tagRomanceJack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 08

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 08


The house was warm, we had privacy so felt no need to dress again. Ally wore a cheeky grin as we made drinks and a snack. She took to caressing my bottom at every opportunity, explaining.

"It's nice to see a man who doesn't have a hang up about being nude. Men seem to think that women don't have an interest in seeing their lover naked. They do and I'm loving this." And she caressed my bottom once again, then gave me a light smack. "I could get you some commissions to pose you know." Now she was going too far. I laughed.

"I doubt that the people who bought your photos would be interested in a fifty five year old man." Ally had this big grin.

"Possibly not, but the gay trade would love you!" She dashed out of the kitchen before I could catch her, laughing hilariously.

It was getting late when Ally explained a little about her modelling career.

"I never posed with a man, you know." She seemed desperate to re-assure me on that. Now up to that point I had given no thought to the possibility she could have posed with anyone else. She turned in my arms to look me in the eyes. "No lies though, Jack. I did pose with other girls some times." She waited for my reaction.

"I assume there was a good artistic reason." She shook her head.

"No, there was a good commercial reason. Lesbian portrayals sell. Jack, and this was busness.I am not a lesbian. We posed to suggest that lesbian activity was taking place, it was always soft core, we didn't do hard. You don't have to, but I would like to show you some of the photo's soon. I want to get this out of our way." I wasn't sure that I wanted to see the pictures, after all it was Ally in the pictures, but like most men I was drawn to any depiction of the naked female form.

"Let's see about that. It's not important to me and we'll talk some other time. Ally. I know you are worried about this, but I really don't have a problem. How can I explain it? Yes! I know. Neither of us are virgins. What we have done before, who we have slept with is in the past, it makes no difference to who we are now and the feelings we have for each other. The only important fact is that we are together, the past is white-washed, our future together is what matters." Ally was quiet as she thought about what I had said.

"I understand what you are saying, Jack. But there are pictures of my past, they could emerge and I don't want them to come between us."

"They won't, my Darling, it is not important, but right now, Ally, what is important is that I take you to bed and make love to you." Her eyes softened and her worried expression was replaced with desire. She understood now that what she had done was not important, in the same way that the men previously in her life were unimportant to me. She was here with me now.

"My lovely man. How many times will you remind me how right I was to fall in love with you. Yes, Darling, take me to bed and make me your woman. Erase the past."

I had this exquisite woman in bed with me. She lay naked allowing me to explore with my eyes, my hands, and my tongue. I did all of these, and was so captivated by her beauty I could not hurry, taking time to worship every part of her in depth. Ally at first seemed to be impatient, then acquiescent, then trance-like as waves of pleasure rolled through her. When I finally I moved over her body, she opened her legs happily to accept me, calling me to invade her body, to take her and allow her to become my woman. The warmth and wetness that welcomed me was overwhelming, I tried so hard to last, biting my lip hoping that the pain would delay me, it did but only momentarily. The roller that started life as a small ripple far out to sea approached the shore, building in height, and as it built the seas around it were disrupted by its passing, then it towered, tall and strong, until finally the base was insufficient to support the crest and it crashed, turbulent, without control. I was dimly aware that as I came, Ally screamed and came as well, joining me in that tumbling chaos of wave and currents.

Awaking in the morning I was a little bewildered. After so many months of sleeping alone, there was a warm body next to mine. I opened my eyes to see these two brown eyes, swimming with love watching me. I smiled in response to Ally's smile.

"Good morning Darling."

"Good morning to you as well my Darling." I replied. "Did you sleep well?"

"I had a lovely night, Jack. I was sleeping next to my man, and I awoke beside him. I have been watching you for some time, trying to convince myself that this is true. It ought to be a dream. My man made love to me last night, I had never thought it could be so overwhelming and beautiful, but it was, and I slept in his arms. I want nothing else in my life except to love you and be loved by you."

"Nothing else?" I queried.

"Well perhaps one thing else."

"What would that be?"

"I want to give you a child! Please Jack. Our baby." She blushed, very prettily I have to say.

