Jackie Pt. 01


I watched as my wife entered the house. It was in a poorer section of town than where we lived. As I looked at the drive way I realized the pick up that was parked in the driveway was one I had seen several times before. I had seen it several times leaving my wife's block as I went to meet with her before we were married.

It was white in color when it was bought new, but when I saw it, it looked mud caked and there was several dents in the side panels. I knew it was a construction truck by the ladder rack that went around the bed and over the roof. The sign proclaiming it belonged to Longs Construction confirmed my suspicion.

As my wife was pulled into the house I snuck down the breezeway that ran between the house and the one next door. I looked for a window I could see through so I could see what they were up to. I had my suspicions that my wife was cheating on me, but I had hoped and prayed that I was wrong.

The second window I looked into appeared to be a bedroom window. There was a king size mattress on the floor but little else in the way of furniture. In fact it looked like the guy my wife was seeing couldn't care less about the condition of his room or his clothes for that matter.

My suspicions were confirmed a few seconds later. I watched as a man well over six feet tall and as wide as a linebacker, pulled my wife into the bedroom. He pushed her down till she was kneeling in front of him. In my horror I watched as she reached up and unbutton his jeans. Within seconds she pulled his long thick cock out of his pants and started sucking on it. As I watched my wife of six months suck on a cock that was almost three times the size of mine. My mind went back to the time I first met her.

Chapter 1

Seeing I couldn't afford to go to law school after college I went to work for one of the leading law firms in the city. I worked in their research department, which paid me a modest wage. It wasn't a lot but it was enough for me to pay off my school loans and enough left over to live on.

It was my job to look up cases that could show precedent or have some bearing on one of the cases that the lawyers were working on. The department I worked for had twelve assistant researchers that could assist the twenty-two associate lawyers that were employed at the firm. There were also eight associate researchers that worked for one of the eight junior partners and five senior researchers that worked for one of the five partners. Unfortunately I was one of the twelve assistant researchers, which meant I was at the bottom of the ladder.

Like I said I had a modest income but if I could become an Associate researcher I could make more money. A Senior Researcher was paid even more. So I worked hard on each of my assignments so it would be noticed. I also needed to play the office politics to get ahead. And this was where I had most of my problems.

My direct supervisor was a woman in her mid to late fifties who delegated who would work for whom. She didn't care for my long hair even though it was never stipulated. I know it sounds like a small thing to cut it like everyone else's but I didn't want to.

My father made me cut my hair short when I was growing up and once I went off to college I stopped having it cut. I guess you could blame the highlander series as I became fascinated by the sword play and the long hair that Duncan had. I even had mine tied into a pony tail like his was. I also had both my ears pierced like his was. I only wore a tiny post in each ear at work, but they were still noticeable and Ms. Robertson didn't like them.

I figured the only way to impress Ms. Robertson with out cutting my hair and removing my earrings was to work harder than everyone else. That was why I was in the law library on that fateful day in mid July, the day that would change my life forever.

I had been given an assignment late on Friday and told it needed to be completed as soon as possible. After I spent several hours working on the assignment on Friday I decided to come in on Saturday and finish up. I knew I would be alone so there would be no one there to bother me.

I knew it would be hot in the library as the air conditioning was turned off till late on Sunday. I wore a pair of running shorts a tee shirt and a pair of running shoes. I got to the office at seven as I hoped I could be done by noon. I wanted to get out before it got too hot as the weather report had said it was going into the high nineties.

I worked in the back of the library, as I was sure the case I was looking for would be back there. I worked diligently till nearly ten when I finally found what I was looking for. As I walked to the front where the copy machine was I tripped over someone and went sprawling to the floor.

When I turned around to see whom I tripped over I was struck by how beautiful she was. She had reddish-blond hair that some would call strawberry-blond. It hung in ringlets about her head and shoulders. She had piercing blue eyes that looked like they were reflecting the ocean. Her skin was pale as ivory and her face and shoulders where splattered with freckles.

She was wearing a pair of shorts that looked like they were too small for her and the tank top she was wearing barely covered her breasts. I couldn't be sure but it looked like she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were erect and they were trying to poke holes in her shirt. She wasn't wearing any shoes but I'm sure she had worn them in here.

