My god, this was hot. One of my first experiences roleplaying online, and a small wisp of dragon vs. vampire turns my character from a seductive vamp to a passionate, sentient being. In the same wave that carried my thoughts to another level of plot twists and seduction...he carried my thoughts to HIM. I wondered... was HE like that? My thoughts continued to berate me, singing their praise at his expertise in the sensual arts of literature and of the mind. Soon enough we started to talk, our passions rising as he took me, and took me, and TOOK me.... until I wound up giving my heart, my soul.... god it was good. To have someone in me like that, poking and prodding my inner thoughts as though they OWNED me - as though I was every bit as much theirs as I was my own.... and he talked such a sweet game. He made it seem as though he were mine, as well. It wasn't too long before our phone conversations got a bit more than racey, and we took it to the next level. Still I wondered....is he really like that? Then the time came...my GOD it came. I waited at the car as Jessica went to get him.

I didn't have the balls to do it, I couldn't just walk up and say "hi...how are you?" Almost two years and he'd heard me moan, he'd heard me come... but I was still shy. He came out of the door, walked to the sidewalk.... he wasn't much of anything special, I'll tell you... but there was SOMETHING there... something inexplicable about his face, and I looking into the depths of his dark brown eyes I couldn't tell where he ended and I began, where time stopped and the emotions kicked in.

I shyly walked with him inside, wondering MY GOD is this really happening? Am I really in another state, with someone I've never met before in my life, knowing full well we'll be in the sack by midnight? God damn what a rush. It only built more as the day went by, then finally the time came. He looked at me, his voice - ever so smooth and calming - seduced my senses with just three words.

Those words sent our orchestra into full blown volume, each note, each remote hint of that glorious symphony ringing in my ears just as his hands framed my face, as his mouth neared my own. Sure, I'd been kissed before, plenty of times and in plenty of places... but never like that. Never... never like that.

His lips barely brushed my own, a tantalising taste of what was to come. I responded, eyes closing, mind drifting, pressing my mouth to his as my body exploded in a shower of dream - induced paroxysms of delight - floating off to some other place where the moon shone just as brightly as my love did within the depths of my own eyes.

To a place where the softly cascading dark blue waters of the sea crashed upon the sand covered shores of some erotic fantasy I'd had before. With just a kiss, he took my heart. With the soft caress of his palm against my cheek, smoothing ever so softly down my neck, he took my soul.

His other hand tangled in my hair, my own resting upon his chest, slowing running up to grasp his shoulders as I simply flew off as an exotic bird caught in the motions of avoiding its eventual capture. Oh, but I was already his.

His hands flowed down my body just as those waves crashed onto the shore. He was my moonlight - I was his sea - he pulled forth soft moans from my slightly parted lips just as he gently pulled my clothing from me, and I his own. Passion ran rampant as our symphony grew louder - piercing my ears with the bittersweet sound of love, conquest, and the painful knowledge that it wouldn't last.

But this moment was MINE.

And I'd be damned to the farthest pits of some unknown hellish place as I was untangled, unmanned, and unmade.

His mouth trailed dragonfly kisses upon the softness of my skin....each touch blazing as would the sting of the creature it reminded me of, yet just as beautiful as its motions as well. I responded with just as much fervor as the wind he fluttered through as our dreamclouds circled ahead, always threatening to rain yet awaiting that perfect moment.

Our bodies meshed, he was a part of me.... in me... surrounding me just as much as I was him; and as the crescendo of our scene played out I let all thought fly to those swift agonizing breezes of consequence and time as I soared with him, creating our own lullaby as we drifted to the stars. Once upon a time... I thought to myself. I swear I saw the heavens in those dark, brooding eyes of his that night. And many nights after. And still... in my dreams. Soon the time came to part, and we did. As heart wrenching as it was I still remember how we soared, and how it felt to be the tide he pulled in with the celestial rays of those eyes.... I still I remember my love.

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