tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI've Got Pictures

I've Got Pictures

byAvalanche Man©

Those three little words were all that were on the folded paper inside the business envelope sitting on her desk by the flat screen monitor. Mia had swept into her office that Friday morning going ninety miles an hour at least, and her mind was multi-tasking on about twelve different projects at the same time.

So, the envelope had sat there for most of the morning without her thinking about it or why it might be there. Once Mia had slowed down and had her thoughts in cruise control, she absent mindedly picked it up, opened and read it.

"Huh, how strange." she thought.

Starting to rip it in half and toss it in her circular file (though her trash can was oval), she had instead put it back in the envelope and sat it by her monitor. It briefly crossed her mind throughout the day, and she worked up several short, snippy replies to the three little words in the middle of a plain white sheet of paper. As a last minute item before leaving, she pulled it back out and scrawled across the paper "So do I" and stuffed it back in the envelope.

Noticing Monday morning that the envelope seemed a little fatter than it had the previously, she still didn't open or look at it until after ten thirty. While taking a breather when Kelly (her office rival) was in talking about some mundane thing, she had opened it again.

Gasping and using her very best poker face, she had cut Kelly short and got her out of her office.

Inside the envelope was a new sheet of paper with the words " LIKE THESE " and four pictures of her either pulling on a nipple or rubbing herself inside her panties. From the different clothes she had on in the pictures, she knew that these were taken on different days and at different times. But her face was unmistakable in the photos, and her hand was either on a nipple or massaging her pussy.

Quickly glancing around the room to make sure no one was there, but her...she then got up and gave the whole place a thorough scan to see where a camera might be hidden. On her hands and knees, she checked under her desk and moved her briefcase and trash can to see if anything was concealed behind them. Exasperated and still a bit shaken, she had sat down again to closely go back over the note and pictures.

Various people (the Techs and other support reps) came by her office to discuss different projects and problems, but her mind was shot for the rest of the day. Finally, with her nerves about frazzled to the max, she had put the pictures at the back of her briefcase, and had written on the note "What do you want??"

Looking around one last time, she had left for the day and gone home to worry all night about how this happened to her.

She had never dressed overly provocative, but stylish and showing her best assets off to her utmost advantage. Tall, blonde, and a full, creamy set of 36DDs, she still had a super sharp mind and could match the best in the IT field. Accidental exposures of her lush body had happened, but she didn't dress to flaunt or show everything to everybody.

Whereas, her rival, Kelly would dress on the very edge of showing her nipples and pussy; she had never gone beyond business chic.

She felt that a hint sometimes was more than enough, and didn't see sticking in anyone face was necessary or right.

Overhearing conversations among the Techs and support guys, Mia had picked up that they thought of her and Kelly as the Goddesses of the entire company. After they discussed Sand, the Oracle Grid, and whatever corner of the computer world they were in...then, they would get around to baseball, cars, or women.

Women, in particular, being her and Kelly.

Kelly had come to work at various times in super short skirts, and even sheer blouses without a bra. Although this had caused a stir, not to mention a few hard-ons, Kelly had gotten away with it as she was very slim, brunette and barely a 34B. Views of her nipples were enough though to keep the Techs sniffing around her all day long.

Mia had always worn a bra, even though she wore sheer, lacy demi-cup bras that frequent let her nipples pop over the top of the cups. Still, she kept her jacket or suit coats on and never just stuck her nipples out for full viewing.

From bits and pieces of the Techs conversations (when they didn't know she was listening in), she also knew her and Kelly's nicknames among the Techs. Kelly was known as "Miss Nips" and she was referred to as "THE FEAST". Several had said that they thought she was like an All-You-Can-Eat gourmet buffet, and they would love to dine all over her for months, if not forever. A few even stated they would be more than happy just to sup at her founts for as long as she would let them.

Giving up the least iota of control was against everything she could even think of, but still this was beyond her sphere of influence, and could damage her personally and professionally. Along with accidental exposures, she had flashed once in a while, and found it thrilling to show her full, firm breasts, nice perky nipples, and juicy pink pussy to strangers.

