tagErotic CouplingsJack and Lily

Jack and Lily


Jack had been watching Lily for some time now. Ever since she moved in next-door six months ago. She appeared to be in her early thirties. She was living with some guy but Jack thought that by the looks of him, she could do better. Even though she was involved, he couldn’t help but to sneak glances at one he thought so beautiful… tall, slender, and shapely with flaming red hair and eyes like jade. He knew he was only twenty-four but what if he could just talk to her… introduce himself…what if? He had tried to talk to Lily once before but nothing would come out. He flushed now with the embarrassment that he had felt then. One of these days he would talk to her he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

It was the kiss that woke him… soft and tender on his lips. He opened his eyes slowly. What he thought when his vision adjusted and he could see was this:” I must be dreaming. It’s her. It’s Lily, right here with me…. Hey, why are my arms tied down?”

Lily stood in the moonlight staring down at him… a smile hiding behind her red lips. When she spoke, her voice was softer than he had imagined. Falling on him like soft rain. “ Don’t you think I’ve seen you watching me? I’ve wanted to talk to you but it never seems to be the right time. I find you very attractive. Your dark hair, your dark eyes deep and calm. I can’t wait to run my fingers through those curls of yours.”

“Can this really be happening?”, Jack wonders. Lily strides over to the bed. She wears only a short silk kimono the color of her eyes… the milky-white of her thighs visible in the moonlight. She leans over and runs a hand over his bare chest. “MMMM… You are in good shape, aren’t you?”, you says. Jack is only capable of nodding. Her fingers move down his stomach and just linger at the waist of his boxers.

She started to kiss him as she slipped her hand into his underwear. He was already starting to get hard but as soon as she kissed him, it became a steel rod. He didn’t think that he’d ever had an erection quite this intense. It felt as though he was running out of skin because his cock was so hard. She stopped kissing him long enough to smile. Jack had finally found his voice and asked, “Why are you here? I thought you lived with someone.”

“Desire makes us do strange things sometimes”, she replied eventually. Her hand felt wonderful. Running her finger around the head of his cock…tracing his shaft…stroking him gently. “I think it’s time these came off”, she said as she tugged his boxers off onto the floor. He gave no resistance.

His cock was throbbing and obviously begging for attention. She leaned over again and started to lick his shaft. Long strokes from base to tip…. Swirling the head of his cock with her soft pink tongue. He was writhing with pleasure and anticipation. He moaned in pleasure as his dick filled her mouth. She sucked him in all the way to the base of his cock and then would just play with his head. She could be such a tease when she wanted to. After a few minutes she stopped.

She stood at the foot of the bed and untied her kimono. She let it slip seductively off her shoulders. It opened just slightly in the center before she let it fall to the floor. Her skin was flawless and beautiful. How soft Jack imagined her to be. If only he could touch her. Before he could say anything she was straddling his face. “Lick my pussy.”, was all she said.

He tentatively licked the outside of her lips before finding her clit. As soon as he did, he started to nibble and suck on it. Feeling her grind on his face as she moaned in ecstasy. In minutes she was Cumming and Jack had her lovely juices running down his face. She dismounted him and leaned over to lick the extra juices from his cheeks.

Without a word she climbed on him and started to push his cock inside of her… just the head at first because she was so tight even though she was dripping wet. It took a little more than a minute before he was buried up to his balls in the tight little pussy of Lily, his fantasy girl. This thought almost made him cum right there but she must have sensed something because she slowed her paced…kissed him.

Jack pleaded, “Untie me, please! I want to feel your skin…touch your face…make sure you’re real.” “Not this time. Let me fuck you.”, she replied. At this, she got up and turned around so that her back was facing him. Lily was starting to cry out because his dick was large and penetrating her so deeply. In this position Jack could see his cock pumping in and out of Lily’s pussy as she rode him. She felt so good and was incredibly tight… tighter than he would have thought possible. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to keep this up.

Just then, he felt her PC muscles start to tighten. Her pussy gripping him harder…. then the orgasm. As soon as he felt her start to milk his cock, he blew his load deep inside of her. The rippling walls of her pussy sucking out everything he had to offer and more.

She gave him one last kiss, cut his ropes, and grabbed her robe. As she headed out of his bedroom door, she turned and said, “That’ll give you something to think about until next time.” Then she was gone….

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