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It's Something New


Mena found it a little embarrassing that she had to pass the two little girls sitting in the stairwell singing a song while she was headed up the stairs to do such a naughty thing. As she got closer she realized that she used to sing the same song. Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky, where the bull frogs jump from bank to banky, with a hip hop hippity hop, leap off a lily pad and go KERPLOP. A giggle escaped her lips and the girls stopped singing. Mena smiled at them and continued up the stairs to Tucker's apartment. Tucker's apartment. The thought of going back in there made her stomach tighten. It had been two weeks since she ran out of there freaked out by what he had wanted her to do.

Tucker was everything she wanted in a man. There had been an instant chemistry between them from the moment they ran into each other at the coffee shop. Honestly Mena had wanted to jump on him the moment they locked eyes. He had felt it too or at least he said he had. They exchanged numbers and went out that night. That was four months ago. Even though Mena wanted him she hadn't given in to her urges yet. Well she almost did two weeks ago until he asked her to do something that she had never done before. Mena was not sure if it scared her because it was something she had never tried or if it scared her because it was something she had always wanted to try, but was too embarrassed to say it.

Mena stood outside Tucker's door preparing to knock when it opened. There he was 6 foot, blue eyes, rich chocolate brown hair. It was short, but long enough to be ruffled. She instantly wanted to touch it. He was wearing nothing but a pair of perfect fitting jeans and a goose bump inducing smile. Without even realizing she was doing it Mena had stepped into him rubbing her hands across his smooth stomach and around his waist. Tucker didn't seem to mind though because his arms circled her and he leaned in for a kiss.

The moment his lips touched hers he was hard. The kissed deepened and he pulled her into his apartment kicking the door shut without breaking the kiss. Mena turned them so his back was on the door. Tucker loved that Mena was almost as tall as him it made their bodies fit perfectly together allowing every intimate part of their bodies to touch. She had kept her shoulder length blonde hair down this time and he used it pull her head back so he could kiss down her neck. As much as he was enjoying this they needed to talk about what happened before things went any further.

Tucker licked up her neck and spoke softly into her ear. "You said you were ready to talk."

Mena groaned and inhaled deeply to catch her breath. She nodded her headed because she wasn't sure if she could speak clearly yet. Tucker led her to the couch, but she stayed standing. There was silence in the apartment and Mena suddenly felted too hot.

"I'm sorry I freaked you out." Tucker finally said.

"You didn't freak me out." Mena mumbled.

"Yes I did. Or you wouldn't have run out."

"Okay yes you did, but I didn't run."

Tucker smiled and gave a tiny shrug.

"Well you pulled out the scarf and that fringy thing. How did you think I was going to react?" Mena said finally looking down at him.

"Well I was thinking it could have gone one of two ways, either you would have said yes or you would have said no. I didn't expect you to put your shirt back on and run, sorry walk out the door. And I definitely didn't expect you to not return any of my phone calls for a week and half."

"I'm sorry." She said softly.

He shook his head, "I don't want an apology. I'm not mad. I was worried that I had blown it with you. I don't need to do that sort of stuff all the time."

"You don't need to, but you like to?"


"I read up on it some on the internet. How far do you like to go?"

"Mena sit down please. I am still the same Tucker I was a few weeks ago. I am not into bleeding or beating you if that's what you're wondering. I am a Dominate and I do like bondage and spanking along with some other milder things."

Mena was now sitting beside him. "But you're not into pain right?"

"That's a hard question to answer. Some pain can be very pleasing. The pain I like to give is not the pain you're thinking of Mena."

Tucker had placed his hand on Mena's leg and was slowly rubbing it. "I would never take it any further then you are willing to allow me." His hand slid higher on her thigh. "Part of being a good Dom is being able to follow your Sub's bodies unspoken needs." Tucker's voice had grown softer and his hand had moved up to her waist. He placed his other hand on her neck and was slowly leading her towards him. As his hand slid across her breast he breathed, "Let me give your body what it needs, let me worship your body the way I am dying too. Please Mena." The please had come out like the plea it was. He squeezed her breast and she groaned and closed the gap between them.

