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Another cheating wife story. I didn't give it a finish as his life isn't over yet. If anyone or everyone wants to take it a new direction please feel free to do so. Please just cite the original work in your ending.


My wife JoAnna Templer looked at me, John, and let out an exasperated sigh. "Look, dear heart, Gayle needs someone to look at her hot tub. She is wanting to use it now that the weather is getting warmer. You know exactly how to fix it and should be done in about an hour or so."

I gave my wife of 24 years an appraising look. We had gotten married while still attending college, her for her teaching degree and me for my mechanical engineering degree. We had our first child while attending post graduate courses. Jason is now 21 and working on his mechanical engineering degree.

JoAnna had decided to change her career slightly after teaching a couple of years. She decided to go into administration and worked to get her masters degree in public education. Over the years she kept going back to school and now had her doctorate and was the local superintendent of schools. I had my masters in engineering and have my own company where my people design and construct everything from bridges to mechanical devices. The whole world seems to come to my company for oversight and critical analysis of any new mechanical device. It might be prideful to say so but my reputation is so very good that companies hold their collective breaths waiting for my approval of a new patent.

Our other son, James, is now 18 and will be soon heading to college. He is undecided on his major but I'm sure that he will settle into a teaching career as he loves to guide and mentor others.

You would think that JoAnna and I would be settled now. Both of us have great careers, our boys are top notch, and both of us have our health. JoAnna is a runner and routinely competes in 5 and 10 K races. I belong to a cross-fit gym and compete against athletes half my age. I also had dabbled in MMA and know how to fight if necessary.

But JoAnna had been increasingly difficult to live with over that past year. I thought hard about it and maybe it, whatever it was, had started even before that. We had moved to this gated community five years ago. The community was small and close knit. Our neighbors had immediately come to meet us and we were invited to multiple community events. I have always considered myself to be more of a blue collar type worker even though I wear business suits daily. I dump the suit jacket and tie as soon as possible after getting to work.

JoAnna has always wanted to be part of the upper crust and, in this community, we are considered upper crust but hard working new money instead of blue blood old money.

I have developed a couple of friendships for the purpose of drinking beer and watching football. None of our neighbors are into NASCAR, though, so I have to watch races alone. In fact I'm not all that keen on the racers themselves, more often I watch individual cars as various parts had come under my purview as they were being developed. It is a pride thing when a car my company had helped with comes across the finish line even if not in first. Those races are hard on cars and drivers.

Sometime in the last two years our neighbors and friends had learned that I wasn't just an engineer. I love to tinker with devices to learn and repair. It's something I have always done. It probably was what made me pursue an engineering degree. Suddenly JoAnna was accepting requests for me to fix various household problems. One woman said her sprinkler system wasn't programmed right and the service company didn't seem to be able to help. I got them to work like she wanted even though it wasn't very efficient the way she wanted to water her lawn. Another wife asked me to look at her pool controls and tweak them so the pool lights came on a specified times and went off again at specified times.

You can see the pattern here. JoAnna would answer the phone and then tell me who wanted my help. I would go find out exactly what the problem was and try to fix it. Sometimes it was a legitimate call like a bad belt on a furnace fan but most of the time it was piddly little shit that either didn't need fixed or easily fixed by someone in the business. I just had to shrug my shoulders and do as directed. If I didn't comply immediately then the cold war started.

Maybe I need to describe JoAnna more. She is a very type "A" person. You know the type; one who takes charge and rams things forward. This is good for her job as superintendent. Many new and great programs had been started by her during her tenure. She is worth every dime of the exorbitant salary that they pay her. She is 5 foot 8 inches tall with shoulder length brunette hair. Her hazel eyes are piercing. Her breasts are full and her ass just begs to be kissed and played with. Well, at least I think so, and from the looks she has gotten even with me present over the years I think that other men would agree with me.

She is every inch a woman but forceful and diplomatic as the situation demands. The teachers, staff and school board all seem to love her and, whenever a rumor comes around that she might leave, they all gang up to show her why she should stay put. She handles all of the politics, drama, and distractions with grace and a smile.

Me, on the other hand, I am 6 foot 2 inches and weigh about 200 lbs on a good day. As I said before I work out at a cross-fit gym and keep up with guys half my age of 46. I did a lot of MMA earlier and actually fought in a few fights. I didn't win them all but everyone felt they had actually had to work to beat the old man. My hair is thinning but not too badly. It is brown with auburn highlights and I have blue eyes. I keep my face shaved, mostly for business. Most of my customers seem to prefer this, but when I am out camping or hunting I don't shave for days. One of my goals is to get a large motorhome and a bike, a motorcycle actually, and travel. My ideal retirement is to travel, park and camp and then bike tour the local countryside before moving on. Unfortunately JoAnna wants to travel in style and stay at top notch hotels with great amenities such as pools, spas, and expensive dining.

