tagGay MaleJack and Toby Ch. 04

Jack and Toby Ch. 04



It was a rough two weeks, Toby was on edge or maybe it was me I don't know. When he started nights the bed was so lonely and of course I would never tell him that. So in the morning at seven-thirty I would be getting out of the shower as he walked in looking so tired, especially the first month. After he started to get use to the change, his mood got better.

Toby almost failed one of his courses at the college until he informed the instructor of his work change. Since it was near the end of the term, he was asked to do an extra credit assignment of securing one of the main buildings on campus. So during those days, he wasn't sleeping as much, so he could write his report.

That week with Toby was a living hell. I kind of wish I was cheating because I would leave for work to no Toby. When I came home he would be writing and grumpier than hell before he headed off to work because he had no sleep during the day. I could tell he had been drinking coffee and energy drinks all day to keep him up. I couldn't wait until this term was over.

Time went by quickly, before we knew it Toby had been in this work schedule six months. It was getting really lonely in the bed at night, except on the nights he didn't have to work. Toby would more laid with me than sleep but it was still nice to have him in bed. I know he didn't stay in bed after I would fall asleep. If he wasn't studying for a class with a book light and his laptop, he was reading the sports section of the newspaper. I woke to this more than a few times.

When we had sex it was great but we didn't have it right away after that night when Toby went bareback with me. We never talked about that night or did that again. I don't know if he felt guilty about being so rough with me, but in some ways I know I deserved it and in other ways it was so fucking awesome. I've never brought it up and neither has he.

God we've almost been in this apartment for an entire year, so his lease has to be nearly up, THANK GOD. I want out of this apartment and into a one bedroom. I need to bring it up to him soon, before he renews this lease. On weekend on our way over to his parents, I decided to ask him. "Honey?" Toby was driving my car.


"Can we start looking for another apartment?"

"What, you don't like the one we have now?" Toby smiled over at me and I slapped him on the arm.


I love teasing Jack to see the reaction that I get from him. When we arrived at my parents he climb over in my lap and kissed me. We didn't even see some of my family standing on the porch until my father knocked on the window. "Don't the two of you get enough of that at home?"

"Go Away." Jack responded.

"You little asshole, you don't deserve a free meal then." My dad chuckled.

"Oh starve the starving why don't you." Jack responded as he opened the door. I had to smile, they have been getting along lately, but I pulled Jack back and kissed him. "I hope that you saw that, it's not always me." Jack smiled at me after giving my cock a squeeze before getting out of the car.

"Yeah Jack, blame my perfect son." My dad turned around as he threw his hands up in the air, I even laughed then.

We all went into the house and had a great Sunday together. Dad, Matt and I always retreat to the basement to watch a game. We usually try to get away from all the girls and yes Jack falls into that category, he doesn't like watching football or any other sport. I think if he would start looking more at the guys pass the uniforms he would like it. I know he use to come to my games.

On our way home I picked back up the conversation that he started as we had arrived at my parents. "You were asking about looking for another apartment?" I knew the lease was due to end in a couple of months. We either needed to start looking, go month to month at a higher rate or sign to extend.

"Can we?" Jack asked.

"Yeah Babe, we can."

Over the following month Jack and I looked at a few places and decided on a new apartment complex it was closer downtown like he wanted before. More rent but I was getting paid better, I had now been in this job almost a year. Still on nights but Darren said if I could finish my degree he might be able to help me move back to days and into a decent position, but I was still six classes from finishing.

I could break them up into two terms or bust my ass and get them done in one. They were all offered in the Winter term, four elective and two security classes. I have to take the security classes no matter what. They won't be offered again until next Winter, but the electives are offered all the time. If I stayed on nights I could do it, Jack would hate me, but I could finish it my degree.

I talked with Darren to make sure I could stay on nights. I also asked to have the two nights that the security classes were offered off each week, which would cause me to have a set schedule. All the other classes happen during the day so work wouldn't interfere. Now all I have to do is talk to Jack, this is going to be a bowl of razor blades, I mean cherries.

