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Six years on from college graduation, Lana, Chloe, Jo and Addison met for their weekly Friday lunch at the Palm Court Café in the heart of the gallery of Palm Court Mall. From such a strategic location they could let fly waspish asides on unfashionably dressed women, wave to people they knew and rev up their hormones by watching, minds racing, the occasional credible hunk passing by and checking out their tits.

Jo Lund had been last to arrive, her face an excited pink.

"Babes do I have real news."

They all leaned to the center of the table and Jo said, pausing slightly for a phantom drum roll, "Jack Redman comes home Friday. Mrs Redman told mom in the hair salon and mom just called me with the news."


"I can't wait to see him."

"Who's Jack Redman?"

The other three looked at Lana Kennedy and sighed knowing she did enjoy her little jokes.

As a senior Jack had been a high school hero, leading Blewett High to victory in its first-ever interschool zone soccer championship, scoring a sizzling goal just under the crossbar from 40 feet out with 38 seconds to go to draw the contest 1-1 and then three minutes into extra time he curled in a penalty past the defending wall to win the game. In swimming he set new records for senior boys' events at Blewett in the 50, 100, 200 and 400 butterfly and the 400 and 800 freestyle and also won the interschool zone McGill Cup in a record breaking swim in the final of the 800 freestyle final. Academically he'd always been in the top 10 in his class and had won a swimming scholarship to a four-year college.

"What will Riley do now Jack is coming home?" Chloe Smith asked.

Riley Mason, the city's current beauty queen, had been Jack's girl at high school and had married a much older guy a couple of months ago.

"Get a quick divorce," said Lana and joined the giggling.

Chloe, Lana and Addison Garcia looked at Jo, all probably thinking Jo had a leg in with Jack because their two moms had been the best of friends since Grade 1 days.

* * *

Twenty-seven year old Jack Redman, driving his black Chevrolet Equinox his parents had given him when he graduated with a Masters in Computer Science, entered Blewett High with that melancholy-like smile many people have when they arrive home after being away for a while.

A siren sounded behind him and he grinned and pulled over.

The female cop jumped out of the driver's seat and ran forward and Jack, already out of his vehicle, hugged and kissed her and Belinda said welcome home bro. The Police Chief walked up and hugged his son.

"We picked you up on fixed surveillance camera at Burke's crossing fifteen miles out," Daniel said. "You were traveling three miles over the speed limit."

"Oh naughty boy. Smack my hand dad."

"Three miles over gives us discretion whether or not to ticket you," said his father. "In this instance no citation notice will be mailed to you but keep your speed down. Your vehicle appears to be in good nick."

"Yeah I find the occasional bunny who will wash and vacuum it in return for a date."

"Oh yuk," said Belinda who warned him not to say things like that in front of their mother.

"Well get back to your jobs and earn your pay," Jack said. "Thanks for that great little welcome."

Father and daughter returned to the chief's pursuit car and only then remembered they'd not asked Jack why he'd decided to return home.

Belinda speculated, "I think he must be running from the law or perhaps a married women whose husband is mystified by her late-in-life pregnancy."

"Not my son Jack," the police chief said loyally, and then said to be best driver in the force, "Keep within the rules of the road Little Darling."

The pert freckled redhead said submissively, "Yes sir."

Jack hauled a couple of bags out of his vehicle, disappointed his mom Sara had not come roaring out screaming, "Oh Jack, oh Jack. Welcome home Jack," or a similar greeting presented in emotional overload.

He found his mom asleep in front of some crap screening on TV. Grinning he cupped one of her breasts and prepared to duck a swinging arm but he was struck dumb when his mom moaned, "Oh no Donald, not again."

Who the fuck was Donald?

Jack tip-toed out and continued shifting his personal affects from his vehicle into his old bedroom that now had an en suite added and there was a fresh jar of flowers on the dresser and his mother had written in lipstick on the mirror, 'Welcome home son.' But who the fuck was Donald?

He then lay on the bed for a rest and fell asleep.

Jack stirred aware he was being kissed on the lips, and the smell of the kisser was the signature of one of his mom's three favored perfumes. He forced his tongue to part Sara's lips and his tongue met hers.

She jerked away and yelled, "Jack you foul beast."

He yawned and looked at her calmly and said, "Oh sorry mom. I'd been dreaming of Rev. Dawson's wife."