Now I already had a daughter, Libby. Who I saw only occasionally, and those meetings were fraught with bitterness. In the divorce her mother got custody, and I had visiting rights, but as usual in these cases, my ex-wife managed to put all sorts of obstacles in the way of my visits. Little obstacles like moving, and not letting me know where she had gone to, and using a solicitor who obviously had a grudge against cheating husbands and would take so long to reply to letters from my solicitor, that any information grudgingly passed on was out of date within a week. Then the whole cycle would start again. I thought that it would change when my ex-wife died of Liver and Kidney failure, but my daughter who was twelve at the time was placed in foster care. Social services did not believe that a single man, me, even though I was her father, was suitable to bring up a child. When Libby was eighteen, she contacted my solicitor and got my address and phone number. We spoke and met, but after so long a time it was difficult to re-establish any kind of relationship. Her mother had told her that I wanted nothing to do with her at all, and years of brain-washing had taken their toll. You cannot reverse that in five minutes. We did see each other from time to time, and gradually started to forge some kind of friendship.

I would be very happy to have a child with Ally. My thoughts were that at some time in the future when I was dead, she would not be left completely alone. Another reason my cynical mind came up with was that it would be another obstacle to Ally leaving me. Yes, that little gremlin was becoming faint, but still there!. Again as I had seemingly lost a daughter there would be a child for me to love. The overwhelming reason though was simple, the child would be our child, born of our love.

"Well there's two things that need to happen before that." I got up on my knees. " Dear, sweet Ally. I love you and want you in my life always. Will you marry me?" Ally collapsed in irrepressible laughter at the sight, me naked, on my knees, swaying unsteadily on the bed, proposing marriage. Undaunted I went on. "And if you say yes then the second factor is you coming off the pill."

"We don't have to get married." Ally replied through her laughter.

"Oh yes we do." I was adamant. "No child of mine will be born illegitimate."

"In that case." Ally got on her knees to face me, equally naked. "I willingly accept your proposal." She giggled with mirth. "I want to be Mrs. Jack Hunter. We don't have to worry about the pill, I am not taking it so we may have started the baby already, but in case we haven't, my Darling lover, we will have to do a lot more of this." She demonstrated her intention by reaching down and taking hold of my cock, which she fondled. I was already erect, and Ally lay back pulling me by my erection. "Time to start making a baby, Stud. I am in the middle of my cycle, and for you, lovely man, I am hot!" I was ready and Ally was soaking wet, so without any kind of foreplay I entered her warmth. She cried and shook her head from side to side.

"Oh God! Jack. I love that feeling as you slide in and fill me. Now fuck me. Give me your baby!" I think I may have done just that.

My being divorced meant it would not be possible to get married in Church. Ally had no problem with that, but Richard Ewing did. For one he was not happy about me as the intended husband, and if his daughter would not listen to reason and determined to marry me, it had to be in Church and a big production number befitting his position in the community. Ally eventually told him he had a choice, either accept our plans or she would cut him out of her life. With both Ally and Sheila bending his ear all the time, he did what any man would do, he caved in. Anything to keep the ladies sweet. I wanted Libby there of course, and invited her to visit and meet Ally. I think she was diffident about meeting Ally but eventually agreed. That visit was the one that blew the door off it's hinges.

Libby had told me she would arrive in the afternoon. Ally was working so wouldn't get there until five thirty. I was pleased to see my daughter when she arrived. I thought I may have done something right, as Libby was a lovely young woman of twenty-three. Father's don't really look at their daughter's figures, but if I were a young man unrelated, I would certainly make a play for her. At first my daughter was defensive, she was still carrying the remnants of the brain washing, and her anger showed when she suddenly accused me of deserting her and not caring about her at all. I was taken aback by this attack. I could explain the situation for ever but doubted that she would believe me, so I went up to my files and pulled the folder with all the solicitors correspondence.

"Read this." I demanded, leaving her alone for a while. I made some tea, and sat unhappily in the kitchen wondering if I would ever get my daughter back. Some time later she came to find me, tears running down her cheeks.

"Daddy. I didn't know."

"I thought that was the case." I found her a box of tissues.

