tagLesbian SexJack & Mike Pt. 02

Jack & Mike Pt. 02



I was chilling in my living room, watching John Wick on Netflix when the doorbell rang, fact rather odd at past 9pm on a Friday night. Who could that be? I reluctantly paused the video and went to the door. When I opened it, a gorgeous brunette was standing there.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, surprised.

"I'm tired of seeing you only at the office," Anne said, forcing passage.

"What???" I closed the door and faced her, shocked. "OK. Timeout! This... is not OK. You cannot barge into my place because you feel like it!"

"I know, and I don't care. I want you in my life. I'm serious."

"Anne, you need to leave, now."

"I'm not leaving. Not until you admit I'm your lover. Not until you tell me you want me in your life."

"I'm sorry but there's no room for you in my life right now. I'm not ready."

"What is it you're not telling me? I think you're single. I'm single. You're attracted to me as much as I am to you AND if I'm not mistaken, we're sharing feelings too."

"That is NOT the issue here," I groaned taking my head in my hands, suddenly feeling overwhelmed and cornered.

"Then what is?"

She was livid. I've had never seen her like that. I couldn't answer. I was telling the truth though. I wasn't ready for anyone to replace Nikki, not even Anne and Anne was a pretty big deal for me.

"Will you still ask me to leave when I show you this?"

She removed her trench coat and let it pool around her feet. I choked right there. Under her trench coat, all she had was super sexy lingerie. She spun to show off her body. She was super hot. She could have modelled for Victoria's Secret. She had very neat and fine black stockings on with little red bows on the top of her thighs, embroidery running along her toned legs. The garter was made in the same sophisticated cloth with red bows on the hips. For contrast, she added a red outfit, sheer lace bra and crotchless panties with black bows, in front for the bra and in the back for the panties. The panties were giving me full access to her pussy and her ass. I was simply speechless.

"So? Like what you see?" she asked, proud of her coup.

"More than... like..." I mumbled, getting closer to her, inspecting her body. "Why are you doing this to me?"

I realized then that it was the first time I saw her like this. She always had her clothes on one way or another. This was different and I liked it very much. Her body was sculpted. Actually, a sexy four-pack belly adorned her long torso, much to my taste and she had a watercolor-like butterfly tattoo on her hip I had never seen before. I had so many things to discover yet. This said, I focused more on other parts of her body.

"I'm not doing anything, you're doing it to yourself. You kissed me, seduced me, so now, here I am. I want more, I want you."

"But Anne, I—"

She didn't let me finished. Next thing I know

she grabbed me by my tank top, pulled me into her arms and held me tight while devouring my mouth like a mad woman. I was taken completely off guard, unable to think anymore. She lifted me up and I had no way to resist her. I held onto her and slid my legs around her waist. She was right, I wanted more. I let her kiss me as long as she wanted.

"Where's your room?"

I pointed upstairs and let her carry me all the way, with her heels still on, until she threw me onto my bed. She was strong and lean. I was impressed.

"I wanna make love to you and you're gonna let me. End of discussion."

I nodded.

"Care to undress me?"

She gracefully put her foot on my knee. I cupped her calf and remove her sexy heel from her foot. I proceeded the same with her other shoe. The thigh highs were so sexy on her long legs. I let my hand roam up the arousing fabric but she slapped my hand away. She then proceeded in undressing me which didn't require much effort considering I had only a tank top and shorts on. In a handful of seconds, I found myself stark naked in front of my manager. She put pressure on my shoulder, signaling she wanted me to lay down and I obliged. Seeing her taking charge was actually hot. I could get used to it. Her hand caressed my body, following the scar I had along my thigh.

"You... are... magnificent," she said, her eyes burning my skin.

I don't know why but I felt shy all of a sudden. She laid on top of me and kissed me tenderly. She was a great kisser. I let go right there. I spread my legs to welcome her, excited to feel the swell of her breasts pressing against mine. She quit my lips and descended my body sensually, leaving blazing but delicious marks along the way. Her style was definitely different from mine but as efficient. In seconds, she got me moaning under her touch. She held my large breasts and smiled as she attacked my nipples a lot more aggressively. I had my hands on her head. I could feel the urgency in her movements. She must have suffered from me cutting her off for all these weeks. "I'm sorry" were my first words in minutes.