However, this was something totally different as this had to be someone who knew her, where she worked, a whole lot about her body, and her frequent nipple pulling, and pussy massage practices.

Getting to work a little early the next day, she could hardly restrain herself from ripping the envelope open to see what it was going to cost her to resolve this unexpected turn of events. Carefully and slowly she eased the sheet of paper from the envelope, then just sat and starred at the words "Visions (and possibly a taste) of your loveliness" on the page. Turning the paper over, and even looking at the edges of it, she looked for a further explanation.

"This is a game someone is trying to play on me." She thought. "Well, bring it on...as this is no Bimbo you're messing with."

Mia loved a good challenge and could play games with the very best of whomever. After lunch and several meetings, she had stopped by her office before leaving for the day, and found an envelope sitting in the middle of her desk, not by the monitor where she knew she had left it. Glancing around to see if anyone was nearby, she started to set it by the monitor, but decided to check it before leaving. "NO panties tomorrow, only lacy top hose" were the new words on the paper.

"Now, the game begins in earnest." She muttered to herself.

Pulling on her nipples almost all the drive home, she hadn't given a thought to other drivers seeing what she was doing. It was almost a reflex action, and she had occasionally had to stop herself from her nipple stimulation, or pussy massage before it became a constant habit.

Several times before, she had briefly thought that if she didn't stop pulling and rolling her nipples so much, they would get over an inch long and almost impossible to get into a bra. But both the nipple work outs and pussy massages were ingrained in her from puberty, and besides, they felt SO GOOD.

Without really thinking the next morning, Mia had dressed for work and put on her sheer black bra that almost never kept her nipples covered. She had slipped on the matching sheer black thong, pulled it tightly onto her clean shaven pussy causing her lips to budge out. It showed her slit off very nicely with the pink visible through the sheer silky material. Smoothing down her tight blue pin striped suit top and short skirt, she was more than ready for whatever the day might bring her way...she thought.

High Heels clacking down the hallway, she had strode to her office and was disappointed that no envelope was waiting on her desk. "What a coward" passed through her mind, as she began to handle all the different, varied items that were her domain. Nothing had appeared on her desk, though she had had a ultra busy and almost frantic day. Leaned back, relaxing in her chair for a moment or two before leaving, she realized another envelope was sitting at the front of her screen.

"AH, HA, Let's see what's new for today." Mia exclaimed to herself.

Stunned and in complete shock, she sat and starred at the words, "BAD GIRL", and pictures of her standing nude, offering her breasts to unseen persons beyond a window. Two other pictures showed her sitting outside on a balcony rubbing her pussy while pulling on her nipples at the same time.

Once the fog and haze had cleared her mind, she quickly stuffed everything in her briefcase, and left to find a quiet secluded place to analyze what was happening to her. "This is a much, much better player than I thought" she mused as she sipped her wine.

She had wanted to have her office swept by the security staff (she knew the Security Chief), but now realized that this went beyond her office. The latest pictures had been taken when she was traveling on business and staying a Marriott and a Wyndham hotel.

Having grossly underestimated her opponent made her want to carefully look over all angles and aspects. There was no threat in any of the messages, maybe an implied one, but nothing the least bit overt in that respect. As yet, nothing had been asked of her that would be risky or dangerous in any way. But, somehow, this person knew when she hadn't complied with what they had asked.

Resolving to be a bit more compliant with whatever was asked of her, she kept in the back of her mind that she could still win by seeming to be a submissive player until she found the right opportunity to pounce.

Surprised at the refreshing, peaceful night sleep, she had chosen to dress in a manner she thought would get her opponent off guard. Beige linen skirt and jacket with an ultra sheer nude color bra that at glance seem to be only seams and nothing else, and a very, very sheer white blouse.

Definitely no panties, but white, lacy top silky hose that would stay up by themselves, and she was ready to rumble.

More than pleased with herself, she had had a great morning and was looking forward to an all afternoon meeting on some new projects they were considering. Rounding the corner of the break room, she ran into a Tech as he was turning from the microwave. Of all idiotic things, he had a sausage dog with mustard and got it all on the left side of her suit coat.

