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It's What's Inside


A special thanks to psyche_b_mused for making this an enjoyable read.


Rob stirred from his sleep when he heard the phone ring. He jumped out of bed and stepped into his slippers as he pulled his bulky winter robe around him. He walked quickly to the kitchen to answer the only phone in the house.

"Hello?" He leaned against the wall trying to concentrate on the caller. He glanced at the clock over the sink. He rubbed his face in an effort to wake up. Calls at eleven at night were always dire emergencies.

"Rob, it's Megan. I'm at O'Hare. I would have called earlier, but I wasn't sure about my flight. It was delayed almost four hours. Can you pick me up?"

His heart pounded at the sound of her voice. She'd been gone so long. He unconsciously ran his fingers through his tousled hair in an effort to look presentable to the unseeing voice on the phone.

"I was worried you wouldn't make it again. I hope you're comfortable because it'll take awhile. We got hit with a lot of snow and the roads are a mess. If I'm not there in an hour and a half, call my cell and I'll give you a better estimate."

"Thank you. I'm at the VIP lounge of terminal five. It's where you picked me up last time. Drive safe. I'll be waiting for you."

Rob hung up and started a pot of coffee. The thumping of a tail against the cabinet door and shrill bark announced the furry four legged freeloader was up now and wanted out. The blowing snow pelted his face as he opened the back door only to have Mooch put her front paws on the porch and stop to yawn before continuing down the steps. Rob watched the short black mixed breed begin her preset route to remark her territory.

He found her seven winters ago curled up shivering by the back porch. When she saw him, that bushy tail began thumping against the house and those big sad brown eyes stared at him. He'd brought her in the kitchen and warmed her up a can of beef stew in the microwave. After she ate, he watched her investigate the house before choosing to curl up next to his favorite chair. He ran an ad for a found short black dog with a white chest and four white boots. The body was like a Corgi with a curled tail like a Spitz. No one called.

The dog got her name from giving him that sad eyed look while he tried to eat. She always got some tidbit from his plate.

Rob returned to the bedroom and dressed in jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt. He ran the razor over his stubble and finished getting ready.

He let Mooch in and set down her bowl with a little food in it. The bushy tail waved as she devoured her unexpected late night snack. She drank some water and sat watching Rob's every move as if trying to understand the sudden change in their normal routine.

Rob filled his coffee mug and his travel mug at the same time. He stepped out in the garage and opened the overhead door. The blast of cold air made him wish he'd grabbed a coat. He looked outside and then at the Avalon. She'd probably be upset, but he doubted the car could make it through the snow on their country roads. He set the travel mug in the holder and started the truck. He'd let it warm up a few minutes before braving the roads.

He looked in the bed of the pickup to see the six, sixty pound bags of sand still resting firmly in place over the rear axle. He dragged over the last two from the corner of the garage and tossed them on the stack. He hurried back inside to sip coffee and listen to the radio. As he suspected, the storm was the constant topic with power outage reports and an endless list of fender benders and driving warnings. He finished his coffee and pulled on his canvas winter coat and Navy watch cap.

"Let's go Mooch, Megan's back for Christmas."

The dog's ears perked up at her master's voice. She followed him out the door, happy to jump into the back seat of the club cab and curl up in the blanket placed back there for her.

Rob eased down the country road. The plow had been through earlier but the wind had blown drifts across the road in places making driving a challenge at times. At least the moonlight reflecting off the snow helped light up an otherwise very dark road. Once he reached town, the road improved.

He turned onto the interstate. The road was plowed, but still snow covered. Rob settled into the right lane. He'd let the risk takers try to fly down the left lane. He'd most likely see them in the ditch some place up the road.

He caught his reflection in the mirror as another car drove by; a disfigured forty year old man with graying hair. He lifted his head and touched his scarred cheek. The rough texture, running from below his eye to his chin, was bad enough in the summer, but the winter cold brought the blood to the surface making him look like a boiled lobster. He couldn't understand why she wanted to be with him. He had never gotten up the nerve to ask her.

