tagRomanceIvy's Aphrodisiac Ch. 03

Ivy's Aphrodisiac Ch. 03


The twinkle of the door bell caused Ivy to jerk away from the wall she had been leaning on and stare into the shocked face of her father.

"Daddy! Daddy I can explain. Just um..." Ivy swallowed hard as she looked at her father.

"I don't think I really need an explanation, but an introduction would be nice. He must be important to you if you're willing to risk leaving the door unlocked." Her father crossed his arms as he spoke.

Nikolai went ridged at the sound of Cole's voice and knew there was no way to get out of this one. Christ if he were in Cole's shoes he would have already killed the guy standing between his daughters legs. Speaking of legs, Ivy's were still wrapped around him.

Great. He thought as he untangled himself from her death grip. Turning slowly from Ivy, Nikolai faced his friend and occasional business partner.

"Niko? Ivy what the hell is going on?" Disbelief and anger colored Coles voice as his eyes bore into Ivy.

"Don't you take that tone with her Cole." Growled Nikolai. "This whole mess is my fault and I fully take the blame and any ass kicking you feel like dishing out." Nikolai said as he ran his hand through his recently disheveled hair.

"Wait. You two know each other?" Ivy said in confusion as she hopped down from the counter.

"Of course we do. Niko and I are friends, not to mention he's your silent backer for this place." As Cole spoke he turned his head in Ivy's direction.

Ivy was stunned into silence at hearing her father's comment. Nikolai looked away from Cole at Ivy when she didn't immediately start screaming at him for being the biggest prick she has ever met.

As Nikolai looked into Ivy's eyes he watched as if in slow motion as Ivy's gold flecked brown eyes were slowly taken over by the gold, leaving her eyes an eerie catlike yellow. Just as he was about to try and explain things to Ivy he heard Cole swear under his breath and knew things were about to get ugly.

"Let me see if I've got this straight..." Started Ivy with a forced smile.

"Well, kids as much as I would love to stick around and see Niko have his skin flayed from his bones, I'm going to let you two deal with this on your own." Said Cole as he turned and walked out the door.

"Cole wait! Don't you even want an explanation?" Questioned Nikolai as he watched Cole shaking his head as he walked away. Somehow he knew that Cole leaving as quickly as he did was not a good sign.

Nikolai slowly turned back towards Ivy as the heavy feeling of guilt began to weigh him down. Facing her made it no easier for him. Ivy was like reading an open book. Her beautiful face holding every damning line that he just helped write.

"Why did you come here? Is this some kind of sick way you get off or do you not understand the meaning of silent-backer?" Fumed Ivy.

"I came here because I was curious about the little bakery that had suddenly tripled its revenues. It was never my intention to get physical with the owner of the bakery. Besides I had no idea what the owner even looked like before now." Explained Nikolai.

"So what, you thought that you would come in here and start making changes? That I would just lie down and let you fucking take over my company? No wait, you didn't expect me to lie down at all. You just put me up on the counter and waited for me to spread my legs for you. Well congratulations you almost succeeded." Ivy breathed out roughly as she finished in embarrassment.

"That was not my plan. I did come here with the some ideas that would make this place more profitable, but I never planned on touching you." Nikolai gritted out feeling more and more like an asshole.

"You arrogant self-serving son-of-a-bitc..." Nikolai moved in a blur of movement before Ivy could finish her sentence and pinned her with his hand against her mouth against the glass case behind her. "You may call me anything you like, God knows I deserve it. But, never say anything disrespectful about my mother. She is the only good thing in my life and I will not allow her good name to be tarnished." Nikolai's body shook with controlled anger as he looked down into the now frightened eyes of Ivy.

Ivy could feel every line of life hardened muscle in Nikolai's body as he crushed her against the counter. The spicy scent of his body wrapped around her senses causing her to feel as if she were drowning in him. She couldn't understand why, but this more aggressive, more animalistic side of him made her want to surrender all control to him. To give him her everything and more.

After what seemed like an eternity, Nikolai's mind slowly came back to him as he shook his head as if to help clear his mind. "I'm sorry." Were the only words he said as he lowered his forehead to hers and stared into her golden eyes.

Ivy's mouth felt parched under his hot hand and so she peeked her tongue out to lick at her lips. The action causing her lick the palm of his hand. She watched in fascination as his face tensed with immediate arousal. Ivy went to remove his hand from her mouth, when she realized he held her wrists behind her.

The feeling of being held down by this man sent a new rush of slick arousal between Ivy's legs. Being physically controlled the way she was, Ivy did the only thing she could think of. She begged him with her lust heavy eyes to let her move.

Nikolai watched Ivy's emotions flicker through her eyes. Shock, fear, understanding, and a lust that under normal circumstances would have him tearing her clothes off and burying himself deep inside of her wet heat.

But this was not normal. He did not take advantage of young women. He did not get physically rough with young women. Hell, he didn't go near any woman who wasn't within a five year radius of his own age.

"I need to go." Nikolai said remorsefully as he backed away from Ivy, leaving his body chilled from the loss of her warmth.

Ivy watched as he turned away from her and walked out the door to his car. Her mind was still reeling from the fact that he had walked way from her without as much as a peck of the cheek. Her body throbbed with unspent energy and she knew that she would do what ever it took to get him back in her arms.

"You can run, but you'll never be able to escape me now Nikolai." Ivy whispered with a sly smile as she watched him speed away.

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