tagErotic CouplingsIt's Time Ch. 07

It's Time Ch. 07


My fingers move over each button, taking my time, undoing them carefully. I savor each new piece of flesh that is exposed. My eyes watch yours as I finally reach the last button and slip the shirt from your shoulders. Your chest is now bare to my gaze, to my touch. My head bends and I kiss you, our lips melting together, tasting each other. My fingertips move along your neck, your collarbone, and my lips follow, kissing a wet path down your chest.

I can hear your breath catch as I begin kissing lower, reaching your pants. I'm slow to remove the belt, toying with it but before long I'm craving you. My eyes are focused on your pants, the bulge that's there as I slowly lower the zipper. Your cock is there, springing free. Your pants are gone and my finger runs along the length of your cock, breathing softly as I look up at you. I can see the desire and need in your eyes as I smile and move my lips to you.

"Sit," I whisper knowing we are near a chair or couch.

I move between the V of your legs and smile at you as my tongue snakes out and run along the tip of your cock. The first touch is so tentative, soft and slow. Then I begin moving along the top, down the side, tasting every inch before sucking you deep into the warmth of my waiting mouth. Your thickness filling me as I move slowly, wanting to prolong each movement. My hands rest on your thighs softly as I continue the slow torment. I can feel your hands moving, reaching for my head, guiding me lightly as my mouth moves on you.

"Yes, such a good cock sucker," I can hear you harshly whisper.

The movements have become faster, your hands running through my hair. My tongue runs along the underside of your cock, up to the top. My lips kiss along your shaft, before taking you back into the warmth of my mouth. I can hear your groan, your body seeming to be strung so tight. Your palm rests against my cheek as I continue to move on you. My own body responding to the way your cock feels in my mouth, turning me on. The knowledge that the pleasure you are getting is from me only furthering it.

There's power in that knowledge and I suck harder, pulling you deeper into my throat. Your cock, if possible, is becoming thicker with my renewed vigor. I need to taste you, wanting it no longer describing the feeling. My eyes look up at yours, watching you as each taste moves us closer. Your eyes focused on me, on the act of me sucking your cock deep within my mouth. I can feel it, feel you tighten and then just let go. Your release echo's through the room and your essence filling my mouth. It's sweet and salty, uniquely you. I taste I won't soon forget.

"So amazing," I hear say as you pull me to your lap. Your lips find mine, kissing me, tasting you in my mouth.

Your hands move over my shirt, easily undoing the laces that help to hold it together. My body arches into your touch, not realizing how much I actually craved it. The top I was wearing you have discarded and move me to stand and strip me of my skirt. I'm before you bathed only in the light from the window. I can feel the heat of your eyes moving over each part of my body, as though committing it to memory.

"I want to take my time with you now. To taste you completely so that you think of me each time you cry out."

I shiver, my body visibly heated by your words. "Please," I whisper.

You stand and walk towards a table before motioning me to join you. There's a chair and you pull it out and pat the glass before it. I assume you want me to sit on the table and do so. My legs spread, looking like a feast for whomever sit in that chair. I don't realize I'm holding my breath as you sit. Your gaze is heated and I can see your body is already reacting, hardening.

"Looking so tasty," you say as your finger runs along my slit, teasing me.

I let out a shaky moan as I feel your finger moving, parting and opening me for you. My hands reach for something to grasp, anything but only find the end of the table. My eyes search yours, pleading with you for more, letting you know how much I really need it.

"Show me, let me see your fingers..." you tell me.

My fingers move deftly over my body, down my stomach to the softness of my mound. My palm rests lightly on my clit as first one finger moves along the silken folds and then enters the warmth of my pussy. Another soon joins the first and my hips lift, wanting to feel more.

"So hot, so unbelievably hot," I can hear you say.

My other hand is toying with my nipple, teasing it as though my hand were your own. My eyes find you watching me, that gaze, the fire burning in your depths. I can see you bending, moving closer, your tongue running along my finger, tasting me as I pull it out. The warmth of your mouth sends chills through me as I watch you suck on both my fingers, tasting my sweet juices.

Your head then moves, your tongue toying with my hardened clit as you flick it. My only free hand grasps the table. Your tongue moves, delving deeper into me, running the length of slit then moving deep inside my pussy. I can't help but gasp, your name escaping my lips as your fingers move in. They move deeper, drawing my body closer to that release I've been craving, when suddenly you stop. Your eyes looking at mine, a smile on your lips as you heatedly whisper, "Cum lover. Let me taste you."

I gasp; your mouth continues its torment. My hips lift, arching into your mouth as you bring me closer. I can feel it, that release, my cries, soft little moans being drawn from my throat. My body tightens with each skillful movement of your fingers and mouth. My hands grasp for something, anything; my body lifts and then falls over the edge. All we can hear are my cries of pleasure as you prolong each orgasmic wave. My breathing is so rapid, my heart beating so fast.

"I love hearing you cry out," you whisper as you move up my content body. "How about we move to the bedroom?"

I can only nod as your lips find mine. Your tongue moves in and begins tasting, devouring every space in my mouth. Our hands are on one another, consumed by our need. Fumbling somehow we make it from the table and head down the little hallway. My back presses up against the wall, your hands moving over my skin, our kiss continuing. I can feel your cock, hard and thick pressing against me. My hands wanders down, stroking ever so lightly and your head tilts back as you gasp.

"Bedroom I think, don't you?" I whisper as we move.

I wall into the room, stopping near the bed and I feel you pressing up behind me. Your hands move my hair, baring my neck as I feel your lips and tongue. I can't help but gasp my fingers clenching at my sides. A moan starts low in my throat as your cup my breasts, teasing me. My head falls back, leaning against you as you move. Those amazing fingers begin moving, running over my stomach and dipping between my thighs. My breath catching as you whisper, "I want you now. I want to feel this pussy around my cock."

Suddenly I find myself on the bed with you. My fingers run over your chest, smiling up at you. Both of us are so ready, more then ready to begin. Tonight's early activities, the alley and all, had only wetted our appetite for each other. I can feel your cock there, waiting, my hips lift inviting you inside. You move so very slowly, I can feel every moment, breath catching, hitching as you do. Your cock moving inside, stretching me, taking over all thought.

My hands grab into the sheets, gripping them as we watch one another. Our body's fitting together perfectly. My eyes close and let out a breath I didn't know I'd been holding. Then you begin moving, a slow rhythm. My hands move up to your back, running along your sides. Our lips meet once again, the kiss so like many of ours, moving slowly. The trusting of your tongue mimic's the thrusting of your cock. It almost sensory overload.

It continues back and forth, each thrust moving deeper, the rhythm changing. Your body moving faster as our need is now taking over. Our voices fill the room, my cries like music to your ears. Our bodies moving together climbing higher until it's too much and we find that glorious release. The walls of my pussy tighten, clamp down on your cock, holding you deep inside my warmth. You cry out, your body letting go. Our breathing is matched, rapid and harsh. You move, laying beside me as we stare into each others eyes.

"Wow," I whisper stealing your line.

"Yeah wow, wow, wow..." you ay and we both laugh.

Your hand runs along my cheek, lightly moving through my hair. Words not seeming to be needed as the "wow" has said so much. We just lay, looking at each other, enjoying the moment, the time together. It's only then I stretch and yawn, your eye's watching me, moving over my body as I move.

"I've wanted to see you do that."

I press a soft kiss to your lips as my head rests on your chest. My fingers run through a patch of chest hair as we both start to doze off. Content for the moment...

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