I'd like to tell you about an ex-girlfriend of mine whose name was Jackie. I was reminded of her recently when looking through my favourite amateur porn site and I came across a lady who looked exactly like her. The lady is the same age as Jackie (47 years old now), but she looks so much like Jackie did back then I'm pretty sure that's what my ex-girlfriend must look like today.

This lady (I don't mind sharing the web-link with you if you ask) has posted many photographs of herself, some semi-clothed, some nude, some on her back with her legs open, some bending over and some (my favourite) simply standing up looking statuesque in lingerie or sexy dresses. Some photos are indoors and some out. Needless to say, while looking at her sexy pictures, my cock took a serious pounding and I continue to masturbate to this gorgeous and sexy lady who makes me cum harder and longer than I've ever done before.

OK, I'll tell you about Jackie. Jackie and I met while I was at University in the town where she lived with her mother and sister, I was 20 and about to finish my second year of medicine and she was a 19-year-old lab assistant. We met at a party, I offered her a lift home and our frantic and passionate sexual affair began. She had very pretty, feminine features, she was fairly tall and beautifully curvy with large breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, lovely round bum and generous thighs and calves. Her hair was naturally blonde and wavy and she wore blue or green eye-shadow and ruby-red lipstick. Being a Yorkshire girl, you could immediately see her direct descent from the tall, blonde Norse-Viking goddesses of her forebears, just as you can if you travel to Norway and Sweden and look at any of the tall blonde women there.

The night we met she was wearing a cream-coloured dress which showed much of her generous cleavage and which finished just above the knee. It hugged her sexy waist, tummy and hips and flowed down over her thighs like a silky, diaphanous waterfall. Easy to get your hands up too, which I did later on!

As the days and the weeks went by, we loved each other passionately while exploring one other's body and soul. Her lovely soft tits fell beautifully to hand and were the perfect size and shape, not too big and certainly not too small. She had large round areoles and her nipples were small and pale and would go as hard as bullets when she was aroused. You could often see them through her bra, even when she was wearing a jumper.

Her belly and thighs were soft and beautifully sculpted and she loved being stroked there as a prelude to my contact with her genitals. She adored it when I gave her oral sex, but she never came off that way. She could only ever cum through penetration, and usually did unless I couldn't hold back and came too quickly for her. If so, we had a period of recovery during which she would caress me and herself, often sucking my spermy cock until it was hard enough for a second go. No Viagra in those days of course, but her mouth was usually very successful...

Sometimes, if she was having difficulty coming to her orgasm, she would get me into the missionary position and tell me to reach around under her bum and place a finger gently into her anus. She was incredibly sensitive there and it often made the difference, tipping her over the edge into her climax. I loved the feel of having my finger in her tight little brown ring and my cock in her deep, wet cunt her while fucking her to a cum, and it was difficult to maintain the position and the motion during her quite wild, thrashing and vocal orgasms.

One reason why the photographs reminded me so much of Jackie (apart from the wonderful eroticism of the nudity and the pornography of seeing the lady displaying her sex) is that I always loved seeing Jackie standing up in front of me in the nude, or partially clothed, especially in erotic lingerie. When her mother and sister were out, we made love at her house and she used to go to her mother's room and dress in black or brown stockings, or sometimes my favourite, pale tan coloured ones. Always sheer and with lovely deep stocking tops which bit tightly into the soft white flesh of her big, beautiful thighs. She always chose a suspender belt with them, eschewing the hold-up variety, and usually put on a pair of strappy, high-heeled sandals to finish off the look. She would come into the room, close the door and stand in front of me with her legs a little way apart giving me the most erotic and satisfying view of any woman before or since. I had the perfect view of her lovely soft breasts, her curvaceous belly and thighs and her sexy cunt with its wispy blonde hair and generous pink labia hanging down gently in the middle. I loved that cunt like no other. Her slot was highly visible and well defined through her light pubic hair, her labia and clit were delightfully soft and fleshy and her vagina would always lubricate freely at the slightest provocation. Her cunt was never dry when I penetrated her, and fucking her was always a deliciously wet, messy experience.