"What you had sex with Marilyn before you left here?"

"No mom but I just thought I was about to."

"You leave Marilyn alone do you hear? She's one of my best friends and anyway is far too old for you. She's just had her thirty-eighth birthday."

"Oooh lucky older Rev. Dawson. Um what's his name mom?"

"Malcolm. Why?"

"Oh nothing mom, um the names Malcolm and Marilyn go well together."

"Yes they do. You are looking well."

"Thanks and so do you. Show me your tits."

Jack rolled to his right and a slap landed where his face had been only a second before.

"You pig. Jack Redman you pig."

"I love you mom. Give me a kiss and no tonguing," Jack said, holding out his arms and rolling back into his original position.

Laughing Sara kissed him on the nose and then kissed him fully on the mouth, lips all but fully closed.

"You are still the best kisser I know expect for a couple of very close pals mom."

She laughed and said he was so full of bullshit but she was thrilled to have him home.

Within the next couple of hours Chloe Smith, Lana Kennedy and Jo Lund called him to welcome him home and to chat. Well there were three women ready to be screwed if he was that hard up, Jack thought. They were the old gang of our... um only three had called him. He tried to recall the name of the fourth, a gangly brunette with no tits. But the name didn't come to him.

His mom called, "Phone Jack. It's Eva Garcia's daughter Addison."

Who the hell was Addison Garcia?

His mom said, handing him the phone, "Now you'll had all of the gang of four call you. I best feed you steak and carrots tonight."

Huh? God what kind of animal did his mother think he was. But at least he now recalled who the caller was.

"Hi Addison, great to hear your voice," he said, attempting to apply charm.

There was silence.

"Oh sorry, you haven't spoken. I should have said it's great that you called to welcome me home. Um did I ever screw you?"

"No. You tended to ignore me. I'm calling to invite you to dinner tomorrow evening. I mention to mom you were coming home and she said invite that lovely boy over. He got our clock going five years ago and it stopped several months ago and dad and uncle Leo failed to get it to go again."

"But I can fix the clock without having to come to dinner."

"You always were a cold ass prick Jack Redman."

Cool Jack lost his cool and was about to erupt but thought that was inappropriate behavior. God he'd matured.

"Addison honey, what time should I arrive for dinner?"

She said 7:00 would be fine.

"Can we screw in your bedroom after dinner?"

"It is a bad time for me."

"What about your mother?"

"Christ Jack," she said and cut the call.

Jack heard his father and sister arrive home and a few minutes later Belinda wandered into his bedroom in just a bra and panties and adopting a pose asked, "What do you think?"

"Someone's fucking you. Your tits have gotten bigger."

"Jack I'm twenty-five and this is part of my development into maturity. Anyways I wasn't asking about my tits. I was asking about my overall body appearance."

"You look great, lost all that puppy fat and look as if you have toughened up. Show me your pussy."

"Get fucked slime ball. I'm working out a lot and am now well above minimum physical standards. Jimmy says he's never had such a firm body in his arms."

"You don't mean Jimmy Cole?"

"I do."

Jack gritted, "I won't have that creep fucking my sister."

"Back off bro or I'll break your jaw. Jimmy has turned out fine and he has been dating me for more than six months and mom thinks the sun shines out of his tight little ass."

"God you women make me sick. You only think sexually when discussing men."

"What else is it worth discussing about them darling?"

Jack grinned and Belinda wiped off that grin when saying, "I thought I'd let you fuck me as a coming home present but then decided no you might disappoint me. Jimmy Cole is so good at it."

She left the room and Jack muttered he ought to break Jimmy Cole's legs.

* * *

Jack handed Oscar Garcia a medium-priced bottle of Spanish red wine and glancing at the label Oscar beamed and said, "Welcome to my house Jack."

Maria came out and excited Jack by the amount of tit wobble he saw as she approached at a trot. His former assistant swimming coach hugged him and gave him an almighty supercharged kiss.

"Oooh my lovely boy," said the daughter of a French mother and an Italian father. "It is so lovely to have you close enough to kiss again."

"Maria introduced all of us on the swim team to sex including same-sex sex," Jack joked and Oscar roared in laughter, not only at the joke but seeing Jack stagger as Maria caught him with a crack over the side of his head.

"Sorry Maria, I apologize," Jack said hastily, as Maria lined up to whack him again. "We all knew you were a virgin."

