tagIncest/TabooJack and His Nan Ch. 01

Jack and His Nan Ch. 01


This story was inspired by another Lit member who is "interested" in her grandson.

Jack woke up and looked over at the beauty lying next to him. Parts of her white hair covered her face. He moved the hair out of the way and touched her cheek gently with his fingertips. He moved his fingers down to her jaw line to her chin then slowly up to her lips. He caressed them.

These were the lips that only hours before he had kissed in a totally new way...a way reserved for lovers, not grandmothers. But then, she was now his lover as well. And the love he felt in his heart far exceeded the love a typical grandson feels for his grandmother. But this was anything but typical.

He smiled at her, watching her shallow breathing. He was tempted to wake her and take her once again in his arms and make love to her. What a perfect way to start this first day in their new lives. But he decided to let her sleep. He lay back, put his hands behind his head and recalled how this all happened. It started one night about 3 months ago.

Jack hung up the phone from talking to his grandmother, Dee, or Nan as he called her. They talked once a week or so. Actually he did most of the talking. She asked the questions. She wanted to know about his job, St. Louis, the new city he lived in, friends he had made. And

girlfriends he had.

"What about girls, Jack? Making time with the young ladies?" she asked.

"Oh a few, Nan. Nothing serious."

"Well, just be careful, honey. I'm not ready to be a great Nan yet."

"Oh I will. I'm not ready for daddy yet either."

She felt a twinge of jealousy. And she knew why. She vowed to keep it hidden.

He talked some more of his job as an architect. She didn't understand a word he said. But that was ok, she just loved hearing his voice.

Finally, he could hear her getting tired. That's just the way 74 year old grandmothers are. And being on the east coast, it was an hour later for her.

"Well, Nan. It's getting late. I know you're tired."

"Guess I am baby. Bedtime for me."

"We'll talk again soon. I love you, Nan."

"I love you too, sweetie. G'night."

After hanging up, Jack decided to get a little visual stimulation before bed. He went to his favorite amateur video site and typed "making love" in the search box. Being a romantic, he preferred the full seductive buildup to penetration and orgasm. Without that, the genital slapping did nothing for him. The first hit he got was a new one. It was titled, "Grandma and Grandson Make Love." At first he was puzzled. "Is this possible?" he thought to himself. Then curiosity got the better of him.

He opened the video. The grandmother looked a lot like his Nan, silver haired, little overweight, but shapely, large breasts with equally large nipples. She wore a sheer light yellow peignoir. underneath, she wore large yellow panties, but she looked sexy in them. Jack had to shake his head for a minute. He had never thought of an older senior citizen in this way before. He thought sex was over for them. Sure didn't look that way now. And with her grandson no less. He watched as they tenderly made love.

They kissed deeply and sometimes frantically with their tongues dancing together. They were clearly aroused. Her nipples were hard and pointed. As they kissed he caressed them. And took them into his mouth. There was a sizable bulge in his slacks that she was enjoying.

She removed his shirt, then dropped his slacks to the floor. She knelt down in front of him and pulled his underwear down. She groaned as his cock sprang free. She took it in her mouth. He threw his head back as grandma expertly licked and sucked his rigid staff. He stopped her after only a couple of minutes. He said that he wanted their first time to be with his cock in her pussy.

Grandma laid on the bed. The grandson slowly took her panties off revealing her large puffy bare outer lips. Jack was surprised. He expected a grandmother to have a patch of pubic hair. He was pleased that she didn't. He liked a woman to be completely shaved. He loved the look of a woman's bare pussy lips, particularly when she was aroused. He wondered if his Nan was shaved. He thought to himself, "I can only imagine what her beautiful cunt looks like. Did I actually use that word thinking of my grandmother? Yes, and I love that word. I hope she likes it too. Oh, Nan I want to see your cunt."

As the grandson sniffed her panties, he brought his cock close to her pussy. She wrapped her fingers around it and placed it between her swollen lips. It slid easily in. He began thrusting. He could see her large lips caress his pumping cock. He could hear the grandmother say, "Fuck me baby, fuck me good."

After a few minutes of thrusting, kissing, and caressing, he said, "Oh grandma, I'm gonna cum."

He heard the grandmother say, "Cum in my cunt. baby. Fill me with your cum." Together, their orgasms peaked as they roared out their pleasure.

When they finally came down, he crawled off of her and lay at her side. Her legs were still spread and her pussy lips were open. Jack could see how the semen coated her labia and seeped out of her vagina. The grandmother reached between her legs and rubbed the cum all over her clit and climaxed again.

