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It's over


Finals had taken their toll on Julie, not to mention breaking up with Jake, her boyfriend of two years. She was emotionally and mentally on the edge so it was a welcome event when her two room mates, Janie and Alicia talked her into a night on the town. The little black dress they bought her didn’t hurt either. Looking in the mirror Julie stood sideways admiring herself, the black dress hugging her curves, the fit was perfect. The dress was cut low in the back, no bra with this dress, and deep in the front allowing for significant cleavage to be displayed. A slight stomach bulge and the flair of her hips created a very sexual image. The hem was about 4 inches above the knee. Julie, not the athlete she once was, still had long shapely legs, a left over benefit of her active years. Of course, the spike heals, didn’t hurt, they helped accentuate the curve of her ankle and shape of her calves. All in all Julie was pleased with the image she projected and it helped cheer her up. She still had what it takes, whatever it is. Now she was ready to go out and have some fun with Janie and Alicia.

Janie was the first to burst into her room; followed closely by Alicia both girls were excited. When they saw Julie in the black dress both girls expressed their approval. Alicia even whistled!

“Look’en good girl,” exclaimed Julie, “you’ll knock’em dead tonight!”

All three girls laughed as they did a group hug. Tonight was to be a night of forgetting, a night of starting anew. Julie needed this night and deep down was thankful for friends like Janie and Alicia who were there to help her through it. Jake’s dumping her had seriously affected her self-image and this evening would go a long way toward helping her regain a thread of self-respect.

Janie, the ringleader, started out by telling the girls what was planned for the evening. First, they would hit one of the neighborhood jaunts then down town to “LEROY’S,” one of the new hot clubs and then finish out the night at “The Velvet Frog.” The Velvet Frog was a men’s club that one night a week turned into a Women’s club with male dancers. The rules were, only women were allowed in the club, a man could get in but must be escorted by a woman, NO single men could get in. The girls giggled at the thought of muscular men in g-strings dancing in front of them. Julie didn’t know that Janie was planning of giving her a lap dance as a “cheer-her-up” gift and secretly couldn’t wait to see her face when the young man danced.

“Mmmmmm,” thought Janie, “this could be fun!”

Neighborhood bars are not accustomed to having three gorgeous young ladies come in dressed to the nines. To say the least, they attracted a great deal of attention as they took their positions at the bar. Sitting high, they all knew they were exposing a significant amount of thigh for the patrons. The show did not go un-noticed. Several unattached men tried unsuccessfully to buy them drinks but the girls kept to themselves, wrapped up in their conversation but purposely teasing the guys with an occasional flash of Nylon top as they slid off the stool to go to the rest room. They giggled knowing the affect it had, but being careful not to cross the line. After an hour or so and three rum and cokes each, they caught a cab and headed to LEROY’S.

It was 10:00 PM when the cab pulled up in front of LEROY’S and dropped off the girls. They paid the driver and holding the hem of their skirts slid out of the cab. Red carpet showed the way into the club and the girls strut their stuff as they entered. They looked good, knew they looked good and wanted to let everyone know they knew. It was to be an evening of fun.

Inside the club was dark with neon lights creating a surreal atmosphere. The lights spelled out things like, “HOT,” “RUM,” “VODKA,” “LOVE,” “PASSION,” “DANCE,” “MUSIC,” all words meant to set the mood for the evening. The girls wasted no time, they took a table in the middle of the room and all eyes were on them as they sat down and the waitress took their order, Rum and cokes, all around. Within minutes of their drinks being served three young men were at the table asking them to dance. Hey, that’s what they were there for, dance, drink and have a good time, so off they went to the dance floor.

Even though the girls were tempted, they knew they still had one place left to go, (The Velvet Frog), so they had fun but did nothing to encourage or lead-on the guys making sure to not dance with the same guy too frequently. However, after several Rum and Cokes and during a slow dance Julie allowed the hand of one particularly good-looking guy to caress her ass. Leaning against his chest warmed by the alcohol she closed her eyes for a moment and let him grind his semi-hard cock against her as he pulled her ass close. Half dreaming she found herself enjoying his touch and knew her panties were soaked. When the song ended Julie was jolted back to reality, composed herself, pushed him gently away and said, “Maybe some other time,” and walked back to her table.