At first, Jackie wasn't on the pill so we used condoms except for a few occasions when we forgot them. Then, I just had to be careful, pulling out and doing a cumshot over her tits, belly and vagina. Jackie loved to see this, and sometimes took some of my sperm in her fingers and pressed it hard into her clit to get the last little bit of sexual stimulation. Once she'd gone on the pill, ejaculating inside her was no longer a problem and the feeling gave me a whole new wave of pleasure. She loved me to do my sperm inside her too, and told me she could feel the warmth of it squirting against her cervix as I came off up there. Being a tall girl, her vagina was correspondingly deep and could accommodate all the length of my cock so that our pubic regions were free to press tightly against one another during a fuck. She could take all my length even with her legs high up in the air and held wide apart, something which some other girlfriends since then have been unable to do.

Jackie had the uncanny ability to time her orgasm with mine, and when it came during our fuck, it would usually come along at exactly the right moment. Sometimes she didn't come at all, and if we were at her house, she would sometimes get out of bed, returning a minute or so later with two vibrators; one belonging to her mother and the other to her sister. She would lay down on her back on the bed, bend her knees and lift them, wide apart, towards her breasts, then she'd hand me the smaller of the vibrators and pulling her bum cheeks apart with her hands, ask me to put it gently into her anus.

This vibrator, the smaller one, was her sister's and it was slim and white. Jackie's vaginal lubricant and my sperm running down from her vagina to her anus allowed the tip of the plastic cock to enter easily into the tight little brown hole. Once in, I had to hold it in place while she took the other one, a much fatter, pink finger-and-thumb one belonging to her mother, switched it on and gently laid it along her slot pressing into her clit. After a moment, she worked it downwards and pressed it into her cunt easing it all the way inside until the small thumb part pressed hard into her clit. Her right hand fucked the vibrator in and out of her fleshy, wet cunt, faster and faster until she was close to her climax. Her left hand went instinctively to her breasts where it fingered first one nipple, then the other until her orgasm approached. When it arrived, her muscle spasms tried to force the anal vibrator out of her passage and I had to press it hard to keep it inside. When she came, she bucked, heaved and thrashed about on the bed making wild guttural noises with every spasm until it subsided in her. She always had the most loving and contented smile on her face afterwards as she pulled the vibrators from her bum and cunt and put them to one side ready for cleaning.

Jackie had an enormous sexual appetite and got randy all the time and at the least suggestion. When we drove in my car she often reclined her passenger seat and put my hand between her open legs to feel her sexy wet cunt through her panties. If I slipped my fingers under the material, I could feel her vaginal discharge starting to flow, enabling me to insert a finger or two beneath the large, fleshy folds of her slot and into her cunt hole. If driving through the countryside we often stopped somewhere secluded and fucked on the back seat, kissing passionately with open mouths and tongues as I pumped my cock up and down inside her, eventually blowing my seed deep inside her heavy, wet cunt. Sometimes after these sessions, she got out and squatted down at the side of the car with her panties off, her legs apart and her dress up over her hips to give me a good view, then had a long and gushing piss while my sperm ran freely from her vagina onto the ground below.

When I dropped her off at her mum's house after a night out, her mum or her sister were sometimes at home precluding any chance of sex in the house. On these occasions we walked along the footpath, entered the back garden through the gate and crept silently into the wooden shed. We kept two blankets there for these occasions which we spread onto the floor where we fucked and fucked until we were both satisfied, usually with me on top and her with her legs straight and wide apart and her high heels pointing high in the air. Only at the point of her orgasm would she bend her knees and wrap her legs tightly around my back where I could feel the heels digging into the skin above my buttocks.

One day we visited her aunt and uncle for afternoon tea and just before leaving, Jackie excused herself to go to the loo. She was wearing a loose-fitting purple dress and white lacy nylons (it was a long time ago...) with black high-heeled shoes. We said goodbye to our hosts and left in my car. We'd travelled a couple of miles and were just outside the city when she turned to me and said 'I'm not wearing any panties, I took them off at aunty and uncle's house'. She lifted her dress at the front and exposed her lovely white stocking tops and her sexy, blonde-haired cunt. 'Can we stop somewhere?' she asked.