"Mummy made me believe that you wanted nothing to do with me. She said you didn't want to see me, that you didn't love me. Over the years she said you never paid for any support. It was all lies, she lied to me, all those years, she lied to me." I held her as she sobbed, trying hard not to feel bitter about it. "When mum died, they asked me if I wanted to live with you, but I didn't think for one moment you would want me." Her tears renewed. Eventually she regained her composure and I poured her some tea.

"Libby. I hurt your mum a great deal. You must understand that when someone is hurt that badly, they will try to get some kind of revenge. The only way your mother could do that was denying me the chance to watch you grow up, to be involved in your life. Don't hate her memory, because she loved you very much. It was the alcohol that clouded her judgement."

We talked for some time about all of this, the correspondence was enough for her to realise that I had not willingly stayed away from her, and I had pushed my solicitor down every avenue to get me the chance of visiting. She also knew that my support cheque was delivered promptly every month, and cashed. Now my task was to convince her not to hate her mother. As the afternoon wore on we were able to relax a little and even smile at some of the good memories. She asked about Ally. Libby didn't seem shocked at the difference in our ages, women seem to accept these things, whereas men would be nudging each other and cracking jokes about dying on the job, but at least with a smile on the face. I had been nervous about this meeting, but as time went on and Libby's attitude changed the nerves dissipated.

The key in the door alerted me to Ally's arrival.

"In the lounge." I called and Ally came through with a smile on her face. The smile was replaced by horror.

"Shit! Sacha." That was Ally.

"Belle! Oh bugger." That was Libby. I had got to my feet when Ally came in the room, now I stood frozen, trying to understand what had happened. They were both talking, confused words, disjointed sentences, neither making sense to me although they may have understood. Suddenly Libby had picked up her bag, and was walking towards the door. I raised my voice.

"Libby stay where you are and can we have quiet, please." They stopped and looked at me. "Now will one of you, just one please, tell me what's going on here, and who the hell are Sacha and Belle?" They looked at each other guiltily it would be the bravest of the two who answered. Eventually Ally elected to speak.

"Jack, I told you about the photo shoots, that I would sometimes pose with some other girls?"

"Yes, I remember." I knew what she was going to say next. I looked at Libby as I said. "You are going to tell me that Libby was one of the models. Libby looked shamefaced.

"Well, Sacha er... Yes, she was. Jack. I never knew she was your daughter, her name wasn't Hunter." My wife had reverted to her maiden name after the divorce and Libby obviously had used that name.

"I see." Libby was crying.

"Dad! I am so sorry. No one was ever meant to know." I reached out and brought her into my arms to cuddle.

"Libby. You have no need to be sorry. Did you happen to hear what Ally said? Do you understand that she already told me all about her modelling, and what style of modelling she did. Does it look as if I am angry with her? You can see that we are still together, and getting married, so what does that tell you?" She wiped her eyes although still blubbering.

"That you are OK with it?" Her voice contained hope.

"Yes. And if I am OK with my fiancé having done that, do you suppose that I would apply a different standard to my daughter?"

"I don't know." Ally stepped in.

"Sa...Libby. Your dad is a very understanding man with a generous, loving mind. One of the reasons why I love him so much. I didn't want any secrets, so I told him all about the shoots, although he hasn't seen any of the photos." I interjected.

"I don't think I want to now."

"Jack! Be quiet." That was the first time Ally had spoken to me sharply. "Libby, I probably know your dad better than you do, I know you have had very little contact over the years, so I can tell you, he doesn't condemn me, he won't condemn you either. He's not that sort of man." Libby looked apprehensively at me.

"Are you sure?"

"Would I be cuddling you like this if I wasn't?"

"I don't know. I haven't had a cuddle from my dad in twenty years." I smiled.

"Well if we can see each other often, then the cuddles will be often as well." Libby smiled.

"I would like that, Dad."