Of course none of this has anything to do with the problem at hand. JoAnna wants me to go fix some small problem at one of the neighbors and I am tired of it. Not the fixing of the problem but the blatant sexuality of whichever female has called. For example, Grace, the first one who called on my expertise to fix her sprinklers had shown me the controls while wearing a tight wife beater and super tight shorts. She didn't wear a bra and her large nipples and even her aureole were visible through the material. Her shorts were so short and tight that a vaginal lip had escaped and was quite easily seen. I know, I know, how someone dresses in their own home is not any of my business but then she would rub against me and even groped my ass and then my cock.

I tried to tell her that I was happily married but she countered with the same comment. She was also happily married but they and her husband had an agreement and an open marriage. Everything just had to be discreet and she knew I would be discreet. She was very good looking and very tempting but, as I said, I am happily married. I escaped her clutches.

When I got home JoAnna asked me how it went. I just told her that I was able to do the programming as Grace wanted. She then asked me how Grace was. I was a little confused. Finally I told her the truth. "Grace was a little over the top. She wore extremely revealing clothes and was rubbing against me as much as she could. I don't know what she was selling but I wasn't buying."

JoAnna seemed disappointed for some reason. When I asked she brightened up immediately. "I am so upset with Grace I just cannot talk about it. I thought she was better than that. I love you, Honey and am proud that you are so strong in the face of temptation."

We made love that night kind of like newlyweds instead of old married fuddy-duddies. I was glad she didn't think that I was chasing women.

A couple of weeks later I was asked to help someone again. This happened over and over these last few years. Some of the women were blatant in their attempt to seduce me, others were a little more circumspect but I got the feeling from each one that I was meat and they were looking for a meal of steak. I resisted each one.

I am not a player, have never been one. I wouldn't know where to start to seduce a woman. My experience prior to meeting JoAnna was limited at best. I just don't know how to read a woman like I can read a spec sheet. I get along with the women on my team and the women in our neighborhood. I tend to treat them like I want my sisters or mother to be treated, with respect and honor. These women that were our neighbors didn't seem to like that. They wanted sex.

I have to say here that within the first year that we moved into the gated community a couple of the men sounded me out on the chance that JoAnna and I would be open to swinging and I am not talking about swing dancing. I had shut them down quickly. I would never interfere with their lifestyle but we weren't interested. I didn't even have to bring it up with JoAnna, I felt we were on the same page there.

Anyhow here we are, today, March 12th. The weather is nice and JoAnna has just gotten off the phone with yet another neighbor who wants me to repair something or other. This was a new one, Gayle, who moved into the community a few years ago with her older husband. I always kind of wondered if she was a trophy wife due to her age and her fantastic looks. She always wore very revealing clothing anytime we saw her and she didn't seem to mind that all the men were checking her out. She was a very tempting morsel, one I didn't trust myself to be around much.

On top of that JoAnna had been kind of distant lately. I chalked it up to the upcoming end of the year and the performance reviews she had to do on existing staff, hiring new teachers and her own performance review even though I doubt she would have any trouble.

As I thought about it she had been getting a little distant after each of my forays into helping the neighbors fix their problems. Each time I came home she would ask about the woman who I had helped and I would outline what I had fixed and then what the woman had done to show how much they wanted me. JoAnna would get angry about the whole thing and go off about how the woman was a failure but now she was becoming less affectionate towards me. I would go to my workroom (I don't have an office at home) and tinker with some project or another and try to avoid the dark cloud that would descend over the family. She would turn a cold shoulder to me when I finally dragged myself to bed but, by then, I would be too tired to try and figure her out. As I said, I can read a spec sheet or a blueprint but women, even my wife, were far harder to read and understand.

Now Gayle wanted me to get her hot tub filter and pump up to speed. Between the lack of loving from my wife of 24 years and the blatant sexuality of Gayle I was afraid to go alone over to her house to work on anything let alone a hot tub. "If I go, JoAnna, will you go with me?"

"Are you kidding, No, John, you know I have a meeting tonight with the personnel committee. We have to go over the prospective hires and see who we will interview."

I had forgotten. I shrugged my shoulders. "Look, I don't trust Gayle. She is selling sex and I believe she has a lot of buyers but I don't want to be one. She is very tempting and I know how much you will be hurt if I go over there and fall into her clutches. Sorry, she can call a repairman."

"Oh, pooh, I don't believe that for a moment. She is in love with her husband and would never do anything to harm her marriage." She paused and snickered. "You must be delusional if you think that she would be tempted to have an affair with you. You are at least 15 years older than she is, and I believe she could get any young man she desired if she trying to seduce some guy. I think you are safe, old man."

To have her suddenly call me an old man and hint that I had no sex appeal stung me but I stopped the retort that was threatening to escape my lips. Where had this kind of comment come from? She had never made any comment about my age or sexual attractiveness before. Why now when I just refused to go to a bombshell's home and fix her hot tub?

I may not read women very well but this conversation raised a bigger stink than 8 day old fish lying in the sun. What the hell was going on?

JoAnna went back on the attack. "Look, I told Gayle you would be right over. Are you trying to make me out to be a liar to my friends? Just head on over there and fix her damn hot tub, okay?"

I fired back. "As a matter of fact, I do resent the fact that you volunteer me to do all of these piddly-assed repairs without even checking with me. What if I had an important meeting to attend when you set these things up? What if I have to leave town for a day for an emergency meeting? After all, I just got back from one of those meetings."