I was up waiting for Jack to come home before I had to head to work. It's normal for Jack to wake me up when he comes in from work and he was a little surprised to see me awake. "Hello Baby."

"Babe, how was your day?" He came and plopped down beside me on the couch. We had already moved into the new apartment.

"You wouldn't believe the idiot women that I had to paint today. Oh my God. I don't know where Glo gets some of their models, but rocks in their heads. Most I can say have heads on their shoulders but today's bunch were extra special."

"I'm sorry that you were having a bad day Babe." Maybe today wasn't the day to bring up that I'd signed up for six classes. I hugged Jack to me and we sat in silence for a while until Jack kissed my neck.

"Babe, I don't want to piss you off, but I know I'm going to." Jack had laid his head on my shoulder. "But, when you were at work last night I went through your bag to plug your laptop in and put a few snacks in." Which I knew he did this. It was Jack's way of telling me he loved me, without having to tell me.

"Thank you Babe, I always appreciate this. I love you." He kissed me, but didn't say it back as usual.

"I pulled out your schedule for next term." I closed my eyes, I didn't even get to talk to him about it, shit. "Toby, how in the hell do you think you're going to take six classes and pass them?"

"Babe, I wanted to talk to you about this tonight. They are my last six classes and I'm done with my degree, if I finish..."


I took a deep breath. "I talked to Darren, I already cleared it with him. For the entire term I'll have a set schedule." I grimaced.

"SET?" Jack glared at me.

I took another deep breath and blew it out. "Thursday thru Sunday nights."

He got up and looked down at me, I could tell he was pissed "FOUR MONTHS, FOUR MONTHS TOBY?"

"Yes, Jack. Then..." I was trying to calm him.

"You... We... Toby, did you even think of me?"

"Yes Jack, I did. Once I finish school, get my degree. I won't be working nights anymore."

"Did you get that in writing?"

"No Babe, I'm hoping he's telling the truth."

"So I get fucked for four months, you can't take me anywhere for FOUR MONTHS?" Jack walked out of the apartment. I grabbed my keys and ran after him. "DON'T YOU EVEN DARE TOBY!"


That fucking asshole. He doesn't think I need him around on the weekends? Then through the week he's going to be so fucking tired or crabby because he's taking six, six fucking classes. I can kiss any sex goodbye. Fucking dumbass jock, why did I have to sign the damn lease?

I stayed out until I knew he was gone. I didn't want to see him. I made sure I was gone before he was home in the morning and I didn't come home that night until he had left for work. We did it this way for the remainder of his three day on. His normal schedule is a rotating one, three on, three off. So I knew he's going to have a weekend day eventually and sometimes the entire weekend and that can be fun.

I knew I couldn't avoid him forever and his term was ending for the fall in a week. After his last final he was due to start his new schedule at work. We were existing in the same apartment but not speaking. I was so mad at him. We would pretend to be nice to one another at his parents.

The night he came in from his last exam, it was late. I knew he would be, the professor for that class will stay until eleven. That professor knows he gives hard exams and Toby takes complete advantage of the time. I heard him come in I was already in bed, I heard the fridge door and then nothing after that. I waited for thirty minutes but he never came to bed.

I got up under the pretext that I had to go the bathroom. The light was on in the kitchen but I could see Toby was laying on the couch with a beer in his hand. I didn't say anything and went to the bathroom and back to bed, he never came to bed that night.

The first month of Toby classes, Toby was trying so hard not to be grumpy and I could tell. We hadn't been getting along now for two months. His family knew but weren't saying anything to us or at least to me. I actually think he was protecting me from them this time.

He came dragging in one Wednesday night after class, I could tell he was tired. He has two classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday and two classes Tuesday/Thursday and then his two security classes are one night a piece on Monday and Wednesday.

So when he came in on that Wednesday I felt so bad for him, he walked in after ten. He dropped everything at the door, his bag, helmet and bike gear he shoved off to the side. He looked at me and walked straight into the bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom he didn't even turn the light on. I could see him sitting on his side of the bed with his head in his hands, he didn't even look up at me but he knew I was there. "You were right I can't do this. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Why do you say that?"