"Shhh..." she looked at me with loving eyes and continued her descent.

Her moves were now slow, measured. She took the time to give attention to every part of my body. She kissed my pubic mound with such tenderness I started to cry. No one had showed me that much love in years.

"What's wrong, baby?" she asked worried, upon hearing my whimpers, moving quickly up my body to assess the situation.


"You're crying. It's not nothing."

"It's just... I..."

"Tell me, baby," she encouraged, caressing my face.

"It's been a long time..."

"A long time?"

"Since I felt so much... love."

"Oooh baby... It's OK..." she said drying my tears. "I'm here to love you and that's what I intend to do. Trust me..."

She kissed me again and I completely gave in. She grabbed my hands and pinned them over my head. I moaned. Her tongue was soft and warm. It sought mine and when it found its prize didn't let go until I got out of breathe.

"Oh, baby, you drive me crazy," she whispered as she snuggled in my neck a few seconds, enough for her to catch her breath.

She then kissed and licked my neck and resumed her descent of my body, only this time she didn't stop until she reached her goal. Her tongue followed my curves right into my most intimate part. My inner folds were at the maximum moisture possible. She took care of me like I didn't know she could. This woman was full of surprises. Once she had satisfied me, she climbed up my body again and kissed me, allowing me to taste myself on her lips.

"I love you."

Those three words. Fateful words. I didn't know what to say. I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I saw the flash of sadness in her eyes. I tried hard to find something to say but my mind went blank.

"I'm sorry," I answered pitifully.

"Don't worry. I know you're not ready to say the words just yet but I already know you love me, anyway."

"What makes you so sure?"

"I just know. I've seen it in your eyes. I don't know what you're fighting but I'm not going anywhere. I'm here for the long run." She started rubbing her toned body against mine. "I love you and I want you."

"Oh God. You know it's hard to focus on what you're saying when you do that."

"I know... Stop thinking and start feeling," she whispered in my ear, rubbing her fine lingerie covered mound harder on mine.

"Ah fuck... it feels... really good..."

Anne didn't stop and got me all worked up. She made me come again. At that point, I was so aroused I think I was developing a serious lingerie fetish with her. I relaxed a bit then I went butt naked to fetch some water for the both us. As I stepped back into the room, my heart skipped a beat. She was laying on her back still in her lingerie. I took some time to let the vision sink in. This woman was smart, beautiful and in love with me. What more could I ask for?

"Anne, want some water?"

She opened her eyes and smiled, "sure!"

She sat up and I handed her the water bottle. I drank some myself before putting it on my bedside table. I sat on the bed and reached for the part of her thigh not covered by the sexy textile. Her skin was soft. She was looking at me intently as it was my turn to explore her body. It's funny how the dynamics between us changed as we were out of the office. Although she's my boss, I was clearly dominant at the office but here, in my home, she took the upper hand. I was somewhat destabilized by the power she had over me, power I had totally underestimated.

As slowly as I caressed her body, my desire for her rose from deep inside. I spread her legs and placed myself between them. I reached for her hips and caressed them, admiring her body.

"You're a gym babe," I declared, smiling. "I wasn't aware of it."

"There're a lot of things you don't know about me."

"I realize that, now. We should train together," I said caressing and kissing her abdomen. "You are really sexy in general but, tonight, you surely went for the kill. Where did you get these?" I asked taking her breasts in my hands, caressing her nipples with my thumbs.

"It's a shop... downtown... Crimson Ribbons..." she answered with difficulty.

"I might go there for myself."

"Shanelle..." she moaned as I licked her neck.

"Shhh..." I started, with a devilish smile on my face. "That's what you asked for, beautiful. Remember? Now it's my turn and there's no one around who risks to disturb us. So now I will proceed into loving your hot body the way it really deserves. Any objection?"

"No..." she moaned.

My hands roamed on her now smooth pussy.

"Did you do that for me?" I whispered in her ear as she moaned under my touch. I caressed her lips and penetrated her gently. "You know, I'm not only gonna love you. I'm gonna devour your body."

Anne just grabbed my neck and kissed me passionately. I kissed her body down, rushing to reach the Holy Grail. I laid on my belly and held her legs on each side of my face. As an appetizer, I lapped on her lips like a cat a bowl of milk and it made her laugh.

