tagNonHumanIvanovs Ch. 04

Ivanovs Ch. 04


Hello, here is the continuation of She Wolf. You may need to read that series before reading this story. None of the characters in this story are real. So please read and then relax.

Thanks to Overstar for editing and revising. Any errors found are not a reflection on this gentleman.

Also thanks to MizT and Navaura for beta reading this for me. You ladies are the best.


Chapter 4

Kale awoke early. He had four days. That wasn't much time, but he had to find a way to resolve this problem and gain the trust of his brother. He knew Gernick did not trust him completely, and he didn't blame him. Out of all of Esmeralda's children, Kale kept an eye on the political things. Often when his father made some outrageous decree, he'd try to change his mind. Lately, Father stopped listening. When he learned that his mother was feeding him poison, he made a final decision.

Gregor Ivanov needed to leave the council. He was a danger to the vampire nation. Kale knew of one vampire on the council that was truly concerned about Gregor's rule. He picked up his phone and called the only ally he had on the council. Cassius sat in his office worried about his friend. He noticed that he'd started changes years ago, but every time he tried to talk to him his wife, Esmeralda, interrupted them. His phone rang and he jumped. "Sir, Kale Ivanov is on the line," his assistant called. Cassius picked up not really knowing what to expect.

"Hello, Kale, how can I help you?" he greeted his caller.

"Father needs to be removed from the council. I need you to help make that happen." Kale stated, stunning the older vampire.

"Wait, um, Kale. I don't... Wait, what is going on?" Cassius demanded. Is this some sort of joke? Had Esmeralda decided to test the loyalty of the council members and sent her son in to gauge his response. He'd tread carefully. "First, let me preface this by saying this is not a scheme by mother. In all honesty, she is the problem, but to stop her, dad needs to be off the council." Kale explained.

Cassius didn't buy it. If Gernick had called, he'd be inclined to listen, but he knew the oldest of Gregor's children detested the council and he could not blame him. "Is this some sort of sick joke, Kale? I will not be party to ridiculous childish prank," he started, nervous not knowing what to expect.

Kale's patience was waning thin, "Look, Cassius, I know you don't trust me, but tell me do you want to die?"

That got his attention. "Look in less than four days, Gernick is storming the council. He intends to kill every member. He will not be alone, because Garrick and I will join with him. Now this can be avoided if you allow us to present evidence that will give cause to remove father. Maybe massive bloodshed can be prevented." Cassius spoke. "We cannot discuss this over the phone. Is there a place we can meet?"

"Yes, come to my office and any members that are ready for change that can be discreet, bring with you. We need as many members on board for this as possible. I'll see you in an hour." Kale then hung up.

Cassius had waited and waited for this moment, but now that it had arrived, he found himself terrified. Gregor had ruled the council for over seven centuries. If this was a trick, his life was forfeit, but if Kale was speaking the truth, then he needed to act now. Cassius called two other council members, and they were hesitant, but agreed to meet with Kale.

An hour later, Kale was at his office with Brenwan when Cassius and two other council members appeared. "Welcome gentleman, thank you for coming. You know who I am, but this is my wife Brenwan. Alongside her is Thomas Macavi, a chemist, and you know my sister, Cantar. I'll let Cantar explain what she discovered first, and then Thomas can speak.

Cantar explained her mother's habit as an herbalist, which the council members were aware of. At one time, she often made medicinal herbs for them. Not that they needed medications, but the herbs she made gave them extra energy. Then she took out a vial, and Cassius gasped. He'd seen Esmeralda mix this substance in Gregor's drink. Gregor would be weak until he drank and then he'd seem fine. Thomas explained the contents of the bottle. The three vampires gasped. If what this vampire said was true then Esmeralda was more dangerous than ever.

"So, Kale, what do you want from us? How do we know this isn't some scheme from Esmeralda to get rid of us once Gregor learns of this?" One of the vampires asked. Kale turned to face him. He was centuries older than Kale, and Kale knew he could read his thoughts. So he was just honest.

