tagIncest/TabooJackie and Me

Jackie and Me


The most comfortable way to travel long distances has to be by train. Cross country buses are cramped, not even providing enough room for your ass to get comfortable, and take longer than a train. Traveling by car gets tiring as you have to stop from time to time to rest. And, forget airplanes they are such a hassle getting to the airport, screening your luggage, flight delays and having to be there hours in advance.

When you are in a hurry sometimes flying is the only option. But, if you have just a little time try the train. Even in coach the seats are nice and big and for a price you can even get a bed. You can get up and walk around without being given the evil eye by a flight attendant and find your way to a well stocked bar car. Not to mention, a look out the window can provide some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. Just close your eyes when coming to the junk yards of the inner cities.

It was my love of trains that caused me to travel from my Grandparent's home in State College, Pennsylvania to my home in Kansas City, Missouri back when I was 18 years old. The trip would take almost 24 hours but was well worth it. I was going home for a family reunion at my parent's house. My grandparents would fly out and join us in a couple of days. This would turn out to be the best train trip of my life!

I settled in to my fairly wide seat and watched the Pennsylvania countryside go by. It wasn't long before I got thirsty and walked back the two cars to the lounge. I grabbed a Coke and headed back to my seat. I just got inside the door of my car when I saw her. I couldn't believe it, there was my sister-in-law, Jackie. She had married my older brother and they were both four years older than me. I saw that she was sitting with some stranger so I asked, "Hey, Jackie, what are you doing on this train and what have you done with my big brother?"

She explained that she had been in Philadelphia helping her Great Aunt move and that my brother couldn't get off work to come along with her. She hated flying and checked out the train time table and found out that she could make it back in time to help out with the family reunion. This is, of course, the same reason that I had taken the train. I told her I had an empty seat next to me and was sure we could clear it with the conductor for her to sit next to me.

She readily agreed and stood up to walk the half dozen rows of seats up to where I had been sitting. Butterflies welled up inside of me as soon as she stood up. All she was wearing was a green halter top and tight fitting blue jean shorts. Now, Jackie only stood about 5'1" tall but she was a real knockout with brown eyes and hair. I would have bet my last dime that she had the biggest breasts on that train (EE cups or bigger) and a nice large plump ass with a thin waist in between. She was extremely cute especially with her slightly buck teeth which gave her a marvelous beaver like smile.

For the first hour we sat and caught up on family stuff then she had to go piss. She was sitting by the window and there wasn't much room between the seats. So, as she passed our knees bumped and her boobs were right in my face. And when she came back she tried facing the other way. This only caused her ass to be even closer to my face than her boobs had been. Just as she was about to sit down the train jerked and she fell with her ass landing halfway on my lap.

She quickly scooted over. But, it was already too late as I had a full fledged hard-on. As she got settled back in it was obvious that she saw it but said nothing before long the gentle rocking of the train put her to sleep. She squirmed around in her sleep until her ass was pasted against my thigh. It was late afternoon when I awoke to find myself snuggled against her with a hand on her belly just above her pubic mound. At first I was startled that I had fallen asleep but my reaction grew to shock when I realized where my hand was planted. My brother would kill me!

Carefully I began to remove my hand but Jackie put her hand on top of mine holding it in place. This reaction confused me and I didn't know what to make of it. Maybe, she just like the warmth of our bodies against each other in the over air conditioned coach car. Whatever her intent was I couldn't help it and my prick again got rigid and I had little doubt that she could feel it against her rump. Calmly I asked, "Jackie, how long have you been awake?"

"Oh Ron, it has been a few minutes; I didn't want to disturb you as you were so peaceful. We are in Ohio now."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to get fresh with you. I didn't even know my arm was around you until I woke up just now, honest, I'm sorry.

"Hush, don't worry about it. This feels very nice. But, can I get up and get a blanket to cover up with until dinner?"

I took my hand away from her shorts replying, "Sure, it is kind of cool in here."

