tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt's Rude To Stare Ch. 05

It's Rude To Stare Ch. 05


Clarissa coughed and wheezed. That sprint was very much unexpected. She took a deep breath to settle herself down. Her pussy still tingled from the pair's escapades in the movie theatre. Her cheeks and lungs hurt so much from dashing several floors away from security and again from laughing. Looking at Catherine, she knew that she probably felt the same way. But she was excited to go exploring with Catherine some more. "Ok, ok, ok, what now?"

Catherine looked around at the busy intersection. The volume of pedestrians never seemed to cease at Yonge and Dundas. It was perfect. She grabbed Clarissa by the hand and led her away once more. For the first time, Clarissa was actually excited to see what she up too. She wasn't scared anymore. Heck, she looked at what they had just done and presently doing as "girlfriends being girlfriends." They were up to no good and they were doing it together. Teammates. Her feelings for Catherine had come to a head. She may be a bitch, but she's a damn sexy one. Her breasts pounced up and down as she trailed behind her friend. Her pussy ached in horniness. She needed some satisfaction and soon.

They stopped below the giant TV screen. Clarissa began to inquire as to what Catherine had in mind but the sexy seductress just put her finger to the little girl's lips and told her to hush. Then with a little sly smile on her face, Catherine began to run her hands down Clarissa's exposed chest. She gripped both nipples and made them do a little dance.

"Oh look Clarissa, people are staring. I think I should stop now." Catherine whispered in a sarcastic, playful tone of voice echoed their earlier encounter in the Square.

"Please...no...don't. Let them look." Clarissa teased back. She was horny. Horny for Catherine the Great.

For Clarissa, things had come full circle with Clarissa. Here she was in the very spot doing the very action during their first encounter. Only this time, it felt right. Catherine wasn't coercing her into anything; rather, on this occasion, the two of them were expressing their bond for one another. No wanting to run away this time. I could stay in her arms forever. People were gathered around them and Clarissa didn't care. In fact, she WANTED them to be there to bear witness to the two of them.

Catherine plugged her tongue into Clarissa's mouth. The kiss came so abruptly for Clarissa, but knowing Catherine, it wouldn't have come any other way: without warning, on the edge, and most of all, domineering. For those first few moments it was the young villainess asserting herself. However, Clarissa eventually got a handle on things and began to reciprocate. Their tongues battled back and forth in their mouths. Their lips slurped and smacked with every kiss. Once again Clarissa was plunged into complete awe of this woman. Catherine sexually excited her: her entire presence, her know-how attitude, her overpowering aura. And those were just the intangibles! Catherine had all the assets to her: that annoying yet arousing sneer, her piercing eyes, the full breasts that got her into this misadventure. Right now she was one amazing make out partner! She kept her eyes shut as she ate Catherine's kisses. She knew people were probably gawking at them but at this point she wanted surround herself primarily in having Catherine here with her. Her expert hands and lips did things to her that no man could do.

Catherine broke the kiss and smiled. "Wanna dance?"

Clarissa was still giddy and drunk with lust from the lip lock. "What? Oh...here?"

Catherine cocked her head to her left. "No...over there." She was pointing to the open area in the Square where springs of water shot about 5 feet into the air. Clarissa liked that idea. Water play intrigued her. It'd be a good way to cool off in any case.

They waltzed over there hand in hand with their followers in tow. "You get the mood started for us baby." She gripped her own skirt and winked. "I think I need a bit of time to release myself of these clothes too..."

The suggestion sounded good to Clarissa. They sealed the understanding with a little peck on her lips and she was on her way. She skipped like a giddy little schoolgirl to one of the springs. She put her hand out to test out the waters (both literally and figuratively). It was mighty cold. Perfect. She splashed a bit on her cute little tits and wiped the drops on her flesh. Then she teased the crowd by leisurely running her hand down her flat stomach and down into her pantyless skirt. She grazed her pussy lips before licking her digits. It only confirmed how hot she felt and tasted. Catherine must be liking this. I can't wait for her to get up here. The crowd ooo'd and aww'd. New pedestrians stopped to see what the commotion was about. When they did find out, they gladly stayed for the show to either cheer or express their disgust. Street performers, artists, magicians were common at the busy intersection of Yonge and Dundas, which was unofficially dubbed the Times Square of Toronto, but raunchy acts like this one weren't too common. The Toronto public was getting a real showing today.

Clarissa reached her hand to touch the fountain and skipped around it. It was the adult version of "Ring Around the Rosie" definitely. But as much as the young girl was having a blast, she wondered what was taking Catherine so long. Every time she went around the circuit she looked for beyond the crowd. She spotted her but she wasn't facing Clarissa anymore. What the hell is she doing? She seemed pretty idle to Clarissa. She wasn't making an effort to undress or she would've been up there with her already.

