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Ivy's Aphrodisiac


To my readers:

I must say that this is my first attempt at writing erotica and I could not have done it without the help from my editor, Eluckenbach. So thank you Eluckenbach! I am hoping to continue writing in this genre and any feedback will be welcome.

Thanks and happy reading!



Standing hunched over the counter in her bakery's kitchen, Ivy Moretti breathed in the heady aroma of freshly baked chocolate, as she created intricate white roses along the sides of the wedding cake perched in front of her.

Ivy's Aphrodisiac. The name came to her one night while she was out taking her nightly run. She always wanted someone to crave her and now thousands did. At least they did her sweets. Her love life was a completely different story all together.

Ivy had always dreamed of owning her own bakery and three years ago, that dream came true. Smiling to herself, she remembers how Kathy, her stepmother had reacted upon hearing of the bakery.


"What do you mean you want to open a bakery?" questioned her stepmother.

"You misunderstood me Kathy. I have opened a bakery." Ivy smiled sweetly at her step-mom as she watched her perfectly polished face flush with tightly controlled anger.

Kathy's head snapped towards Cole, Ivy's father causing her coffered black hair to sway slightly in its tight confines. "Exactly how did she open a bakery? She doesn't have a cent to her name."

"Dad helped me find a backer, and because I already found the perfect location in the Village, everything just fell in place." Ivy wanted to gloat in Kathy's face, but she would not make this any harder on her father than it was already going to be.

"Cole," Kathy whined. "I thought we discussed this. Remember, you said we were not going to get involved with anymore of Ivy's little schemes."

"No Kathy, you discussed. I listened to your point-of-view and decided to help Ivy find a silent backer." Cole patient tone sounded as if he were talking to a child and not to his new wife.

Kathy face reddened as she became irate at Cole's explanation. "You never help Michael when he comes to you! Is that because he's my son and not you precious dead wife's little girl?" The word wife came out as a sneer.

Ivy knew that her father could handle Kathy on his own, but she would not let the bitch talk about her mother with disrespect.

Ivy's eyes narrowed on Kathy as she walked towards her. "Don't you talk about my mother in that tone, you stupid cow! She was more of wife and mother than you can ever hope to be!" Anger and pain radiated through her body as she came to a stop inches from Kathy.

Kathy stepped back in the face of Ivy's rage and looked to Cole for help.

"Ivy honey, I'm sure Kathy didn't mean to disrespect your mother. You know how she tends to speak before she thinks," Cole said as he stepped between the two women, trying to defuse the situation.

Ivy could hear the pleading in her father's voice and see the fire in his ever-changing smoke-gray eyes and backed away from Kathy. "I only tolerate you because I love my Dad, but understand this. If you ever hurt him or speak badly of my mother again nothing will stop me from kicking your bony ass."

As Ivy stormed out of the room, she heard the warning her father gave Kathy and smiled with the knowledge that Kathy would be out of their lives before the end of the year.


Nikolai Petrov sat surrounded by the black buttery leather of his high-backed chair as he went over his company's figures from the last month. The large bay of windows rising up behind him is letting in the filtered rays of sunshine as they warmed him through the thick panes of glass.

Placing the folder down on his mahogany desk, he leaned back and closed his gray-green eyes. Exhaling loudly, he links his hands together behind his head and ponders at the success his investment company has seen. His partner and confidant, Cole Moretti had helped Nikolai with more than getting his hands into the investment market. In essence, Cole had saved him from a very troubled road and Nikolai would always be eternally grateful because of it. Nikolai opened his eyes to take in the lush opulence around him. It still amazed him to think that all of this was his. He still laughed to himself when he thought about his first splurge.

Spending two hundred thousand dollars on the mother of pearl world globe that stood proudly in the corner of his office had nearly caused him to be sick. However, as his mother said, "You've worked too hard not to enjoy yourself Niko, just make sure you are not enjoying it alone."

His mother was constantly worrying about his marital status. Being forty-two and never married, he could understand her concerns. He just could not seem to get motivated enough to do anything about it. The buzz of his intercom pulls him from his thoughts and back to reality.

"Yes, Tracie," he answers.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you Mr. Petrov, but Mr. Fielding is here and insists on speaking with you," Tracie explains.

