tagGroup SexItza, Girl Who Took It All Ch. 01

Itza, Girl Who Took It All Ch. 01


Late on Sunday morning, I sat at the kitchen table studying the box scores from spring training. Lisa, my girlfriend of the past few months, was busy making me an omelet. on the old stove. Lisa was a teammate of mine on the fencing team -- a tall dark blond spitfire who moved gracefully on the strip and off. Lisa had slim hips, but prominent breasts on her lithe frame. I had pursued her for months, trying to get her to go out, even though she was seeing another fencer. I would call, or leave her messages in her fencing gear, or anything else to get her attention. We finally started dating after meeting at an off-campus party and a night of drunken dancing. I really enjoyed being with Lisa; yet, I was starting to wonder if chasing her as a girlfriend was not the best part of the relationship. The other reason for this nascent ambivalence about my girlfriend then strode into the room.

Itza was a tall, olive-skinned Latina. She was a gym rat that loved to work out, and who walked with a proud and almost haughty air. At 5'6" and 115 pounds, she had an unbelievably hot body, with well-defined abs and legs. Lately, she had been in the gym so much that her arms and back were starting to show cords of lithe muscles. Itza's best feature was a set of firm tits, which jutted out prominently on her upper body. She took every opportunity to show off her body -- often wearing shorts and a fitted workout top. Yet, she was also very feminine, with long thick black hair, and a devastating smile. When she looked at you, you just felt the heat from her almost-black eyes. Itza dropped this body into the ratty kitchen chair next to me.

"Good morning, Brett," she said simply, but with a sultry undertone that was not missed by Lisa, who banged a pot on the old stove in response. The kitchen, hot and humid in the unusually warm March morning, was stifling. Lisa continued to make breakfast, and ignored her roommate. I said something in response, but buried my head further in the paper.

"Hi, Lisa, how did you sleep?" continued Itza, ignoring her snub.

"Great, Itza, thanks," Lisa answered, as she kept cooking, but with a clear attempt to avoid any argument. The girls actually liked each other, but their competitive personalities often caused tension, and occasional fights. I knew enough about both of them to keep my head down during these moments. Unfortunately, Itza had other ideas this morning.

"I saw Matt yesterday on the Mall," she said lightly. Matt was Lisa's previous boyfriend and our teammate. Itza rolled this comment out and waited for the inevitable explosion, but Lisa disappointed her and continued making breakfast.

"He looked good, ..." she continued. As she said this, her hand reached under the table, and I felt her long fingers on my upper leg. Itza searched for my cock, and finding it through the fabric of my basketball shorts, began stroking it. Lisa kept her back to us, as Itza's hand worked my hardening prick. I stared into the paper, eyes no longer focusing, as my cock lengthened. The thick shaft pushed the bulbous cock head down my leg toward the opening of my shorts.

"I see him every day, Itza, remember?" Lisa replied dismissively. Itza's hand stopped momentarily, anticipating that she would have to retract it. When Lisa did not turn around, she gave my prick a squeeze, and continued to work it. She smiled wickedly at me as our eyes met.

"But he was with someone," Itza continued in mock seriousness. At this moment, Lisa turned around abruptly with my breakfast, and Itza had to pull her hand back quickly as she approached the kitchen table.

"Thanks, babe, you are the best!" I exclaimed, trying to break the tension, as I started to dig into the eggs, Lisa leaned over and kissed me warmly on the cheek.

"I am going to shower, OK?" she said with a soft smile, as she headed out of the kitchen. She must have been in a good mood from our long bout of fucking the previous night, and simply chose to avoid the inevitable argument with Itza. Once we could hear Lisa ascending the front stairs of the old house, Itza's hand returned to my still-throbbing cock, and she leaned over to whisper.

"Brett ... please ... I need to feel your huge cock again, Big Man."


Lisa and I kissed, twisting our tongues together, as I probed her mouth. I ran my hands along her toned body, pressing my hands into her smooth skin, and pulling her to me. Lisa had an athlete's body -- taut from three hours of fencing practice every day. I moved my hands over her full breasts, and felt her nipples rub against the palms as I groped her ripe tits. Lisa exhaled softly, as I caressed her body and kissed her passionately. My cock was hard, and pressing into the already-moist triangle between her legs. I lowered my mouth to a breast, and flicked my tongue around an areola, causing her nipple to stiffen. Lisa arched her back and moaned.