Cussing and muttering to herself, she ignored his apologies and raced to the ladies to try and rinse it out before it stained the linen material. Starring in the mirror, while her coat soaked in the sink, were her nipples jutting out over the almost nothing bra and sheer blouse.

"Oh, HELL, I can't go to the meeting like this. I might as well be topless, and it would almost be less visible than I am now."

Putting her lightening quick mind to work, she rummaged through her purse until she found (at the bottom, of course) an old bottle of liquid, cover up make up that matched her skin tone. Unbuttoning her blouse and pulling down the cups of the bra, she carefully applied the liquid to her nipples and areolas. Blowing on them to dry a little quicker had almost given her an orgasm, but just left her nicely wet, and juicy for the meeting.

Wearing her jacket over her shoulders and folded back in front (to hide the mustard stain), had caused the white blouse and her nipples to be protruding at the front edge of the coat. When the make up had dried it had made her nipples pull and crinkle up, which left a constant tingle in them. But as they were now flesh colored, it didn't show that bra was also super sheer. Knowing that her nipples were in plain, open sight although the others didn't realize what they were seeing had kept her wet and horny the entire meeting.

Driving home, almost steering with her knees as her hands were busy, with the right one rolling and pulling her nipples and the left massaging her pussy into three good climaxes. She had unbuttoned her blouse the moment she got into her car, and hiked her skirt up as she was in dire need of attention in those areas.

Other drivers honking or hollering at her when they saw what she was doing was totally ignored as she was in her own world of euphoria.

Thinking later that it was good she hadn't had an accident or caused any (that she knew of), but cleaning up the juicy puddle in her seat just about had her going again. Keeping a towel handy, or sitting on one in the future might be a good idea if her arousal level stayed this high, she mused.

A deep, exhausted sleep had helped, as she needed the rest from having three (Well, actually five) good orgasms, as she had pleasured herself twice more before falling asleep. She again dressed carefully hoping to flush out whoever was running this game.

Satiny, blue denim skirt and jacket, with a sheer light blue blouse and bra that matched the one from the previous day except for color (blue, of course). Through the blouse you could see just blue lines of the bra straps and edges of the bra cups, with her nipples almost cherry red and very prominent over the tops of the bra cups. Light blue hose with the lacy elastic top, and she was ready for any challenge.

Her nipples wouldn't even make an effort to stay within the bra cups, and she wondered if her breasts were swollen or growing, or possibly her bras were shrinking. Oh, well, at least she could keep this jacket on no matter what, as it would resist any type stain. She had spilled coffee on it before, and it had wiped off without any spotting or stains.

Accepting the apology from the Tech who had bumped into her the previous day, she was definitely happy to have on the jacket. A large group of Techs were in the break room discussing nine I racks and other hardware, and she could feel her nipples rubbing her blouse as she got her morning coffee. Without the jacket she would have started a small riot (or some major hard wood).

The proverbial envelope was sitting at the front of her screen, and she smiled as she reached for it. "VERY NICE...THANK YOU" were the words in the middle of the page which gave her a good, warm feeling. Proud of herself, she had a great morning and got a tremendous amount accomplished. However, she also noticed that she was a bit wet and itchy in her bare pussy area.

Still feeling warm and fuzzy from the early compliment, she had returned from a late lunch to find yet another envelope on her desk. Thinking it might be the next days request, she had opened it to find "LOSE THE JACKET" on the paper inside.

"HA," she thought. I learned this trick yesterday, and headed for the ladies room for a repeat of what she had done so well the previous day. Digging in her purse, she found the liquid cover up bottle, but once she opened it discovered that she had used it all.

"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT," ran through her mind, but once again she found a way to improvise a solution. Going back to her purse, she had dug out her blue eye shadow. Opening her blouse she didn't even have to pull down the bra cups as her nipples seemed to be ready for her today. Covering her nipples with blue eye shadow, then blowing on them to dry, she had a small orgasm and had to dry her pussy also.

