tagLoving WivesJackie and Artie Ch. 04

Jackie and Artie Ch. 04


This is the fourth episode in a series entitled "Jackie and Artie". If you have not read the previous three episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

"Jackie and Artie" is a romantic story about a dominant hot wife and her submissive cuckold husband. While they have a deep and abiding love for each other they do lead an alternative lifestyle. If this subject matter offends you or makes you feel uncomfortable I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.

As soon as they were gone Nattie stood up and said; "Come on Cowboy let's get you home. Connie is waiting for you. She wants to have a little fun tonight too."

I stood up. "By all means."

Nattie took my arm. "Let's go tell Traci to have them bring your car around."

We walked over to the bar. Traci was standing there talking to the bartender. As we approached her she turned and looked at us. "What can I do for you guys?"

Nattie turned to me. "Cowboy, let me have your ticket."

I fished it out of my pocket and handed it to Nattie. She handed it to Traci along with a folded up five dollar bill.

Traci said, "I'll take care of it right away." She disappeared into the entrance hallway. A moment later she returned and said; "They're bringing Cowboy's car around right away."

Nattie said; "Thanks Traci."

Traci smiled "We try to take good care of our favorite people" And then she looked at me and said; "Cowboy, I'm sorry I didn't get to spend a little more time with you tonight. We got kind of busy. Please come back again. I really would love to get to know you. I have a soft spot for little cuckboys."

Nodding, I said; "I'd like that Traci."

Nattie said; "Don't worry Traci, he'll be back. I'll see to it." And then she added; "I'm going to go home with cowboy so I can ride back with Connie. We should be here in about an hour. Save a couple of hot guys for us."

I looked at Nattie. "You're going to go home with me?"

"Why not? The ride to your house will give me more time to talk to you and I haven't seen Connie for several days. The ride back will give me a chance to talk to her."


"Artie honey, Connie and I are both single. We don't have families waiting for us at home. We can stay out later then Jackie can. The night is still young. We'll both have plenty of time to find a playmate and have some fun."

"Okay, I'll enjoy your company."

"And I'll enjoy yours." Nattie took my arm and guided me out of the bar.

By the time we reached the front door of the restaurant my car was idling at the curb. The valet held the car door for Nattie. Once she was seated I handed him a five dollar bill, walked around the front of the car, slipped in on the driver's side, put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb.

As soon as we were out in the traffic flow, Nattie asked; "Artie did you have a good time tonight?"

"I did."

"How do you feel right now?"

"Okay, I guess."

Nattie put her hand on my thigh. "By now they should be in Clayt's hotel room. At this very moment your wife is probably sucking Clayt's cock." Her hand moved to my erect penis.

Excited by Nattie's intimation, I took a deep breath and said; "Yes, I suspect that you're correct." My voice cracked as I spoke.

In a delightfully seductive whisper, Nattie said; "My sister loves to give blow jobs." And then laughing, she added; "Connie and I do too."

Suddenly feeling deflated, I gave Nattie a quick glance and said; "I know." My voice was tinged with sadness.

Nattie noticed. For a moment we rode in silence and then she said; "This evening, on the way over to the restaurant, Jackie told me about how she'd been neglecting you. Artie, it wasn't intentional."

"I wasn't exactly at the forefront of her thoughts."

"Oh, I think you were. It's just that even though you weren't discussing it or even acknowledging it, you were both already moving into the life style you're now embracing."

Nattie paused. She was waiting for a response.

I said; "Go on."

"Artie you were fantasizing about being her cuckold. I looked at the web sites and read your favorite stories. When you and Jackie had sex you were doing exactly what both of you wanted. Jackie thinks you're an artist with your tongue. She loves it when you give her head. You love giving her head. It fits right into your submissive desires. Jackie loves you; she was paying attention to what made you happy and trying to give it to you. Sweetheart, you weren't getting blow jobs from your wife because she was neglecting you; you weren't getting them because you didn't want them and she was unconsciously picking that up."

Nattie smiled at me. "Last night when you finally did acknowledge your mutual desire for a submissive cuckold husband, dominant hot wife marriage; what was the first rule you suggested?"

I chuckled. "That blow jobs should be reserved for Jackie's stud lovers."

"That's not a huge sacrifice for you, is it Artie."

