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Jack and Kate


Jack waived a muscular arm at the waiter and asked for the check. "No coffee or dessert tonight then?" No matter how often they were here, they never had dessert. The waiter wondered what their story was; he knew them by name now, knew that he had served them a number of times and knew also that they simply could not resist each other. They were always touching somehow. As they walked off he swore he saw her grab him by the front of his pants, but if she did he showed no sign of it. "Goodnight Ted," the man had offered as they rose to leave and handed him the settled bill. "'Night Jack, have a good one!" Ted the waiter chuckled with the thought of what he would do with a woman like that. Kate's features were impeccable and her body was incredible. Ted muttered "lucky bastard" under his breath as he moved to his next table.

Jack knew precisely how lucky he was. Kate was fantastic. Every bit his intellectual equal and then some he thought, Kate was also a physical specimen. Her physical features were the talk of the male faculty when she first arrived on campus and while he never joined in on the locker room discussions about the merits of her figure, he shared the bulk of the sentiment. He smiled in wonderment now as they drove away at how he was able to keep his eyes from parading up and down her body on their first meeting in his classroom five years ago.

Kate interrupted his reverie as they pulled up to their apartment. "What are you thinking about mister?"

"You." He stated. "And about what I'm going to do to you inside that building." For all of her poise and intellect, Kate's engines really revved with a bit of dirty talk.

"Me first!" she exclaimed as she opened the door and tossed the keys down. She could offer a dissertation on the legacy of Greece and Rome at the drop of a hat, but she always retained this playful side that drove him nuts.

He grabbed her in a rough embrace from behind and kissed her all over her neck. His hands made their way to her breasts, massaging them as he freed her from her dress. With a thick voice full of lust she told him how much she wanted him. She was naked in seconds and doing her best to rip his pants right off.

"Five years of this, and we haven't lost a beat," she said as she removed his boxers and grabbed his hardness with her hand. Her slow strokes prepared him for what he knew was coming.

"I thought you said you first," came his mild protest. Any strength in the protest was lost when her lips moved to his cock and her tongue moved around his engorged head.

"Never mind." He smiled. I don't know how you learned this, but thank you for doing this to me my love.

They were now both completely naked as she lowered her mouth on his member, her lips stretched open across his head and expanding down the shaft to nearly be able to take all of his length in her mouth. The firm pressure she applied in her quick movements always amazed him.

Kate loved the smell and taste of him as she did this, she loved what it did for him and the feeling as he would build to his first orgasm. As she sucked him, she watched his face and he had learned early on to make frequent eye contact. She knew by his thickening when he was about to come and always remembered the look on his face when she first employed this intimacy on him. He verbally had warned her about his orgasm and his eyes had grown very appreciative when she ignored him and proceeded. She loved the way he threw his head back as he came. She sensed that that time was soon now.

For his part, Jack tried to enjoy the ride as much as possible, he watched her face slide on his cock, how she nibbled and licked at the underside of his head to get him really hard and then as she quickened her pace after a few minutes to bring him to his end.

From her kneeling position Kate travelled down his cock as she sensed his orgasm and watched his head go back in his thrust. She felt him ejaculate with her tongue, felt his load travel through his penis to slam into her throat. She felt him pulse five times and continued sucking for a bit longer to keep him hard.

As she broke contact she moved up his body with her mouth and locked him in a kiss, it was the least a man could do after that, and Jack never minded, but always took it at a sign that it was his turn to go to work.

Kate had incredibly sensitive nipples on wonderful tits he thought. He had seen bigger, but never better and he could spend an entire session on them alone. He had brought her to orgasm more than once by simply doing that. But not tonight, tonight he wanted to fuck her hard, to make her come fast and often. She had spent a good part of dinner rubbing his cock under the table with her foot and then her hand when she moved into the car. He knew what she wanted.