"Jack, I can't do it. I can't do this, work and stay sane. Maybe, I was never supposed to amount to anything. I'm going to withdraw."

"Why Toby, you're so close, you can do it."

He never lifted his head and I could barely hear him. "I'm losing you, I can't lose you and do this."

I walked over in front of him. "You haven't lost me, I'm pissed at you but you haven't lost me." I wrapped my arms around him and he straighten up and wrapped his around me. I kissed the top of his head and we stayed like that for a long time. "Toby?"


"Finish this degree, I know you can do it." He squeezed me tight against him. "Come on, let's go to bed. I'll go shut off the lights and TV." He didn't let me go at first and then finally he did.

I went back into the rest of the apartment turning things off and when I returned to the bedroom he was laying in the bed. I snuggled up to him and Toby held me tight, he was exhausted because it didn't take him long to fall asleep. I've pushed him to his limits this time but I still didn't know how he planned on passing six classes.

Thursdays Toby is at school from ten to four, then he comes home to showers, eats and heads off to work. Since we had time, I crawled up under the covers I hadn't woken him this way in a long time. God not since we were in the old apartment. I do miss Toby's cock, the one nighters I've been having lately still have nothing compared to Toby.

It didn't take long to get Toby's attention, my warm mouth around his cock woke him quickly. "Jack." He reached for my head and I grabbed his hands. I held them off to each side and continued to suck him. I let his cock flop down on his stomach as I climbed up him kissing him.

"Fuck me, Toby." Biting down on his lower lip and pulling it.

Toby was on me like glitter on nails. He grabbed a condom and lube out of the drawer. Before I realized he had me on my back, sucking my cock and fingering my hole with lube. When he pulled my legs up bring my ass up so he could enter me, damn did it feel great. "Oh God, Jack."

I smiled, I love when I can make Toby feel good, well really is more when Toby makes me feel good. God does he know how to fuck.


Jack was actually nice last night, I couldn't believe it. I'd gotten a bad grade on a test that I study hard for and I couldn't do it anymore. I don't know how I thought I could take six classes and work. He was mad at me for doing it and I was never home to do anything with him. I hated it.

To be woken up this way was great, it had been such a long time since we've had sex. I know he has been stepping out on me but he also has been home every night that I have been, which is completely different than before.

Midway through fucking Jack he asked if he could ride me. He hasn't asked to do that in a long time. I laid down on the bed and he likes to get up on his feet, he's actually pretty flexible when it comes to sex I only help balance him. I do know some guys will stay with him just for the sex but I really wish he wouldn't step out.

Sometimes I wonder if there are some amateur sex movies out there staring Jack because of what he can do in bed. I'm sure someone has filmed something he has done with them. I would hope not but in this day and age, I'm sure it has happened.

Is it sad that even though I had Jack on top of me fucking me, I couldn't think about that. I was thinking about all the things I had to do today, I had another test to study for this afternoon. I think he noticed that I wasn't concentrating after a bit.

"Toby, I'm here." He bent down and kissed me. "I love you honey." He pinched my nipples when he sat back up, he was now resting down on his knees riding me, I moaned. "That's it Baby, I know what you like."

"God Jack," I moaned out and he pinched them again. He was rubbing himself faster and faster, I took over for him because I knew he was about to cum and I wanted to feel his dick pulses in my hand as I was cumming in his ass. As always once I was done cumming he got off me and I remove the condom. Jack won't touch the condom but he always wants it tied, I do it. It has become automatic for me now, he says he hates the smell.


After the little meltdown I had, I started doing better in classes, Jack started helping me a little. He would read though some of my assigned reading on the weekend when I was at work and quiz me when I was at home. It was like when we were in high school, it was fun, we were getting along and it was nice.

My family was happy to see we were getting along and Sunday dinners were a lot less stressful. Mom moved the time for dinner up, she didn't want me getting up too early but still wanted me to have some time to be around the family. So we had dinner at four every Sunday.

