tagFirst TimeJack the Gigolo's Last Stand Ch. 02

Jack the Gigolo's Last Stand Ch. 02

byRex Siter©

The next night I was as excited as a school kid on a first date. Becky's face kept appearing in my mind's eye, sensuously beautiful. I bathed thoroughly, sprayed deodorant lavishly and applied after-shave exuberantly. I couldn't have been any higher.

I arrived at our agreed restaurant ten minutes ahead of our appointed time and had to sit through each of those elongated minutes, telling myself that she had changed her mind. But she hadn't.

Spot on time she appeared in the restaurant doorway, numbingly beautiful in a dark green dress that hugged her figure and exposed her tanned shoulders.

I saw the male heads turn as she passed, on her way to our table. She was just so delectable.

I stood and took her hand in greeting and she actually apologised for being late but her smile was generous and warm, and the evening went beyond my wildest imaginings.

First of all the food was excellent, but more importantly, from my stand point, we seemed to hit it off right from the start. We had so many interests in common; books, cinema, going to the theatre. Although I had to admit that I had no experience on horseback.

"I'd be delighted to show you how, " she said bathing me in that wide smile. "But then I can't play basketball. Mother said you do. "

"I do. I'd be delighted to show you how. " And we both laughed, breaking the ice even further.

I learned she had just moved into her own small flat, "The reason mother wanted me to have that experience. She seemed to think I was going to open an orgy centre or something. "

I told her about my success with my business degree and she asked the question I had feared, "And what business are you in?"

Desperately I tried to explain how my time as a gigolo had paid my way through college, "Now I'm looking for something more challenging. "

That was when she told me about her own business, "It's just a little shop--but shows promise. "

"What do you do?"

"Classic books and film tie-ups. My uncle set me on the track of tracing old movies that people wanted---I extended it to books. "

"God, that sounds great. Working at your own interests. "

She told me that although she was good at figures some of the aspects of trading bothered her.

Her eyes held mine at that point, "Maybe your business knowledge could help. "

The rest of the evening went as if in a dream. We hit it off so easily.

When it was time to part I kissed her gently as she was about to climb into a taxi and we arranged to meet again two evenings later.

I could not get her out of my mind. Our second date was even better than the first, we talked, laughed, even held hands briefly as we strolled to the taxi rank. Our goodnight kiss was warmer and deeper, and I was thrilled when her arms wrapped around my neck.

For our third date we settled in the same restaurant. It was a warm evening and she wore a pale blue button-up dress that made her look like the goddess of summer. We were halfway through the meal when she laid down her knife and fork and looked across at me.

"Do you remember why we set up these dates?"

"To get to know each other, " I replied, feeling a strange trembling inside.

"And why did I want that?"

I pretended not to know that, although, as I tried to keep the trembling out of my hands, I knew only too well that she had said she could only have her first sexual experience with someone she knew and liked.

Her blue eyes never leaving mine she kindly reminded me, "Well, " she added, "I've found that person. I'm ready. "

I decided to play coy, "Is it anybody I know?"

Her forehead puckered, then she laughed, "Oh, Jack. Do you remember on our first date I said I'd be delighted to show you how to horse ride?".

"And I said I'd be delighted to teach you basket ball. I remember. "

She reached a hand across the table and placed it over mine, "Jack, would you be delighted to teach me ---may I be delicate---love-making?"

Having a heart attack must be something like I felt at that moment, only without any pain. My heart felt like a massive drum. This girl, this beauty, was asking me to---to----God, I couldn't form the thought.

"Jack, come back to my flat with me tonight, please. "

Please? For this? I might have just won the lottery I felt so high.

The rest of the meal passed in a haze of gazing at the wonder of her, at the pertness of the mouth, the sultry promise behind those blue eyes, the intriguing valley hinted at the neckline of her dress.

I was totally captivated.

As we stepped out onto the heated street she suggested we walk rather than take a cab.