We pulled into a farm gateway (which I can still find easily to this day) and got out, walking a little way into the field. Jackie lifted her dress up at the back and bent forward leaning against a wooden fence giving me a fantastic view of those white lacy stocking tops and her gorgeous, round bottom and sexy wet vagina in between her lovely, big, soft inner thighs. I took out my erect cock and wanked it hard with one hand while feeling the sopping wetness of her sex with the other. My cock slipped in easily and I fucked her hard and frantically while grabbing her sexy wide hips and forcing her bum and cunt back onto me. When I came, I reached below her to fiddle her clit making her swear loudly at my roughness while I pumped a load of sticky sperm high into her vagina. Afterwards, I put my cock back into my trousers while she stood with her legs apart, dress held high and let my cum run out onto the grass below. She squatted down for a quick piss, straightened her clothing and we were away.

Finding somewhere to fuck during the week was difficult. During the daytime and evenings her mother or her sister always seemed to be at home and my student digs were a) grotty and b) full of other students skipping lectures. We both loved walking in the hills and woods of North Yorkshire and Jackie suggested we find a spot along one of our favourite walks, put out a blanket and fuck each other without the risk of interruption.

For this, we chose a forest in part of the Yorkshire Dales. We'd spent the occasional day walking there before, and usually stopped at a pub in a lovely village for a late lunch on the way home.

One Thursday when I finished my lectures early, we drove up there (about an hour's journey), parked the car in the village and set off along the footpath into the beautiful evergreen woods. We went a couple of miles before heading north off the main path along a narrow track, then turned left off the path completely and in between the trees. We'd not seen another soul in the woods that day, and within only a few yards of leaving the track we were in dense forest and couldn't be seen or heard by anyone even if they were there. Jackie had worn a long, loose-fitting skirt and her walking boots, but had her black stockings on underneath. When we stopped and took out the blanket, she removed her walking boots and socks and put on the most lovely pair of dainty high-heels I've ever seen. Borrowed from her mother, as usual. We lay down, kissed, caressed and slowly undid one another's clothing until I had on only a t-shirt and Jackie wore only her skirt, stockings and shoes. Using my hands to explore her sexy body inside her long skirt was a very erotic experience, especially as she played with my stiff cock at the same time. I had no problem sliding two fingers deep into Jackie's well-lubricated vagina and fucking them hard in and out of her while using my thumb on her clit. Jackie climbed on top of me and fucked me until she came, then lay down for me to get on top so I could fuck it up her long and hard, eventually finishing my load up inside her wet cunt. Afterwards, we spent some time laying there kissing and caressing until I was ready for another go and Jackie knelt down on all fours offering me her cunt from behind. I took her that way while holding tightly onto the soft flesh around her hips, all the time fucking my cock harder and harder into her already spermy vagina.

We changed positions and she got me to stand up while she sucked the end of my cock while wanking the shaft into her mouth. She looked so beautiful with her blonde wavy hair and heavy make-up that I nearly shot my load into her mouth, but that's not what I wanted. I really needed to do another load against her cervix, high up inside her deep, wet cunt. I lay down and Jackie climbed onto me again, but this time facing away from me and in a squatting position so I had a lovely view of her sexy high heels, her stockings and her little brown bum hole right next to the base of my cock. I couldn't resist wetting my fingers and sliding them gently along her anal crease, hesitating at the opening and sliding a finger gently inside. Jackie reached down and pressed hard against her pubic mound bringing herself to another noisy orgasm and finishing me off again in the process.

Eventually, we dressed and made our way back down towards the car stopping at a picnic table at the edge of a grassy clearing about 100m short of car park where there were some ladies and gents lavatories. We both used the loo and sat at the table talking and soaking up the sun. Jackie took my hand and pressed it onto her skirt between her legs, opening them slightly to allow me access to her cunt area, albeit through her skirt and panties. I rubbed her down there as we sat facing the sun, eventually feeling the unmistakable signs of some wetness seeping through the layers of material. Jackie said to me 'if you put your hand up my skirt you can feel me through my panties'.