"What are you doing?"

I didn't answer, focused on my task. I sucked in her flesh, making her grab my head. I digged into her slippery folds to retrieve her gold, making her speak in tongue. I awoke every nerve of her being, making her melt under my touch. I drank her soul. I couldn't stop and after over an hour of a sensual roller-coaster, she asked for mercy. I could have done it all night long.

After that, we made love non-stop, rediscovering each other's body over and over, sometimes rocking gently in a cloud of love and sometimes sending electric shivers through each other spine. We abandoned ourselves into each other until our bodies threw the towel in. She was so lovely. Why didn't I invite her over earlier? I couldn't get enough of her, her long legs, her soft, creamy skin. It was all mine.

After love, we laid down in bed, our bodies entangled closely. I let my fingers roam around her perky breasts. Anne was dozing off, still emitting cute little sounds of pleasure in the aftermath of our love making. I smiled and kissed her neck and cuddled into her arms, slowly letting sleep take over me.


I got awakened by her whimpers. She was still in my arms but her sleep was agitated. She was crying.

"Baby... Baby, wake up," I whispered as I shook her softly.

"Please... Don't leave me... Nikki... no..."

What??? Nikki? Who the heck was Nikki?

"Nooo... Nikki..." She was crying harder now.

This was getting way too intense. I laid her down on her back and tried to wake her up.

"Shanelle, baby, wake up," I shook her a little stronger.

"No... don't leave... Nikkiii... Nikki..."


"Nooo!" she yelled as she sit up abruptly.

The sudden move almost had me have a heart attack. It took me a few seconds to get over it and have a good look at her. I didn't like the mask she had on her face. I had never seen her like that. It was a mix of pain and horror. Her face was wet from the tears, she was breathing hard and sweat was rolling down her temples. That was a new side of her I was getting anxious to see. What was going on?

"Shanelle, are you OK?" I asked softly, taking her face in my hands. She didn't answer. "Shanelle?"

She finally looked at me and busted into tears. 'OK. What do I do, now?' Well, I did the only thing I could. I just held her in my arms and let her cry on my shoulder, rocking her, speaking words of comfort. It was a river of tears, full of pain and suffering. I didn't know what had happened to her but this was certainly the result of a deep wound. I laid back down and took her with me, then covered our bodies with the sheets and comforter. She cried for long minutes, clinging onto me for dear life. It took her almost an hour to fall back asleep.


As the sun beamed through the curtains this early Saturday morning, I gently woke up. It took me a few seconds to remember the night of passion I had with my beautiful lover. Yes, she was my lover. Then, I remembered the nightmare. What was that all about? Who was Nikki? I turned in the bed and watched the beautiful face by my side, so peaceful now. I let my hand roam along the scar on her back. "What happened to you?" I whispered, caressing her cheek. She was sound asleep. I didn't want to wake her up yet. I extricated myself from the sheets with the least movements possible and started to explore the house in quest of the bathroom. I found it quite easily. After relieving myself and freshening up, I put on her bathrobe and went downstairs. I remember seeing the kitchen as I passed by the night before. It wasn't my house but I thought I could prepare the breakfast for her. She would be hungry after the night she had. And I was starving.

Downstairs, I found my trench coat where I left it on the floor and smile. I took the bet and won. I picked the coat up and put it away. I went around the living room looking at the home design. The previous night, the decoration was the least of my preoccupation. The room was large, with a very homey and cosy feeling, all in brown and beige tones, with a large sofa in front of a wooden coffee table, facing a large flat screen on the wall and a fire pit on top of which were sitting a bunch of pictures. There were some of a beautiful couple that must have been her parents, a couple of sweet pictures of her and Colleen and the other ones were of her and some girlfriends. One in particular attracted my attention. She was a gorgeous mixed blooded girl with beautiful curls and a pretty smile. I continued my tour. It's then I spotted Shanelle's cell phone on the living room table. I mechanically tried to open it and found out it was unlocked. I dialed Colleen's number. Knowing she's the closest thing Shanelle had to family, I thought she might know what to do.

"Everything's alright?" a sleepy voice came out on the other end.

I hesitated. I didn't know how she would take my call.

"Hello? Shan?"

"Hi... Hi, Colleen. This is Anne. I'm sorry to wake you up." I waited a moment to assess her reaction.

