tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 03

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 03


(This is a continuation of Jacey's experience at the pool with the girls feeling her up as they rubbed oil on her. Now the girls were headed inside and had Jacey's bikini top, making Jacey's walk inside with nothing on but her tiny athletic style swim bottoms. Jennifer's brother was home and had watched the sunbathing activities from his bedroom window.)

John threw on a t-shirt and rushed quietly downstairs. As he neared the entry to the kitchen he slowed to see what the girls were doing before he entered. He had long admired his sister's cheerleading friends as the hottest girls in school, and his sister's friends new it. He stayed back from entering the kitchen, but had a view or the room from the laundry room hallway. Shannon and Kerrie were getting drinks from the refrigerator as Jennifer entered the kitchen.

"Well girls, little Jacey is getting bold these days," declared Jennifer as she entered the kitchen through the open French doors.

Jacey was hurrying behind her to catch up, but entered the kitchen a few seconds behind her. She was a sight to behold. Her tiny body covered in suntan oil, arms crossed with a hand over each breast. Her breasts were just big enough that they presented a full handful to her small hands, making the sexy, glistening cleavage all the more sexy. Her perfectly flat and toned stomach and small flair of her hips accentuated how small and revealing her swim bottoms were. And as the fabric was almost sheer, they left little to the imagination.

"Okay Jennifer, that's very funny, can I have my top back now?" Jacey struggled to say as playfully as she could.

"Well, let me see Jacey. Are you going to be nice to me again?" Jennifer asked as she sat down on a bar stool at the counter.

Jacey was about to reply when she realized the implication of the question – would she kiss Jennifer again on the lips? Jacey glanced around at Shannon and Kerrie, and back to Jennifer, "Come on, I was already nice to you earlier, can I please just have my top back?"

"Yes, come over here, and be nice to me and you can have it back...MAYBE" Jennifer teased.

Jacey started to approach Jennifer tentatively – she definitely didn't want this to escalate into the girls ganging up on her again.

"Come on Jacey, come close. I'll give you your top, my top really, IF you uncross those pouting little arms. It would be so much sexier looking if you just covered your breasts with your arms uncrossed. Wouldn't it girls?" Jennifer commanded.

"Of course, that would be hot," chimed in Kerrie.

Jacey was going to prove she could play games too, so she turned her back quickly as she changed her hands over her breasts, and then turned back to the girls. Her hands held firmly over her breasts now, squeezing her firm flesh out above and below her hands.

John edged a little closer to the kitchen. This was getting hot, and he felt his cock swell a bit in his tight shorts.

Jacey edged closer to Jennifer, almost right in front of her now.

"Don't be afraid little cutie, I won't bite you," Jennifer teased. Jennifer snared little Jacey with a quick arm around her waist and pulled her close. With Jacey a bit off balance, and Jennifer's quick move, Jacey was pulled right up over Jennifer's knee so she was straddling Jennifer's thigh, her toes now barely on the ground for balance.

"So Jacey, are you going to be nice to me again? If you are, I'll let you have your top."

Jacey knew what Jennifer wanted, but was embarrassed to kiss her again willingly in front of Kerrie and Shannon.

"Come on Jacey, you are going to have to give me a good kiss," and the girls giggled.

Shannon approached to watch the fun up close. "Come on Jacey, let's see if you know how to kiss good," Shannon teased.

Jacey continued to arch her back and lean away from Jennifer, but the pressure one her pussy over Jennifer's leg was coming to the fore in her mind. She knew she was going to have to make this quick. Jennifer raised her knee up into Jacey to add pressure, and Jacey was losing her balance. Jennifer smiled wickedly into her confused little friend's face.

"Shannon, help me out here," instructed Jennifer.

Shannon knew instantly what she wanted to do and moved quickly behind Jacey, grabbing her at the elbows to hold her firmly. Jacey didn't even struggle, but tried to show she could stand up to these girls bullying anymore.

"Jacey, I gave you a chance to be nice to me, but now it's going to take more than a kiss," Jennifer said. "I want to see those little boobies of your now," she teased as her hands rose up to take Jacey's wrists.

"Wait, I want to see," Kerrie said as she rushed over.

John was ecstatic at his luck. He always knew his sister was a lustly little bully that liked to tease her girlfriends and even her boyfriend. But he hadn't even gotten to benefit from his years of trying to see her or her friends naked. This was a dream come true.