"It's a lovely night and it's only a fifteen minute walk. "

By the time we had walked for five minutes we already had our arms wrapped around each other. If that walk had been all the night had in store for me I would have been satisfied.

Her flat was in a quiet part of the city, up a carpeted stair, in a well maintained property.

When she opened the door and led me inside I found a simply furnished but neatly feminine apartment, not as flash as her mother's place, but the colours and style so matched the girl I was with.

As soon as the door closed behind us she turned to me and whispered, "Just kiss me. "

We stood there locked together, her soft lips so warm against mine slowly parted and accepted the tip of my tongue, meeting it with her own. Instant electricity between us.

As we broke the embrace I realised that the heat of the night, not to mention the situation, had left me all sweated. So I asked her, "To make this perfect. Could I take a shower before---well, just before everything. "

"Good idea, " she said huskily and she indicated the bathroom.

Standing in the pink of her shower cubicle luxuriating in the warm flow over me I briefly wondered whether she might be tempted to join me. But she didn't and I guessed it was early days for that.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.

She laughed delightedly, "That's exactly how you were when I first saw you. "

And she stepped in and kissed me before pulling away to add, " It was mean of mother to pull the towel off you. I could tell you were embarrassed, but I think that's when I started to like you. "

She disappeared into the bathroom herself and I heard the rush of the shower once more.

I sat on the edge of the sofa and wondered what was wrong with me. After the women I had been with, why was I now feeling so damned nervous.

It was almost like my own very first time with Sadie all those years ago. My breaking in by an older woman.

Now here I was on the verge of being a first time for the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I felt like a beginner myself.

When she reappeared in the bathroom doorway though, all my worries disappeared. She was wearing a silky see through robe which disguised little of her curvaceous shape and I could make out the shadow of a delicate bush.

Her face had reddened and it wasn't just the shower. In spite of having led me to this I could see the doubt and uncertainty in her eyes.

"Through here, Jack, " she murmured and pointed to the door next to the bathroom.

I followed her into the delicate pink of her sweetly perfumed bedroom.

"You like pink, " I said.

"I like you, " she said, coming into my arms. "Be kind to me, Jack. "

"I'll always be kind to you, Becky. " Always? A funny thing for me to say, but then we were kissing, gently at first, then with rising passion until our tongues meshed and fought each other.

Very gently I guided her until we were at the edge of the bed then I broke the kiss and looked into her clouded eyes.

"Ready?" I asked quietly.

"As I'll ever be, " she replied, with just a little shake in her voice.

I slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it rustle its way to the floor. Then I removed my towel and carefully laid her onto the bed and stood there for only a few seconds giving myself the luxury of viewing her slender smooth body.

"You're staring, " she said, huskiness more pronounced, She raised her arms to me, an action which lifted her full breasts as though in anticipation.

I lay down alongside her, my thigh against her thigh, my hand stroking along her cheek then into that wonderful tawny hair.

In the back of my mind was the strange sensation that I didn't yet have an erection. What was wrong with me? A face and body like this and I couldn't respond?

We kissed then for a very long while and all my hands did was move up and down the side of her body, charting the curvaceousness, enchanted by the magical smoothness of her.

I broke the kiss a couple of times just to look into her face. The second time she asked, "Do I do anything?"

"Just what you're doing now, " I whispered.

Her fingers had traced over my face and neck as though absorbing every small detail. Then she'd set her hands running down my back, over my buttocks and up to my shoulders and arms, where she squeezed at the muscles.

Her touch was feather-light, yet rousing. So much so that, with some relief, I felt my penis rising, pressing against her thigh.

"May I?" she asked unnecessarily, and her hand reached down to trail her fingers along my erection.

My hand glided down from her shoulder and dallied over one breast. Silkiness, fullness, a delightful handful.

I delicately fingered her nipple and felt it rise, encouraging me to run my lips down the side of her neck and on down to tickle the tip of my tongue against that lovely pink nub.

Her hand closed tightly around my penis, a spasmodic reaction to what I was doing to her.