"That's OK. Something must have happened," she said after a few seconds. "What is it? Is she OK?"

"No... No, she's not OK. Colleen, I'm sorry. I want to apologize. You were right. I don't know what happened. Everything was fine and then she had a terrible nightmare. It was so intense, it was horrible. It took me several attempts to snap her out of it."

"Oh no..."

"Colleen, who is Nikki?" My question was welcomed by a pregnant silence. "Colleen?"

"Anne..." she sighed "like I told you before, it's not my place to talk about it. I could tell you but I think the best way is for her to open up to you. Anne, I will ask you again. This is no joke. Are you serious about her?"

"Colleen, I love her, OK? She's the one who keeps pushing me away and I don't know why!"

After a pause, Colleen answered, "Ok, Anne, I believe you. Don't worry. She'll come around. Where is she right now?"

"She's asleep, in her room."

"OK. Don't wake her up. Prepare her a nice breakfast. She likes scrambled eggs, fruit salad, toasts and coffee. If there are oranges, press her a nice orange juice and wait. Don't pressure her. She's going to open up. Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. Maybe she'll act up. All you have to do is show her that you are there for her. Don't play games with her or you're gonna lose her, OK?"

"OK. Thank you, Colleen."

"Don't thank me just yet, this will not be easy. She's a stubborn one and she has been like this for years. She first needs to realize she needs you in her life. Once that is done, it will be easier for you. Try to stay with her this weekend, spend time together and bond on another level that the pure sexual passion I saw between you two." I chuckled. She sighed again. "I'm rooting for you. I want to see her happy, you know? She deserves it after all she's been through."

"Thanks, Colleen. And sorry to bother you."

"For Shanelle? Never! Have a great weekend, lovebirds!" she joked.

"Thanks, you too!"

I hung up relieved that Colleen realized I was serious about Shanelle. I didn't know if it was my place to ask about the nightmare and I decided against. I thought the best way to go, as Colleen said, was to take it slow, one day at a time.

I went to the kitchen and looked around, opening each cupboard door to see where everything was. I opened the fridge and yes, she had eggs and oranges. I wasn't big on scrambled eggs but I did awesome omelets with onions, mushrooms and a whole lot of different things. She didn't have mushrooms but the omelet could still be great. I retrieved a couple of onions, unhooked the frying pan and got to work.


A ray of light pulled me out of my sleep. I passed my hand through my hair wondering where I was for a few seconds. Then it all came back to me. The night of passion, the nightmare. 'I'm alone now,' I thought touching the cold empty space by my side. She must have freaked out and ran away. She had every right to. I'm damaged goods. So many girls ran away from me because of these nightmares. They would start around September and intensify over the weeks. I couldn't help it. Colleen told me to see a shrink for it, that I needed to talk to someone but I always refused.

I sat up in my bed wondering how I would face her on Monday morning. She saw me at my most vulnerable state and I didn't like it. I couldn't blame her for it but it was an embarrassing moment. I stretched and hopped out of bed. As soon as I opened the door, the smell of fried onions jumped to my nostrils. 'She was still here?' I quickly put on a t-shirt, went to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth and joined her downstairs. When I arrived, she was chopping off peppers.

I looked at her in awe. She was a beautiful human being, inside and out. I didn't deserve her. I didn't know why she stayed. If I were her, I would have run away as fast as possible. She was naked under my bathrobe, too short for her, her legs were showing up to the higher portion of her thighs. A little bit more and I could have seen her naked butt. She had a body to die for. A wave of desire washed over me as I felt my pussy tingle. If I weren't so tired, I would have taken her right then and there.


I was immersed in what I was doing and didn't hear her coming. I felt her hands enveloping my waist. She hugged my back and stayed there, silent.

"Hey, Mike!" she finally said with a little voice and kissed the top of my back. It made me smile.

"Hey Jack!" I said as I turned around in her arms. She looked awful. "Are you feeling alright?" I asked, kissing her lightly, taking her into my arms.

"I'm tired."

Not knowing precisely what was going on, I was sorry for her, although I enjoyed the fact she was letting me see a much vulnerable part of herself.

"I can tell that much. Have a seat, baby, breakfast is almost ready."

She didn't fight. She took place at the table and watched me cook in silence for the next ten minutes.

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