Jacey started to struggle to keep her hands firmly on her breasts, but with Shannon pulling back on her elbows, Jennifer pushing her wrists away, and Kerrie helping to keep her on Jennifer's lap, she could feel her hands losing the battle. The girls were struggling to hold Jacey's oiled body. Jacey let out a groan of frustration as her hands pulled away from her breasts. She tried to kick her legs, but this only served to heighten the pressure on her pussy. She felt her nipples escape her fingers and come into view.

"Now those are nice little boobies Jacey, we should make you show them off all the time," Jennifer teased.

By now, Shannon had Jacey's elbows securely behind her back and Jennifer could release her wrists. Jennifer put her hands below Jacey's tits and pushed them up a bit, then jiggled them, "So firm."

Then Jennifer let her hands glide firmly over Jacey's boobs and cup them fully in her hands, "These are fantastic starter boobies Jacey. Do you play with them?" The girls giggled. Jacey thrashed a bit in protest, rocking on Jennifer's leg.

"Oh, I love the feel of your pussy on my leg. It's getting all warm too," Jennifer continued to grope her boobs firmly. Jacey squirmed and let out a pleading moan in a weak protest. "You are practically naked," she said as she admired Jacey's super toned tiny body thrust in front of her. There really wasn't an ounce of fat on the girl.

Jennifer let her hands pull back from cupping Jacey's boobs and brought her fingers together to tweak Jacey's small firm nipples. "How is that...like that?" Jennifer inquired as she brought her face closer into Jacey. Jacey bit her lit, but didn't say a word.

"See how big they will get," Kerrie encouraged, "pull on them."

Jennifer smiled at her friend, and then started to pull Jacey by the nipples while Shannon held her firmly in place.

John was straining to see Jacey's naked body around his sister's back. His hand had wandered down to stroke his firm cock through his shorts. As his sister leaned back to exaggerate her pulling on Jacey's nipples, he finally had a clearer view of Jacey's nearly naked body pinned and being stretched by his sister and friends. The site was unbelievable and his cock swelled to be rock hard.

Jacey's nipples were being pulled unlike anything she had every felt. And Jennifer had to squeeze ever harder to maintain her grip on the slightly oiled skin. Her breasts were stretching from perfect firm domes into cones. Her skin was flushing red from embarrassment and frustration. Jacey started to squeal at the torment and was ready to beg mercy.

John was so transfixed at the site of Jacey's body that he hadn't noticed Kerrie had moved away from the group in a quest to get ice from the refrigerator – she knew Jennifer was going to want to torment those sensitive nipples.

"Hey! What are you doing Johnny!" Kerrie blurted out upon seeing John hidden in the hallway.

Jennifer let the nipples go with a startled turn to see her brother frozen in place. Jacey's eyes bolted open in horror. Shannon eased her pull on Jacey's elbows enough to allow her hands to recover her abused nipples.

Kerrie rushed over to grab John by the arm and pull him into the kitchen. He didn't resist, he was too enthralled with scene of scantily glad hot girls and Jacey's mostly naked body before his eyes.

Jennifer stood and let Jacey fall off her thigh. She stepped over to her brother quickly. She was just a bit taller than John, as she was a bit older and he had a gymnast's build. She took him by the arm with Kerrie. Kerrie had always liked to tease Johnny with her hot body, and was giddy with the idea that they had caught him.

"So little Johnny, you're still spying on me! How long have you been sneaking a peek at us playing around here," Jennifer demanded.

He had to clear his throat, "Long enough to see you pulling on another girl's boobs," he boasted.

"I think he has!" snickered Kerrie as she nodded her head for Jennifer to look down.

"Wow Johnny, your little dick has gotten all hard hasn't it," Jennifer said looking at the outline of his hard cock in his skin tight work-out shorts. His cock was clearly outlined as it point up and to the left of his body.

With the distraction, Jacey had snatched her top off the counter and quickly covered her tits and sore nipples. But in the process, she was now interested to see what the girls were talking about. She recognized John from her time in the gymnastics center, but didn't realize he was related to Jennifer. This was so humiliating he had seen her tits and being teased by the other girls.

Jennifer turned to Jacey, "look what your hot little body has done," she pointed to her brothers hard cock. Jacey glanced down, and for the first time saw a real cock hard. She had felt a hard cock pressed on her in the past when wrestling with her brother, or at school dances. And although this one was covered by thin material, it was clearly visible, even the bulb of the head.

Jacey's mind contemplated Jennifer's remark about it being a "little dick." It didn't look little to her; it looked fairly long and solid. Jacey stared unabashedly at it.

