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Jack and Jill


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1- Jack takes a break.

Decided to take a day off with a well deserved relaxation break from my grinding studies and extra-curricular work. Maybe a movie and some shopping? Leaving Sophomore year behind mid year already. Hell .. I'm taking Senior course work already. I haven't had a single day's break since I started as a Freshman a year and a half ago.

I'm doin' OK. Getting excellent grades and making my way financially too. Never thought I'd be making so much money in so many odd ways. I make more annually now than most folks do full time and I'm on a full scholarship! One thing leads to another and being smart does have a few rewards. Even indulged myself with a secondhand Coyote Parka off my last very fat consulting check. Always wanted a fine fur of my own.

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy though and I'd really like to have a girlfriend.

Haven't even thought about a date lately and I would really love to finally get laid. Been a virgin way too long. Being geek-of-the-week six years running and with outstanding scholastic success is one thing but I'm damn horny. What is it with my failure and anxiety over the opposite sex?

All these wonderful women running around campus and the city, you'd think a young stud like me would be sleeping with a different woman every night. It's not like I can't afford to treat a woman well on a date particularly with my new income situation. Of course most women just don't seem to be interested in a freakin' geek. Could never really understand that. It's not like I'm ugly and I'm certainly nice to them. Even tried some on line dating contacts. It's like they can sense geek electronically. Maybe I'm just not "bad" enough? Thought of that more than once but I just can't seem to be "bad". Don't know how?

Part of my problem is my youthful appearance. Just turned 18 but I look 14 despite my six foot height! On top of it I was always ahead of my age group in school by several years so I've always been the youngest in my classes. Girls I'm around think I'm truly a kid on top of it all. I may be inexperienced but I'm not stupid.

Had some problems with that when I started looking for work at first. Took some convincing and "speculation" on my part for the first few clients. Fortunately it's all word-of-mouth referrals now and I have all the work I can handle. They're all happy to pay and lots of repeat work too.

Sure tired of being a nice guy. I was trying to get a date the other day and the girl even told me that nice guys finish last just before she told me to get lost kid. Forget finding my dream fantasy of a girl in furs wanting to fuck. My favorite jerk off fantasy. Gave up caring if my friends know about my thing for fur. No such thing as bad PR someone once said? Starting from zero things sure can't get any worse. Don't think one can be a deficit virgin!

Can't stand being around the Fraternity and Varsity guys either, yet they're getting all the girls and doing all the screwing it seems. They are able to by association with each other I think? Also there are all those Sorority chicks that won't look at me once let alone twice. Don't think I'd want to be with them anyway. Most I've met aren't too swift. Am I somehow socially inferior in ways I don't have a clue about? It's always been this way too.

Reality sucks.

Even the expensive stuff in the Men's Department is boring crap that somehow manages to annoy me despite the fact that I need some pants and socks real bad.

It's a slow day in the Department Store. Where did everyone go? Guess I'll crank up my courage and feed my fantasies with a walk through the Fur Department. Pretend I'm looking for something for my girlfriend. Yeah right! My new fur parka might help me maybe? Make me look like I'm casual about the whole thing .. right? It looks expensive and brand new. I got a hell of a deal and it's wonderful.

The nice side about being a Geek is invisibility. It's like I'm not there. I always have to ask for help. I could probably shoplift a Sable coat and walk out wearing it unnoticed! What a fantasy that is! I just look at women's silk scarves for half the day and the salesgirl totally ignores me like I'm not there while I get a good gander at the fur salon activities from there. I imagine how nice the silk scarves would be laying over the furs.

Sometimes I get to see a woman trying on furs or one of the sales girls modeling one for some rich guy. That's always a treat to see the fur in action on some woman.

Early enough, maybe I can get a few feels of the furs. Oh ... my favorite salesgirl is here today! shit .. she's noticed me!

"Could I help you find a nice fur? she says with a nice smile. She's sure friendly enough. Jez my knees are about to buckle!

"Ah.. I'm just looking .. mmy girlfriend said she'd like a fur of some sort." lame ass!! Why can't I ever say the right thing?

"We have some relatively inexpensive and sporty furs for young girls over here? Nice Coyote you have there! You'd better get her something at least as nice as that or she'll be upset with her guy having a nicer fur than she does." She's sure on top of the situation.