Never breaking their kiss Tucker managed to move them into the bedroom. Before he laid her on the bed he placed his hands on her face and pulled back to look at her. "Mena, I want you. I want you so bad it hurts. I do not need to do bondage to enjoy sex, so we do not have to play my way this time." He leaned in to kiss her again, but Mena placed her fingers to his lips.

"Do you mean that? If I do not want to try bondage and all the other things you will not push it on me?"

Tucker smiled at her, "No Mena. I am not a sexual fiend I just like a little spice."

Mena stared at him, studying him. "I want to try something little so go slow and nothing scary. Don't I need a safe word or something?"

Tucker laughed and hugged her to him. "No, no safe word yet. Are you sure? I don't want to freak you out."

Mena straightened up a little taller. She had made her decision before she had even called him earlier today. She would try it because she wanted him. She was also curious what it was like to be dominated. All the websites she had gone to had told her that if she was going to be dominated then she would be the submissive. Being the submissive meant releasing your control and giving in to what the Dom wanted. It had also said that a good Dom would give pleasure to their Sub. Isn't that what Tucker had said to her?

Mena smiled up at him. "Yes I'm sure. I trust you."

Mena noticed tension flow out of Tucker before she was pulled back into his arms and led to the bed.

They were standing by the bed kissing when Tucker moved his lips off her just far enough to speak.

"Take your shirt off." He breathed against Mena's lips.

Mena pulled her shirt off. Tucker kissed her again.

"Now take your bra off."

Mena wondered if this part of the Dom and Sub game, but she took her bra off.

A shudder ran through Tucker. "Beautiful."

He sat on the bed and pulled her closer to him. The heat in his eyes tightened things in Mena. Tucker kissed her lightly on her belly button. He continued with butterfly light kisses up her stomach to her breast. He ran his tongue up her left breast and across her nipple sucking it into his mouth.

"Oh God." Mena moaned running her fingers through his hair.

Tucker blew on the nipple making it even harder. Sucking the left nipple into his mouth he took the right one between his thumb and forefinger giving it a slight pinch just as he gently bit the left one. Mena tightened her fingers in his hair. Not from pain, but because that act caused her to instantly get wet. He switched sides biting the right one harder this time.

Squeezing her whole breast she heard him tell her to take off her pants and underwear. She hesitated for a minute and he bit and squeezed harder causing her to cry out. "Take them off."

With trembling fingers Mena pulled her pants and underwear down. "Good girl." Tucker's voice had taken a tone of authority. That seemed to cause Mena to get even wetter.

Tucker slid off the bed onto his knees, sitting back on his heels. That put his face in front of her most intimate part. He grabbed her ass and used it to pull her hips closer to his face. She felt his tongue touch her clit and her legs grew weak. He squeezed her ass hard pressing his tongue harder on her clit. Mena moaned and dug her fingers further into his hair.

Tucker kept the pressure on her ass and sucked her clit into his mouth flicking it with is tongue. Her hips starting rocking with the rhythm of his tongue. Mena was breathing hard and felt the pressure building. She was vaguely aware that his hands had moved until she felt his fingers slide easily inside her. She was so wet there was no resistance.

"Oh God Tucker I'm close." Her hips were swaying faster pressing herself harder into his mouth. Tucker was fucking her with his fingers while he still sucking on her clit. She felt a finger slide into her ass just as he bit her clit. It was more then she could handle.

"Tucker!" She screamed as the pressure between her legs exploded leaving her with violent shudders. And still he continued to pump and bite her until she felt another orgasm stronger than the last one. She no longer had strength in her legs and Tucker seemed to know that because he gave her one more lick and let her slide to the floor with him.