Each time he took her to the airport; she'd softly kiss him in the car and walk into the terminal. His heart would pound in his chest and his stomach would tighten into a knot as she walked away. He felt she'd never return. She never looked back; never stopped to wave one last time. She'd made it clear from the start, that what they had would have to be kept a secret. Only her sister knew about him.

He'd kept it a secret like she asked. He figured she didn't want anyone to know she was with someone like him. She was frequently on the cover of the tabloids at the stores for her affairs with different actors in Hollywood. It ripped him apart every time he saw her on those covers. He wanted to tell her what her affairs were doing to him, the sleepless night and stomach cramps so bad he couldn't eat, but then he'd convince himself that she'd leave forever if he made a fuss.


The announcement of more flight delays interrupted the quiet of the VIP lounge. Megan sat in overstuffed chair thinking about Rob.

"Can I refill that for you?" The waitress pointed to Megan's cup with the pot of coffee in her hand.

"Yes, please."

"That was regular, right?"

Megan nodded her head. The waitress began to pour.

"No, Decaf. I'm sorry. I just switched."

"That's OK. I'll bring you a new cup."

"Thank you." Her thoughts returned to Rob and the important conversation they were going to have.

"Excuse me Miss Langford."

Megan looked up to see a nervously young woman standing by her. Megan gave her a calming smile as she read the name tag. "Yes Heather."

The young woman's face glowed from the actress calling her by name. "The gentleman in the brown suit would like to buy you a drink."

Megan glanced at the man and smiled. "Heather, please tell the gentleman that it was a thoughtful gesture but I'm going to say no."

She saw Heather relay her answer to the man. His face showed his disappointment. She didn't want to hear his pickup line. She had the man she wanted...hopefully.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" Heather waited anxiously to comply with her request.

"No, I'm just waiting for my ride."

"Which hotel? I'll tell Tina in curb side to inform them you're waiting."

"It's a private ride. I've already talked to him. He said the roads were bad so it could take a while. Thank you for the offer."

Another plane must have landed because a handful of people came into the lounge. Heather left to take care of her new customers.

Megan returned to her thoughts of Rob.


Rob rolled up to the VIP pick up area. He lowered the passenger side window as a uniformed employee approached the truck.

"Sir the pickup area for terminal five is around the corner and about three hundred feet down."

Rob looked at the young woman and smiled. "I'm here to pick up Ms. Megan Langford. My name is Robert Coleman. Please phone the VIP lounge and have her informed of my arrival. We'll also need her luggage so please inform the Sky cap so he can bring it now."

Rob thought about how he met her. If he closed his eyes, he could see it vividly like it happened yesterday. It was like out of a movie. It was a beautiful summer day. He was working in the garden when Mooch started barking and running excitedly. He looked up to see a woman in a yellow dress strolling up the drive, her auburn hair blowing in the summer breeze. She said her car was stopped about a mile down the road with a flat tire. Being a gentleman, he offered her a cold glass of lemonade before driving her back to her car to change the tire.

When they returned to the car, he found the jack and spare tire missing from the rental. He called the only service station in town and waited with her until they arrive to tow in the car.

He took her to lunch while they fix her car. They talked about where she was going and how she got lost. He bought lunch and then drove her to the service station. She thanked him for his help and the wonderful lunch. She said next time it would be her turn to buy. He smiled and gave her his business card thinking it would never happen.

Rob was surprised, but thrilled when she called. She not bought lunch, but gave him a kiss before she left. She came back a third time for dinner at his house and spent the weekend. He made love to her that weekend. It was the first verbal acknowledgement of their love and the beginning of the long term relationship. It was during lunch before she left that she told him she was Megan Langford, the actress. While it thrilled him, he saw the sadness in her eyes. She told him their relationship had to remain a secret.

Tina saw Megan exit the terminal. She moved quickly to the passenger door and held it open. Megan sat down, then leaned over and pulled Rob's head down to her waiting lips.

Tina waited for the kiss to end before asking where they would like the luggage. Mooch quit trying to get Megan's attention and began sniffing the luggage placed in the back with her. Tina closed the door and watched them drive off.

Rob was quiet as they drove off. It was unlike her to show affection in public. He glanced at Megan for an explanation but she was staring out the side window. She looked exhausted.