"Gernick and Garrick will destroy the entire council and any vampire that tries to defend it. In all honesty, I personally hope they succeed, but just to let you know, Cantar and I stand with them this time. Mother controls the council and she is insane. To stop her, father needs to be off the council. Once he is off the council, we can deal with our family issues. I need you gentleman to allow my brothers and I to be present in a hearing. Then orchestrate a vote. Once you vote him off, we will deal with mother.

"This is not something that can be settled in one day. Others will protest and chaos will ensue. Kale, why can't you all deal with this within your family unit," the third vampire asked.

Before he could answer, Cassius spoke, because he knew how this family had been hurt most by them. "Gregor has used this council against his son for centuries. He has even created crimes and charged him. He has attacked his wife and now these demands against a woman and her child... Kale is right, the council needs to deal with its rot, and then they can deal with their family issues."

"Then who will rule the council? You know no one wants Krill to take over, and he is vying to rule." The third vampire spoke once more. They looked around. Kale and the others listened. Finally Thomas asked, "Who is Krill?"

The three members explained in detail who and what Krill was. He was a pure elitist and loved to fight. He disagreed with the old rule and sought to change the face of the vampire nation.

Their description of this man sparked Cantar's interest. She was curious. The only other vampire she knew to cause such an uproar was her oldest brother Gernick. This guy sounded almost as bad as he was. As the men talked, it was revealed that the only one to ever defeat Krill was indeed Gernick and that was all Cantar needed to hear. Once this situation with Momma was resolved, she wanted to meet this man.

Brenwan, knowing her sister-in-law, whispered a warning, "Curb your curiosity, little one. We have real issues to deal with."

Soon the three needed to return to headquarters hoping not to raise suspicion. Kale had what he needed, a window of opportunity to catch their parents by surprise. He then looked at the others and knew they needed a clear cut strategy.

"Cantar, we need you with us on Friday, as well as you Thomas." Kale looked at his beautiful wife. Her dark hair trapped loosely in a hastily made bun, her big brown eyes challenging him even as he spoke. She was perfect in his eyes, and he could not endanger her. "Brenwan, I want you to stay home. They have no issue with you and you do not need-"

Brenwan stopped him. "Cantar can go, and I cannot? Wait, if you go to fight, I stand with you Kale. No arguments," she declared. Her handsome husband ran a frustrated hand though his dark hair. She knew he would refuse her, but she had to make him see reason. She too could fight, and she would not allow him to battle alone. Besides, Cantar needed her, even if her handsome mule-headed husband didn't see it.

"Brenwan, I have no idea how this will end, but Cantar is one of their children. We must show a united front. I know Shari won't be there and there is no way in hell Gernick will allow Nicolette to come. If they are leaving their wives, then I won't endanger mine." He declared emphatically.

Cantar felt hurt. Each of her brothers wanted to protect their wives, yet neither tried to protect her. She was essentially on her own. Then it dawned on her, she was always on her own. Kales words hurt, but she knew he spoke the truth. Her brothers would not endanger their wives but as siblings she needed to stand with them against her parents. Brenwan and Kale argued some more and then Brenwan said one thing that stunned Cantar.

"I go for Cantar," she stated. "You would leave me someplace safe, as would Gernick and Garrick their wives, yet who is protecting your little sister. I will go and watch her back even if you don't want me there."

Kale roared, "Cantar has all three of us there to guard her. She will be safe. Besides, we have to be united, and for that she has to stand with us." He exhaled, "But Brenwan if something happens to you, I'll never forgive myself."

Brenwan looked at her husband and nodded, "Well, protect me and your sister." Kale pulled his wife into a tight embrace and for a second he looked at Cantar. She was so small and alone. He never realized how isolated she was. She was often the one to deal with mother and he kept an eye on politics. It had to be hard on her to decide to go against mother.

He then moved over and hugged Cantar, "Cantar, we are here for you. Never doubt that, as your brothers we will protect you." He vowed, praying his promise rang true for Gernick as well.

Cantar returned his embrace, knowing that at least one family member cared if she survived or not. After this was over, she'd go away and find her own happiness. She thought of her nephew. He was beautiful, but she knew he'd never really be a part of her life. Just like Garrick's little girl might never meet her as well. She'd find some place where she could live and go on with her solitary existence.