He held her while her shaking slowed down and she was able to catch her breath. "Sit on the bed. It's my turn."

Mena looked up at him, into his eyes. She was wondering if he really meant for her to get up. Her whole body felt like Jell-O. "Now." He said.

He stood up and helped her to her feet. She sat down on the foot of the bed while he stood in front of her. "Take my pants off." Her hands were still shaking so it took her fingers a little longer than it normally would have. As she pulled them down she realized he didn't have underwear on. But that was not the biggest shock. How had she not known just how big he was?

"Don't just sit there. Suck it."

Mena touched it lightly with her fingers trying to wrap her hand around it and couldn't. She was suddenly nervous about having sex with him. She had never been with anyone this big. He will not hurt me. She thought and licked the head. She licked him all the way to his balls and gave them a long slow lick as well. She slowly licked her way back to the head and took it into her mouth. She took as much of him in her mouth as she could.

Tucker hissed and grabbed her by her hair. "Relax your muscles Mena you can take more."

Mena pulled her mouth off and looked in Tucker's eyes. There was heat in there, but there was also tenderness. She wrapped both her hands around him took a deep breath and let him slide into her mouth. She sucked him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Then she pulled back and started pumping his cock. Slowly at first, but as she grew more comfortable with his size the faster she worked him. One hand was sliding up and down his cock in rhythm with her mouth and with her other hand she was squeezing his balls.

Tucker was taken off guard at how good she was. He gripped her hair tighter and pumped his hips to the rhythm she set.

I will not last long he thought to himself. He was fighting not to slam into her because she was allowing him do what he had been wanting to do for a while now.

Mena was taking most of him in her mouth, she sucked him harder and felt his body tensing up and knew he was close. He was losing control and started pumping into her mouth faster and harder. She could feel herself starting to gag as he was hitting the back of her throat. Knowing how much he was enjoying this sent a tingle through her body and made her want him inside her.

"Holy shit!" He groaned out just as she felt the heat of his cum spill down her throat. She continued to moving up and down sucking every last drop out of him. She sucked until his legs wobbled and Tucker pulled her off of him pushing her back onto the bed.

"Good God woman." Tucker's voice was raspy and out of breath. Mena grinned at him and moved up higher on the bed. She used her elbows to prop herself up then pulled her knees up and spread her legs giving him a full view.

"I want you Tucker." She purred at him.

Tucker knew if he went to her he would never get her in the position he had been dreaming of every night since he met her. He was hard again looking at her laying there asking him to take her. Without a word he turned and opened his closet. There were shoe shelves lining the back wall of his closet. They were full of all sorts of items. Mena couldn't quite make out what they were because Tucker hadn't turned the closet light on. He knew exactly what he was looking for.

Tucker pulled out black cords and set them on the dresser then he pulled out a long pink thing that looked like a cat O nine tails only softer and a lot less dangerous as the ones Mena has seen before. He turned back into his closet one more time and came out with a small shiny black thing.

Sitting it on the dresser she noticed it was a blind fold. He walked over to her where she was still laying spread eagle on the bed. He still had the pink whip and slid it across her breasts. It was surprisingly soft. It made her body shiver. "Mena get up."

He led her to the dresser where he moved the dresser over and removed the two hanging plants from the ceiling. On the floor where the dresser had been were two round rings that had been drilled into the floor. Looking up Mena saw that the plants had been hanging from the same kind of rings. Stepping on a stool Tucker attached the black cords to the rings in the ceiling he then attached the rest of the cords to the floor.

Mena was starting to get nervous again. "Tucker, I'm not sure I can do this."

Without saying a word he turned on her pulling her into him kissing her hard. His hand grabbed her pussy and started rubbing it. A finger slid in, and then two. Mena broke the kiss to cry out. She wrapped an arm around his neck to hold on. Two can play it this way she thought and grabbed his dick. She started rubbing it up and down with the same speed he was fingering her with. He groaned and pulled his fingers out. She didn't let go instead she moved her hips closer towards him rubbed his dick on her clit while she was steadily pumping him.

