tagErotic CouplingsIt's Time Ch. 05

It's Time Ch. 05


There is a soft breeze moving through the room. The sheet, which is now around my waist moves slightly with it. My hands moving as my body arches, breasts thrusting out as I stretch in the mid afternoon sun. My eyes open slowly and a sweet smile crossing my lips as I see you standing in the doorway watching me.

"Afternoon beautiful," you say.

"Afternoon," I say in a half asleep voice. "How long have you been up?"

You smile and chuckle a little. I realize the double meaning with my question as I give you the once over. My head shaking slightly, my blonde hair falling over my shoulders as you sit on the corner of the bed.

"Long enough to make plans for the evening and to watch you," you tell me.

"Plans hu? Should I be worried?"

"With me lover, never," you answer honestly.

We pause a moment, taking in the fact that it's all real. That while we know so much about one another we are now living out things we talked and wrote about. I can feel the heat of your palm as you place it on my high, running circles over my bottom as I'm on my side.

"You are going to have to make it to your room. I'm sure too make some phone calls to explain the rest of your absence. I would like you here the rest of the weekend."

"I'd like that too," I tell you and smile.

Nothing else is said but your lips touch mine and my hands move over your shoulders. My nails move into the back of your hair, running through it as we continue to kiss. Our tongues tease each other, taste and take, devouring. It is the kind of kiss we knew we would have. So slow and thorough it nearly robs me of my breath. You frame my face with your hands and pull back slightly.

"You need to get dressed and hurry back before it gets too late. I've got plans. So go to your room, shower and bring your luggage here."

"Yes sir," I say mockingly and move from the bed, my naked body fully exposed for you.

"Wow," I hear you whisper.

I laugh and begin to look for pieces to my clothes. Finding most of them I dress with your heated eyes upon me. It makes it so difficult. Slipping the last of my heel on my foot I move to kiss you. You shake your head and I frown slightly.

"Just go, because if I kiss you all that will be back on the floor and my cock will be inside you."

I nod, understanding and not that I would have minded I know you have plans for us and I want things to go your way. Instead I reach for the door and blow you a kiss then step out of the room. Walking to the elevator I look at my cell and begin the phone calls I need to make.

I explain to my friends that I bumped into someone and will be spending the rest of the time here with them. They all laugh and giggle as girly girls do. They are happy for me and will cover in any way they can. I promise to keep them informed and to see them tomorrow at the airport.

With that done I make my way to my own room. Opening the door my shoes come off and I begin to undress. I put the dress on the bed. I smile looking at it. I will never think of it without thinking of you. Of course that's the way with several things I have.

I take a shower, cleaning myself. Sadly I'm removing the smell of you from my body but knowing that soon I will have it on me again. My hands are soapy and wet, moving over the intimate folds. Washing my hair, letting it fall down my back. The shower reminding me of the one we took this morning. I let out a sigh and finish, knowing I don't have to long.

Wrapped in a towel I move out to find something to wear. You weren't specific on what we are going to be doing but knowing you the way I do it will be fun and yet there will be that added sexy seductive feel. My eyes fall over a skirt and shirt combination I brought. Perfect I whisper to myself.

The skirt is jean and short but it doesn't look overly casual. It would fit in if you planned a nice dinner. The top it's not really a shirt, more a lace corset top. It's two of my favorite colors, pink and black. You know how I love them. I smile as I think about not going with panties but then change my mind and put on the softest lace pink pair. I know you'll love taking them off.

I dry my hair, straightening it. No curl today, just simple long hair to run fingers through. The kind that makes you want to reach up and grab a fistful. Yes that's how I want you to see it. I smile adding the slightest blush and lip gloss. I must have those lips looking like they can't wait to be kissed, because they really can't.

I slip back into the black heels. Put everything back into the two suitcases and head for the door. There are men in the hallway and ask if I need help. Sure why not allow someone to carry something for me. We reach the elevator and make only small talk. They ask what I'm doing here in the city. I smile as I say meeting up with a friend. They seem to already know what kind of friend. The doors open and I take my things thanking the boys and go off to your room.

It's been a few hours and I am sure the sun is beginning to set outside. I smile so brightly when I hear the knob turning. You look amazing, casual dress. Pressed pants, button up shirt, both dark in color. You look good enough to eat up. You smile at me, looking me over then moving to let me in and take my bags from me.

"You look amazing."

"So do you," I whisper.

The silence between us is noticeable but neither really caring, the moment seeming to need it. You take my hand in yours and kiss it softly and then we move to the door. Time to begin the night I guess.

"You won't tell me what we are doing will you?"

"No lover, you will see soon enough," you say with a hint of a wicked smile.

I know that I'm in for a treat. The evening left in your oh so capable hands. We leave the hotel in a taxi. Both of us quiet as you tell the driver where to go. Then you sit back looking at me, your hand on my thigh, just resting.

We move through the city oblivious to it all, the traffic, the horns. We seem to be only focused on each other. Our eyes lock every so often and my tongue slips out and licks my lips. Your fingers tighten on my thigh. Each action seems to take on more meaning. Then the taxi stops and we are let out.

A restaurant, I can hear music. A soft jazz pours from its doors. I close my eyes for a moment as I listen while you pay the driver. I can see our bodies swaying, dancing together to it. Then your hand is on my lower back and we enter the building and are steered to a table. Its secluded and quiet, perfect I think.

"You always have a knack for finding great music," I smile and laugh.

"Remember I should be a disk jockey," you laugh back.

"How could I forget," I smile recalling a conversation we've had.

Then the waiter makes his way over you order drinks for us. The menu you've taken from me and I trust you to order something I'll enjoy. I have faith in you; you've not steered me wrong and so I don't believe you will.

"You really do look amazing," I hear you say.

"Thank you. I'm glad you like it."

"Very much. I'd like more if it were off you but that will happen soon enough. DO you see everyone looking at you?"

"I didn't notice. I was looking at you," I say.

"They want to be the one with you. To be the one to touch you and to feel the way you cry out. To have you come apart they way you do for me. They want that lover."

Just your tone alone has my body aching. The rasp in your voice, you know what it does. You know my panties right now are wet. My pussy already wanting to be touched, petted. I bite my bottom lip as you watch me. I want to slip my hand under the table, the need to touch so great.

"Touch your sweet pussy love. Touch it for me, will you?"

To continue...

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