Thomas watched Cantar and felt for her. He never really liked her, but she really was alone. He did have friends, and a job he loved, but what did Cantar have, nothing, no one. Clearing his throat, he reminded Kale that there wasn't much time. Reports on the poison needed printing and they needed copies for each council member.

The two men went to work as Brenwan and Cantar excused themselves. Cantar was quiet and Brenwan knew why. "Kale loves you Cantar. He is just worried. What you four have to do has never been done, but to prevent a civil war, it has to be. It will be alright and when this is over we can all go back to our lives."

Cantar smiled and nodded. She knew Brenwan meant well, but in the end she'd be alone. In less than one day, she'd witness the death of her parents. Then she'd watch her brothers go back to their lives and she'd be alone, once again.

Cassius and the other two members arrived back a council headquarters; Krill met them and demanded to know what secrets they held. Krill knew something was going on. Had they listened to him earlier, that old fool Gregor would be gone and these issues could have been avoided. He also had a sense that things were about to change. He knew Gregor once again fucked with Gernick. Gernick Ivanov was one powerful vampire. He stayed out of politics, but Gregor kept leveling charges against him.

They had been warned by him once, and now Gregor made demands on his wife and child. The shit was about to fly and Krill wanted to be aware of when.

"Krill, it is nothing." Cassius lied, "but we will have a special meeting tomorrow, and I ask that you listen and keep an open mind."

Krill eyed his fellow council member critically. He, as well as the other two, was hiding something. He knew it had to be something about Gregor. For the last century, he seemed to be a loose cannon, yet because he was the oldest they often deferred to him.

Krill believed Gregor needed to be removed, but no one would agree with him. In all honesty, he knew they feared him, and thought he wanted control of the council. He had no desire to rule the council, but knowing the others feared him gave him a sense of pride.

Allowing Gregor to rule after his actions was foolish in his sight and everyone knew it. He often heard others talking and they all agreed that the ruler of the vampire nation needed to be someone strong, not someone encumbered by family issues. Nor should they rule simply because they walked the earth the longest.

Gregor was a tyrant, and he listened to his wife. Krill didn't like Esmeralda. She was sick, but she hid it well. The three elders said a special council meeting would convene. Well, he'd make sure he was present.

Krill wasn't really interested in politics, but he was asked to be here by someone he'd die for. She was concerned that Esmeralda had turned, and she was right. Although he had no idea where the three vampires had gone, he suspected it had something to do with her.

Krill watched the men walk away as he thought, Your time is up. I don't care how they vote or what they decide, for my mother, I will end this Esmeralda. Then he walked to his office not noticing that his fellow vampires quickly clear his way.


Garrick was at the medical center getting on everyone's nerves. Shari could not make a sound without Garrick not calling for a nurse. Finally, both Kim and Shari ordered him to leave and go help the men. Kim called Javon who came over to help distract the vampire. After convincing Garrick to come home with him, the two men talked about the events over the next couple of days.

"Javon, I know you might disagree, but can we station vampires inside the compound. I'm thinking if we can vanish inside, what's to keep the enemy from doing the same. The outside perimeter is guarded, but if it's an internal attack, they might not get here soon enough." Garrick argued.

Javon wanted to disagree, but the vampire had a point. "Listen, vampire. I can protect my people. You will not come in and tell me how to run this compound. However, we can take extra precautions. When will the meeting occur?" he asked.

Javon was a proud man, but he also knew when to listen to sage advice. The vampire before him was a warlord, and he was gifted in the field of combat. "Garrick, I will move the women and children to the safe room. We have one that is fully stocked. The provisions should hold them for six months if needed, but as soon as the threat ends, I'll need to know.

Also, my brother Thaddeus is my second. He goes with them. If something happens to me he becomes Alpha. Now, your mate and the other patients in the medical center are our first priority, if war is imminent, I need to be told. We move the sick and young first. Can you find a way to tell me to move them?" Javon asked, his concern on the highest level it had ever been. Elise sent him a shaft of love, for she too was worried for their people.

Garrick thought. I cannot know where this safe room is. Neither can Gernick. If they breach our thoughts, they may learn of it. I won't try and signal you, but as a precaution, as soon as your brother arrives, move them in three days. I will ask for more time before we go. That should give you time to secure the pack.