"Uh OK. What would you suggest?"

"Here's a nice short Arctic Fox Jacket." she swings it on with beautiful grace and style. "It's not too expensive and unless she's a large girl this would charm her into anything." she says with a cryptic smile and her cheek buried in the thick fur. She taunts me by rubbing her face in the big thick fur lapels and smiles sweetly. My bone is throbbing.

"You have a woman customer there. Maybe see to her first?"

"You help yourself looking. The Sables are over there. I'm sure you'll want to feel them." Wow .. she's giving me directions for the nicest feels and I forgot to look at her name tag damn it.

Her customer is a sexy blonde that looks like she has money to burn and salesgirl goes over for a sure big sale. I can wander and feel furs while she's busy making her sale. Check out the Sables she pointed out.

Oh my I love fur. It's so soft and sensual. Sex is all I can think of when I see or feel it. Man I'm horny and between the Sable, the blonde and my sexy salesgirl I'm going to blow a cork. Oh my! Here's Lynx! I think it's my favorite.

My favorite sales girl and fur model. She's gotta be 18 to work here but she doesn't look any older than me. She's so sweet and sexy in the big furs when she models. She seems to pick the ones five sizes too big for her. I sure like them on her that way. Her gold framed Granny glasses make her look even younger. Love girls in glasses and we're sure making passes. Looks like she's wearing her mom's furs.

Love her long loose curly red hair. It's so thick and silky the way it lays in the thick softness of the furs. Softness in softness. I've seen her around campus several times and I think she's in Fashion Design. Sure a good job for it, particularly if she likes fur as much as she seems to. She's always dressed in the nicest cashmere sweaters and mostly skirts at work but even in jeans and a sweater on campus she's hot as a firecracker! Nice and shapely with modest tits and she's always so graceful. Don't think I've ever seen her not wearing fur, at least a modest one.

Wow these Sables are fantastic. Oh to have sex in these!

The customer always buys when she models the fur. She's very skillful and she's hooked the gorgeous blonde executive type already. The blonde is under her fur spell. God I think the blonde's drooling over the Silver Fox the salesgirl is wearing. Her look is so lecherous, like she wants salesgirl for sex. She's putting the make on the poor sweet thing the way she's stroking the fur while she's modeling it!! She's stroking the fur across her breasts and all over her shoulders! I think salesgirl is taunting the blonde with her coy smiles in response? She's turning and casually rubbing up against her with the fur! Blonde doesn't have a chance or a choice!

YEAH! The blonde got seduced by the Vixen alright and she's gonna' wear the fur out of the store yet. This is better than watching a sporting event.

I'll slip out before she leaves, follow the blonde discretely at a distance. I watch the soft undulating fur ripple and roll with her sensual motions. Getting a hard on just watching her. Man she's sexy!!

Boy .. on the elevator with her for a close-up.

"Nice parka you got there kid. You must like nice fur too."

"Oh .. yes ma am I do. That's a mighty fine Fox you got there too. You just get that?"

"Hey .. I saw you in the Fur Salon while ago didn't I?"

"Uh .. yeah. I was just lookin' .. maybe another fur."

"I know! You have the hots for the red headed sales girl I bet. She's a juicy one alright! I sure couldn't resist her charms. Go for it kid. Wow .. You two in furs!! Love to be a fly on that wall." She leaves with a big smile eagerly stroking her fur.

Shit! That didn't last long ... she's off .. drivin' a BMW. Figures .. damn it and the end of my show.

She sure tuned in to my agenda in a hurry. Is it that obvious?

That's better than any movie I can see in town today for sure so I'm going back to the store. Maybe I'll see some more fur action and talk to salesgirl some more now that I've gotten up the courage. Sure a nice break! Beats pouring over the books.

Maybe I'm pushing my luck today? Don't know if I have the courage to face my dream girl again today? Think I'll do a movie and think about this.

I get cold feet but all I can think about all week is salesgirl in fur! What the blonde said and what I'm thinking .. constantly. Wet dreams every night over her and the blonde. Us doin' it in the elevator in our furs!! They both actually spoke to me like a real person and I wasn't invisible? Talk about ratcheting up my fantasies of women in furs .. can't get anymore fantasy than this. My chances of making it with salesgirl are zero to none. I just can't stay away though. Even if only for the thrill and fantasy feeding.