While lavishing worship on her breast with my mouth I trailed my hand down over her belly, feeling her tense briefly as I tickled through her tawny pubic bush. Her breathing quickened, and fingers explored my scrotum.

Her slightly parted thighs allowed my finger to touch tenderly at the start of her labia, carefully parting the fold of flesh.

And, after all the women I had performed this action on, this time I felt peculiarly honoured.

The little button of her clit seemed to be waiting for me and as I rubbed it her breathing quickened again.

"Can we do it?" she gasped. "Get it out of the way. "

"If you're nervous I can stop. "

"Stop and I'll kill you, " she hissed. "Please. Do it. "

"I don't know if you are ready, " I said, probing back and deeper into her moistness with my fingers.

"I am. I am. "

Indeed she was. My fingers glided easily into the delicious depths of her.

I rolled between her thighs and placed my penis head against her vaginal lips. Very carefully and most gratefully I entered her.

Her hips rose up to meet mine and for ecstatic moments we undulated together. As we moved I kissed her eyes, her open mouth, her breasts.

I was shocked to find that I was very close to cumming. This couldn't be. This was my strong point. But the pressure in my groin was uncompromising.

I thrust deeply into her, desperate that she would cum before me. I couldn't let her down.

Her own eager thrust matched mine and although aware of a shade of tightness as I drove deeper, there was none of the agonising loss of virginity I had encountered in the past.

Her head began to roll from side to side and suddenly she was muttering, "Good, good, oh, good. "

A few more thrusts and I knew I could not hold out any longer. Her inner walls were pulling at me as though I was entering mouth after mouth.

Then she suddenly heaved against me, almost throwing me aside with the force of her orgasm and I was able to drive deep up to her very womb and feel the trembling there as we gasped and grunted in unison before collapsing side by side.

"Oh, Jack, it was wonderful. "

"It gets better, " I promised.

"Did you cum? Mother said you could go on-- "

"Yes, I came. And let's not talk about your mother. You have had this effect on me. "

"Does that make me special?"

"Very, " I said truthfully, and we kissed languidly.

We showered together. Soaping each other with sensuous enthusiasm we laughed as the cold spray cooled our heated bodies. Slippery hands glided over breast and into groin with delicately applied precision.

Towelled dry and totally naked we lay down again on the rumpled bed.

"Now what?" she asked quietly.

"Now it's exploration time. Slow and easy, " I told her, adding. "I think I would be content just looking at you. "

It may have been a half truth but I was captivated by the slimness of her waist which seemed to give her breasts added prominence. Her mouth was soft and full, lips slightly parted.

But I knew I couldn't just look. I had to lean over her and lay my mouth on her bare shoulder. Skin was never meant to be so soft, so smooth. Altogether she was just eminently desirable.

Without any further action I felt my penis begin to rise. Was it just the sight of her, the touch of her skin, or the fragile aroma that came from that skin?

I so needed to treat her with distinction, to glory in the beauty of her.

As she lay still beneath me I set my hands roaming the whole length of her, shoulders all the way down to her feet.

"Oh, that feels so lovely, Jack. Your touch---But I could get so lazy, " she raised her head as my hand lingered in that wondrous smoothness between her thighs. "What can I do for you?"

"Anything that comes to you. Just having you under my hands is pleasure enough for me. " I wasn't just being gallant. This was how I felt about her.

As I leaned to kiss her breasts, she stroked her hand across my chest, her fingers flicked at my nipples before beginning a circling movement around my abdomen.

Her rousing touch was so stimulating that my erection hardened immediately and she noticed.

"Look at that, " she teased. "He's woken up quickly, hasn't he?" And she played her fingers over my penis as she would over the strings of a harp.

She twisted her body so that she was nearer to it and she fingered around the head, opening its tiny mouth.

Slowly she moved both hands so that they were treating me with some adulation.

