Well quite naturally when I observed Jackie standing there in the kitchen unexpectedly with two of his friends, I was delighted. For one thing, I adored Jackie. He was really just a more firmly built version of his brother Bobby.

Bobby was nineteen and a sophomore in college. Jackie was eighteen and a freshman in college just as I was. Obviously, through most of my childhood, I had been closer with Jackie, than I was with Bobby, because our ages were identical.

Plus I hadn’t been relishing being alone in Bobby’s house. For one thing, it would be kinda boring and, for another thing, I could later be accused of stealing from them. Of course, that wouldn’t have stopped me from nosing through all their possessions. Haha!

The two boys with Jackie were his friends Will and Robert. I knew both of them slightly, but not at all in the biblical sense and, judging from the contorted expressions of their faces with their mouths hanging agape and their eyes bulging at my nakedness, they were quite surprised and delighted to see the ‘real’ me.

Will was tall; he was around six feet, three and fairly skinny, although he had these wonderfully large hands. That really turns me on and he was very handsome. Robert wasn’t as good looking, but he was a solid six foot and looked to have a large upper body beneath his clothes.

Jackie exclaimed delightedly, “Sara! Where did you come from?” Knowing my propensity for being comfortable in front of others, despite being totally nude, he reached out and took my outfit from my arms, where I had been holding it in front of myself and he placed it on the kitchen counter.

Noticing suddenly that I was still dripping sexual fluid from my vagina, Jackie’s happy expression suddenly fell and he spoke dejectedly, “Oh, I get it – Bobby.”

Stepping to him, I placed my hand behind his neck and stepped up on my tip toes and kissed him passionately. I declared, “Hey, I’m here with you now and that’s all that is important, isn’t it?”

Suddenly breaking into a huge smile, Jackie appeared beautiful to me. “Sure, Sara,” he agreed. “You always could make me smile, you know.”

Suddenly I felt four hands touching me everywhere they could reach, which was considerably apparently! One hand was poking around my labia from behind, another was rubbing the nibble on my right breast, while one was preparing to invade my asshole and the fourth one was tickling my pussy hair.

“Wait a minute!” I exclaimed, while whirling around and gently knocking the hands away. “I love sex, but I’m not a whore! I’m not taking the three of you on at the same time.”

Will and Robert appeared totally desolate, while their friend just smiled at them – evilly, I thought.

“But there’s a solution,” I explained. “I just happen to have two good friends, who I think will be willing to come over.” It was obvious to me that my statement has caused hope to suffuse the good looking features of Will and Robert.

I knew I was up to no good, inviting two virgins over to an orgy. But I thought it was time for Kristine and Nicole to give it up and start having a good time.

Jackie showed me where one of the phones was located and I quickly called Kristine and explained to her that there were two fabulous looking guys at Jackie’s, who really wanted to meet them.

Okay, okay, it was a lie. But it was only a little white lie, because unbeknownst to them I really meant ‘meat’ them. Haha! Kristine sounded all excited, when she asked me for the address and, after consulting with her mother, she promised that she and Nicole would be right over.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up, if you know what I mean and by the time I was finished and exited the bathroom, Jackie excitedly informed me that my friends were getting out of a car in front of the house.

I ran and took a peek from behind the front curtains in the living room and, sure enough, I observed Kristine and Nicole getting out of Kristine’s mother’s car. Man, they were both dressed to fuck! Hehe.

I’d really never seen either one of them dress like that; at least not to ‘go out.’ Both of them looked hot! In fact, I didn’t know how Kristine managed to leave her house dressed that way, but apparently her mother had been distracted with it being almost dinner time. Kristine had a bunch of younger brothers and sisters.

She was actually wearing a rather longish blouse and nothing below the waist. I think, though, that I would have been the only one who would have noticed it immediately, because it was extremely beautiful and made out of silk and fell to her upper-thighs.

It was just that I had seen her wear it as a regular blouse. Nicole appeared just as hot and was wearing those same little shorts she had poured herself into for the baseball game. They were black and so tight you could actually see the outline of her pussy lips and the crack of her ass. Her blouse was a little black mid-riff. I began to think I might have underestimated my friends in more ways than one.

After waving goodbye to Kristine’s mother and watching her drive off, my friends turned and walked quickly up Jackie’s front walk. I swear as Kristine walked, her blouse would separate for a split second and I was seeing her pussy hair.

I stood nakedly by the front door and wondered what their reaction would be when I threw open the door and stood before them stark naked. Well, as it happened, when I opened the door, after they knocked, Kristine and Nicole both smiled at me, apparently delighted to see me and spoke, “Hello, Sara.”

Then they stepped past me and directly up to Will and Robert and they all introduced themselves to each other and left me standing in front of the open doorway like a fool with egg on my face.