Jack grabbed Kate around her torso and pulled her weight up onto his frame and walked her to the bedroom, his cock rubbing her pussy the whole way. For her part, Kate began lifting herself along his shaft, lubricating him with her juices and masturbating herself with his cock. He stopped at the foot of the bed and entered her in that position, letting her move herself up and down a few times before she settled fully on his thickness.

They were in love with kissing after all this time, and without moving anything other than their arms and mouths, they stood nestled in this embrace for about five minutes before Kate began to move again. She began slowly flexing her vaginal muscles to milk his shaft, and then gradually she began again to slide herself up and down. They were so close, so strong, so tight together, that she felt her own first orgasm building within her. The feeling of great warmth spread throughout as she pressed herself into his body and her pussy harder on his cock, she moved fast enough to stimulate her own clit. He loved her orgasms in this position because he felt completely at rest and almost as if his cock were only the instrument of her orgasm, not as if he had any role as a lover.

When the first full wave hit she did what she always did, she closed her eyes tight and bit her lip and buried her head into his shoulder. "Oh dear God!" she cried.

"Don't you close your eyes Kathryn Anne Mulden," Jack whispered her full name softly. He too enjoyed watching this part. He then shifted his weight to finish her off a bit. By widening his stance her could thrust upward, he found that if he did this, he could bring her orgasm to the next level and really send her into a bigger second spasm.

He thrust with his might against her and felt his full length push her up. The sudden move make her scream and she immediately came waves over him gripping him so tightly that he had to gasp for air. He laid her on the bed without fully leaving her and gently pumped her until her orgasm subsided and he pulled slowly out. He slowly rolled to her side to let her recover, and to turn his full attention to the rest of her body.

Her skin was firm and moist with perspiration as he descended on her erect tan nipple. Kate's Latina heritage gave her an incredible tan and the loveliest nipples he had ever seen, they were like caramel in color and they capped her breasts perfectly, giving them a great pouty upturn that made other men stop dead when she wore a bathing suit. Actually her whole body did that, he though as his hands moved around to her side and along her shapely ass.

With his mouth on her left nipple, he moved his right hand to her legs and found her juices. He dipped his left fingers liberally in her wetness and gave her clit a gently thwack and moved his had to her right nipple and brought it to its full state of readiness. Her nipples must stick out a full inch and she absolutely rocketed off the bed when he pushed inwards.

Her back started to arch slightly as he attended to her body, when he got a devilish smile and moved his body over her chest. His balls rubbed along her stomach as his cockhead found her right nipple. She nearly jumped a foot as he thrust against her body with his cock, her nipple disappearing under the thrust of the head of his sizeable cock. He moved off the bed to get a bit more traction, pulling her a bit close to the edge as he thrust at her, her eyes absolutely sizzled with lust as she pulled back enough to grab his cock with her right hand and rub it all over her, sliding quickly down every twenty seconds or so to take him in her mouth again.

At this rate they would both come soon, and as pleased as he was at her reaction to his new venture, Jack wanted badly to enter her. He pulled her into a position that he could enter her from a position on the side of the bed, but she wriggled herself free and turned over. "Fuck me hard from here, big boy," she said as she entered a position that one did not enter easily. With her body laying forward on the bed and her legs spread in a split along the length of it, he stepped forward and bent his cock into her from behind. The sensation was tremendous for both as he entered her. The position made her accessible so easily and tight at the same time. He literally walked his cock into her and inserted himself to the fullest point.

Words did not come to either of them as he began to pump into her from behind. His angle of entry forced him to thrust down and in as they merged and the result was a fit that sent Kate spiraling into orbit. Her body shook and her moans escaped in ragged breaths as he hammered away. They were not into rough sex, but this was so exciting that it startled Jack. Kate's orgasm was so fast and powerful as her muscles contracted around him that he lost his ability to control his own. He felt his orgasm build so quickly that he sent a hot stream deep into her before he really had the chance to get his own rhythm.

He was aware of about seven pulses of come entering her, before he lost the ability to count. Each pulse seemed stronger than the last, until he could only hold her hips for balance.

