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Jackie Gets Hers


Jackie was your normal, everyday girl next door. 28 and single...too busy to actually date and too many blind dates to count! Her friends had tried to set her up numerous times but either she was too smart for the guy or just not interesting enough. She was a computer programmer and a damn good one! Jackie usually worked 60+ hours a week and so her sex life was non-existent!

She was actually looking forward to Friday as the girls had decided to get together at a local club for a couple hours just to let off some steam! She hadn’t been out in over a month and the last time she was there, a real nice looking bartender was employed there so thought if nothing else she would take this opportunity to get all dolled up...for once!

After work on Wednesday she hit the mall and got her nails manicured, and as she was walking past the store EROTICA, something in the window caught her eye! She had never been in this store before but this small black skirt in the window was so cool! She had never worn anything like that but decided to take a look around. The attire was laid out so the more conservative wear was towards the front and the further back she went, the more provocative it became. She blushed as she got to one isle with the crotchless undergarments and nipple rings. She decided to go back to the front of the store...seemed more “safe” that way.

She picked up the skirt that was almost see through sheer and found a nicely matching top that was more of a vest of lace with a deep V-plunge in the front. The straps were like spaghetti straps but made of cashmere and the back was see through black! Guess she would not be wearing a bra with this shirt! She was actually embarrassed a bit by the fact this turned her on...something she had tried not to think about for a long time, always ended in disappointment.

Friday at the office was unbearable, as she didn’t reveal to any of her friends what she would be wearing. She was wearing a pantsuit, very plain and low heels. She couldn’t wait to kick them off and get into her new outfit. She must have tried it on a dozen times already and each time she did she lost just a bit more of her corporate self-image!

After work Jackie rushed home so she would have time to have her hair done before getting ready. Her friend Alisia was coming to do it for her on short notice...she was a great hairdresser and friend. Alisia told Jackie it would probably be better if she got dressed first so not to mess up the style later. So Jackie quick approached the bedroom to get dressed. First she slid on the black stockings one leg at a time. She had decided to go with thigh highs instead...first time for everything!

As she slipped into that skirt that reached about mid thigh she felt the change happening once more. She carefully picked up the lace vest and pulled it onto her shoulders very carefully and slowly started to button the front. Her nipples were very firm and barely peeked above the top of the vest as she buttoned and just watched herself slowly as she imagined someone doing just the opposite! Quickly she shook her head to bring herself out of it, as there is no room for fantasy. never happens! She ran back to the living room where Alicia spent 45 minutes transforming Jackie into a Goddess! She put her long brown hair up into a beautiful full bun on the back of her head but left enough hair in front that seemed to gently wave against her collar bone. It looked perfect with the new V-neck Jackie thought!!

“Thanks so much for helping me out Alicia!” Alicia was impressed herself at how wonderful Jackie looked and wished her luck telling her that she certainly wouldn’t need it tonight! “Just be careful, you may get more than you bargained for looking like that!” said Alicia.

Sitting in her car Jackie continues looking at the big sign that read, “Smokies” and mustering up the nerve to walk in. Just then her friend Terri slams her fist onto Jackie’s window, “C'mon, what are ya waiting for!?” Jackie opens the door and steps out, locking her car door. She immediately catches the attention of a gentleman walking on the sidewalk who notices the black high pumps and long legs wrapped in black stockings! “Wow” Jackie, I don’t think I have ever seen you like that before!” Says Terri. Jackie just blushes as they enter Smokies.

It is 9pm so the club is starting to get a tad smokey and the music is very loud. Most of Jackie’s friends are already there at a booth about half way down the club. She carefully looks to see if that cute bartender is there but doesn’t see him anywhere. “figures!” she thinks to herself.

About an hour passes and Jackie has certainly loved the attention and looks she is receiving but as usual, no one is actually attempting to talk to her. She is starting to get a bit downhearted when she hears a familiar voice behind her and feels a warm hand placed on her right shoulder. “Didn’t I see you in here about a month ago?” A very reassuring voice murmurs to her almost quietly. She turns slightly towards the voice and notices it is the bartender! Oh my God! I cannot believe he even remembers she gasps to herself! “Yes, I was, I don’t get out too often,” she shyly expresses.