Releasing the intercom button Nikolai rubs at his suddenly throbbing temples. "It's okay Tracie. You can show him in."

The heavy mahogany door opens to reveal Tracie's elegantly long body, as she ushers in the aging Mr. Fielding. Nikolai knew that Tracie too was concerned with his single status, but for entirely selfish reasons. Unfortunately, he could not seem to get past her snobby, cold demeanor.

"Mr. Petrov," started the little old man before Tracie even had time to shut the door behind her. "I'm sorry to bother you without calling first, but I have something I think you would be interested in looking at," Mr. Fielding said quickly.

"Is there some concern with my finances?" asked Nikolai.

"Oh no Mr. Petrov, quite the opposite in fact. Do you recall agreeing to be a silent backer for Mr. Moretti's daughter's bakery?" questioned the accountant.

Nikolai's dark brows drew together as he thought back to his friend coming to him with a harmless sounding proposition. "Yes, about three years ago right? Has something happened?"

The little man hobbled over to one of the big chairs in front of Nikolai's desk and sat heavily. "Yes. I was just going over the numbers of some of your smaller holdings when the bakery caught my eye. It seems that it is not so little anymore. In fact in the past two year it has nearly quadrupled its revenues and upon further investigation I have discovered that the bakery is one of the top confectioners in the state."

Nikolai steeples his hands in front of his mouth as he leaned towards his trusted accountant. "You know what Mr. Fielding? I do believe I'm starting to have the craving for something sweet today," said Nikolai with a full smile.


Nikolai pulled his pearl grey Jaguar into the parking space to the right of the little brick bakery. The sign hanging from the brightly colored awning held the words boasting Ivy's Aphrodisiac in a flirty dark green script complete with bright pink orchids climbing along the I and A.

Smiling to himself, Nikolai climbs out of his car and heads towards the bakery's front window so he can observe for a moment. He learned long ago that a successful businessman always considers each situation before acting.

Coming to stop by the crystal clear glass, he looks inside, taking mental notes of things to be changed or left alone. As he scans the brightly lit counters, his eyes come to a halt when they alighted on the little blond working behind the counter.

She is definitely not going to be changed, thought Nikolai as he continued taking in the woman's features.

The woman's shoulder length blond hair was held back from her heart-shaped face by two braids on the back of her head. Two braids that Nikolai wanted to curl his fist around as he thrust into her from behind. Her pink tank top did a poor job of concealing her round, soft breast, for that he was immensely grateful.

Nikolai felt himself start to harden as he continued to take in her small body. She was short, maybe a little over five foot, and curvy in all the right places. He could almost feel her legs wrap around his waist as he pierced her delectable body.

God, he would love to fuck her up against a wall. He bet himself that she would give as good as she got. Not the uptight quiet women he always seemed to attract. Nikolai shook his head when he realized where his thoughts were going.

Turning from the window, he heads towards the front door. Taking one last breath of fresh air to help clear his head, he pushes the door open. The little blond looks up from her task of restocking the baked goods and stopped him cold in his tracks with a wide bright smile.

"Good morning," said the woman as she rounded the counter with her petite hand stretched out to him.

"Morning," replied Nikolai.

Up close, he noticed that she was younger that he originally thought. He also realized that she just might be the only person other than his mother who had a genuine smile.

It was the kind of smile that lit up the eyes. She had beautiful light brown eyes with streaks of gold bolting through them. Honey colored eyelashes and brows made his mind wonder if the thatch between her legs was that sweet shade.

Ivy's brows rose when the handsome dark stranger continued to stare at her and ignore her outstretched hand. Feeling that she had waited long enough to be polite, Ivy reached for his hand that was still at his side. "This is where you take my hand and shake it back." Ivy said with a laugh in her voice and a smile on her coral colored lips.

Once again shaking out of his lust induced trance Nikolai gave an embarrassed smile. "Sorry, you caught me off-guard by coming around the counter. First time I've actually been greeted that way in a bakery."

"Uh huh, nice save. You can always get around me by completing my bakery," laughed Ivy.

"This is your place?" shock colored his voice.

"Is that so hard to believe? What did you expect, a little old lady?" Ivy mocked the stranger.

"Well no, but I just thought the owner would be a bit older." Nikolai realized how stupid he sounded and stopped speaking. But, not before Ivy took offense to the comment.