"I would never ask you to do any of these things for my girlfriends if you weren't standing right there, obviously not going or doing anything. It makes me proud to know that you can fix almost anything and their husbands can't replace a light bulb without directions. You are so much better than any of them."

I couldn't resist, "Yeah, right, this old man who couldn't attract a love starved widow is so much better than any of our friends." I shook my head in disbelief.

I think that JoAnna realized the contradiction she had just produced. On the one hand I was too old to attract any woman but I was so much better than any other of our friends since I could fix their minor household problems. She fell back on the old tried and true. "Baby, I love you and you mean the world to me. Would you please help me out and fix Gayle's hot tub?"

If I were Spiderman I would say that my Spidey sense was tingling to signal danger. What made this so important? What was the big deal about getting a simple hot tub ready for nice weather?

I stood my ground. "No, I am sick and tired of going to any of our neighbors and fixing some bullshit little piddly-assed crap and almost having to fight these women off at the same time. If I were a player it would be easy pickings in this community but I am not a player. I don't want to pursue some other woman because I love only you. I don't see sex as just a physical act, if I want sex I also want the romance and the love that goes with it."

I paused and gave her my best piercing look. "I don't know what the hell has been going on for the past few months but it suddenly dawns on me that the more I resist their advances the less you make love with me. So what is the deal? Do you think I have actually been fucking these women when I go over to repair stuff? Is that why you are angry then cold to me for days and weeks after I do these little jobs?"

She tried to trivialize her past responses by denying that she had ever done that but she didn't take into account my memory. I can remember exact dates and what was going on. I started to lay them out to her and her response every time I came home. It was obvious to me that she believed I was fucking the whole neighborhood and that was the cause of her being so frigid for days to weeks after each repair job. She continued to deny that she thought I was fucking around. On the contrary she believed me, so she said. She tried to claim that she was disappointed in her friends in the fact that they seemed to be coming on to me, actually she intimated that I was making the whole shit storm up and that not one of her friends had actually offered to have sex with me and that it was all a delusion on my part.

I was sick of it. Instead of her walking away I reminded her that she didn't want to be late for her meeting and went to the basement to my workroom. I was only there a few minutes when I realized that I didn't have any beer in my mini-fridge and I was thirsty after a full day of work and this argument with JoAnna.

I went back upstairs to grab a 12 pack from the garage and happened to overhear her on the phone. It was only a one-sided conversation but my "Spidey sense" was signaling danger again. "Look, I don't know what I can do with him. He has resisted all of you and now won't even consider doing any of those so-called repairs to get him alone at your house. I think we need to do something different and maybe very radical to get him on board. I already told him I have a meeting tonight so why don't we meet at the community room and try to figure out a new plan?"

She listened for a few moments then rang off. I shook my head and went back downstairs to think.

Soon she yelled out that she was heading out and left. I figured that the phone grapevine would take a few minutes unless all of the women that had tried to seduce me had a calling list. I forgot about group texting as I hardly ever used it.

Suddenly I remembered that I had a way to eavesdrop on their little meeting. Last year I had put in a new video system in the small community building next to the public pool and had included a webcam. Since I had administrative rights I could operate it from my laptop. I quickly booted the laptop and then fired up the program to power up the webcam. This webcam also included a microphone so I would be able to hear and see the meeting.

There were already a few of the sluts present. I carefully and slowly rotated the webcam a few degrees so as to not clue them in. They were talking quietly so I really couldn't hear them clearly. I started a recording program to get everything I could.

After about 10 minutes there were about a dozen women and a few men in attendance. One of the surprises was my friend, Amos Jones.

Now, the community knows that Amos and I have been friends for a long time but they don't know the back story.

We went to rival high schools and played football and basketball against each other. I was a 6 foot tall 200 lb tight end and Amos was a 5 foot 10 inch linebacker at 180 lbs. We squared off against each other a few times a year. In basketball I was a forward and he was a guard but we tangled on the court often. We were very competitive on the field and court but friends when not butting heads in competition.

I am a lily white Caucasian and Amos is a very black African American. Actually he dislikes the whole label of African American as his parents emigrated from Haiti before he was born. He doesn't like the African part as he says he only shares a skin color, nothing else with the peoples of Africa.

Like I said we were very competitive on field and very much so our senior year. We were both chasing the same girl who attended a different school. She was a fox and we were both intent on becoming her one and only. During our football game Amos had given me a cheap shot to the head on a running play.

After I went down he stood over me and told me, "This was just a taste of what I can do to you if you don't leave Sharon alone. She is going to be mine."

My head rang and I was having a little trouble seeing for a bit. Now, you have to remember that this happened before all this talk and enlightenment about concussions or I would have been jerked from the game. I tried to shake it off and after a few more plays my vision cleared but my mind focused on only one thing, revenge for a cheap shot.

It wasn't long before I got the opportunity I needed. The play called for me to just block the end and then drift out across the center of the field about 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. I was the safety valve if the play went to shit and the quarterback couldn't throw down range.

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