Ally and Libby went off to repair their faces, as Ally had an emotional moment when she understood that my daughter was permanently back in my life. I had to wipe my eye, I think I got some grit in it. Then my thoughts turned to more mundane things. I had intended to cook, but decided that probably I would get a Chinese meal delivered. I wasn't going to go through that routine of giving them a choice, experience told me that by the time they had decided, I could have cooked a three course meal. So I just phoned the local restaurant and ordered a banquet for three. There would be enough choice there to satisfy both of them.

We were sitting eating when Libby challenged me.

"Why don't you want to see some of the photo's? Don't you think I am pretty enough?" I put my fork down, I could never get used to or pick up enough with chopsticks.

"Libby. You're my daughter. I shouldn't be looking at pictures of you in the nude."

"Why not? You saw me naked enough times when I was young."

"You were a baby then, It was different."

"So, if we had stayed together as a family, and went on holiday to the Med. I would probably have gone topless. You wouldn't have made a fuss about that, would you? You would have seen my tits. Or would you have averted your eyes?"

"What's this about, Libby. Are you in training to become a Lawyer by any chance?" Ally was grinning from ear to ear.

"She's doing well, Jack. Perhaps she ought to be."

"Dad. I am not ashamed of what I did. The photo's were very good, and I earned good money for doing them. Belle...I mean Ally, says that you don't think there is anything wrong about posing so why not see them? I have no problem, Ally has no problem. What's your difficulty?" Now when a man and a woman argue, the woman usually wins, because they cheat by making it emotional rather than logical. Now I had two women to argue with. There was no point in even trying. I threw in the towel.

"OK, OK you win. I'll look." Don't you hate it when a woman smiles that little smile of victory. I looked from one to the other and both had that little smile. It did alleviate one problem I had considered, that Ally and Libby might not get on. The problem now was that I was certain they would get on so well that they could collaborate against me. Oh well! Winners can be losers at one and the same time. Ally decided to strike while the iron was hot, jumping up and running to get her lap-top from her car. I sat, my trepidation having ruined any appetite I may have had. Libby went round and conferred with Ally as to what pictures they would show me. Snippets of their discussion intriguing me.

"No, not that one, I look terrible in that.

"Yes, that's good."

"What do you think about that?"

"Umm well sort of. Now that one's better!"

They finally finished their selection and moved round, putting the lap-top in front of me and bringing their chairs round to sit either side of me. At first they only showed me pure glamour, bikini's were worn, and they were solo. Then tops came off, and the two were posing suggestively together. I was afraid as I waited for the first totally nude shots. When it hit the screen I was hyperventilating. It goes without saying that they were both lovely women. I could also see that they were both shaved, although there was nothing explicit with the poses, and they were very artistic. Ally softly asked.


"I don't know what to say. I suppose my imagination conjured images that were more...more revealing. You are both very beautiful, and the photo's are both erotic, sensual and artistic." I turned to Libby.

"I am so happy to have a daughter who is so beautiful. Now I have two beautiful women in my life. It can't get better than that." Her face softened and a small smile graced her lips.

"Thank you, Daddy." Then my mischievous trait kicked in.

"Great tits, Libby." Libby looked shocked for a second then as Ally collapsed into laughter, she saw the joke.

They showed me few more pictures, until right at the end one photo was displayed, and I loved it. They were standing close, both naked. Ally had her arm around Libby's shoulders as Libby appeared to cup and caress one of Ally's breasts. Together they looked down at where Libby's hand was. Ally's long blonde hair cascaded over one of her shoulders, highlighting the curve of her arm. I looked at this photo for quite some time.

"It's beautiful." Ally hugged my arm.

"I thought you would like that one." Libby had said little, but I could hear her breathing short and fast.

"Could I have that enlarged? I would like to frame it, it's so lovely. My two lovely ladies together." Ally was smiling, and Libby looked as if all her ships had come home together. I put my arm round her.

"I never forgot you, and always hoped that someday I would have my daughter back. To find that she is such a lovely woman makes all the heartache seem worth while."

Ally had rested her head on my shoulder as we were looking at the slide show. When I made the comment about the last photo she kissed my cheek.

"It is a good shot. We can have it by our bed, can't we, Jack?" I pulled her leg a little.

"Well I don't know about that. It wouldn't be seemly to have my daughter watching us as we made love."

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