my appointment. I think I'll be there for close to two hours. This is a major tune up for my truck." Richard said as his under cooked eggs slid from the frying pan onto his plate.

"Joyce is going to stay here with you. Between the tune up and driving time I should be back in about three hours." Richard said as he sat down at the table and began shoveling the food into his mouth.

I leaned against the countertop, bringing the steaming brew to my mouth. With extreme caution I took a small sip. "I will try to keep her busy and out of trouble." I replied before taking another sip of coffee.

Joyce looked up from her kindle and as our eyes met she jokingly answered back "Yeah right. I'm too old for fun or trouble."

I replied. "Oh you're never too old for some type of fun or trouble. Right Richard?"

With a mouth full of food Richard said, "Good luck with that. I've tried to tell her that."

Richard scraped his plate clean, jumped up, grabbed his jacket and as he headed out the door said: "See you two in about three hours."

I heard the truck start outside as I slowly brought my coffee cup up to my lips. My eyes locked on the woman sitting at the table. Joyce was fifteen years older than me. Her short jet black hair is now showing a little grey. She stands about 5'6" and I'd guess her weight to be average for women of her age. I could not tell you her breast size. Hell most of us men have no clue on how they are measured. Her chest wasn't large. To me, she seemed normal. As I continued to stare at her I realized that in the thirty plus years I'd known her I have never seen her in a bathing suit. In all the time I've known her I have seen her only once in her bra and underwear and that was a brief glance.

"What are you staring at?" Joyce said to bring me out of my thoughts.

"Huh?" I mumbled as my coffee cup touched my lips and I took a large swallow.

The still hot coffee burned my mouth and for a split second I almost spit it out. Fortunately for me it had cooled down a little. Joyce smiled at me while looking up from her kindle and said: "Too hot to handle huh?"

"Oh I think I can handle hot." I replied as I turned to face the kitchen counter. "I guess It's my job to finish cleaning the mess up from last night's dinner."

The countertop was covered with miscellaneous dishes, pots and pans. I recalled helping to fill the dishwasher last night and starting it. I opened the dishwasher and began to put clean dishes away. Joyce stood up from the table and walk over. "I'll give you a hand with this mess." She said. Joyce playfully slapped my butt and positioned herself on the opposite side of the dishwasher and leaned over. Her loose fitting pajama top was buttoned all the way up but still hung open while she picked silverware from its holder. I bent over to grab other items from the bottom rack and in doing so was able to see down her pajama top and held my breath as I gazed at her breasts and nipples. I had intended to take several items at a time from the dishwasher but I took one at a time and put them away in the cabinet above us. The fifth or sixth time I realized Joyce's nipples were getting bigger. Here we both were, on opposite sides of the dishwasher and I failed to notice Joyce was removing the silverware from the tray one at a time and putting them into a drawer. I had failed to notice that Joyce had caught me several times looking down the front of her pajama top. I also failed to realize the two of us were working very slowly in putting dishes away.

Joyce stopped picking silverware from the tray and looked at me before saying: "Whew! The coffee has gone right through me. I need to use the bathroom." She walked from the kitchen and I heard the door to the hallway bathroom close. I used the next few minutes to catch my breath while trying to get my now hardening cock to go back to normal. I hoped she had not notice the bulge growing in the front of my sweat pants. A few minutes later Joyce came back into the kitchen and as she took her same position next to the dishwasher she said: "I thought you would have this all cleaned out."

I sat my coffee cup on the countertop and as our eyes locked I smiled and replied: What, and take away all the fun you're having?"

"You call this fun? Someday I will have to show you what fun should be like." She answered back and bent over to continue taking silverware out of the tray.

Less than ten minutes had passed since Richard had left the house. I too leaned over to grab another dish and to glance down Joyce's top. I could not believe my eyes. Joyce had unbuttoned the two top buttons and while bending over exposed even more of her breast to me. Her nipples were hard and the sight of them caused me to lose all control of my now growing cock. I was mesmerized and I just stood there bent over not caring if she caught me looking. Joyce noticed I was frozen in place and she straightened herself up. As she did so I too came upright still staring at her chest area. It was as if I had been put into a trance. Joyce fixed her eyes on my crotch area and smiled as she stared at the bulge. She reached across the open dishwasher and placed her hand on my crotch, looked me in the eye and said: "Someone is having nasty thoughts." As she squeezed my cock twitched and grew even more.

Her actions brought me out of my trance and I moaned as she gave my cock a second squeeze. I reached across the opened dishwasher with both arms. Using both hands I began to slowly undo the remaining buttons of her pajama top. Joyce's top now hung slightly open and I pushed the top off her shoulders and exposed her breasts to my stare.

"Oh my god." I moaned loud enough for her to hear. Both my hands moved and I now had her nipples trapped between my forefingers and thumbs. I pinched them lightly, twisted and pulled on them and she moaned.

"This could get us both in some very bad trouble if we get caught." Joyce moaned while moving her hand down the front of my sweat pants and wrapping her fingers around my now throbbing cock.

"Let's just blame it on lust and go from there." I replied with a moan.

In unison Joyce and I stepped away from the dishwasher. My hands remained on her breasts, playing with her nipples. Joyce's hand remained inside my sweat pants and she was now sliding her hand over the entire length of my cock. Less than a foot separated us. Joyce moved forward and closed the gap. The two of us were now just staring silently at each other. Joyce moved her head toward mine. Joyce used her free hand and placed it on the back of my head, pulling our heads closer. When our lips met I was completely caught off guard. Her mouth opened and Joyce forced her tongue past my lips. Her actions and the way she was using her tongue left no doubt as to who would be in charge. My cock twitched in her hand. My hands continued there massaging of her nipples as I surrendered my body to her and thought. I was about to have sex with my Mother In-Law!

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Thanks Randog025,
If only my mind could keep up with my typing. I hope to improve each time I write and comments like yours help.

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by prop6903/14/18

Sexy start

Can't wait for the next chapter.

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by Turtle195203/13/18

Getting there

A couple more pages including them fucking would have been a better read than leaving us hanging like that. This could get nice and hot though. Don't stop now

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