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Jack Cheats


Wow, I've never seen mom so pissed. Her boyfriend, Jack, had just left after being in her room only about twenty minutes. She followed him out wearing her robe and, after he left, she came into the kitchen, poured a stiff drink, and sat down at the table with me. Her drinking straight bourbon was one clue. The other was how he left.

Every Thursday Jack came over to see her. Sometimes he'd get here around three and he and I would talk until mom came home from work at four. Then he'd excuse himself and they'd go into her bedroom for an hour or so. When they came out they'd be all smiles and she'd walk him to the front door arm in arm and they'd have a long goodbye kiss. Today he had just walked out and she followed him, closed the door after he left, and came straight to the kitchen.

Seeing her take a big gulp of the raw bourbon I asked, "What's wrong, mom?" I thought I probably knew what the problem was, but I felt I had to ask.

She stared off into the distance and said, "Oh, it's Jack, I think he's cheating on me."

Startled, I blurted out, "Why? What did he say?" I knew Jack and knew he wouldn't have said anything, so it had to be something that he did.

She took another drink before saying, "It wasn't what he said, it was the way he acted a little while ago."

She finished her drink and I picked up her glass. Walking to the counter I pulled out another glass and poured a drink for both of us. I set the glass in front of her and asked, "How did he act that would make you think that?"

She started to answer and then took another drink and finally said, "Oh, it's not something I'd feel comfortable telling you."

"Mom, ever since I started having sex we've shared everything." That much was true, she had arranged for me to get birth control pills as soon as I told her I thought I was ready for sex. Then, the night I lost my virginity I even told her about it when I got home. It was so quick and clumsy that she and I had a good laugh together about it. That was when I was seventeen and over the past nine years she and I had been open about nearly everything.

She drained her glass again, held it out to me, and I got up to refill it for her. As I was doing the honors I said, "Besides, maybe I'll be in the same position some day and I'll need to know what to look for."

Setting down her drink I stood at the counter until she finally said, "Well, okay, but I know what it's like. Nobody ever likes to think about their parents having sex."

I had a good laugh about that and said, "Mom, for crying out loud, every Thursday I listen to the moans and groans coming from your bedroom. Some of the things I hear you saying to him leave nothing to my imagination. Now give, what happened today."

Her smile told me that I had struck a chord. "Okay," she finally said, "look, Jack is so predictable in the sack. We usually do it twice and the first time he always lasts a half-hour or so. And he always has more jizz than you've ever seen." She took another drink and smiled at me and finally said, "Well, maybe not, but it's more than I've seen or felt for a lot of years. Anyway, when we do it a second time I have to use my mouth for a long time before he can do it again, he only lasts about ten minutes, and has almost no jizz."

"Okay, so?" I prodded.

"Well, today as soon as we got into bed it took a long time for me to get him hard and when we did it -- ten minutes. That was all and I couldn't even feel him cum. That's how I knew he had already done it today. Well, it wasn't me, so he must be cheating on me."

She paused to finish her drink and then slammed the glass to the table as she added, "Somehow I'm going to find that slut that's fucking him and ... I don't know what I'll do, but she won't like it."

As soon as I heard her say that I squirmed a bit and felt some of Jack's warm liquid leak out and run down my leg.

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