By this time, Jack was masturbating furiously. No longer was he thinking of the grandmother in the video, he was thinking of his Nan. He wished he had a pair of her panties to sniff, to wrap around his cock, to cum in. But he didn't. Instead, he used one of his shirts and howled her name as he spurted. When he returned to his senses, he decided to go shopping tomorrow for a pair of "Nan's panties."

The next day after work, Jack walked in to Dillard's and headed straight for the lingerie department. Having never been in one before, he looked a little bewildered. A pleasant looking middle aged woman approached him. Her Dillard's name badge said Hi, I'm Linda.

"Can I help you young man?"

"Uh, yes ma'am. I'm looking for ah, well ..." he stammered.

Linda smiled to herself. She'd seen this a thousand times before. Boyfriend or spouse embarrassed by being in the lingerie department. No doubt to buy something sexy and provocative.

"Easy does it," she said trying to reassure him. "Nothing to be embarrassed about. Men come in here all the time. Sometimes with their wives or girlfriends, sometimes alone. What can I help you with?"

"Thank you, ma'am."

"You can call me Linda."

"Thanks, Linda. My name's Jack. I want to buy some panties."

"Well Jack, now we're getting somewhere. Right over here. We have a wide variety of styles and colors." She started walking toward the racks of panties. "Are these for your wife, your girl?"

"Well, they're for my grandmother."

Linda stopped dead in her tracks. She slowly turned around and looked straight at Jack. "I've been working in this department for 25 years. Nobody has ever said that to me. Never. Why in the world do you want to buy panties for your grandmother? Does she know you're doing this?"

"I just want to do something nice for her. We're very close. And no, she doesn't know I'm doing this. I want it to be a surprise."

"Oh, it'll be a surprise alright." Linda resumed walking toward the racks. She thought to herself, "I can't believe I'm doing this ... helping a man buy panties for his grandmother. She looked at Jack. again. Hmm a very nice looking man at that. I wonder if he's going to present them to her in person or mail them. I wonder if she's going to model them for him. She looked at him again and imagined that scene. Her own panties started to get moist. "First thing we have to know is what size she is."

"I don't know but here's her picture." Jack pulled a picture out of his pocket and handed it to Linda.

"She looks to be a size 10. What style do you think she prefers?"

"Definitely not a thong." They both laughed.

"I don't like them either. I like to feel something on my ... well backside." She thought to herself, Did I just mention my ass to him?

Linda continued.

"She probably wants something that holds her tummy in as well. A standard brief would be best. Some call them granny panties. I don't care for that term. It's rather derogatory. But in fact, briefs can be very sexy ... if they're worn by a sexy woman. And your grandmother indeed looks sexy. I sometimes wear briefs myself. They're comfortable, they breathe well, and I always feel fresh in them." She didn't say it, but she thought it, "They also hold that delicious woman aroma well too." She knew some men, well a lot of men, loved the smell of a woman's pussy in her panties. She found that so sexy and arousing. She often pictured a man sniffing her panties as she masturbated. Her arousal level jumped.

She held a pretty yellow pair up for Jack to inspect. He took them and held them up by the waistband. "Just like in the video," he thought to himself. He stared at the crotch. His attention was not lost on Linda. She knew something was running through his mind and it wasn't just giving these panties to his grandmother. She was right. And she desperately wanted to know more.

Jack wondered what they would look like on Nan, her pussy nestled in the cotton crotch. He started to get hard. He closed his eyes slightly, lost in the reverie of his grandmother's panties. Linda noticed the growing bulge in Jack's jeans. She couldn't believe it. She was getting aroused watching this young man get hard over his "grandmother's panties."

She wondered if he was going to masturbate in them before he gave them to her. Was he going to wash them first or give them to her with his cum still in them. She was getting flushed. She could feel her lips getting wet. They were swelling against the fabric of her own panties. She loved the feeling. She was so thankful she had shaved that morning. She knew as soon as he left, she going to be in the ladies room taking care of this need between her legs.

Finally Jack said, "Yes, I'll take these. She likes yellow and so do I."

"I like yellow too. In fact the pair I have on ..." She stopped herself when she realized what she was about to reveal to this total stranger - that the panties she was wearing were yellow. But she didn't stop soon enough because that's exactly the information she conveyed. The fabric caressing her lovely bottom and pressed against her bare pussy lips was colored yellow.