"Sorry about bringing the truck, but I didn't think the Avalon would make it in the country. How was it out east, the storm hit there?"

"No, it was cool, but clear. My flight was delayed because of this storm. How have you and Mooch been doing?"

"We've been fine. We were in the office until noon. Hardly anyone was out so we closed and went home." He looked when she didn't continue the conversation. Her head was laying against the side window as she peacefully slept.

Megan woke up when the truck slowed down. Rob stopped at the top of the exit ramp, and then turned toward home. The town was dark except for the occasional street light. In less than a minute, they were through town and back in the country. He was relieved to see the plow had cleared the road again. He turned into the drive and pressed the garage door opener.

The Avalon sparkled under the garage lights. He watched her eyes widen. A smile appeared as she turned toward him.

"Thank you for cleaning my car. It looks beautiful."

"You had one car cleaning left from last Christmas."

Two years ago Rob came up with the idea that their Christmas gift to each other should be something special and preferably not bought at a store. Last year Rob gave her four car cleanings and a dozen massages. She gave him two Devil's Food cakes, six shoulder rubs and a naked massage.

The minute Megan stepped in the house, she smelled pine. She stood on her tip-toes and gave him a kiss. "You got the tree!"

"Picked it up Monday on my way home. Wait he a minute." He went into the living room and flipped the switch. The tree erupted in a blaze of brightly colored lights and ornaments of every size and description.

He came back and stood behind her. Placing his hands over her eyes, making her giggle and hold her hands out in front of her as he guided her into the middle of the room before removing his hands. Her expression became one of a young child in absolute wonder of the brightly glowing tree. As Megan walked around looking; Rob pointed out the antique ornaments he bought at a flea market and the ones she sent when she was in Europe. She hugged Rob and laid her head on his chest. "It looks wonderful."

Rob rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head. "I'm ready for bed and you look exhausted. You go to bed. I let Mooch out and then join you."

Megan got ready for bed. She did feel tired but she'd been thinking about finally being with Rob ever since the plane left Boston. She dropped her clothes in the bathroom hamper and climbed naked into bed.

Rob locked up as soon as Mooch came in. He stripped down to his blue and white striped cotton boxers, setting his clothes on the chair in the bedroom. He flipped off the lights and slipped into bed.

Megan moved closer to him like she always did.

He moved his hands to snuggle her to him, becoming aware of her nakedness.

She wiggled her butt against his groin. "It's been too long, make love to me."

Rob kissed the special place on her neck.

She giggled as she curled her arm behind his head. She moved him to the sensitive spot at her neck and collar bone where he lavished kisses as he listened to her contented sighs.

He softly kissed along her bare shoulder. His hand moved up her hip to lightly caress her breasts with his finger tips, feeling her nipples respond.

She turned her head; his lips sought hers. His tongue played over her lips as she parted them in invitation.

Megan's hand moved across his hairless chest to run her fingers gently over the rough texture of the burns on his arm. She pinched it between her fingers causing him to emit a muffled groan. She moved her hand lower over the slight rise of his belly to the front of his boxers. She squeezed his cloth covered manhood, feeling it harden and push against the confining material.

Their kiss became demanding, more urgent.

Rob's hand moved down to cup her mound. His fingers slowly moved between her moist lips, seeking her entrance.

She snapped the elastic on his boxers as she rolled on her back. "Slip those off. I'm ready."

Rob shoved them down his legs and kicked them off. As he moved between her spread legs, she grasped his hard member and guided it as he slowly pushed forward.

He moved slowly for a minute and then began thrusting faster and harder.

Megan's hips moved with equal urgency, their lust driving them on.

He heard her groan as she began slamming her hips into his. He went faster with shorter, harder strokes.

Her legs wrapped behind his thighs as she tried to pull him in deeper. He heard her gasp a "Yes" as her inner muscles gripped his shaft. Her arms wrapped around his back, holding him tight.

He felt his orgasm rushing forward as he continued to stroke into her gripping tunnel. He let out a groan as he slammed forward spewing his seed inside her. His lips sought hers as he closed his eyes and savored the feeling of their coupling.

He rolled on his side and brought her with him. Exhaustion prevailed and in moments they were asleep.