Maria beamed and hugged him to her large knockers and said, "Life was never dull when you were around Jack. God my hand hurts."

Jack kissed her hand just as Addison entered the room with someone and she said, "What are you doing to my mother Jack?"

"We have commenced foreplay," Jack said, noticing Addison now had much more than little bumps for tits and looked rather attractive.

"Oh Jack, why I adore you I'll never know," Maria said. "Please meet my other daughter. Renata this is Jack Redman who was a senior at high school with Addison.

Jack, who was twenty-eight looked at a woman who looked about thirty, one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen and what a rack! He swallowed and his knees felt jelly-like.

"Hi Renata, that's a very pretty dress."

"And what's wrong with my dress," Addison snorted, darting forward and kissing him and was hugged.

Oh why did females have to be like this, he thought, and said, "Your dress is cool as well and glancing at Maria he added, "And it's about time Oscar bought a new dress for your mom."

Ice was in the air as Maria and Renata stared at Jack and he released Addison who was squirming in his arm.

Then to the rescue came Oscar. He laughed heartily and said, "You are a very funny man Jack with the courage to sail close to the wind."

The woman smiled and Maria said she was off to change into her best dress. "Come and assist me Jack."

He stepped forward without thinking. Maria snarled, "Back you go your pervert" and the Garcia family laughed, embarrassing Jack further.

"Don't wear a bra Maria," he said. "Now where is this clock?"

The daughters yelled at their mom to wear a bra and shaking his head grinning, Oscar said, "This way Jack. I've removed the frame for you."

It took Jack just ten seconds to find that someone had wound the adjustment to balance the pendulum movement right in. He looked closely to find a slightly lighter color of brass where the adjustment wheel would have sat previously for many years and then placed the casing back on and placed the clock, set back in motion and at the right time, and thirty seconds later it chimed for the half-hour at 7:30.'

"Oh you clever man," Maria yelled from her bedroom.

Oscar handed Jack a glass of wine and thanked him and was told Jack expected the clock would now maintain correct time but if not he could return to make fine adjustments.

Maria came out in a black velvet dress with a red rose pinned about her left breast.

"Glorious Maria," Jack said.

Maria beamed and blew him a kiss.

"Are you a time piece technician?" Renata asked.

"No Renata," he said, pronouncing it reh-NAH-tah as her mom had and using his finely tuned ear developed as a guitarist trained to pick up and play tunes 'by ear'.

Renata looked at him sharply and asked did he speak Italian and she looked confused when he said no. She asked what he worked at and he said he'd been working in IT in a civilian role in the Army since college graduation but he'd had enough of that life and had decided to come home.

Wishing to continue the conversation as the others were out of earshot he asked, "Are you married?"

"No," Renata said unabashed. "My unhappy marriage was legally annulled just over a month ago."

"Ooops sorry. How crass of me. I..."

"You weren't to know and I'm getting used to speaking about. You haven't upset me."

"Are you dating?"

Renata stared at him as if wondering what business of his was that?

"I mean would you go with me to a movie?"

She countered, "Shouldn't you be asking Addison?"

"Yes I could ask her to accompany us. She used to be a close friend. I expect she has a boyfriend."

"She does but could feel slighted if you invited me out and not her."

"Yes good thinking. I will ask her too."


Jack sighed knowing this could get him into trouble. "To be honest I prefer to date you." "Why?"

"Oh god Renata, this is going to get me into trouble. It's because I'm more attracted to you."

"Why because I'm better looking and have a more womanly shaped body."


"And I have largish breasts?"

"Yes," Jack groaned. "Do you have to repeat this conversation to anyone?"

"No and I won't. I ought to call you disgusting but actually I'm rather flattered and I admire you answering me honestly."

Jack shuffled his feet.

Renata said kindly, "Invite Addison to a movie and if she accepts then say would it be okay if you also invited me."

"Gee Renata thanks for being such a good sort. I'm not very good with women."

She laughed. "You have something appealing about you Jack Redman so don't try to change too much. Adopting a little sophistication is what's needed I believe."

Jack watched Renata walk away and lost in his thoughts when her mom arrived beside him and said, "Jack Redman I do hope you are not about to be the cause of trouble between my daughters."

"Who me?" Jack said with a start, thankful his hand had not fallen over his dick.