"Oh, Brett, your tongue feels so good, I thought about you all day," she breathed softly. Lisa was always vocal, always ready to tell me exactly what she needed.

I pressed her big tits together, and ran my tongue from one hardened nipple to another, as Lisa pushed her fingers through my short hair. I circled her eraser-pink flesh and bathed her cleavage with my tongue. Leaving a trail of spit on her breasts, I brushed my lips down her midsection.

"Fuck, lover, yes, eat my pussy, please," she cried, as she guided my head to her sex. Lisa shaved her pussy, both for me and for herself. She enjoyed the feel of a smooth and hairless snatch. I loved to run my tongue across her smooth mound, and excite her with my lips, teeth, and tongue. Pausing with my face in her sex, I drank in the vision of her pink slit, her protruding lips and wet crevice dividing her smooth pussy mound. I began to trace my tongue over her mound, making a path to her moistening slit. Licking in circles around her pussy lips, I felt the heat and desire as it poured from her. After teasing her, I finally pushed the tip of my tongue into the wet folds of her pussy, and felt her push her cunt upward to force it deeper. I tasted the first delicious drops of cunt juice, and flicked these into my hungry mouth. Lisa always had a taste that was her own -- a spicy mixture of excitement and passion.

"Mmm ... babe ... I love tasting your pussy, give me your beautiful pussy," I moaned with my tongue lashing up and down in her slit. Lisa started to grind her cunt into me, pushing her wet mound onto my face, and coating it with her juices. I licked at her pouting pussy lips, bit tenderly at her exposed cunt, and pushed into her slit with my tongue. Lapping at her cunt, I felt a flow of liquid stream from her sex. Licking harder, I felt her legs start to tremble as she came.

"Oh, Brett, FUCK you are good," she wailed as her body kept convulsing. Lisa kept grinding her hips, pushing her pussy into my probing tongue and sucking mouth. Her body kept bucking, as I lashed my tongue repeatedly at her clit.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" she screamed, her voice bursting out of her writhing body. Lisa grabbed my head with both hands, holding it in place, and clamping her legs around me. Any movement I made seemed to be too much for her -- she just needed me there, my face in her trembling pussy, inhaling her heady scent.

I pulled back from her wet pussy, my face glistening with her juices. I moved forward on my knees, and pushed Lisa's legs apart to make room for my broad body. I placed my engorged cock at her cunt hole, watching as the plum-sized head wedged into her wet hole. Pushing in, I could see her lips stretch obscenely to accommodate my thick cock head.

"Open up, babe, your lover needs to fuck you," I said as the first few inches slid into her still-tight pussy. Lisa's cunt continued to flow, and I felt her juices slide over my shaft and balls.

"Fuck me, fuck me, Brett, only you ..." she cried, as my cock speared her pussy. I pushed in slowly as her pussy expanded to accommodate my thick prick. A slow slide into her cunt ended when I felt her hard cervix blocking my cock. Pausing with my cock head pressed against her womb entrance, I tightened my muscles causing my cock to swell and jump slightly, again pushing out her pussy walls.

"Unnnh ... Oh Fuck! Ahhhhhh!" Lisa grunted as she started to cum again on my cock. I held her hips, as she started to buck her hips into my body, pushing my cock harder into her closed inner door, and further stretching her convulsing cunt.

"Cum, babe, cum for me now," I breathed into her ear.

I flexed my hips, and pulled my cock out in a long, slow outstroke, leaving only the head wedged inside her pussy. I looked down to see Lisa's shaved cunt speared on the end of my almost foot-long cock. Pushing in, I again entered her with a long stroke ending in her cervix. Lisa was whimpering softly now, making unintelligible sounds, as I continued to fuck her faster and harder.

"I love you, babe, take me, cum for me." I leaned in to kiss Lisa, my pumping body causing our lips to grind together as I kept hammering her cunt. Pistoning most of my cock into her quivering pussy. Lisa's body again started to pulse and pound with an orgasm, cumming and cumming, as I fucked her relentlessly. She began to lick at my pussy-coated face.

"Yeah, babe, taste your pussy, I know how you love it," I murmured as her tongue traced over my jaw and cheeks, flicking at the traces of cunt on my face.

"Mmm ... I know you like it, so I can like it too," she purred as she searched for her own juices from my lips and tongue.

"FUCK me! FUCK me!" she screeched as I pounded faster into her pussy.