I decide to take the whole weekend off anyway. I'm gone Saturday AM for the Fur Salon. 10:30AM the doors are barely open and I'm in.

I go straight to the Fur Salon and salesgirl is ringing up an older woman who just bought a nice White Fox fur hat. She has silver gray hair and it's perfect on her. It's one of those big tall types like in Doctor Zivago.

She soon leaves and we're all alone. She has on a huge luscious thick Lynx so I still can't see her name tag.

"You took off last Saturday? I was hoping we could talk some more?"

"I went to look at pants while you were busy and realized I was late for an appointment. That's an incredible Lynx! Is that a Russian Lynx?"

"So you actually know something about furs? You like this fur on me?" she asks with a big smile, snuggling her cheek in the thick fur collar with her wonderful red hair falling over the silky fur. My fantasies come true right before me!

"Yes oh my it's incredible on you."

"You don't think it's too big on me?" she says with a bigger coy smile as she swing around for me. I've seen her hook guys on furs this way any number of times. She's gotta see my boner. "Here .. feel it .. It's sooo soft isn't it?" taking my and rubbing it deep through the silky thick big sleeve. I keep stroking it and her without protest!

"Oh not at all. Makes you look all the better." without getting too much into descriptions over how incredibly sexy I think she looks. "Oh yeah .. and I do know a little about fur. They're real nice and I finally got my parka after doing some research over what would make a good men's fur purchase. I guess it's not the manly thing but I don't really care about that. I'm no pervert or anything like that." I'm still stroking her Lynx.

"I never thought you were for a moment. I think men wearing fur is very sexy and very manly. Here .. let me show you." I follow her to the fur racks and she pulls out an incredible dark red, brown, black mixed colors Fox that nearly touches the floor on six foot ME. It's obviously cut for a man. She helps me into it after taking my Parka and she hasn't mentioned my "girlfriend", a fur for her or anything at all.

"Oh myyy goood!" I utter involuntarily and without thinking as I hug it to me. She's looking at me with a big and slightly lecherous smile as I'm about to cream my jeans. "I could never afford a fur like this!! Well not for a few years anyway." It's clear I so want this coat.

"So you don't intend on being a poor student forever?" I look at her with a mild shocked expression of being found out. "I've seen you on campus a couple of times." she says casually running a finger down through the fur of the coat and gripping the thick lapels I'm wearing. She's so beautiful in her fur I can't stand it much longer. All I can think of is her and me wallowing and rolling around in our furs screwing like a pair of minks.

"Most women don't know I exist .. even when I'm right in front of them. Don't think most girls like geeks." I say somewhat quizzically. She pulls me to her a bit closer, not letting go of the grip on my fur.

"I sure can't understand that? You're right in front of me now and I can't help but see you. Nothing worse than a stupid man ..'cept maybe a dumb broad?" I'm slightly shaking from something and I can't quite comprehend but I'm about to collapse.

"A hot customer for you coming over." She turns to see then lets go but looks back at me with a very sweet smile. Saved by an intruding customer.

She's waiting on a middle aged balding man who's certainly getting a fur for his wife. Maybe an anniversary gift. She's typically at this for quite awhile. After awhile I remove the incredible Fox, laying it over the couch almost ceremonially and put my Coyote back on again. I figure I'll go down and look at pants for awhile. Try to recover some from this wonderful flight into fantasy land.

After nearly an hour of shopping and on my way back almost to the Fur Salon I see two women in furs looking at some handbags. They're rubbing and hugging each other as they talk and pass the bags back and forth. My god they're incredible .. and their furs! They wander off in the direction of the Fur Salon, stopping at the silk scarves. My god their furs are incredible! What a treat. Overtime fantasies of making it with two sexy women in furs yet!

Oh yeah .. they're headed into the fur Salon alright and sales girl is nearly running over to them with a big smile! I sure would.

She has the two women customers engaged and they're practically putting the make on salesgirl right off, not the other way as usual. Wow this is HOT. They're seducing her.