Surprisingly the guy just said, “It’s a date!”

Back at the table Janie cooed, “drink up girls it’s late and we’re off to the Velvet Frog for the final show!”

The fresh air felt good as they exited the club. They all had had a lot to drink but the dancing helped control the effect of the alcohol and all three had their wits about them as they grabbed a cab. Crawling into the back seat, in unison they called out to the driver, “Velvet Frog please!” followed by uncontrolled giggling.

The Velvet Frog was a large dark club filled with smoke. In an age of “Smoke-free” clubs the Velvet Frog clung to the old ways, catering to its male cliental and women strippers. The club was divided into two sections, both with it’s own runway. A male stripper performed on each stage, rotating positions and after two sets one was replaced by a fresh face. The men were all young, 25 max, and in excellent physical condition. Washboard stomachs and full chests and of course, hidden beneath the g-string was obviously not your normal male member. The slight amount of fabric seemed to accentuate more than hide. The girls were grabbing each other’s shoulders, laughing and pointing at the men as they took their seat. The only table available was back in a dark corner, all the close up tables were full.

The club was packed with woman, and a few men with their girlfriends or wives. You could feel the excitement in the air as male dancers weaved their way through the crowd asking women if they wanted a “lap-dance.” About 20 minutes and a drink later one of the dancers, a particularly good looking one, made his way back to their table.

“Ladies, would you be interested in a ‘Private dance?’”

Janie was the first to respond, pointing at Julie she laughed and said, “she just broke up with her asshole boyfriend and she could use a little cheering up! Give her a good one, it’s on me!”

“Okay, why don’t you come with me pretty lady, there’s a room in back for private dances.” Taking Julie’s hand he lead her to the back room. Turning to Janie and Alicia he smiled and said, “sorry ladies, no watching.”

With that they disappeared through the crowd and into the back room. It was then that Janie noticed one of the couples sitting close to the stage.

“Shit, is that Jake, that fucking asshole?” She blurted out.

Alicia’s head swung around looked at Janie then followed Janie’s stare and saw Jake and his new girlfriend. Alicia could tell they had been here for quite some time by the number of drink glasses on their table. They both were acting quite loud. The girlfriend was touching the dancers as they made their way through the crowd, touches that were not appreciated by the dancers. Look but don’t touch was the house rule. Jake was really in the bag, more so than his girlfriend, obviously enjoyed her antics and whooped his approval with each time she grabbed one of the guys. However, no matter how much she begged he would not buy her a lap dance.

Janie turned to Alicia and said, “We need to fix that asshole for what he did to Julie. Agree?”

Alicia shook her head in agreement saying, “What do you have in mind?”

“I’m going to ask one of the dancers to give her a lap dance at the table the next time Jake goes to the rest room. I’ll ask the dancer to come on to her, see if she’ll meet him in the back hall by the rest rooms when Jake comes back to the table.”

“That’s nasty Janie, real nasty, I love it! Let’s do it, I’ll chip in on the cost.”

Janie caught the eye of one of the dancers and waved him over. “Christ,” she thought as he approached the table, “are all these guys made from a mold, they all look the same, fantastic!”

“Hey pretty Lady, would you like a dance?” he asked. “No, but I want you to do me a favor.”

“Sorry Miss, as pretty as you are, nothing’s free here.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not asking for a ‘freebee,’ I’ll pay and if you do it right there’s good tip in it as well.”

“What is it you have in mind?” He said with a smile on his face.

Janie explained her plan to the dancer and asked him to try and get her to meet him in the hall by the rest rooms when her boyfriend returned to the table. If he could get her back there it would be worth an extra fifty bucks. The dancer agreed, rather enthusiastically and went on his way.

The back room was dark but made up of six stalls. It reminded Julie of the stalls in a barn, a five-foot wall on three sides surrounded each stall with the front open to the center hallway. Inside each stall was an over stuffed chair, large and low. There was a single light fixture with a low watt bulb over each chair directing its light straight down. The dancer guided Julie into the chair, her skirt rose up exposing her nylon tops as she sat down. She tried to pull her dress down but to no avail, seated this low in an over stuffed chair made the task pointless. She gave up.