Lisa's lithe body was pinned under my muscled frame with my huge prick impaling her. She squirmed on my long shaft, as I felt my cock and balls swell. My orgasm exploded out of my balls and my enormous prick began spurting deep inside her opened pussy. The big head spit long streams of cum into her, as I felt each jet wash around my pumping prick. Lisa was scratching my chest and arms as she flayed about on my cock. I finally felt the last spurts of cum shoot out of my prick, and add to the warm mess of cum and cunt juice.

Lisa and I held each other for a long time, kissing and nibbling on each other. I rolled to one side, causing a sudden flow of cum to rush from her gaping hole, further soaking the bed and us. Eventually, we fell asleep, still entwined together as satiated lovers.

After a few hours of sleep, I had woken up for my usual early-morning run. I was looking forward to pounding out the three miles around the golf course and a shower. The house was a typical off-campus student apartment, a shabby Victorian with no air conditioning. The spring heat did not allow the outside temperature to go below 75 degrees overnight, and the old wooden clapboard seemed to retain a lot of heat and humidity. Suddenly, I heard someone else in the dark hallway.

"Brett ..." the figure whispered. Recognizing the slight Castilian lisp in her voice, I knew it was Itza.

"Fuck ... sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up," I answered, trying not to be too loud in the silent house.

"Aiee, Brett, like earlier?" she answered with a mischievous and mocking tone. Itza moved closer, and I could now see her face and sleep-disheveled jet-black hair. She was wearing an oversized football jersey, with a white '12' emblazoned on a maroon shirt. Her large tits were pushing the front of her shirt out in two remarkable cones of flesh and fabric. I knew she was close enough to get the overpowering smell of sex from my face, chest, and cock.

"Umm ... sorry, I mean ..." I stammered, and caught not knowing what to say.

"Don't be embarrassed," she said simply, as she reached out toward my bare chest. Her long, red fingernail found a nipple on my bare, sweaty chest as she started to lightly trace around it.

"Perhaps I like listening to you and Lisa," she said in a whisper. I remember exhaling slightly as her other hand reached out to rest on my broad pectoral muscles. She seemed drawn closer to my chest, still fingering my one nipple, as it reacted to her touch. She started to run both hands over my torso, tracing along the cuts in my abdominals. At 6'2", my height put her eyes level with my muscled chest. Over the last three years, I had worked hard -- three hours of fencing practice a day and hours more weightlifting and swimming. My body really responded to the regimen, and I had built it to a lean and well-muscled 200 pounds. Itza kept running her hands over my hard, flat stomach, and seemed mesmerized by sharp creases made by the moneymaker muscles on my hips.

"Itza," I began, not yet knowing whether I wanted her to stop or continue. However, before I could form any other words, Itza moved her head to my chest and took the other nipple into her mouth, biting firmly. My reaction was to reach for her head and entwine my fingers in her long, black curls, and pull her into my chest. I felt Itza's hand travel again down my stomach, trace over my loose basketball shorts and onto my leg. My cock, a long tumescent tube of flesh, big and distended from fucking Lisa just a few hours before, had been lengthening. Rapidly hardening, my prick was now searching for the opening of my shorts, nearly exposed to the humid night. Itza's searching hand found my spear, and she grasped it tightly through the straining material. She pulled away from my abused nipple, trailing her tongue off as her head moved backwards.

"You are a big man, Brett, just like Lisa told me," she breathed. "I thought she was bragging, but it's true, you are fucking huge, unbelievable." Her hand started to push up and down on my shaft, still trapped in my shorts, but fully hard now, and almost showing below my long shorts. Itza suddenly dropped to her knees, her face and mass of thick black hair in my crotch. Her long fingers continued to stroke my cock, pushing it from side to side. She pulled my shorts down and exposed my long cock. I heard a sharp exhalation and felt her hot breath on my exposed shaft.

"You are fucking huge, I have never seen any man as big," she murmured again as she tried to wrap her lithe hand around my now pulsing cock.

"It must be a foot long and as thick as my arm," she continued in awe as she worked her hand up and down my cock, pausing just behind the head to squeeze hard on the shaft, causing the engorged purple head to swell to the size of a ripe plum. My cock now pointed straight out from my body, waving slightly over Itza's head as she kneeled in front of me. Her tongue reached out, and flicked at the spot right behind the piss slit, and she started to trace wetly along the underside of my hard cock. I kept silent, enjoying the pure sensation of her tongue on my veined shaft. Itza was making these small mewing sounds, as she traced along the underside of my prick -- flicking, dragging, and gently pushing her wet tongue along my cock.