I shook my head.

Nattie laughed. "If you really do want to make a sacrifice, try giving up eating Jackie's pussy. That would send both of you into a deep depression."

"You're right, it would." I was grinning.

Ignoring my grin, Nattie said; "So cuckboy, don't feel hurt because your wife loves to suck cock, but never sucks your cock. She's doing that because that's the way you want it."

"You don't cut a guy much slack, do you?"

"Not when he's lying to himself and that lie has the potential to hurt two people that I happen to love."

"Nattie, thank you for riding home with me tonight."

"Even if the man I hook up with later tonight turns out to be the greatest lover of my life, this will still be the highlight of my evening. Cowboy, I cannot begin to express how much I want you and my sister to be happy."

We both smiled.

It was 8:15 when we pulled into the garage at Jackie's house. Yes, I did understand that it was also my house, but at that moment I was finding it exciting to think of it as my wife's property.

As I was shifting my Escape into park Nattie squeezed my cock and whispered, "You do realize that Clayt's fucking her right now."

My breath caught.

Nattie giggled and said; "Think about it cuckboy, think about his great big cock pumping in and out of your wife's cunt."

I froze. I couldn't move. I didn't want to move.

Nattie continued. "Clayt's on top, my sister has her legs tightly wrapped around his thighs. If he's any good he's fucking her slowly, long powerful thrusts and your wife is bucking her hips to meet every one of those powerful thrusts."

"What makes you say that? Jackie could be on top riding him like a cowgirl."

"Maybe later; but not the first time. When your wife's with a guy she's never had before, the first time he does her she always wants him to be on top."


"Yes, ask her."

"I'm hoping she's going to tell me."

"Don't worry Artie, she's going to; believe me she's going to tell you everything." Nattie winked at me. "And I'm willing to bet a fortune that she'll be sitting on your face while she's doing it."

"I hope she is."

Nattie gave my cock another squeeze. "Artie honey, you really are the perfect husband."

I grinned.

When we walked into the kitchen Connie was seated at the table with her Kindle open in front of her. She was reading. There was a cup of coffee next to her Kindle. It was apparent that she was preparing herself for a late night.

Connie looked up as we walked through the door. She immediately noticed the small tent in the front of my trousers. Looking at Nattie, she asked; "What did you do to Cowboy? Why does he have an erection?"

Nattie smiled. "Before we came into the house we were having a short discussion about what Jackie and her playmate for the evening were doing right now."

"That caused Cowboy's erection?"

"I may have been giving him a little extra stimulation with my fingers."

Connie laughed. "I'll bet you were." She paused, after a moment she asked; "Cowboy is Jackie's husband, do you have her permission to play with him?"

"Yes mom, I do and so do you. Jackie is concerned about him feeling neglected."

"She should be concerned. She's married to a prince and she did neglect him."

Connie stood, walked over to me and put one hand around my shoulder. With the other hand she reached down and lightly touched the tent in the front of my pants. "Did you enjoy watching your wife this evening?"

Excited and a little disconcerted by all the feminine attention I was receiving, I nervously stammered out; "Yes, I had a very good time."

"Tell me about the man Jackie selected. Was he handsome?" Connie had her hand pressed against the tip of my penis. She was moving it in a slow gentle circle.

I swallowed hard and said; "Yes, he was very handsome."

"Could you hear any of his conversation with your wife?"

"Yes, we were only two tables away from them. We could hear almost everything they said."

Connie turned to Nattie. "We?"

Nattie nodded. "Yes, Jackie and I decided that it might be easier for Artie if I sat with him while he watched her get to know her date."

"Did that help you cowboy?"

"Yes ma'am...er I mean Connie."

"It's okay cuckboy, I like it when you call me ma'am. Actually I think you should call Jackie and Nattie ma'am too. After all you are a little sissy wimp, you really should show us some respect."


"Nattie honey, relax. Artie and I have talked about this. A little verbal abuse excites him."


"Sweetheart, we're not going to make the mistakes you made with Miltie. We're going to talk all the time and all three of us are going to make sure that Artie knows he's the most loved man in the entire world."

I smiled at Connie and then I walked over to Nattie and said; "Ms. Natalie?"

Nattie looked at me with a puzzled expression.