Jack smiled as if to say, "I wish I could see them." But what he really wanted to see was his Nan's lovely bottom and shaved lips in those yellow panties.

Jack paid for his purchase and Linda put them in a gift bag with tissue paper. As she handed him the the bag, her hand lingered on his. She said, "I wish you were my grandson." Jack smiled with the promise of more. "I'm sure I'll be back to buy more," he said. "I'll only buy from you." Linda's pussy melted in her panties.

As Jack walked out of the store, Linda grabbed a tent sign from under the counter that said "Back in a Minute." She placed it on the counter and ran back to the ladies room. She locked the door and went into one of the stalls. She dropped her slacks and put her hand in her panties. Her fingers slipped between her slick swollen lips. She rubbed he clit furiously. Her orgasm crashed over her in less that 60 seconds. She stifled a scream but wasn't able to silence the loud moan that came from her throat.

After she came down, she thought, "I have never done anything like this before. But, oh my god, it was so good. I hope he comes back and tells me how it went. I'd love to hear how grandma received his lovely gift."

Back home, He took the panties out of the bag and laid them on the bed. They looked so sexy lying there as if they had just come off her. He was tempted to masturbate. But decided to wait. He wanted to masturbate tonight on the phone with her. He would have loved for it to be full on phone sex, but he knew it wasn't possible. So he would quietly stroke his cock while talking to her. He would hold off ejaculating till they hung up. Then he would empty his cum into "her panties."

He took a shower and dressed in just a robe. It was still a little early, so he took a frozen dinner out of the freezer. He decided against it. He couldn't eat. He was just too excited about what was about to happen.

About 8:00 he dialed her number in Pittsburgh. He sat on the bed next to "her panties" and waited. After 2 rings she picked up. Caller id told her who it was.

"Hi baby, how are you?" she said.

"I'm doing great, Nan. How about you? What did you do today?" He picked up the panties and rubbed them on his face.

"Not much. Little house cleaning. Little as possible, of course." They both chuckled. "Did some shopping. How about you?"

"Worked till 5:00 on a new complex in Creve Coeur, right outside St. Louis. It's going to be real sharp. We're trying to incorporate some green technology into it. The boss is thinking of sending me to training."

"That sounds exciting. Where is the training held?"

"Different places around the country. Not sure where exactly. I'll find out tomorrow."

They continued their conversation for about 30 minutes, just talking about things, family, the weather. And baseball. Nan was a real Pirates fan, having lived in Pittsburgh all her life. Jack had taken up as a Cardinals fan. It was a judicious move since his boss was a die hard fan. He frequently treated Jack to a game at Busch Stadium.

As they continued to talk, Jack developed a raging hard on. Between Nan's voice and the panties he couldn't help but get hard. Every once in a while he would hold the crotch to his nose and pretend it was her scent.

Finally he said. "I did some shopping too, after work."

"What did you buy?"

"Can't tell you now. But it's a surprise for you." He was stroking his cock with "her panties."

"It is?! Please tell me," she pleaded.

"Nope, don't want to spoil the surprise."

"But how will I get it? You're a thousand miles away." He could hear the girly disappointment and anticipation in her voice. He loved it.

"Well, maybe I'll mail it to you. Or one day deliver it to you in person."

"But who knows when that will be. This is driving me nuts. Gimme a hint. Is it something to wear?"

"Yes, but that's all I'll say." Jack kept his composure, which was difficult because he was approaching orgasm as he stroked his cock faster with "Nan's panties."

"You are so bad, Jack McLaren, driving your Nan crazy like this."

"Gotta go, Nan." His cum had already begun it's race up his shaft. He held the panty crotch to the head of his cock.

"Ok, baby. Since I'm not getting anything out of you tonight. Sleep sweet. We'll talk tomorrow."

Just as she was putting the phone down she heard a moan. Concerned, she picked it back up and held it to her ear. "Jack, honey, is everything alright?" But he had already hung up. What she heard, but didn't know, was the sound of his orgasm as his cum exploded into "her panties." What Jack didn't know was that Nan was masturbating as well. She had her hand in her panties rubbing her bare swollen lips. She called out his name as she touched her clit and came. "Oh Jack, I'm cumming for you, baby. Watch me cum."

She longed to have him watch her masturbate. But more than that, she longed to take his cock into her cunt and have him fill her. She just didn't want to damage their beautiful, normal grandma/grandson relationship. But her pussy was so demanding.

To be Continued

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