"You said you have warriors. Then make sure they are prepared to fight. However, I don't plan to allow anyone of them to breach security here." Garrick promised.

Javon nodded, accepting the big man's promise. In a few days Thaddeus and his family would be back and they could all regroup and defend the pack. Blaine walked in and both men greeted him. Javon took a moment to explain the exit plan to evacuate the weakest among them. Blaine agreed and took off to start evacuation protocol.

Omegas and Thetas were dispatched to prep the safe rooms; patients were being prepped to move. Parents were notified from the school and daycare. All pregnant women were ordered to prepare to relocate. All other able bodied Weres were called to the dining hall for a debriefing with the Alphas.


Thaddeus was driving back to the compound, he wished he could go faster, but he had to obey the laws of the road. The women were talking, but he could feel the underlying tension. Nicolette wanted to vanish back home to be with Gernick so badly, but she gave her word that she'd report to Loess Falls.

Amerie missed her new husband, but she knew he had to stand with his son in this.

Nina, although she wouldn't admit it, was worried about both of them as well. She knew Gernick was a true vampire warlord, and if anyone could end this he could. She understood why he had not before now. This man did father him, and he had siblings. She also knew that then next few days would be some of the hardest ones he'd ever faced. She prayed he'd survive, because if he didn't, well, she could not finish that thought.

"He will survive, Nina. He has too. We need him." Nicolette whispered, instinctively knowing what Nina was thinking about.

"I know. It's just scary, that's all." Nina explained. Soon the boys whimpered and Thaddeus pulled over. They had a quick lunch and took care of the boys. As they were eating, the people around commented on how close the two cousins seemed. Nicky and Nina just smiled and said thanks. Thaddeus laughed. Nina looked at him. "What is so funny?" she demanded.

"Um, baby. Our boys are related. They have the same blood. Scent them if you don't believe me." He boasted. The women did and were momentarily stunned. Their babies smelled almost identical. Their boys were for every intent and purpose brothers.

"I wonder how that happened." Amerie pondered. Nina and Nicky laughed.

"We aren't sure, but at least they will always have each other." The woman explained. Soon they reloaded their SUV and finished the drive home. As they were driving, Thaddeus received a query from Javon. How many more days before you make it to Texas?

We've been driving straight through for one day. Since we've only stopped to eat, I estimate the day after tomorrow at the latest. Possibly tomorrow night, Thaddeus answered.

Javon replied, Good, the sooner you all are here and secure the better. Drive safely. and he ended the connection.

Javon cryptic response concerned Thaddeus. He knew the situation with the vampires was dangerous, and he was needed at the compound. Love, what is it? What's wrong? Nina asked.

Thaddeus squeezed her hand and reassured her that everything was fine. They would be home soon. Nicolette and Amerie shared a looked, All three women knew the wolf was hiding something, and he did so to try and protect them.

Nicolette hated Gregor and Esmeralda for this. This was his fault. Gregor was the head of the family, and he was so careless that he allowed his wicked spouse to gain control of him. Had he been more vigilant, he would have seen through her much sooner. Now because of his nonchalant attitude, many people would die. She closed her eyes and Nina entered her mind.

Nicky, don't let the hate win. He will pay, as will she. You know your husband never breaks his vows. He vowed to end this and he will. Amerie hugged her daughter and whispered words of comfort to her. Soon it was late and everyone excopet Thaddeus napped. He kept driving. Several hours later, they entered the great state of Texas. He knew they'd be home soon and was relieved.

Nina woke up and saw they were close to home. She kissed his tired knuckles as she too was glad to be back home. An hour later, they were entering the compound gages. Nicolette and Amerie had awakened and Nicolette was instantly alerted. The number of vampire surrounding the compound had tripled. She already knew the situation was volatile, but this ratcheted her concern up even more.

Driving straight to the Alpha's home, the group was greeted by Javon and Elise. The compound was eerily quiet, Thaddeus told the group of the evacuation protocol. Nicolette agreed and turned to her mother. "Momma, please watch Jonathan. I want you and him in the safe room. I'm staying out. I may need to fight." Javon started to protest, but Nicky censured him.

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