The music started, some slow record, one Julie knew she knew but couldn’t recall the name. The dancer stepped between her legs pushing her knees apart inches her dress higher. Placing his hands on the arms of the chair he whispered in her ear.

“I will be touching you, if it’s not okay, tell me. You’re not suppose to touch me, but you’re such a lovely young thing, being it’s private here, feel free to inspect my private parts, should you chose.” And having said that he began to dance to the music suggestively grinding his hips, his semi-hard member only a couple feet from her face. His first contact was her neck and shoulders, leaning forward, massaging to the beat of the music lowering his hands to her upper arms then lightly tracing a path across her breasts. Julie’s nipples immediately sprung to life, hard to the touch, causing the dancer to smile and say, “Like that?”

Julie was lost in the erotic moment, feeling secure she looked up at him and smiled then returned her eyes to his now swollen member. Her only thought was how big he appeared, bigger than any she had seen before but she couldn’t help asking herself if it was real or padding for show. Deep in her mind she knew she had to find out.

The dancer now had inserted a hand into her top, found no bra and massaged her bare breast. Julie moaned her approval. Next his hands worked their way down her waist and as he knelt between her legs he drew his hands over her hips and down the outsides of her thighs to her knees. There, he caressed the underside before placing his hands on the inside of her knees and again, with the beat of the music, worked his way up the inside of her thighs. The music was loud, covering the continuous moans of approval from Julie. Julie’s eyes were closed, but when his hands touched the soft skin above her nylons her eyes snapped open and stared into the dancer’s eyes. He had a look of question on his face, almost asking for permission to go further. When Julie didn’t say anything he took it as “permission granted,” and continued his upward movement, all the time holding the stare of Julie’s eyes.

Looking down at his g-string Julie could see that he was now fully erect. In the dim light she thought she could see part of his head sticking out. Julie was unsure as to what she was doing knowing only that she loved the touch of this stranger and was totally caught up in the taboo of this event. The dancer knew where she was looking, knew what she was seeing and since there wasn’t any resistance decided to take it another step. Standing, he rested his weight on his arm against the back of the chair and with his other hand found the mound of her sex. It was warm, no hot, and he could feel the moisture through the wet panty. He placed his middle finger against her vaginal lips and began a slow circular motion as he moved closer meeting Julies open and willing mouth. The kiss was tender at first turning to hard sucking while their tongues explored each other. Julie could no longer contain herself; she reached up and placed her hand on his hard cock pulling the fabric of the g-string away exposing his full manliness. She discovered it was real, there wasn’t any padding there, he was all man and she loved the touch. She now had both hands encircling his member and was working it back and forth. Now it was his turn to moan, which he did and it vibrated in her mouth. The dancer had quite expertly moved her panties aside and now had his finger buried in Julies receptive pussy, which he worked in and out while his thumb rubbed her clit. Julie knew she wouldn’t last long and only hoped the music wouldn’t stop, but it did. The music came to an end; Julie tightened her thighs keeping his hand in place, pleading with him not to stop. He didn’t and within a few moments Julie’s orgasm crested and she fell back against the chair, both hands still holding his engorged member. She wasn’t sure what came over her but after a moment of neither one moving she pulled herself up erect and took his member into her mouth. She could taste the pre-cum, slightly bitter and salty. She just couldn’t help herself she began to slide it in and out but then she heard voices, the dancer yanked his cock out of her mouth.

He whispered, “Other people are coming in, straighten yourself out and go to your table. Did you enjoy your dance?”

All Julie could do was nod her agreement as she felt his firmness slip from her lips. Disappointment was obvious on her face as she fumbled to her feet pulling her hem down covering her hunger. Not looking at any of the other customers in the room, she walked out down the hall past the bathrooms to her table. As she passed the men’s room she could have sworn she saw the back of Jake’s head as the door closed.