She got up and stumbled a bit. She stood in front of me to get her balance. Then the train shook violently as we evidently hit a real bad piece of track. Jackie grabbed the back of my seat and fell into me smothering my face with her boobs. As she got up I could swear she deliberately rubbed her breasts against my face twice. Even if it was an accident I really enjoyed it! She giggled saying, "Sorry, I guess I haven't got my train legs, yet."

She reached up to the overhead rack and pulled down a blanket as I responded, "that's ok."

She decided to try to come back into her seat with her ass in my face. In my mind there was no mistake she was pushing her ass, on purpose close to me. This time when the train hit a bump I reached up as if to catch her and put my hand fully on her big ass cheek and left it there until she decided it was safe to move over to her seat.

We spread out the blanket until it covered both of us from our shoulders to our knees. She snuggled back in the same position and motioned for me to join her as she grabbed my hand and placed it back on her belly. Being curious and horny I began caressing her belly from just below her tits to just above her sweet mound. She made absolutely no move to stop me. In fact, I could feel her push harder against me wiggling ever so slightly. This was in no way my imagination. I almost sprang a leak when she took my hand and placed it on her boobs. I asked, "Jackie, are you sure you want this?"

"Be quiet, Ron and just go with the feeling." I did just that as my hand traveled from boob to boob and boldly I kissed her neck. After several minutes she rolled over on to her back with her legs apart with one of them resting on top of my thigh. She put her head on my shoulder and ran her fingers down my chest to my thigh and then to my cock. Quickly, she unzipped me and yanked on my member through my cotton briefs.

"Oh Christ, Jackie, that feels great." Two could play at this game so I moved my hand down to her crotch. When it got there I discovered that she had already unzipped herself. I took this as an open invitation and reached right in. I was rewarded with the feel of damp silky panties. Wasting no time I started playing with her cunt through those damp panties. Unfortunately, for me, she couldn't pull my dick out of my pants as it was still light out and it would have been obvious to everyone what she was doing.

She managed to create enough friction that I was in heaven rather fast. Apparently I was having the same effect on her as she was breathing very heavy and biting her lip in an effort to keep quiet. As soon as we both came we stopped and put ourselves back together again and smiled broadly at each other. She looked at her watch and told me, "It is time for dinner. Come on and let's go. Afterward, we will have some real fun if you want."

Of course I wanted to have more fun and told her so. She got up and stood there waiting for another big jerk. As soon as the train lurched she collapsed against my face and ground her clothed pussy against my face as I inhaled her sweet odors. Then, suddenly she took off like a bolt of lightening down the aisle forcing me to practically run to catch up with her. Dinner was uneventful.

The food was fine and the company even better as we just laughed and carried on. Jackie bought a bottle of wine and shared it with me. Neither of us were very big drinkers so we were kind of tipsy when we finished it off. All the way back to our seats I was watching her ass sway from side to side in those hot little shorts. The only thing bothering me now was that I knew that all we could do was fool around a bit.

After all, there was no way to have sex in a pair of coach seats. And, we wouldn't be able to do anything once we got off of the train as my brother, who was also her husband, would be meeting us at the station. I decided to make the best of it and have whatever fun Jackie had in mind. It didn't take long to find out.

As soon as we sat down Jackie faced me and gave me a hungry kiss. The sun had just set as we threw the blanket back over us. Under the covers we caressed each other's backs and thighs. She took my hand and lifted it back to her chest. I hadn't expect to feel the skin of her boobs but she had undone the bottom tie on her halter-top so that I could fondle her boobs without the interference of the garment. Her boobs were glorious large melons with very large erect nipples. At first, I gently played with them but the more we kissed the wilder my play became. I was thrilled when she whispered, "When it gets darker I'll let you go under the blanket and kiss them."

Between every kiss I would glance out the window to see if it was any darker. The wait seemed like it would never end. Finally she lifted up the blanket inviting me underneath. Quickly, she wrapped it back around my head and like a baby I began nursing on my sister-in-laws tits. Surprisingly, she reached down unzipped my pants and pulled out my prick and stroked feverishly. Of course, I really dug into her boobs in response to this.