Her body movement had brought her pubic region closer to my face and I lowered my head to lick along the incredible smoothness of her inner thigh

Then I raised my head slightly and with two fingers I parted her labia and my eyes feasted on the glowing pinkness of the folds of flesh like some opening rose.

So irresistible was the sight that my tongue immediately reached out to caress along the pouting labia, trailing along the exquisitely soft hairiness and tender moistness. Like sipping at good wine I licked at the pouting lips.

"Oh, that is---it's so---Oh, God---you know don't you? Know how to----" She stopped to catch her breath as my tongue homed in on her clit.

"Can I use my mouth on you? Will that please you as much?"

"Only if that's what you want to do. " I advised her. Oh, yes, please do it, my inner voice screamed. Yet I would not offend her with any demands.

Tentatively she lowered her face to where her hands had been so busy. When I felt the tip of her tongue touch my swollen cock head I jerked with instinctive pleasure.

Immediately her lips began kissing and gobbling along my whole length, lingering briefly on my balls before sliding back up to the head.

My tongue began lashing lavishly at her clit and my fingers probed into her soft wetness.

Suddenly she gasped, and her teeth clenched against my erection, "Oh, God Jack I'm going--oh, quick---I'm--"

I stopped only briefly as her thighs heaved and her pelvis rose to meet my face, "Your all right. Enjoy. "

She gasped and twitched for nearly a minute, her arms and head flinging out of control. As she settled she moaned, "Oh, shouldn't we have made more of that. I mean, didn't you want to be inside me?"

"You'll do it again. "

"Will I? " she gasped. "Will I really?"

Without another word she returned to running her lips along my length. She stopped for just a moment and said, "Mother says----Sorry---I've heard it can be taken in the mouth. I've never---"

"You don't have to, " I assured her.

In our twisted position her eyes briefly held mine before she turned away and her lips closed around my cock head and her tongue flicked at it. Revelling in the sensation of it I had to resist the urge to thrust into her throat.

But slowly her mouth widened and she took more of me into her and I sensed myself making her cheek bulge.

I set about licking and fingering her now dripping sex. I drew back my head to view again the honeyed pink petals of her.

Then as her mouth became bolder and her tongue continued to honour my cock I felt the pressure beginning to build.

I increased the pressure of my tongue and fingers. Tasting her, smelling her, wanting her.

With relief I felt her release my cock and gasp, "Oh, Jack, it's happening again I'm---"

Now I quickly laid her back and rolled between her thighs, her eager fingers helped me place my heaving cock into her entrance. I plunged in full length, right to the cervix I was sure. Then slowly withdrew.

"No, " she grunted as she felt me right at the lips again. But I plunged once more and felt her respond. It was like placing my penis along an avenue of grasping rings.

I leaned over her, placed my hands behind her shoulders and lifted her so that she was sitting astride me. Without any instruction she immediately began gyrating her groin around my erect penis.

She followed this with an up and down movement that treated me like her own personal piston. All the while we kissed and tongued each others face.

We heaved together like that for only a while.

Then, as I sensed her increasing excitation and knew that I was close I lay her back and raised my body over her so that each stroke caressed her clit.

I drove into her faster and faster and for every stroke I made she responded equally.

So that we were both heaving and grunting madly as our joint orgasms hit us and I was pumping my fluid into her as though there would be no end and her eyes were wild upon me as she gasped and finally made a broken shrieking sound, that just filled me with extra joy.

We lay side by side, absolutely still for a few minutes, regaining some measure of composure.

At last, she murmured, "Jack, you've spoiled me for anyone else. "

"Good, " I told her, and made the admission that had lingered inside me since the day I first saw her, "Because I don't want you to belong to anyone else---only me. "

She sat up then, her eyes wide, almost tearful, "Do you mean that?"

I told her how I felt and she kissed me and I knew it was good, and it was settled. Words were no longer necessary.

Her mother was mightily aggrieved at our liaison. Said it wouldn't last. And was wrong.

So that was how my time as a gigolo came to an end. I became a business man----strangely enough a business dealing in old books and films. Surprised?

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