I kissed her cheek and said; "Thank you for caring, but don't worry. Tonight I learned to trust you and your mother too. Sometimes for me, being a sissy cuckold wimp is fun."

Nattie smiled at me. "I just don't ever want to hurt you Artie."

"And I don't believe you ever will."

Nattie shook her head. "You trust me more than I trust myself."

Connie said; "Don't worry sweetheart. Artie's a very strong man. He'll let us know if we're going too far. That's the purpose of all the open conversation."

I nodded. "And this evening, when you were with me, supporting me; you demonstrated that you're a perceptive, warm, caring person. When you made that mistake with Miltie, you were young. When we're young we make stupid mistakes, we all do."

Connie chuckled. "I certainly did."

"Nattie, you may not trust yourself, but I trust you and if we're going to have fun together I want you to feel free to let yourself go. If you go too far, I'll let you know. That's my responsibility."

Nattie smiled. "Promise?"

"Yes, I promise."

Connie stepped up behind me, put an arm around my waist, slipped her hand inside my belt and waist band and down the front of my trousers. As she wrapped her fingers around my bare penis she said; "You must not cum. Promise me that if you feel yourself beginning to lose control you'll tell me so that I can give you a chance to regain your composure."

"I will." I was just barely able to choke out the words.

"You understand that Jackie wants to be the only one who makes you cum tonight. This is important to her. Nattie and I want to keep you excited, on edge; but we can't make you cum. Would you like to play with us?"

"Will it be all right with Jackie?"

Nattie said; "Yes, I'm sure it will."

"Then yes, I would very much like to play."

Connie asked. "Are you sure you'll be able to control yourself?"

"If you promise to help me; yes, I'm pretty sure I can,"

Connie stroked my cock twice.

I took a deep breath and said; "I don't think I can control myself if you do that."

I felt her let go of my erection. As Connie pulled her hand out of my trousers, she said; "Someday I would like to make you cum. Will you let me do that Artie?"

"Only if Jackie says it's all right."

Connie's hand moved up to my waist. She pulled my shirt tail and tee shirt out of my trousers, slipped her hand underneath and reached up to my chest. As she grabbed my bare nipple between her finger nails, she said; "You really are a good little cuckboy. I'm so glad that you understand that even though another man is fucking your wife at this very moment, you still have to have her permission before you can allow another woman to touch your tiny little pee pee."

Connie let go of my nipple and turned me around so I was facing her. She gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and said; "Was that all right Artie? Did it excite you?"

I grinned at her. "Yes, very much."

"Tonight I'm going to a bar where I plan to meet a man who's going to spend several hours fucking me. Would you like to help me get dressed?"

I glanced at Nattie; she was watching, she was smiling.

I looked back at Connie. She was smiling too.

All three of us knew that helping your wife get dressed for a date with another man was one of the most popular fantasies on the cuckold web sites. While Connie wasn't my wife, this was real and close enough to be unbelievably exciting.

I laughed. "Hell yes!"

Connie and Nattie laughed too and then Nattie grabbed my arm and said; "Come on cuckboy, it's time for us to have some serious fun."

Connie shook her head. "No Nattie, Cuckboy is now a slave. He needs to be treated with disdain. We can love him up later." She turned to me. "Unless you'd prefer that we do this differently."

I smiled. "No Ms. Constance, I know my place. I should be treated accordingly."

Connie nodded.

Next to me Nattie whispered, "Holy shit, my panties are already soaked."

Connie and I both ignored her. We were already immersed in the scene. She was a haughty aristocrat. I was her daughter's lowly slave.

I stood in front of her with my head submissively bowed.

Connie said, "Slave fill my coffee cup and bring another cup for Ms. Natalie. We're planning to have an exciting, but late evening. Bring them to your wife's boudoir. We'll be there waiting for you. Don't forget to use a tray. And there's a garment bag in my car. Fetch it for me."

"Yes Ms. Constance, right away."

Turning to Nattie, Connie said; "Come Natalie, let us adjourn to the comfort of Jacqueline's private chambers."

As they left the kitchen I wondered if Connie was referring to Jackie's private office or our bedroom. While I still had some mixed feelings about it, part of me was hoping that she was referring to our bedroom. This evening was turning into the most exciting night of my life and I was beginning to think that maybe I really would like to spend the rest of my life as Jackie's slave.