"Well, I'm sorry if you think I'm too young, but age obviously doesn't make everyone wiser," Ivy said looking straight into his gray-green eyes.

No longer smiling Ivy turned from the man and walked back behind the counter. "Is there something I can get for you or are you just walking around the Village spreading your own special kind of sunshine to everyone you meet?"

Nikolai could not fight back the laughter or smile at her forward comment. People never talk to him like that and he never realized how much he missed it. Ivy looked at him as if he had gone mad, which sobered him up a bit.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I've heard what a great bakery this is and I assumed it would be owned by someone with more experience."

Ivy judged his sincerity and smiled back. "It's okay. I just get tired of people judging me because of my age. Besides, what I lack in years I make up for in my eagerness to please."

"Nikolai Petrov. It's a pleasure to meet you," Nikolai said with his hand outstretch.

"Ivy Moretti, nice to meet you Nikolai Petrov." As his warm hand surrounded Ivy's, her vision narrowed down to the man in front of her.

Her catlike eyes took in his midnight colored hair and dark brows. His gray-green eyes rimmed with thick, dark lashes. His nose was slightly crooked, as if it had been broken when he was younger.

Ivy bit back a moan when she came to his mouth. Full lips that she suddenly wanted to taste and have taste her back. She could almost feel those hot lips trailing down her body, making her tighten her thighs to ease the sudden ache.

The chiming of bells shook Ivy from her daydream alerting her that she and Nikolai were no longer alone. Releasing Nikolai's strong hand Ivy felt instantly chilled. Turning towards the door, Ivy beamed at the man who entered the bakery.

"Artie! How's the sweetest man in the world today?" Ivy exclaimed as she rounded the counter and hugged the obviously homeless man who walked in.

Artie awkwardly returned Ivy's warm hug before stepping back to dust himself off.

"I'm doing just fine Ivy, but I see you have a customer, so I'll come back a little bit later," said Artie as he glanced nervously at Nikolai and turned towards the door in an attempt to leave.

"Artie don't be silly. You know that you will always come first in my place. Now what can I get for you today?" Ivy said as she ushered the older man to the pastry case.

Artie walked back and forth several times holding his hands in front of himself taking in the sweets and judging each before making his decision.

"It's a hard choice today Ivy, everything looks great as usual." Artie stops pacing and points to a lemon chiffon tort with a mint infused crust. "I think I'll take that one."

"Excellent choice, good sir," Ivy said as she carefully took the tort from the case. As she turned to the back counter to box the tort, Nikolai noticed with confusion that she broke off a small piece of the crust.

Ivy placed the now imperfect treat in a small white box and turned towards Artie with a look of distress on her face. "Oh, would you look at that. I can't sell this to you Artie the crust has broken off in one spot."

"That's alright Ivy, I don't mind. It will still taste just as good," replied Artie.

"No, I insist you take it free of charge. You know I never let a sweet leave this place until it gets my seal of approval," Ivy said as she handed the little box to Artie.

"Well if your mind is made up Ivy, then I guess I'll just have to take it." Artie looked at the white box and smiled. "Thank you Ivy. As usual it is a pleasure doing business with you," Artie said as he headed for the door.

"You're quite welcome and be sure to come back tomorrow morning; I'm making up a batch of chocolate covered strawberries stuffed with Mascarpone cheese." Ivy grinned as she watched Atrie's eyes widen in excitement.

"Okay, I'll be here. See you then." With that, Artie shut the door behind him.

Ivy turned back to Nikolai only to find him staring at her as if she had sprouted a third eye.

"What?" she asked suddenly feeling a little too exposed.

"Do you always give away your livelihood for nothing in return?" questioned Nikolai.

"Well one little thing everyday isn't going to hurt me and besides I have too many blessings in my life not to pass on a little to those who have less. Why, are you going to stand there after driving up in your Jag and walking in here with your tailor made clothes and tell me that you don't lend a helping hand to those in need?" Ivy bristled at the thought of him not helping those in need.

Nikolai held out his hands in a submissive posture as he walked towards Ivy behind the counter. "Of course I help those in need. It wasn't that long ago I was one of those people and without someone helping me out I could have been Artie." Nikolai came to stop just inches from Ivy's warm body.