I'll hold back here behind the Scarf counter. Good vantage point to watch her at work. Don't think she sees me?"

Twins in matching super furs!! What a mind-blowing concept! They're older, maybe 30? They sure are beautiful and could do anything they wished with me in those coats. I hear older women are better lovers anyway. Beautiful blonde hair and light mixed tan and blonde Foxes like I've never seen before. Think maybe I've seen a picture .. Golden Island Fox?

Man oh man .. they're gorgeous in those Foxes and they're really putting the make on my little Vixen!! She just put on my favorite big hooded reversible Red Fox for them and the twins are hugging her and each other in all those magnificent furs. She has a look like shes having an orgasm with them!!

Oh my god .. I'm cuming in my pants!! and they're taking their time .. hugging and fur stroking! Salesgirl has an ethereal look like .. oh .. oh jeez I'm oozing creaming like an awake wet dream!! Shit .. no control .. pumping into my shorts and it seems everyone in the store knows I'm cuming. I know they don't but oh my god, never done this before. What a fantasy treat. Never forget this one!

See where they go. Gotta follow them! They can't keep their hands off each others furs, stroking and fondling each other. They keep hugging each other in their furs when they stop and look at stuff. Having to work at hiding my boner too. I ain't gone soft. They're all over the store. This is super thrilling and I'm sure havin' fun.

Hell .. they separated. Follow one and the other will show up again no doubt. Stand here by this big post and umbrella display off to the side where no one will notice me. I need an umbrella anyway. Got a nice view of her .. oh my .. she's rubbing and hugging herself in her fur like she's having another orgasm. I can relate after that Fox salesgirl had me wear!

2- Jack's fur fantasies cum true.

I feel fur wrapping around my neck and face and it's not mine. A soft womans voice whispering directly into my ear, her lips touching, like in one of my fantasies .. "Hey kid .. like what you see? Like the soft sensual furs do we?" As she presses her body against me from behind with her arms around me. No escape if I wanted to.

I shake slightly as I cum in my shorts again with an uncontrollable quivering moan.

"That's a good boy. Can you do it again for me?" as she hugs me tighter in our furs and continues to rub my fur and me with her fur while blowing and pulling on my ear with her lips. I cum again with a bit louder moan. "So nice of you to do that for me. Makes me feel so very good too. Now why don't you just cum with me and my sister?"

I willingly go along with her and her sister. I'm a caught stalker with my fantasy pants down without any possible excuses anyway. It's all like a dream as I go down with them in the elevator to the Garage Level.

We're the only ones in the elevator and they have me in a furry embrace between them, my big boner gripped in their hands. We're all engulfed in thick soft furs. The thrill is so overwhelming I shake convulsively and I shoot another load into my shorts with more moaning as they continue to fondle and kiss me. My shorts are sopping wet with cum by now and dampening my pants. I can smell it. I'm helpless to my fantasies ... in overdrive with two gorgeous blonde's in wonderful furs. My elevator fantasy more than realized!

"Such a good and responsive boy we have here Sis .. don't you think?"

"Oh yes. Jill will be so happy when she has him. His cock is more than large enough and he's not going soft after his first few shots. He'll have her screaming in pleasure. You know, I think he loves furs as much as we do, you think?"

"His cum smells real sweet too. I'll bet he's a virgin. You a virgin boy?"

"Yyyyeeesss ma am!!"

"Ma am yet .. such a polite kid you are. I can see we'll have a lot of fun with this young stud .. huh Sis. Your girlfriend's not going to like you doing this with two older blonde's I'll bet?"

"I ... I .. don't have a girlfriend. Girls don't seem to like me."

"He doesn't have a girlfriend Sis! What a shame .. their loss and I'm sure we'll like you just the same and I know Jill will love what you can do for her with that wonderful cock of yours."

"Who's Jill?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

They're still fur fondling me and pulling on my cock while we talk and I'm so far gone I don't know what to do except follow them and let them do with me what they please.

In the car one drives and the other has me in the back seat kissing and fur fondling me, having gotten my shirt off and my pants open and down around my ankles. The back seat is covered with a couple of fur throws and several thick fur pillows sort of like their coats so I'm nearly immersed in furs! With the dark windows I don't have to be shy.

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