When they came out of it, he lay down on top of her back, laying his tired member flat on her crack and brought her face to the side to kiss her. As they rolled to their sides, Kate breathed a soft "Happy Anniversary Honey." She nestled back against him, enjoying the feeling of him as she placed him against her ass.

Kate's breathing slowed and became the regular cycle of light sleep. Jack's pulled her into him and took gentle control of a breast in each hand, adjusted his cock to rest a bit more delicately against her and promised to never let her go.

His last thoughts as he drifted off were accompanied by a wry smile of a time not too long before. This was not how it had all started. Far from it.

Chapter Two

Kate's bold statement and kiss caught him way off guard. His hands made their way over her body raising her shirt to take a covered nipple in his mouth. He leaned her against his desk and pushed himself to her, his cock grinding her through his shorts. She moved to release him from the shorts. She rubbed his cock through them as she undid his belt and slid them down to his ankles.

Having nothing prepared for quick reality of this eventuality, Jack stammered a terse "We can't," and broke the moment by grabbing his shorts and pulling them back up over his erection, fumbling for an uncomfortable moment to put them on over it.

He could see the confusion, the doubt and then the anger in her eyes. Not anger, what was it? Annoyance at a good chance destroyed? He continued to explain, but realized in mid thought that this was pointless. "We just can't."

Kate understood very well why they "couldn't." He was her thesis advisor, her boss really, and he had warned about this. Her expression indicated that she simply did not care. She rose up, composed herself, straightened the part of her polyester shirt that had become bunched near the top of her breasts and fixed him directly in her dark eyes. "I'm not really concerned with all of the reasons why we shouldn't do this, but I look forward to the time that we can. I really thought that was now." She closed the distance between them, all of three feet and kissed him on the lips. The door sighed nearly as quietly as she did as it closed behind her.

"What the fuck are you thinking Jack?!" The stacks of books and computer that adorned his rather Spartan office did not offer an answer. The most beautiful woman he had ever known had just walked out his door because he had ethics. Who cared if she was sixteen years his junior? That wasn't it, he mused silently. Well not all of it. The former officer in the Army Special Forces was forty-two years old, and while he was used to unconventional warfare – even in affairs of the heart, he was not prepared to violate a girl, woman he corrected, whose academic record lay in his hands.

Kate Mulden was the most promising grad student his department had seen and he had taken a liking to her almost immediately. Almost, because before he had even set eyes upon her, her email and voice had challenged something he had said in class one day two years earlier. He had clarified the point and was correct, but her question corrected a flaw in his presentation that he had missed. His slight annoyance at this revelation was quickly displaced by the image presented in front of him to claim responsibility for the attack. Her manner was direct and firm, like her eyes and handshake and he immediately respected her for it. She had little of the effusive and deferential manner that women too often afford their male elders in the academic, hell, in any setting.

To his credit, he did not immediately register her physical appearance, a fact she noted with some appreciation later. She came to be his assistant in short order and they grew to spend a great deal of time in close proximity, if not together in the full sense of the word. The closeness led to enough comfort for him to trust her to proof his first book, and even to the point where they trained together for a series of cycling and swimming events. They had, without him really noting it, come to be inseparable

"Shit. Fuck. Shit!" Again, no response from the books. He raced out the door and up to the level above to find the main entrance, but she was nowhere to be seen. What could he have done anyway? Her surprise gesture had given him a fast, but nonetheless firm and present erection that still presented itself. He smiled at the thought of one of his undergrads walking by for a quick question …."Um…his Professor Thomas…..about the Persians and the Greeks, did they also have….hey look at that spectacular erection!"

No, this would not do. Back into his office to slam his fist into the wall.