Tucker thought he was going to cum again, he needed to regain control. Grabbing her by the shoulders he spun her around and used his body to push her into the wall so her breasted were pressed into it. He was using his weight to hold her still. He managed to get her tied to one cord so her arm was pulled up. As he was tying her to the next cord she stated grinding her ass onto is dick. He pulled the cord bringing her other arm up. Stepping back he quickly attached her legs and stepped back to see her spread out in front of him ready and waiting. The rings on the floor were back further than the ones on the ceiling. This made it so she was able to rest her hands and head on the wall but it also made it so her back was bent and her ass was stuck out.

"Beautiful." Tucker said. He placed the blind fold on her and went to work.

She couldn't see anything, but she felt him close behind her. She shivered when she felt the whip go down her spine. Then it was gone. The first whip of the thongs came and it was an odd sensation. Not pain, but close to it. He brought the whip down again on the other cheek. This one was a little harder. Again, and again he brought the thongs down across her ass. She was anticipating each whip. Growing more and more excited at the thought of the next one.

Tucker changed his pattern and this time he brought the whip up and hit her breast. She cried out. He paused waiting to see if she would protest, but the way her body was squirming he didn't think she would. This time it was harder and he heard the ssss with her intake of breath. He stepped to the side and grabbed her breast squeezing hard as he brought the whip up between her legs hitting her pussy.

"Oh God." She moaned leaning her body towards him.

He squeezed her right breast and whipped her pussy again. Her knees bent and she whispered. "Harder."

Tucker smiled and did what she asked for. This was the most amazing feeling in the world. Why had she been afraid of this? If he continued she was going to come again. She heard something thud to floor behind her just before she felt his lips on her ass.

Tucker had sat behind her. He wanted to taste her again. Licking her up to ass he smacked her hard and she ground herself into him.

She wanted to touch him, to see him, but she couldn't. She felt his tongue slide into her ass and his fingers were rubbing her clit. One more smack and she came screaming his name again. Mena's body was still riding the orgasm when she felt the head of his dick sliding into her wet pussy. He was going slow stretching her to fit him. His hips touched her ass and she knew he was all in, and it felt amazing.

Tucker didn't move. He was relishing the feel of finally being inside her. Placing his hands on her hips he pulled out and slid back in still using that same slow movement. Mena tried pushing back on him but he held her still. On the third time he pulled out she thought she was going to go mad. She was whimpering with frustration. Tucker slammed into her it threw her head back and she was screaming out.

Tucker leaned into her forcing her body to lean more into the wall. He grabbed her nipples and pinched them pulled her tits hard using them as leverage to slam into her. She was slamming back into him matching him. The sound of their bodies hitting each other was louder than the sounds of their moans. Tucker was getting close to coming.

The strangest sensation was building inside Mena. It was nothing she had ever felt before. More intense than any orgasm she had ever experienced. The muscles in her body were tightening. Everything was narrowing down to that one feeling deep inside her. It was getting hard to breath and she was about to tell him to stop when she felt him cum. It was too much, and that is when the pressure broke. The force of her orgasm pushed him out of her and it sprayed down her legs. Tucker put his dick back inside her and pushed hard a few more times which caused her to spray again.

Tucker wrapped his arms around her waist to help support her. She was screaming and trembling and having a hard time remembering how to breathe. She had never had that happen to her before. It was walking the line between being the most wonderful feeling in the world and being too much feeling.

"Oh my God Tucker. " She panted.

Tucker took her blind fold off and untied her, playfully kissing her all over. He took her into his arms and kissed her gently. "I think I love you Mena."

She grinned at him. "I think I love you too."

"Tucker that was amazing and once I get feeling back in my body I want to try it again."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Tucker grinned and kissed her.

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