I got to shoot the shit with Matt and Dad for a bit before heading off to work. Chris would sometimes come down stairs, talk and watch a game with us. Jack and I always drive separate, Jack would leave after dinner when we weren't getting along but now he will stay. Sometimes he will even come down and make Matt uncomfortable by sitting in my lap, Dad has gotten used to it so it doesn't faze him as much anymore.

"You and Jack seem to be getting along now." Dad stated as we were watching a basketball game. "He isn't running off right after dinner, you look and talk to one another."

"Of course you would notice." I laughed, I saw Matt roll his eyes. "Yeah we made up, he was pissed that I was taking six courses and working every weekend."

"He does realize you're trying to better yourself?" Matt asked.

"I think but Jack is going to be Jack. I'm not around anymore, not at all."

"It won't always be that way." Matt responded.

"Yeah he knows, but he doesn't look at it that way. I'm not around, I'm gone every day and night, studying or I'm sleeping." I was defending Jack because I could see his side. I knew it when I signed up for the classes and asked for the change in the schedule, but I didn't think he would react this bad.


I walked down the stairs to tell Toby I was going to go home that I would see him Monday when he came home from class and I heard him defending me. He has to defend me a lot, sometimes I feel bad but other times I don't.

Toby should always defend me, I'm his man and no matter what I do to Toby, he always loves me. I did want to go home for a reason anyways, he has a test tomorrow and I was going to read over his notes and test him in the morning before he heads into class. Since he's not really allowed to study on the job. I guess a building that has people working at night, it's a little hard to sit and open a book.


The term was flying by and before I knew it April was here. If I pass all of the classes, I'll have my bachelors. I'm only twenty-six, that's not too bad I could've been fifty. I'm so worn out I've been dragging badly lately. I know I've lost weight even Jack has noticed.

"Babe, Why don't you ride with me to your parents today?"

"Jack I have to go to work remember." He knows I work every Sunday.

"I'll take you and pick you up in the morning, Babe you look so tired. Jack did look worried.

I smiled and laughed. "Jack I'm not having you drive almost two hours in the morning just to come get me. Babe, I love you. I'll be okay, I promise. I'll meet you over at my parents."

I rode behind Jack all the way, I could see him either singing or talking the entire time. When we arrived, I quickly found out that he was talking the entire time, To My Mother. Because during dinner, not only was it a family discussing that Jack should take me to work, my sister hide my helmet.

"I have school tomorrow, Jack can't take me to school when he's at work."

"Toby you're tired, you look it. Jack is right you shouldn't be riding your bike like you are." My dad responded not my mom, this was my dad siding with Jack.

I got up from the table and walked out of the house. I went to get on my bike and that is when I found out my helmet was gone. They were trying to piss me off. I knew it wasn't Jack because he had been with me since we had walked into my parents. I walked back in. "Who took it."

"Took what Toby." My mom asked, I went to walk back out. "It's for your own damn good, Toby."

I took a deep breath and walked out. I started walking down the street, I knew I would never be able to walk to work but I was pissed. I knew I was tired but I'm not going to be driven to work and school. I sat down on the curb. I was done.

My dad drove up and rolled down the window. "You done sulking like a damn two year old?"

I chuckled, "Yeah."

"Get in, I'll take you to work." He handed me a dish of food with a fork and the dinner my mom always prepares for me for later.

"Everyone is overreacting. I'm tired but I'll be okay."

"Tobias." I took a deep breath I didn't want to piss my dad off. "Just today and tomorrow. Jack will pick you up and I'll swing by and drop you off to school."

"How are you going to pull that off, you work tomorrow?" I asked.

"Will you let me deal with that Toby? By the way, you know I don't like saying this but Jack does love you, to call your mom all worried about you."

"I know he does dad, Jack is Jack. I've always told you, he loves me in his own way." I started eating the food that was in the dish.

"I don't like that he steps out on you though but I'm glad he looks out for you."

"Yeah I don't like it either but he's what I got and love, Dad."


The night was a killer, I told Jeff the other guard on shift that I would do most of the walking of the floors. I needed to stay awake. When it was my break, I sat off in the corner I didn't eat. I told Jeff if I don't wake in thirty minutes to pour water on me.

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