tagBDSMIt's Tuesday Again!

It's Tuesday Again!


It's Tuesday again. You kissed me goodbye this morning and reminded me that you have a late class and won't be home until after 10. I decide to go to a movie and when I get home at 7:30, there is a message for me on the answering machine.

"Hello Pet, I want you to come to my office at 10 tonight."

The message continues with detailed directions on how to get to your office and then ends, leaving me to wonder what is going on, as you have never requested this before. I shower, and while drying off have a debate with myself about what to wear tonight. What if I were to meet one of your colleagues or a student in the hallway...? I pull on a pair of jeans that make my butt look good, and a sweater that zips up the front. No underwear, of course, as you don't like me to wear it when I am with you. A little makeup and a quick brush of my hair and I am ready.

The building is deserted and your office door stands a little ajar, letting a sliver of light slice across the hallway. I knock softly and then enter. You rise to greet me and then immediately come to me and take me in your arms, hugging me tightly and kissing my face as if you hadn't just seen me this morning! Still holding me tightly, you reach behind to lock the door and then bend to whisper in my ear, "Take those clothes off, my little pet."

My clothes disappear as if by magic and your large hands run over my naked form, causing me to sigh with pleasure at your touch. I tell you how much I have missed you today. You continue to caress me, running your hands up my back, my neck and into my hair.

"You aren't wearing your collar, Victoria."

I freeze at those words, remembering the rule you once gave me, that I must wear it at all times in your presence. In my mind's eye, I can see my collar, laying on top of a folded towel in the bathroom at home. I draw away slightly and take a breath, hoping that I can explain, but then notice the expression on your face. You are pleased that I realized it might be inappropriate to wear such an obvious mark to your office and it then clicks with me that we are playing a little game tonight.

I am smiling as I say, "Please forgive me Sir. I am a bad, forgetful slut who deserves to be disciplined. Please punish me Master, make my ass red, spank me hard, so that I will remember in the future."

You take my wrist to lead me toward your desk and smile when you notice that I am wearing a bracelet that you had given me. Your office chair is rolled away from your desk and you sit on the edge of the seat, using my wrist to pull me across your lap, a position that I have become very familiar with! Your left arm and hand steady me as the right draws back for the first blow. My ass is already tingling in anticipation and as your hand cracks across my cheek, I feel a bolt of pure desire race through my body. By the fifth or sixth swat, I am moaning with desire and my pussy is becoming wet. I try to hold my ass higher for you, begging for more... You continue until my entire ass is red and hot. My pussy is swollen and wet for you now and I am almost incoherent with lust.

You help me stand and turn me to face your desk. Your hands cup my breasts, rolling the weight of them in your hands, teasing and pulling at my nipples until they are hard and peaked. I press my tender ass back against your groin, noting the hardness beneath the fabric of your pants.

"Spread your legs pet. Now bend over the desk for me. Show me what belongs to me Victoria."

The maple wood of your desk is cool and hard against my body as I reach behind with both hands and grasp my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, to expose my dripping pussy and my tight pucker to you. I feel your fingers dip into my wetness and trail up to my ass where your finger circles my hole briefly and then dips inside. My pleasure is obvious and I try to raise my ass higher and push back against your hand to get the friction I want so desperately. Your finger withdraws and I moan in disappointment, but then gasp with delight as I can feel your tongue on me, circling and wetting my back entrance and then pushing firmly against it as if you want to fuck me with your tongue.

"You can beg if you want to, my pet."

"Please Master, please....I need to feel you inside me. Stretch me, open me up and then fill my ass with your hot cock...I need it so much, so much!"

I hear the sound of a zipper and soon your tongue is replaced with the head of your rock hard shaft. A small tube of hand lotion makes do as lube as you begin to press into me. As usual, the stretch and burn of your penetration cause me to orgasm immediately and my ass is still spasming around you as you slide in all the way until you are literally balls deep inside me. You fuck me with long, smooth strokes and I immediately begin to build toward another orgasm, the feelings in my ass almost overloading my senses. I come again, hard, and think that there can't possibly be more, but the force and rhythm of your stroke increases until you are pounding into me, using your hands on my shoulders to keep me from sliding across the desk. Your cock swells inside me and I know that you are close to coming, so I tighten my muscles around you, earning a moan of pleasure from you. You slam into me, causing me to come a third time, as you shoot your creamy load deep inside me.

We are both gasping for breath as you pull out of me and then turn me to face you.

"I need just one more thing from you tonight, my pet. On your back, on top of the desk."

You position me so that my head is at the corner, my body angled across the desk, my feet flat so that my knees are spread wide for you. You position yourself so that your balls hang low over my face and I eagerly take them into my mouth, licking and sucking at the soft skin and rolling them in my mouth. Your groan of pleasure is all the encouragement I need as my tongue works its way further back, toward your ass, which I know is a pleasure spot for you. I gasp as I feel your fingers enter my sopping pussy and begin to stroke in and out, hitting that very special spot inside me each time. My tongue finds your asshole and I use my hands to spread your cheeks apart to give me better access. I imagine that I am going to fuck your ass with my tongue as you work my cunt with your fingers. My belly begins to tighten as you stroke me a little harder, now with the heel of your palm impacting my clit with each inward stroke. The feeling builds until I finally explode, screaming as I come, flooding wetness around your hand.

It takes some time to recover and to clean up the mess I have made on your desk, but we are soon dressed and heading for home. As you turn off the light, you look at your desk and remark,

"You know pet, I think that I could learn to like Tuesdays after all."

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