“I have the night off tonight and just thought I would check out the scene, glad I did!” Jason gazes at her very intensely and Jackie is feeling a ton of emotions but none of them says run as fast as you can, which scares her more! She looks around the room and sees that her friends are starting to dwindle down and now there are only 3 sitting at a table in the back talking with some college students at the local university. She looks back at Jason who is obviously checking her out and he looks her right in the eye and asks if she would like to go for a ride. Without hesitation she says yes and he helps her with her coat and they are out the door before she can think about it.

He leads Jackie to his pickup truck, which is a brand new Dodge Ram, very nice, full package she is sure! At least this one has a decent job she thinks to herself! He helps her into the passenger side and places his hand gently on her hip to guide her in. Jackie quickly looks for a sign of any wedding band...none! Good she thinks!

Once he starts the vehicle she asks Jason where they are going? He says he has a surprise for her. “A surprise?” She like surprises, but wondered how this could be since she just met him.

He drives up to a cabin on the outskirts of town that is pretty secluded and overlooking the lake. She is getting a bit nervous as she has never done this before and logic is trying to play a part in her decision-making. She is feeling a bit uneasy and then he opens the door and takes her hand very gently to help her out. She slips just barely on the edge of the door with her heels and he grabs her around the waist with both hands and pulls her towards him to make sure she doesn’t fall. The look in his eye is so intense Jackie swears that he can read everything in her mind and her uneasiness fastly fades as fantasy starts in Jackie’s mind once more.

As they enter the cabin, the lights go on and the fireplace automatically starts! “Wow, efficient!” she says. Jason takes her coat and offers her a wine cooler. “I wouldn’t want to stop your party,” he says coyly. “Sure” she says and walks over in front of the fireplace where it is warm. Although she looks dead hot in what she has on tonight, it does nothing for warmth! She is mesmerized by the fire and just stares into it kind of loosing herself in the moment when she feels a very warm, hard body right up next to hers from behind. Her heart is racing as she tries to get a hold of her emotions. He reaches around her and hands her a cooler. “I hope wild berry is okay with you?” Jason asks. Jackie just smiles. As she reaches for and grabs it, Jason starts to caress her neck and shoulders with his strong, determined hands. Jackie doesn’t even move, she is absorbing his warmth through her skin. It feels so nice and she cannot believe she is actually allowing this.

His fingers are smooth and soft. He begins whispering to her. Jason tells Jackie that he has noticed her several times and that he has just been waiting for her to come back. He had talked to her friends and this whole evening was set up on his account to get together with her. He already knew so much from her friends...how she thought he was hot, how infrequently she dated, all the nights she spent on wasted blind dates, lack of a good sex life...it had been a long time...so very, very long! She seemed to melt right into his body more and more as he spoke not even phased that her friends have given so much detail to this literal stranger. As he kisses the nape of her neck and feels her succumb to him he places his hands on front of her thighs and starts to work upwards. The fact that her breathing is becoming heavier and her legs are about to give out tells him how badly she wants him and he continues up her skirt just teasing his fingers around her thongs, careful not to enter under them. He continues kissing her shoulders from behind and moves his hands around to her nice round bottom and hikes her black skirt all the way up massaging her whole middle area, but mostly her ass. She hadn’t been touched like that in so long she thought she was going to have an orgasm right there! His body seemed to sway with hers and she couldn’t believe the erection she was feeling in the middle of her back! God how she wanted to act on her emotions right now but restrained herself; she wasn’t that kind of girl, at least until now!

She tried to turn around to kiss him and he said “NO! I am not done feeling you yet, you will have your turn!” He moved his hands around her waist and to her belly. His massage felt so warm and hungry that she was convinced he could do what ever he wanted...she was already his! He moved up under her vest and over her curvy breasts grabbing gently her nipples and kneading them excessively. Her hips started moving into him and her legs start to quiver as she is totally wrapped up in Jason and how he is making her feel. He slowly turns her around and unbuttons her vest the rest of the way without saying a word. He guides it off her shoulders and it falls off all the while his eyes piercing hers never once looking away. She knows that he must be able to see the raw lust in her eyes, as she just cannot hide it any longer.