Still, she pressed on with her exhibitionism. She stopped running around and contemplating her next move. She looked down at her skirt and then at the fountain. This could either be amazing or it could blow up in my face. She'd try it anyways. She flipped up her skirt and flashed the crowd her pussy. The reaction was a mixture of jeers and cheers. The only one Clarissa for was MIA at the moment. But alas, in a swift move she stepped through the spring and positioned her crotch over the single stream. The cold water agitated her already stimulated cunt further. It hit her lips and her thighs and then for the most part ricocheted off to the ground. It felt a makeshift spa jet stream hitting her privates. It was less potent and hot, but still had the effect. This was a major turn on! She raised her hands in the hair and wiggled her hips above the water. Ooooooo. But where's Catherine?

She emerged from on top of stream and lowered her chest and her head on to the water. Her upper body was now entirely drenched. She then began to dance seductively in place. Her breasts dripped with water as she shook them for the ground. She grinded to the ground and back up again. Clarissa never considered herself at dancer but in the moment her arousal led her to being one. She finally spotted Catherine as well. She was located far outside the crowd of people. She was standing with her hands on her hips looking directly at her. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned but not off like Clarissa expected to be. What's she waiting for? The statuesque brunette just stood there smiling at her with the "I know something you don't" look. While Clarissa never ceased her gyrations, she became really flustered with Catherine who was making no attempt to join her as planned.

The entire time she eyed Catherine. She quizzed why she wasn't joining her like she said. She'd finally move from her idle position but wasn't getting any closer to Clarissa. Instead, she was just circling the perimeter speaking into people's ears and making small talk to them. Clarissa saw her converse with them while occasionally pointing at her. Then both parties would share a laugh. She's not doing me any favours...that witch. She was probably bad mouthing her to them again just like in the washroom.

Her sensual and sexual gyrations had become automatic. She continued to channel that sultry side of her, but now there wasn't the same feeling behind it. The sexual energy she had gained from being with Catherine was sapped from her. She could only think of the evil woman and how she had once again made her the unwanted centre of attention. The more and more she studied her and how she spoke to those people, the more she realized she wasn't going to join her. Moreover, at that point she clued into the audience and their uncontrollable reactions for the very first time. Her lust shifted to embarrassment. They weren't cheering for her; they were cheering for her whory ways. Little slut girl they were saying. She was the little monkey in the cage. Her cunt and breasts were exposed and dripping wet; she was parading around without any shame. She wanted to run out but she was paralyzed in dance. Too scared to do anything. Damn her. She'd done it again. A pawn in her agenda. Yet despite these sentiments, Catherine was the only one that could get her out of there. Right?

Catherine herself wasn't too anxious on ending this right away. She continued the mental games with Clarissa. The longer she allowed this to happen, the more she proved her point. Clarissa was being eaten up inside right now and both of them knew it. She'd allow this go a few more minutes until she saw the physical anguish on Clarissa's face.

Finally, Catherine broke inside the circle. Without saying a word but maintaining the malevolent look in her eyes, she marched up to Clarissa, put her arm around her waist, and led her out of the crowd. The masses of people were left dumbfounded at what just transpired. They looked on as the two young women walked away from them.

Clarissa didn't even think about where they were walking to. She only had one thing on her mind. Unable to look Catherine in the face, in a mousy voice she voiced a rather ineffective protest. "I can't believe you just did that."

"Oh, Clary, you wanted to dance in the fountain...so I let you."

The wet girl shivered as she spoke. She had a lost look in her brown eyes. "I thought we were going to do it together...I thought...I thought we had something..."

Catherine stroked her face and wiped the hairs from off her forehead. "But we do, we do my little dolly."

"Then why did you leave me out there by myself again? They were laughing. You did nothing about it."

"And you did nothing about it either. I told you: this isn't about me. This is about all of them. And this is about you."

Clarissa responded with a combination of desperation and hysteria. "By humiliating me time and time again? By drawing me closer to you only to push me away again? AND by playing with my emotions like that?"She knew what it was about. She wanted to evoke some sort empathy from her.

Catherine shook her head. "This is about my little mission...I'm sorry, OUR mission...to expose people for what they are. And you're the key in doing that. Think of me as the catalyst, the circus hostess of the mostest. You should proud to be involved in a project like this." She paused to gauge Clarissa reaction. She was still visibly stirred but in her soaked state she still looked quite pathetic. "Now you might be thinking: I made out with you just now and again earlier in the day as all those people watched, so wasn't I part of it all?"

Clarissa said nothing. Not really...

Catherine answered her own question. "Well, truth is people have seen two girls kissing before. That's old news. Been there, done that. I'm looking for spectacles. Plus, I needed away to lure you into doing this. It looked to me that you thought the mission was over with and that you reached comfortable place with me."

Again Clarissa said nothing. The silent treatment. The classic method of showing dissatisfaction. Not that she'd care anyways. Bitch.

Catherine stroked her face and made sure their eyes met. "I do this because I like you Clary, I wouldn't go near you if I didn't, believe me."

If that was Catherine's way of reassuring Clarissa the validity of her actions, the wet girl wasn't buying it. She wanted to believe the attraction between them was genuine, she really did. But being Catherine's yo-yo was ruining her confidence in that.

"What now?" She said after an extended pause. Not that she wanted to know the answer.

The villainess shot her victim her trademark evil grin. "WELL, it seems you and I will need new clothes..."

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