As I walked out to Connie's car her words echoed in my mind; Jackie's private chambers, your wife's boudoir. It seemed so appropriate. A mistress really should have a boudoir and her slave should definitely be quartered in the basement. Of course I knew Jackie. She loved me. I'd end up spending most nights sleeping in her bed. Her bed, I liked that; the bed where she slept and at times entertained her lovers.

The girls were a concern. They were children. We had to take great care to shield them from our new life style. Separate bedrooms shouldn't be an issue. Many proper couples slept apart and when the girls were around it was unlikely that we would be sleeping apart. If Jackie was entertaining a man the girls would be at either Grandma Connie's or Aunt Nattie's. The girls were also already used to Jackie having a private office and since the basement bedroom doubled as my office, they were accustomed to me spending time there.

The garment bag was hanging in the rear window of Connie's BMW. I retrieved it and started back to the house.

The previous night I'd balked at Jackie's suggestion that we make our new life style public. Now I was beginning to reconsider that position. Yes, having people know that Jackie slept with other men and I was her servant would be embarrassing; but it would also be exciting. Still, it wasn't necessary for us to declare it to the world. It was our personal life and nobody else's business. Maybe we just wouldn't worry about hiding it.

I imagined what it might be like the next time Jackie entertained her friends Trudy and Laurie. The three of them had been best friends since high school. We had them over for dinner at least once a month. Jackie would certainly want to tell them. They were both married, but we rarely socialized with their husbands, I only saw them at parties or an occasional dinner out. I suspected that both women knew all about Jackie's private life and I wouldn't have been at all surprised to discover that they also regularly partied with other men.

I laughed as I realized that future dinners with them wouldn't actually be much different than the past dinners. I already prepared and served the meals. Hell, I served cocktails before the meal too. The only difference would be that as Jackie's servant I wouldn't be permitted to join them for either cocktails or dinner.

If Trudy and Laurie did cheat on their husbands I wondered if Jackie would start inviting men to join them for dinner. My entire body tingled with excitement as I imagined waiting on my wife and her friends while they entertained their lovers. Of course on those evening the girls would have to go to Connie's or Nattie's.

The girls, for their sake we'll have to be discreet with the neighbors. People gossip and gossip gets around. If we're not careful the girls will eventually start getting questions from their friends; questions that could confuse them and create anxiety. Children shouldn't be put in a position where they have to defend or even address their parent's life style.

Back in the kitchen, I set Connie's garment bag on the table, found a tray, refilled Connie's coffee cup, took two more cups out of the cupboard and filled both of them. Hoping that this was going to be a late night, I took a long sip from one of the cups and set it on the counter. Then after placing Connie's cup and the cup for Natalie on the tray, I picked it up and carried it to Jackie's bedroom.

The door was closed.

I knocked.

From inside, Natalie said; "Come in."

As I opened the door and entered my wife's bedroom my entire body surged with excitement. This was my first overt act as an acknowledged submissive. While it was with Jackie's mother and half-sister rather than Jackie herself, it was still exciting. It was my first real taste of my new life, my life as Jackie's servant, a life that I now knew that I wanted and a life that was my destiny.

I stood in the doorway surveying the room. Natalie was seated on the bed. Her legs were crossed, her spike heeled pump dangled from the toes of her right foot. Connie was absent. Her jeans, blouse and panties were lying on the bed next to Natalie. I glanced at the bathroom door. It was half closed. And then I heard the shower.

Natalie looked at the tray with the two cups of coffee and shifted her gaze up to me. She studied me for a moment and then she smiled. "You like this, don't you?"

I did, but it continued to be difficult to admit it. Still, I knew that I wanted to admit it. In fact, I needed to admit it. Taking a deep breath, I said; "Yes, very much."

"I like it to, so do my sister and my mother."

"Yes." I was so excited that it was the only response I could manage."

Nattie pointed to Jackie's makeup table. "Set our coffee over there."

Thankful that Nattie was taking control, I carried the tray of coffees over to the makeup table. As I was setting it down, Nattie asked; "Did you forget Connie's garment bag?"

I shook my head, "No Ms. Natalie. I couldn't carry the bag and the tray at the same time."

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