His green eyes could melt an iceberg! He takes her breast in his hand and begins to tease it with his tongue, all around her nipple. He mouths around the entirety of her breast and then takes her nipple and all into his mouth. Oh, God that feels so good! She grabs his shoulders and pulls herself closer. He picks her up and lays her down on the couch and continues sucking and kneading her breasts. He kisses her chest, torso; stomach...he can feel her stomach moving up and down very rhythmically as her breathe increases with anticipation. He continues down to her pubic bone and carefully grabs her thighs as he buries his tongue deep inside her without any warning!

Her hips immediately buck up to meet him and he continues to use his tongue on her and begins sucking on her clit. She is so excited she cums right there and he can feel it as he inserts his finger into her to increase the intensity. She pulls away as the excitement is too much and he grabs her and pulls her closer, not letting her excitement diminish. He draws her tightly to his mouth and his moaning at her enjoyment causes her to have a massive orgasm! Her whole body shakes with intensity as he doesn’t allow her any measure away from his deadly grip and she has multiple orgasms!

He senses her body has taken a bit of toll and slowly releases his grip and starts to kiss her thighs. Jackie sits up and pushes him backwards onto the sofa pillow and tells Jason “My turn!” She is so hot for him and all she can do is take that cock of his and inhale it whole as she is groping his balls with her hands. She starts off slowly licking and inhaling his penis and running her tongue all around his shaft. She grabs his balls in her mouth and sucks them gently using her wet hand to stroke him.

He can feel the head ready to burst and he is so large now all she wants to do is have it in her mouth. She slides up and grabs him with her hand and continues to suck him in an up and down motion with her hand then both hands. Her grip with her mouth is hungry and he is not sure how much longer he will last. She slows the pace down a bit and Jason asks her to bend over the couch. Jackie sucks up and down on Jason a few more minutes, as she cannot get enough of his enormous gun and then complies waiting for Jason to take her!

That is all she wants at this point, a good fuck! She never thought she would actually think that way but that is what it comes down to. Jason grabs her hips with both hands and she can feel the head of his penis teasing her pussy so she pushes backwards onto Jason and Jason and Jackie both gasp in complete delight! Jason uses her ass to pull her off and onto his hard cock watching in amazement how wonderful she looks. Jackie is moaning rather loudly now and with every pump her urgency seems to increase. Jason quickens the pace and her moaning becomes even more needy. Jackie tells Jason to go harder and Jason starts pumping her with all his might as his balls hit her pussy and she reaches around and grabs his balls in her hand as he pumps her. This continues off and on for several minutes as Jason brings Jackie almost to orgasm and slows it down, starting over and over.

Jason asks Jackie to lye on her back and she does. He grabs her legs and pulls her to the very edge of the couch and pins her legs back near her head so she cannot move. Her eyes almost have a scared look but eager at the same time. She has never been this helpless and she is loving it. Her look suddenly changes to hunger and Jason places his penis back into her slowly as he is very large and doesn’t want to hurt her. Jackie moans loudly and closes her eyes. Jason pumps quicker and quicker and soon his whole penis is buried deep into her vagina! Jackie has multiple orgasms and Jason cannot handle the erotic screaming now...he grabs her ankles and slams into Jackie over and over and she is screaming “oh God! Oh God!”

Jason’s cock is set on fire and he feels his release channeling downwards, as he explodes into Jackie’s pussy! He pumps a few more times as he lets out a pleasurable moan and Jackie is more at a whimper now. Both orgasm at the same time and each being able to feel the pulse of the other which only intensifies it. Jackie is so excited at the loud moan she hears from Jason as he is releasing that it causes her to go into a multiple orgasm. As their urgency lessons he gently lowers her legs and pulls out. Jackie is still in disbelief of what she just experienced and Jason asks her if she would like to stay... she accepts.

He bundles her up in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace on the floor as they hold each other without a sound. Jason asks Jackie what she is doing tomorrow night...Jackie replies, “are you free!?”

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