"Jack for goodness sake, you should be experienced enough by now to know you can't pull the wool over the eyes of a woman simply by playing dumb."

"Okay you win but answer this: which of your daughters is best for me to date?"

"You already know the answer to that Jack. She is really right for you in my opinion but don't use the playing dumb dodge on her if you don't wish to be scolded."

That last remark confirmed to Jack that Maria meant Renata because she was the sister with fire in her belly.

"Love your dress Maria. Pity your tits are falling out."

"Oh god," she sighed looking down at them as Jack scuttled away, not wishing to be slapped for creating mischief.

Jack found Addison in the kitchen and slapped her on the butt and she practically purred.

"Thanks for calling to welcome me home. It was a nice touch.""

"No problem, that's what friends do."

Jack scratched the side of his face. "Yeah right. When did we last have sex?"

Addison sighed heavily.

"Oh we didn't?"

"Yes quite right. Why I missed out I'll never know. Too shy I guess."

"Ah too bad. Would you like to come to a movie with me tomorrow night?"

"Sorry but David and I are double dating."

"Is that David Brown?"

"It is."

"I remember him as a good guy. You have done well for yourself."

"Thanks. Look ask Renata. She might say no because she's getting over an upset in his life but who knows. This is just between you and me buddy. Go parking after the movie and you just could be lucky. It will be some months since she'd had sex."

"Um thanks for that but would she be interested in dating me? She's go a couple of years on me."

"She'll only think it's an invitation to go to a movie."

Jack whispered, "Do you really think..."

Addison cut in and said he would be in with a chance but he should not push too hard.

He kissed Addison on the back of her neck and she continued drying the lettuce and he grabbed and handful of butt and she pushed back into his hand giggling.

Jack turned around and was glad no one had arrived into the kitchen to observe that.

"What can I do to help with dinner?"

"Thanks Jack. Could you get two bottles of white wine from the fridge and place them on the table at the end away from the kitchen where dad sits and grab two bottles of red from the bottom of the second cupboard along from the fridge. Someone appears to have domesticated you."

"I've had guys as roommates. We tended to work as a team with the guy on meal duty giving the orders."

After a great family dinner Jack found the moment to ask Renata would she like to go to a movie with him the next night. Addison already had a date.

"Yes that would be lovely."

Renata then looked at Jack closely and asked was he expecting sex afterwards.

Jack knew it would be easy to say no, of course not. But he understood sometimes a woman wanted to hear something a guy might think she didn't want to hear. And so he smiled and said, "I'd be game if you decided you were in the mood."

"Christ Jack you can really be smooth with a woman," Renata said and smiled at him softly.

He told himself, pal say nothing to avoid screwing it up; you are all but in. He looked at Renata's great looking boobs and when he looked up she was really smiling at him and said, "You are a devil Jack Redman. I like it."

Jack drove home that night wondering whether Renata had a bald, trimmed or hairy pussy. If he knew he could picture himself approaching her as she bent over, he with his dick in his hand. Oh boy. He'd picture it more vividly if he had clearer details.

In the movies the next evening, arm around Renata and she snuggling into him, Jack could wait no longer. He burrowed a hand between her legs and snaked his fingers in under the edge of her panties.

"Jack," she hissed into his ear. "What are you doing?"

"Checking to see if you have a hairy pussy or is it in alternative mode."

"It's freshly shaven. Now get your hand away, this is a very public place."

Shaven eh? Jack pictured himself approaching Renata and she bent over, he with his dick in his hand. Oh boy. The picture of the hairless cunt was extremely vivid, right down to a slight smear of pussy juice. He aimed to penetrate between the center of the fat lips...

"Jack," Renata whispered. "Have you gone to sleep?"


"Then why are you laying back with your eyes closed?"

"I'm picturing myself pushing between the swollen lips of your bald pussy."

"Oh god," Renata said, slapping a hand over her mouth to smother laughter that soon had her body shaking.

As Renata and Jack walked clear of the crowd spilling out of the cinema she took his arm and said, "God you are foul. Fancy telling me what you told me in the movie theatre."

"Well what did you expect me to do, lie to you?"

"Oh Jack, you are just a naughty boy and I must accept that."

Jack wondered if Renata might view his reaction as unwelcome outburst as rampant lust and wouldn't want him touching her sexually to defile the image she had of herself as being chaste and inviolable?

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