Suddenly I felt one of Jackie’s hands gently curl around my waist pulling me to him, while he pushed the front door shut. “You better close this, Sara,” he suggested, “before you give the paperboy a thrill.”

I giggled and turned and threw my arms around his neck and just stood perfectly still and he ran his hands gently up and down my body. God, it was so wonderful; it gave me shivers!

I moaned and pulled his head down towards mine and began to passionately kiss him again. As he returned the sexual favor, my left hand snaked down inside the waist band of his blue jeans and jockey shorts and began to fondle his penis, which was beginning to spout inches at a time.

“Oh God, Sara,” he groaned.

I was afraid he was going to go off right then in my hand. You know how these young men are, but it wouldn’t have mattered. He would have been hard again in about ten seconds.

I continued to push my tongue into his mouth, while he lowered his hands around my bottom and pulled me even closer to him. His erection was continuing to grow and I quickly unbuttoned his blue jeans and pulled them and his underwear down to the floor.

His prick sprung out full blown and, I think if I would have been as tall as he it would have shot straight into my cunt. As it was, it was sticking in my belly button.

I laughed and exclaimed, “No, no Jackie! Wrong place!”

Jackie laughed his big guffaw, I think mainly just to find a girl, who offered herself sexually to him without it appearing that it was a serious gift from God or something. There’s really no reason that sex shouldn’t be fun too. It doesn’t always have to be so God awful serious all the time.

Jackie was kissing all around my breasts and then lower, as he closed in on my pussy with those full lips of his. Suddenly he was actually very gently nibbling at my pussy lips with the edge of his teeth.

Good God! I never had anyone do anything like that before. It was the weirdest combination of almost being painful and the most exciting feeling. Then he was pulling out strands of my blonde pubic hair with his teeth.

I was rubbing his back and I reached down and ripped his T-shirt off and threw it over in the corner. The young man did have a spectacular appearing upper body . I was feeling so hot I didn’t think I could wait any longer.

“Jackie!” I wailed. “Come on, you’re just teasing me now.”

He looked up at me from my crotch and grinned that impish grin of his. “That’s the idea,” Jackie laughed. “

”Come on,” I implored again.

“Okay,” Jackie agreed, finally taking mercy on me. “Get down on your hands and knees,” he explained.

Figuring he was going to take me one of my favorite ways – doggystyle – I acquiesced with some alacrity. I purposely placed myself, so I could watch what Kristine and Nicole were up to after I lowered to the living room rug.

Kristine was paired up with Will, which naturally left Nicole with Robert. Not knowing each other, plus Kristine and Nicole being basically novices, had caused them to move a lot slower than Jackie and I.

There was a full length couch and a short love seat in the living room of Jackie’s home and both were profitably filled at the moment. Kristine sat wrapped around Will and both of them were deep throating each other with their tongues.

I recognized immediately that I had been correct in my assumption that Kristine wasn’t wearing anything beneath her dress, as it had ridden up to around her waist and I was looking at her wide open vagina, as she was sitting with her legs wide open in a most unlady like position.

‘Alright, Kristine!’ I thought.

Turning my attention to Nicole and Robert, I saw Robert pulling Nicole’s midriff blouse over her head bearing her beautiful breasts, having already divested her of her shorts. I hadn’t actually seen Nicole completely naked before. She might have had an even better body than Kristine. She was definitely a hottie.

All of the sudden I realized Jackie wasn’t interested in doing it doggystyle, as I felt him inserting his large peter into my butt hole. And I don’t think he was going surfing. Hehe. My rectum was like the last hole in my body that hadn’t had a prick forced into it, except for maybe my eardrums and my nose! So I figured it was probably time for that to go too.

When Jackie first forced his erection up my ass hole, it hurt like hell, but I bit my lip to keep from crying out and moved with him as best I could as he was forcibly slamming himself into my backside again and again over and over.

Being distracted by Will excitedly tearing away Kristine’s blouse off her body and a stark naked Robert beginning to copulate with Nicole helped in the beginning and then suddenly it didn’t hurt anymore – but on the contrary, was feeling as good as anything ever had in my entire life. God! I started to cum right away.

“Oh, oh, fuck me, Jackie!” I screamed out. So much of the time when I make love, I’m in places I really can’t make any noise, so it was nice for one time to be able to make as much noise as I cared to.

I just adored talking dirty when I made love. As I watched Kristine sucking Will’s joint as hard as she could and Robert continuing to fuck Nicole hard, who must have already surrendered her virginity, because she appeared to be enjoying it, I was climaxing the entire time.

Jackie let loose with his rush of hot sperm straight up my bottom hole and he cried out in ecstasy. Suddenly the front door opened and, as I turned my head to see who it was, Bobby walked in followed closely by his father!

The End

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