She saw Janie and Alicia sitting at the table as she approached both were staring at a dancer giving a lap dance to one of the women. As she pulled back the chair she said, “I could swear I just saw Jake going into the men’s room!”

“Shhh, sit down, it was Jake and watch what’s going on with his girlfriend!”

Julie was stunned, “Jake was here, how and what going on with his new girlfriend?”

“Julie listen, Janie said, “we paid the dancer to give Jake’s girlfriend a dance, cheap bastard wouldn’t give her one. We also asked him to try and seduce her by having her meet him in the hallway by the restrooms once Jake gets back.”

“You did what?!” Julie exclaimed.

“You heard me, we want to teach that two timing bastard a lesson, one he’ll never forget!”

Shocked Julie sat back in her chair and watched the dancer. He had his hands all over her; she started to resist his touch then stopped and let him touch her everywhere in front of the whole crowd. Cheers erupted from the adjoining tables as he massaged her tits, thighs and panty covered pussy. It was then she observed him bend over and whisper what Julie was sure was the planned meeting in the hall. To the three girls surprise, as he lifted his head from her ear, she gave him an ever so slight nod of agreement. The music ended, there where more cheers of approval from the crowd, the dance ended and the dancer moved away from the table smiling at Jake’s girlfriend as he walked toward the rest room hallway. About halfway there the dancer passed Jake as he returned to his table. As soon as Jake sat down, the girl made some comment to him, he nodded and she got up and walked toward the rest room.

The three girls stared at each other in disbelief and burst into laughter. Jake’s girlfriend had taken the bait and was off to meet the dancer in the hallway. They had to make sure and without a word all three got up and followed her. Down at the very end of the hall, next to the door leading into the backroom was a cubbyhole, dark, with just room for two people to stand without really being noticed. That is unless they were being looked for and the three girls were looking for them and found them.

There in the darkness the two were kissing deeply, bodies pressed hard against each other. The dancers one hand cupped her ass while his other worked its way inside her blouse. The girlfriend, not to be left out of the action, had her hand down inside his g-string, pulled out his cock and was working it back and forth. They couldn’t believe their eyes and she slide to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and started giving him a blowjob. The dancer’s grabbed her ears and was clearly fucking her face.

Janie turned to the two girls and said, “okay time for phase 3 of the plan.”

“Phase three? What’s phase three?” asked Julie.

Janie continued ignoring the question. “Julie, you go into the ladies room, Alicia, you stand guard here. I’ll go get Jake and show him what his new girlfriend is like.”

It was like an unspoken agreement, Julie and Alicia didn’t exactly as directed and Janie walked quickly to Jake’s table. At the table Janie greeted Jake, “Hello Jake!”

Jake, more than somewhat surprised, said, “What the fuck are you doing here Janie?” Quickly looking around to see whom else was with her.

“Come with me Jake, your girlfriend needs your help!”

“What’s happened?” Jake said as he rose from his seat.

“Just come with me, she needs your help!”

The two walked at a fast pace, Janie leading the way. As they rounded the corner and started down the hall Janie turned to Jake and said, “She’s down at the end of the hall way, back in the corner. She needs your help!”

Jake in a half drunken stupor stumbled toward the dark corner of the hallway. As he stepped into the shadows his eyes adjusted to the lack of light and there, on her knees, was his girlfriend, frantically sucking the large dick of one of the dancers!

“Meighen?! What the fuck are you doing you fucking bitch!” Jake screamed

Meighen’s turned her head, eyes bulging, unable to speak with her mouth full of cock. For a very awkward moment, there was silence, Meighen stared, cock in mouth, at Jake and Jake stared at Meighen. Janie and Alicia looked at each other and smiled approval of their plan. The bastard got exactly what he deserved.

Jake didn’t move as the dancer pulled his cock from Meighen’s mouth placed it back in the g-string and returned to the main club area.

“I’ sorry,” Meighen cried.

“Fuck you,” Jake called out as he turned on his heels and stormed from the club leaving Meighen to find her own way.

Alicia and Janie went into the bathroom told Julie what had happened. The three laughed knowing he got what he deserved. They left the club, caught a cab and went home, content with themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, “Revenge is sweet!”

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