Megan tried to scrunch down from the cold, wet feeling on her neck. She started to turn, when something warm and wet slid across her face. Her eyes opened to see two big brown eyes at the end of a long snout looking at her. A pink tongue darted out to lick her face again.

"OK, I'm up" she softly said, turning her head and wiping the slobber off with her hand.

The room was aglow with sunlight. She saw the clock on the dresser showing nine fifteen. Megan sat up and stretched. She stepped out of bed onto the cold wood floor. She moved quickly to her closet to step into her slippers and wrap the bulky, pink cotton robe around her.

She looked back in the bed. Rob had a gentle smile on his face as he slept. She prayed it looked like that again after tonight's revelation. She picked up her travel bag and followed behind an impatient canine that wanted out.

The outdoors was cold but bright as the sun reflected off the fresh white snow. She opened the door for Mooch who stepped outside and sniffed the air before moving off the porch to take care of business.

Megan started the coffeemaker. She poured herself a glass of apple juice and fixed a bowl of cereal. She started a list for the grocery store of what she would need. They could add to it when Rob woke up.

She finished her cereal and placed the bowl in the sink. She hesitated for a moment, and then filled her mug, deciding one regular coffee wouldn't do any harm. She returned to the table. She removed a bottle from her bag and shook out one capsule that she took with her juice.

Mooch announced her return and Megan let her in. She went to her food bowl on the floor and looked at it. She barked and looked at Megan.

"I'm sorry, I forgot." Megan retrieved a scoop of dry food from the bin and placed it in the bowl.

The sound of a flushing toilet preceded Rob's appearance. He grinned as he looked from Megan to a tail-wagging dog. "Mooch telling you the bowl's empty?"

Megan gave him an exasperated look. "I didn't fill it while she was out. I forgot what a grouch she was about her food. Coffee's ready."

Rob filled his mug. He leaned down for a kiss before sitting next to her.

"What's the plan today?"

"I'm going to call my sister in a minute and then I'll tell you."

Megan picked up her bag and walked into the living room.

Rob began hearing a one sided conversation filled with yeahs, OK, yes. There was one "Just a minute I'll ask him".

Megan stepped into the doorway. "Is it OK if we go to Julie's tomorrow in the afternoon?" "Sure, that'll be great." Rob frowned as Megan returned to the living room. This was another first. They'd never visited her sister. She'd always come to Rob's house to visit.

Megan came back into the kitchen after her call and sat down. She took a drink of coffee before beginning.

"We need to go into town and do some shopping. I have some gifts to pick up for Christmas and we need to go to the grocery store. I thought we could have an early dinner at the diner before returning home. What did you have planned?"

Rob was dumbfounded. He looked at her in awe. "What did you do with the real Megan? Where is the woman who couldn't be seen in public with me?"

Megan suddenly realized she was changing too rapidly for Rob without the full explanation. She'd have to ad-lib until tonight.

"I'm sorry Hun. I realized I was over reacting. I'll put on jeans and a flannel shirt. If I tie my hair back in a pony tail and only use a little makeup, I'll look like your average country girl. Besides, there'll be a lot of new faces in town for the holiday. I'll just blend in with everyone else. I started a grocery list, it's on the counter. Is there anything else we need?"

Rob was suspicious of all the sudden changes in Megan, but wasn't going to question what he had wanted for a long time. He went through the kitchen and pantry with her adding more items to the list.

The quiet of the house was broken by loud barking as Mooch ran in search of her master. Megan laughed as the dog impatiently waited for Rob to get dressed so they could walk down to the road for the mail. Rob put on his boots and slipped on his coat. Megan reached down and rubbed the dog's head before Mooch ran to the door again.

"You and Mooch enjoy your little walk. I'm going to take a shower and get ready to go. As Rob opened the door Mooch dashed outside and started down the drive.

Megan rinsed the last of the shampoo out of her hair. She applied the conditioner, and then let the hot spray massage the stress from her neck and shoulders.

Now he suspects something. Damn, I should have just relaxed and acted like I always do. Well, it's too late now. He'd start questioning me if I told him I changed my mind and wanted to stay home. Maybe I could-

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