"Big man!" she said simply as she finally paused from bathing my cock with her spit. She moved her head back and pulled down on my cock, aiming the monstrous head at her open mouth. Not hesitating, her head snapped forward and buried the cock head in her mouth. I kept my hand wrapped tightly in her tresses, and watched as inch after inch sank into her hot, moist mouth.

"Do it, Itza, let me see you take it," I said ardently as she kept forcing my prick deeper. I was starting to breathe heavily, and was stunned to see that she could swallow more than the bulbous head. Few women could. I watched silently as her mouth enveloped my prick.

I knew my cock is enormous, bigger than almost any other guy, and I drank in her admiration. I matured early, growing to over 6 feet by the time I was 14 years old, and added another two inches by junior year in high school. Like any teenage boy, I was very conscious of my prick and how it compared to other guys' equipment. I had seen my dad naked, and knew that his flaccid cock stretched halfway to his knees. I just assumed that my cock would grow as big. My mom, a liberated woman, bought Playgirl magazine to show that she could do anything a man could do. I would steal these, and compare myself to the 20-something models. At the time, I remember thinking how he must get any women he wanted, just because of his hug cock. Fully hard, my cock is 11 and half inches long, and over 7 inches around. Since I lost my virginity, I had known how much my cock affected women. Every one of them had reacted to it -- good or bad -- and it was the reactions that turned me on most.

"Mmm ... you taste good ... you taste like pussy," breathed Itza as she released my cock from her stretched mouth. Her sharp tongue started to probe around my balls again, lapping at the musky orbs. I watched her from above, as Itza kept flicking at my nuts and bathing them in spit. Her hand pushed on my hard prick, forcing it upward and against my tight muscled stomach. I felt her tongue trace up the entire length from my sweaty sac to the tip of my monster, as she licked at the pre-cum oozing from its eye.

"I need you to fuck me Big Man, I need this in my pussy."

Itza stood up and simply grabbed my cock with her hand. Turning around, she kept her hand wrapped around the thick shaft, her fingers unable to completely encircle the long spear. Itza walked to her bedroom door, leading my by my hard cock. I had to quickly kick my shorts free to not fall on my face as she pulled me forward.

Once inside her room, I closed the door as Itza pulls off her jersey. In the pre-dawn light, I saw her entire body for the first time. Itza had showed off so often that I thought it would be familiar -- she wore so many revealing shirts or shorts. Yet, I was unprepared for how luscious she was in the flesh. Her toned body glowed in the partial light of her bedroom. My eyes drank in her jutting breasts sitting high on her lithe torso, her slight hips and long legs, all waiting for me.

Not yet satisfied, Itza sank again to her knees and grasped my rod. She squeezed hard on the shaft, causing the skin of my prick to swell and darken. Itza opened her mouth and thrust her heard toward the engorged cock head, burying it in her mouth. She started to move her head back and forth, each time impaling herself and taking more of my hard cock. I grasped her hair again, and encouraged her to take more; not believing it was possible, and amazed at her ability to swallow my cock. Most women would lick my cock, and perhaps manage to take the head and an inch or two. Itza had swallowed almost half of my cock in her delicious fuck hole of a mouth.

Itza released my cock head from her lips with a loud pop, and lay back on the bed. As my spit-coated prick swung back and forth in front of her, I reached down and grabbed her arm, and urged her to turn over. I caught a slight smile on her face, as she twisted around and stretched her well-toned body onto the bed. She buried her face in the pillow, and reached out toward the headboard, grasping it with both hands. I remember the dark hue of her olive skin against the pure-white of the sheets she must have taken from the dorms. My hands found her taut, rounded ass as I moved to straddle her legs. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to reveal her perfect rosebud and her glistening pussy lips -- soft, pink and ready to be opened with my cock.

"Oh ... please ... please fuck me Brett" she breathed into the pillow enveloping her face. My hands were planted on either side of her, bracing the weight of my upper body, as I slowly rubbed my cock head up and down in her moist slit. Pushing the lips apart with my prick, I coated the purple head with her cunt juices. I didn't use my hands, and just let my hardened cock probe her hot hole as my hips moved up and down. Teasing her, making her wait, I pushed down onto her clit, mashing it from behind with my hard fuck stick.

Muffled by her pillow, Itza cried out, "Fuck me big man, fuck me now!"

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