Jennifer broke the silence. "Well I suspect this isn't the first time little Johnny got a hard-on looking at my friends, huh Kerrie? Kerrie has made it a habit to show a lot more skin when Johnny is around."

"I have not," Kerrie protested in embarrassment.

"Oh pleeease. I'm not an idiot Kerrie. Whenever Johnny is around, you are suddenly prancing around showing off your perfect tits and ass, stretching, doing the splits," Jennifer scolded her playfully. "But now we have proof of who caused this boner don't we, it was Jacey's fabulous little tits."

Kerrie smiled wickedly as the attention shifted away from her again. Jacey flushed in embarrassment as all eyes turned to her again. Jennifer grabber Jacey's arm and pulled her toward her brother.

John was losing his confidence now; the girls seemed to be turning on him. He let his hands cover his hard on now, and could feel the swelling start to ease.

Jennifer pushed Jacey forward and down in front of her brother, she was kneeling now in front of him. "Move your hand's Johnny, don't be shy, let us see it," Jennifer commanded.

Johnny knew his sister well and knew what could happen if he didn't do what she wanted. He withdrew his hands to his hips.

"Oh no, I think that beautiful little boner is fading Johnny. Don't let it do that. We want to see it in all its glory. Make it stiff for Jacey again," Jennifer chided him.

Jacey was careful not to look up at John; she was at a complete loss what to do next. But she kept her eyes on his cock; it was so amazing to see.

"Kerrie, help him out," Jennifer demanded.

"Why me? What am I supposed to do?" Kerrie protested.

"You are the one that loves to stroke your boyfriend and tease him through his pants. You know what to do," Jennifer blurted.

Kerrie was dumbfounded, she had told that to Jennifer as their secret. She just stared at Jennifer, a bit miffed now.

"Oh come on, don't act like a prude, everyone knows you love to tease guys. Show us how to do it," Jennifer tried to coax her friend, feigning ignorance of how to stroke a cock.

Kerrie relented, and grasping John's arm, reached across his body to touch his cock. He instinctually recoiled from her touch.

"Johnny, knock it off and let us play. You know you want us to," Jennifer commanded.

He held still and Kerrie hesitantly and gently stroked his cock with her finger nails. His cock pulsed with energy and immediately swelled at her touch. She stroked his cock again a bit more firmly and the girls could see it strain in reaction. Jacey's licked her lips and has mouth dropped open in amazement.

"Wow Johnny, now that is getting hard! How long have you dreamed of Kerrie touching you?" Jennifer teased coyly. Johnny simply smiled, and glanced quickly at Kerrie.

Kerrie was focused now; she did so love to tease boys. She could feel a pulse of arousal in her pussy, and her breasts firming slightly. Shannon walked around to the side of Jennifer and Johnny to get a better look.

They watched as Kerrie wrapped her fingers around the sides of Johnny's cock the best she could through the shorts and started to stroke him on the shaft.

Shannon reached over silently and felt the bulb of his penis through his shorts, it was firm but soft. Jacey just watched in fascination. His cock seemed to continue to grow towards the waistband of his shorts, but it was really just getting so stiff it was pointing more vertically up his body.

"Do you want to touch it Jacey?" Jennifer broke the silence.

Jacey looked up over her shoulder at Jennifer in uncertainty, almost like she was looking for an answer or permission. She looked back to Johnny cock with the two hands playing with it. "I...I don't know...I've never touched a guy's dick before," Jacey said without thinking.

John was getting really turned on now. The hands on his cock were too much, and his eyes were locked onto Kerrie perfect breasts and flat stomach, then the site of Jacey kneeling her tiny body in front of him – thoughts of his cock in her mouth, and Shannon's long blonde hair didn't hide her erect nipples poking through her tight pink half shirt. This was too much, he groaned and had to concentrate as his legs got weak.

"Let's see it Kerrie, pull down his shorts a little," Jennifer commanded quietly. She had seen her brother's cock many times, and despite her derogatory works, wanted to show it off to her friends.

Kerrie, Shannon and John hesitated, but then Shannon ran her hand to his waistband. John didn't protest, although he thought momentarily that he should. Her fingers slipped over the top of the shorts and started to pull them down on one side. Kerrie joined in a moment later.

As his shorts lowed, the head of his cock came into view, a deep reddish purple. Then the shaft was slowly exposed. Jacey was mesmerized. It looked so tight and strong. As the shorts reached the base of his cock it fell forward away from his body and bounced.