I did as she suggested and rubbed her wet slot through the thin cotton gusset until she started breathing heavily and leaned against my shoulder. I was about to slip my fingers up the leg of her sexy little panties when I heard the sound of someone approaching from behind, walking towards the car park from the direction in which we'd walked a few minutes earlier.

It was another couple, but much older than us, about 60 or 65 years old. He was slim and slightly shorter than me with a head of silver-grey hair. She was about the same height and was slim on top with small breasts, slim waist but wide hips and thighs. She was pretty for her age, wore very little make up and had curly reddish-brown hair going grey at the edges, obviously not dyed.

I withdrew my hand as soon as I noticed them, but I suspected they'd seen us in our caress. We both sat up and pretended to look at the view. The woman went into the ladies' toilet and the man came over and asked if they could share our picnic bench, the only one on that little area. He sat down and began to chat to us while unloading some sandwiches from a ruck sack. His wife emerged from the toilet and joined us, and as we carried on chatting they introduced themselves as Edward and Pru.

Pru looked pretty in a white cotton summer dress with a floral pattern -- very old-fashioned for those days. Each time she leaned forward across the table, I got a lovely view down the low-cut dress to a tiny white bra with a gorgeous pair of little old titties inside. I was mesmerised and hoped neither she nor her husband had noticed me looking. I did however notice Edward looking at Jackie's much larger breasts and the cleavage which her tight-fitting knitted jumper showed off. He seemed to be rather transfixed, obviously enjoying the experience.

As the time went on, we got to know more about one another and got on surprisingly well for people of such different age groups. Eventually, Pru said 'I'm sorry of we disturbed you earlier, I told Edward we shouldn't go over to you while you were having a sexy cuddle, but he would insist!'.

Edward protested, but we interrupted by saying it was OK really and that we weren't doing anything much. Pru spoke to Jackie, 'It's alright dear, we used to come up here for exactly the same reason when we were young, didn't we Ed?' She leaned forward as if to speak confidentially, 'He couldn't keep his hands off me then you know. It's surprising how many girls you see up here wearing long skirts and stockings,' Pru said looking down at Jackie's clothes, 'they all bring their fellers up here for the same thing, it's quite alright,' she said with a wink.

I just loved this sexy conversation, and I could tell Jackie was enjoying it too. It continued for some time and became increasingly daring and adventurous until Jackie told us she had to go to the loo and said 'Come on Pru, you can come with me'. Nothing unusual that, but what they discussed when they were in there I can only guess at! When they came back, they were both laughing and giggling, and Jackie made a point of sitting next to Edward and Pru next to me.

The two ladies had obviously cooked something up between them but I had no idea what it was. They led the conversation making sure we carried on talking about sex, eventually culminating in the telling of sexual 'confessions'. Pru started off by telling us how she gets randy in hot weather and Jackie went next by confessing that we sometimes do it in her mother's shed. Edward and I mumbled something daft about girls we fancied and it became obvious the girls were the experts in this field, we being woeful amateurs. Jackie confessed that she couldn't orgasm through stimulation, only by penetration and that she sometimes used her mother's and sister's vibrators to do the job. Pru and Edward looked at one another smiling and Pru told us that she was quite the opposite to Jackie in this respect. To my great embarrassment, Pru told us she had a very small vaginal opening and found it painful to accommodate a penis in full penetration. Because of this she and Edward hadn't had intercourse for many years despite both having high sex drives.

Intrigued, we asked Pru to tell us more, and she told us she liked to achieve her climax through stimulation of her clitoris. Sometimes she masturbated on her own and sometimes Edward did it for her using his fingers or his tongue. Edward, not getting to fuck Pru, usually ejaculated in her mouth or on her body or her clothes and underwear. He told us it was satisfying but not the same as a good fuck which he missed terribly.

Jackie surprised us all by saying, in her usual bubbly manner, 'Oh, Edward, you poor thing, I'd let you do it with me,' then turned to me and said 'Wouldn't I, darling?'

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