Walking back to her office, it was all she could do NOT to look down at her blue nipples, as she knew she was going to be wet and horny again all afternoon.

Wet and wetter was the best way to describe her state these days, and she kept the kleenex in her office handy as her pussy needed...no, demanded frequent blotting. A large wet spot in the back of her skirts, or a puddle of her creamy juices in her chair was not anything she wanted as part of her corporate image.

Resolving to stop on the way home and pick up some aerosol for her office, she had once again unbuttoned her blouse and hiked up her skirt for the stimulating ride home.

"LICK ME ALL OVER" was the name of the air freshener she found, and almost came right in the store when she thought about it. Getting back in her car after shopping, she realized she had forgotten to rebutton her blouse, and had shown her blue nipples to all she had encountered. No wonder the check out clerk had starred at her and stammered when giving her her receipt.

Laughing at herself and what she had done, the ride home was another nipple pulling, pussy massage session that had her panting by the time she parked her car. Keep this up and I'll never have to go to a gym again, she thought as she wiped out the car seat with the towel she had remembered to have available. Not only accepting, but almost reveling in this game, she was still waiting for the right opportunity to turn it around.

So cheerful that she almost sang in the shower, she reviewed what she might wear for the day. A light pale creamy gold blouse with a bit of a blue stripe thru it and a short tight dark blue velour skirt were her choices. Since nothing would show through the blouse, she went with a shelf type bra that thrust her breasts and nipples out.

It looked like an offering to any lucky person who had the joy of seeing it, but was covered by the blouse that draped over the bare nipples and breasts.

Gold, shimmery hose and Mia was more than ready and aroused just feeling and knowing what she had on.

Not moving or swaying her breasts too much under the blouse was a necessity, as just the normal movement of her nipples rubbing against the silky material kept her in a high state of wanting to pull on them.

Her freshly shaven pussy was creaming quite well on its own, and she had to be careful that her juices didn't run down her legs.

The new air freshener was a hit, as different Techs, and even Kelly had commented favorably on its aroma.

They had all cracked up over the name "LICK ME ALL OVER" and Mia thought "Yeah, but you don't know how badly I want someone to take it literally."

The morning envelope by her monitor had the simple word "OUTSTANDING" and she was giddy with the rush of endorphins that went thru her whole body. Knowing that she was falling into a trap of some kind; still, she loved this game and looked forward to whatever the next step might be.

Bouncing through all the office as she did her various projects and problems to be solved, she had a huge smile as the feeling of her breasts being bare and almost totally free was not known by anyone, but her.

After another late lunch, she was pleasantly surprised to find another envelope sitting in front of her monitor. Eagerly she opened it as she could feel some objects inside, and wondered what it could be in there.

Two round filigree gold loop rings and a gold clip type thing fell out into her hand from the envelope, and Mia just starred at them. Reading the words on the paper that only said "WEAR THESE" left her mind in turmoil for a brief moment. Suddenly the lights went back on in her head, and she had to keep from laughing and swishing as she went to the Ladies room.

Unbuttoning her blouse and pulling her nipples through the flat gold rings had left her breathless as she now contemplated the the gold clip. Stopping to admire how the gold rings looked on her breasts, she was actually quite pleased with how they pulled her nipples out with just the right amount of pressure.

After blotting and drying her clit several times, she managed to get the gold clip seated over it.

"Like I really needed these...to get my focus on my nipples and pussy." She thought as she wandered back to her office to finish the day.

Yet, it was a continual rush talking with the Techs and others that came by her office, and would never guess what she did and didn't have on under her blouse and skirt.

Driving home, Mia had actually considered removing her blouse to display to the world her gold tipped breasts. But she had settled for unbuttoning it completely and letting the air conditioner caress them instead.

The clip on her clit, however, was another matter, as it was slipped back and forth, and pulled to keep her flowing with sweet cream all the way home.

Resting in the garage once she got there, the thoughts of "I gotta get a bigger towel" and "Thank goodness, I don't have a longer drive home" filled her mind as she leaned back in her car seat.

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