For her part, Kate was out of there. She walked to the stairs and once at the next level, she bolted as fast as her considerable speed could take her. "How could I have blown that? She asked the walls of her own apartment. I'm not crazy…he must feel it too!" True to her form however she recovered quickly and even laughed at her choice of words. "Blowing it was what I would be doing right now if he weren't such a …….?" She did not really know where to go with her thoughts. Her immediate plan was to go on with her day…go to the gym where Jack and I could…..could what ignore the whole thing. Fuck….my thesis, he is my adviser…what do I do? And then a quiet and weak Fuck my thesis.

She called him, but no answer. She grew panicked at first but soon tried to calm down and wait for the situation to present itself. She went to work out, she they could talk while lifting, but he wasn't there. She tried to grab dinner, but he wasn't there either and she wasn't really hungry and now she was certain he had decided to avoid her and she was getting upset and she settled for a drink at the bar, but one turned into three and three turned into the first guy that hit on her and the first guy that hit on her turned in to one hell of a surprise for that guy when he butchered a nice gentle approach – one of his comments was not well received – and his plans for a night at his apartment and a flurry of face and cock and their combined orgasms was not to be. Her sore knuckles and his weak shouts about her sexuality bringing the day to an end she could not have possibly predicted.

Back to her own apartment and a quick but also pointless bout of self-loathing. Drunken whore she called herself, but she couldn't really muster the nerve to mean it. The consideration of possible sexual release was one thing, she decided. Her feelings for Jack Thomas were another. Where the hell is he?

Jack Thomas was her ideal. He made it through high school and undergrad in six total years, he joined the Army at 20 and the Special Forces at 26. While serving he had also somehow managed to earn a chest full of medals, numerous citations and inexplicably, a masters degree and doctorate in history. The guy was a walking billboard for "my sperm are valedictorian Olympians." She knew she was in the right place when the man had stunned her by not looking her full in the tits on their first meeting, like most men. He looked her in the eyes always and noticed that he did the same with all of the other women at the university. He was quick and funny and a great advisor for her thesis and a good guide for the politics of the university.

He seemed genuinely receptive to her silly flirtations as she stepped up the level, but now she was lost. She had reasoned yesterday that when she was done with her thesis they would have time to pursue their mutual affection. She had identified him as an ideal mate shortly after going to work for him. He was physically gorgeous, strong and principled. Too principled it might turn out. Jack was entirely honorable and would probably see her thesis through to its conclusion and then ………the tequila had taken its anesthetic effect finally and she willed herself to sleep. Two hours later it would come, but not before she had resolved to let the next move be Jack's. He had to come around to the fact that they could happen.

His head perched above his hands for a while was getting him no closer to his resolution. His head was now pounding as hard as his heart. Jack could do a much better self-loathing than Kate could ever approach. He wondered what he had gotten himself into this but the entire time his mind really focused on her. Kathryn Mulden had been a firestorm since the day he knew her. He decided to solve his problem. He had to tell her they had no chance while she was his charge. He had had enough trouble with situations like this in the Army to ruin Kate over it. He mused about his first ever encounter as a second lieutenant with a female captain that ordered him to stay for a special project. Too raw to know what to do and only twenty-two at the time, he had performed rigorously as ordered. His thirty something superior was not entirely bad to look at and fit, and he was new to the frequency of the sex she demanded, but he had ridden her roughly for his efforts and had learned how to manipulate her into making a career ending mistake while intoxicated at a Brigadier General's reception. That was an entirely different and fun story.

He was not about to treat Kate like that. He knew it was different. He was probably the only one who took their superior-subordinate position seriously, given he knew how the injured party would feel.

Jack called her cell to find it probably off, he like the fact that she was not married to the thing. Where would she go? He tried the gym and saw her leaving, tried to catch her but something stopped him. Move you fucking idiot. Tell her. Tell her to wait a little longer. Beg her to wait a little longer. He watched her go into the restaurant, watched the guys watch her. He watched her down her drinks and finally watched her depart as the luckiest dumbass the world has ever seen rubbed his jaw and called Kate names that were not polite. He filed that away for later use.

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