Kerrie took ahold of his cock firmly and leaned her body into him sensually, "That looks awfully nice Johnny. I knew you had a nice cock."

Just then they heard the garage door activate and start rolling up. They all jumped with a start.

"Oh shit, my mom's home," Jennifer warned.

Johnny pulled his shorts awkwardly over his cock and scurried from the kitchen into the bathroom in the hallway. Kerrie pulled away and leaned on the counter like nothing was going on. Jennifer and Shannon quickly grabbed a seat on the bar stools. Jacey rose up from the floor and didn't know how to look normal. She felt naked in the tiny bathing suit and thought of heading for her bag to change, but Jennifer pulled her arm as she started to head of out of the kitchen.

Jennifer's mom entered the kitchen and glanced around at the quiet girls, "What are you guys doing?" She was a little suspicious. "What, did I interrupt some secret?"

The girls laughed and tried to act normal. "No Mom, we were just thinking about what to do with the rest of the day."

"Well, why don't you girls actually do some homework or something? Go to the library," Rebecca suggested. Then she turned and headed upstairs.

The girls glanced around at each other and started to laugh. Jacey tried to be one of the girls and laughed nervously too.

"Well, I do have to do homework," Jennifer admitted. "Jacey, thanks for being so much fun for us. Now you should go shower off all that oil and leave me that bathing suit." She pulled Jacey to her playfully and gave her a hug.

"I'm going to head home to," Kerrie offered.

"Yeah, I better get my sociology essay done," Shannon said as she turned to leave the kitchen.

Jacey went to grab her bag to change. Jennifer was headed upstairs and said, "You better use the upstairs bathroom, I think there is someone in the downstairs bathroom." All the girls laughed.

Shannon gathered her stuff, pulled on some tight sweats and a little sweatshirt and headed for the front door. The vision of John's nice cock was still on her mind.

Jacey had grabbed her bag and was headed up the stairs.

Kerrie quietly headed back to the kitchen and into the hall. She knocked quietly on the bathroom door, "Johnny, open up" she whispered.

It took a moment, but then the door opened a crack. "What," he said.

"Let me in," Kerrie smiled, and slipped into the bathroom.

"Come on Johnny, let me see it again," she asked.

"But my mom is home," he thought out loud.

"Yeah, but nobody knows we are down here." Kerrie assured him.

His heart was racing, but he slowly pulled down his shorts and let his full, but limp cock fall out over the fabric. Kerrie reached for it slowly and let it rest in her hand. Then she gave it a firm squeeze, and felt it start to grow. She smiled into his face approvingly.

John was mesmerized by her exotic beauty. His eyes wandered over her full breasts in their tiny bathing suit, her exquisitely toned stomach, and those sexy hip bones that held her bikini bottoms bridged across her flat pelvis. He stood there as she began to stroke his cock to full firmness. He reached forward to touch her, but Kerrie moved away.

"No Johnny," she smiled, "no touching. Just let me play."

She started to stroke him more firmly and rhythmically. She turned to the sink countertop and pumped some lotion into her hand. "This is a little cold," she smiled and wrapped her lotioned hand around his cock.

Johnny was in heaven and let his eyes shut. Kerrie expertly stroked his shaft and then let her hand twist around the head of his cock. She watched his face intently as she controlled him. She would stroke quickly, then slowly, then with extra tightness, then ever so gently, almost tickling him. After a couple of minutes she could feel the temperature in his cock building, and he began to whimper quietly at her teasing.

"Do you want to cum?" she asked.

Johnny nodded his head furiously. With one hand she untied her bikini top and let it fall away from her perfectly full C cup breasts. She let go of his cocks and pumped more lotion onto her hands.

"Look at me," she whispered.

He opened his eyes to see her full breasts for the first time and his mouth fell open slightly. With one hand she grasped his cock again, and with the other she slid lotion across her full breasts and started to massage herself.

"You can't cum until I say, okay?" she instructed. He nodded agreement.

She started to stroke him with short firm grasps at the base of his cock while she squeezed and massaged her breasts with her other hand. She pinched her nipples stiff as he watched and her hand worked slowly. Then her hand drifted down her stomach and over her swim bottoms.

She cupped her pussy through her swim bottoms firmly and then started rocking her grip on his cock longer and firmer. She looked into his eyes and pulled her hand all the way up the shaft to the bulbous head and stopped.

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