It didn't take long for me to cum on her shorts and the seat between us. Even more surprising, to me, was that Jackie came within moments of when I shot my load. I laid there wondering what we would do about the mess I had made. Always prepared, Jackie brought a bunch of tissues and hurriedly wiped the area clean and then she turned her back to me and had me tie her halter top back into place. She threw the tissues into a shopping bag she had exchanging them for a book. She then turned on the overhead light and began reading as if nothing had happened.

I would start to say something or make a pass but she would just ignore me or tell me not to say anything about it for a while. It was getting late and the reading lights were being turned off all through the car. More and more passengers were going to sleep hoping not to wake up until they were well into Illinois.

Again I had just begun thinking that was all the delights she would be giving me. I saw her stretch and yawn and then look over at me. She suddenly reached down and gave my member a very hard squeeze. She gave me a very nasty seductive look and told me, "I have got to piss. I am going right back there to the large handicapped women's restroom. Wait about 30 seconds and then follow; the door will be unlocked but, knock so I know it is you."

This time she bounced right out of the seat and not a single part of her body touched me as she gracefully left. Not wanting to do anything to screw up my chances I sat there and watched the second hand on my watch until 30 seconds had elapsed. Trying to act cool I sauntered down the aisle to the bathroom with the tent in my pants leading the way.

I knocked softly and identified myself. She called out for me to enter this females only zone. Not having to be told I reached back and locked the door before I looked over toward her. There she was sitting on the small throne pissing. Jackie told me to come over. Still trying to act cool about the whole thing I walked right over in front of her and pulled her off a piece of toilet tissue and handed it to her.

As she wiped herself I couldn't help but admire her very bushy twat. She motioned me to come closer but I was surprised when she lifted her ass off of the seat enough to pull up the panties and shorts and put them back in place. I was beginning to wonder how much more she was going to lead me on and torment me like this. But then, Jackie pulled my hips closer to her and caressed the front panel of my pants before unzipping me.

She pushed my clothes to my knees and grabbed my balls with one hand and my rock hard cock with the other. I held on for dear life to the rail on the wall as her mouth found my cock head. She tried to time her sucking with the clickity clack of the train's motion. She was pretty good at anticipating each bump. Every now and then we would be surprised and my cock would nearly fall free or stab her deeper than expected.

Before long her head was bobbing up and down the length of my shaft like a blur. In the soft light of the bathroom she was quite a sight to behold. I was more turned on at this moment than I had ever been in my young life. My balls tightened and I shot a wad of spunk deep into her throat just as we hit a big bump causing her to leave teeth marks in my cock. Satisfied at her work she asked, "Do you want to change places now."

"Of course I do Jackie," I answered the foxy lady almost too eagerly. She reached over and flushed the toilet and stood up and walked around me grabbing the handrail. I couldn't help myself and pulled her into my arms and gave her a hungrily passionate kiss. We both enjoyed it, but, she gave me a shove on my shoulder indicating that I should sit down.

Taking my place on the stool I looked up and Jackie had come very close to me and had her backside turned to me. I reached in front of her and quickly unfastened her shorts and pulled both them and the pink panties to her knees. She bent over and spread her legs as she held tightly to the rail.

For the first time in full view there were her bright pink cunt lips and large ass. It was a feast for my eyes. Cupping her butt with my hands I methodically kissed both cheeks before going down to her tight little ring. I had the feeling that we were in a hurry as we were in a bathroom that someone might need to use so I moved quicker than I would have normally right to her sweet pussy. I buried my face deep into her steamy pot cunt.

Using the handrail to help her she pushed her sweetness harder against my mouth. Her juices were bathing my face with her sweet nectar. My only problem was that with the bouncing and shaking of the train it was hard to wrap my lips around her clit. I opened my mouth wide surrounding her sweet button and then in one sudden bite I clamped down on her nub. I pulled that sexy clit into my mouth sucking it hard as I flickered my tongue all over it. I had a hard time keeping a hold of her as between the rough ride and her wiggling the motion was unbelievable. She whispered, "Ron, I am cumming, oh yes, I need your meat in my pussy."

After I licked off her newest load of juice she stood up and walked over to the sink. I thought she was going to wash up. Instead she rested her arms on the edge and lifted her ass into the air. She implored me, "Now, Ron, get over here and get your choo choo in my tunnel. Come on and let me ride your choo choo."