Ivy was forced to look up at Nikolai when he stopped in front of her. The spicy warm, masculine sent of him filled her lungs as her body softened in response as if preparing itself for him.

As Nikolai looked down at Ivy, he noticed the pulse at the base of her throat beginning to race. More importantly, he noticed that she was looking at his mouth and licking her own lips.

Ivy watched through desire-laden eyes as a wicked smile curved Nikolai's lips and his hand moved to grip the back of her neck pulling her slowly towards him.

As Nikolai slowly lowered his head towards Ivy's waiting mouth he felt her small hands clutch at his arms. He closed his eyes and prayed that she would not push him away.

Ivy knew he was looking for unspoken permission when his mouth hovered close enough to hers that she could feel his moist, warm breath feathering over her lips. She smiled when she watched his eyes close as if in pain and leaned up to nibble lightly on his full bottom lip.

Nikolai's eyes snapped open at the feel of Ivy's teeth and growled as he pulled her even closer to his body as his tongue forced its way into her mouth. The hand around her neck tightened on her as he used his free hand snaked around her waist and pull her up against his large body.

Ivy moaned into his mouth at the feel of his strong hold on her body. Needing to get closer, she wrapped her arms around Nikolai's neck and pulled herself up his body until she could wrap her legs around his waist.

The moment Nikolai felt Ivy climbing up his body he knew his pounding erection would take matters in its own hands if he didn't slow down. God, it was as if she was in his head, doing the things he imagined. Turning his body, he rested Ivy's bottom on the back counter and tried to put some space between them, but Ivy apparently had ideas of her own.

As Ivy felt Nikolai start to pull away, she made a sound of distress deep in her throat. "No, don't stop," whispered Ivy as she begged Nikolai with her eyes to continue.

"Never." Nikolai shook his head as his mouth slammed back down on Ivy's swollen lips. His tongue probed deep, tasting, claming every moist part of her greedy mouth.

Ivy's legs tightened on Nikolai's waist as she slowly ground her heated center against his thick erection through the soft material of his dress slacks. Her head fell back exposing her throat to his wondering mouth. Can someone come simply from a kiss? Thought Ivy as her damp panties clung to her heated core.

"Oh, God Niko please don't stop. I'm almost there," panted Ivy as his lips slid down to lick at her exposed cleavage.

"That's it Baby. Rub yourself on me. Make it feel good. Fuck! You're going to make me come in my pants." Nikolai growled as he traveled back toward Ivy's open mouth.

Ivy's hold on Nikolai's hair became tighter as he claimed her mouth once again and she began to grind her hips into him to the point of pain. She felt his hand move from her back to slip under her tank and burn a path up the front of her body.

Nikolai felt her stomach muscles tremble under his fingers and knew she was close. He slid his hand further up until he could fill his hand with her plump lace covered breast. Her nipple pebble under his palm and he reached for the clasp in the front of her bra.

Ivy knew it would be over the moment her touched her breast. Her body was so sensitive that the sensation of his coarse hair sliding through her fingers made her ache even more. The feeling of him tugging on her bra let her know that he couldn't get the clasp and decided to go the direct route by pulling it down, exposing her breasts to his hot hands. Thank God!

Nikolai pulled on her bra until one heavy breast spilled out into his waiting hand. His fingers traced around her nipple, but never actually touching it causing Ivy arch her back and push her needy breast into his hot hand.

"Please Niko, please touch me," begged Ivy.

Nikolai pulled back from kissing Ivy so he could watch her face as he pinched and twisted her nipple in his fingers. He watched in wonder as her eyes rolled back and her body arched off the table towards him. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and Nikolai promised himself that next time he would have her scream ringing in his ears.

Ivy felt as if her blood turned to fire in her veins as she came. She felt Nikolai strain towards her as a strangled growling escaped his throat signaling his own release and she knew that she would never settle for anything less that this again.

Nikolai laid his head in the crook of Ivy's neck trying to catch his breath. "I can't believe I just came in my pants. I haven't done that since I was a teenager."

Ivy could feel him smile against her flushed skin as he spoke and closed her eyes in hopes of gaining some small amount of strength, so she could move. "That was amazing. What do you do for an encore?" Ivy panted into his hair as she turned to find his lips once again.

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