With cunt juice still dripping from my chin I staggered over the three feet to her ass. I placed a hand on each of her hips to get my balance. Feeling steadier on my feet I let go with one hand. I used the other to aim for her twat. Each time I tried to poke it in there was a sudden bump. On the fifth try I finally got it between her puffy lips and she sucked me into her hot depths.

Her pussy seemed to fit around my cock like a glove. I held on to her hips for dear life as I pumped away on Jackie's cunt. Harder and harder I drove deep into her tunnel until you could hear the smacking of her ass against my hips. With one hand she reached down and played with my balls and her clit. Trying to get my breath I moaned, "Jackie, this is fantastic; your cunt is wonderful; choo, choo."

"Oh yes, Ron, ram that locomotive home. Oh my I'm cumming; that's amazing!" Just then I splattered a load of cum deep into her narrow gauge twat and nearly fell onto the floor. Fortunately I caught myself. She stood back up letting my happy prick fall from her. Then she turned around smiled at me and gave me a big old kiss.

Afraid of being caught we quickly pulled our clothing back up. Jackie straightened up her hair and put on fresh lipstick and then peaked out the door. She whispered that the coast was clear and shoved me out the door pinching my ass as I left. She followed me back to our seats and quickly covered us back up.

Wasting no time she turned toward me and attacked me. Her lips were all over my face and neck. We were like two rabbits in heat. Hands were groping and feeling ravenously all over one another. She unbuttoned my shirt halfway down and went under the cover and sucked my tits like no man has ever experienced ever before. I nearly came from the job she did. When she was finished she smiled broadly and cooed, "Hey there sexy, do you know what I am doing?"

I could feel her squirming around in the seat but didn't know what was going on, so I answered, "No what?"

"I am pulling down my shorts and panties and then I am going to turn around so that my ass is in your lap. Then I want you to play with my ass and finger fuck my asshole until I am ready. Ready for you to get this sexy cock of yours inside of my asshole. I want to be butt fucked!"

"Ok," was the only reply I could seem to muster. Suddenly her perfect large ass was resting, totally nude, on my thigh. Going straight to work I caressed and squeezed her twin globes with a vigor. All the while I was worried that the conductor might come by and catch us. This thought both terrified me and excited me, but also caused me to get down to business right away.

Spreading her cheeks apart I ran my fingertips along the length of her crack. Then I found her tiny back entrance. Gently I pushed my index finger against her rosebud. Jackie was a trifle inpatient as she pushed her hole hard against its invader. She reached behind her and caressed my hip as I buried my finger deeper and deeper.

Soon, I had my finger all of the way in and was rhythmically fucking her tight cavern with it. Not sure exactly what to do I decided to see what she would do if I tried to stick a second finger up there. I pulled my finger all of the way out and Jackie let out a sad sigh. Quickly I placed my forefinger against my stinky index finger and once again found her hot little hole.

She purred when she felt two fingers were about to enter her asshole. I had no trouble getting all of the way in and soon she was pushing her ass back to meet each of my thrusts. Kind of growling she asked, "Oh Ron, that feels so sexy. Oh yes, stick in a third finger, oh hell, stick all four fingers in, please?"

When I pulled the two fingers out I heard a little pop from the suction being released. It was no problem getting all four fingers in up to the first knuckle But, I could hear her grind her teeth trying to keep from screaming as I pushed in further and further At one point I decided I was in far enough so I began pulling in and out. She would have none of it though barking, "Go all of the fucking way in or I will let out a yelp giving us away."

Not wanting to be thrown off the train in the middle of Indiana I complied with her order. Jackie was really in to it. Her hips were swaying not only to the motion of the train but with each thrust that I made deep into her bowels. Her hand came off of my hip and she began digging in her bag as my assault continued.

She brought out a tube of lubricant and told me to Take out my hand and spread it into her butt hole. Eagerly I squeezed a mound of the greasy substance on to my fingertips. Without hesitation I applied it liberally to her anal opening. I was very worried about butt fucking her right there in our seats.

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