Her smiled lit up her face as she said with a slight giggle to her voice. "I'm really sorry I shouldn't have been sitting in the walkway. Are you alright?"

I smiled back as I couldn't have done anything else. Her smile was infectious. "I'm fine but I believe I am at fault as I should have been watching where I was going. I didn't expect anyone else to be here." I told her as I started to get up.

"Here let me help you pick those up," she told me as she started picking up the books I had dropped during my fall. As she handed them to me she said. "By the way my name's Angie Macdonald."

"Yes ma'am I know who you are and again I'm sorry for tripping over you. My names Jack Anderson I work here as a researcher." I told her.

Miss Macdonald was an inch or two taller than my five foot seven inch frame and from what I could see she was quite thin though very well proportioned. Her breast were large almost too large for her tiny waist, though I doubt any man would complain.

Angie smiled at me and said. "If you ever call me ma'am again I'm going to smack you. You make me feel like I'm old enough to be your mother."

I could tell she was teasing so I said, "Sorry it's the way I was raised to respect your elders." After all she was older than I was by a few years.

She gave me a playful smack on my arm and told me I should get back to work but then she said. "Wait a minute what are you doing here I thought you guys had the weekend off? I know you don't get over time when you work over forty hours."

"Mr. Stanton said he needed this right away seeing I didn't get this done yesterday I figured I'd do it today." I told her.

"This is on your own time then. That's very conscientious." She told me as she started back toward the row she had been working in. I couldn't help myself as I watched her beautiful bottom wiggle back and forth as she walked back to the stacks.

As I though of what it would be like to make love to her. I also knew, there wasn't a chance in hell of ever getting anywhere near her. First off, if the rumors I heard were true she didn't like men. I had heard quite often, from other guys she was a lesbian and a man hater. I also knew she was the queen bitch of the firm. She won so many cases she could do anything she wanted.

The second thing I had going against me was my looks. I was shorter than she was. Not by a lot but still shorter. I was also very skinny. I was one of those people that could eat anything and not gain weight. Believe me I've tried. With a wishful sigh I went to the copier to complete my own work.

By noon I was done with what I was working on and ready to leave. After putting the books I had used away I walked passed Miss Macdonald again. I could see the heat in the building was getting to her by the amount of sweat that was on her shirt. It looked like someone had hosed her down.

She really looked like she was totally lost so I asked. "Miss Macdonald is there something I could find for you."

She smiled her wonderful smile again and said. "I guess I do look lost. I don't know if it's the heat in here or am I completely scattered brained but I can't find what I'm looking for. But I know you're not getting paid to be here so you should finish what you're doing."

"I'm already done and I really don't have anywhere to go. I really wouldn't mind helping you." I told her. If I had thought of it, the brownie points wouldn't hurt, but truthfully I didn't think of it at the time.

"I could really use the help if you really don't mind." She told me before she told me what she was looking for.

After checking the computer and cross-reference what she wanted I was able to find the book in no time. I also gave her three other case-files that she could reference as they pertained to the case she was looking for. By four o'clock she had every thing she needed and we were both finished with our tasks.

"Thank you so much Mr. Anderson I don't think I could have gotten all of this done if it wasn't for you." She told me as she tucked the papers into her briefcase.

"You're very welcome and you can call me Jack." I told her as she had been calling me Mr. Anderson all afternoon.

"Then you can call me Angie from now on. Come on I want to buy you a nice cold beer in payment for helping me."

"You really don't have to do that." I told her but Angie wasn't having any of it. She took my arm in hers and pulled me out of the library and though the building. We drove in separate cars to a pub she knew of. For the next two hours we sipped glass after glass of beer and chatted on an on.

I learned a lot about her that night. I learned she had graduated from Harvard four years earlier and she was the youngest person to make junior partner at our firm. I also learned her likes and dislikes in music and movies.

She learned quite a bit about me. The beer had loosened my tongue enough where I even told her about my fascination with the highlander series. That was something I usually don't go telling anyone.

After two hours of drinking she said. "You know Jack I think we should get something to eat. I think we should get something in our stomachs before we drive home."

I had to agree with her though I knew I couldn't afford much. We staggered out of the bar we were in and down the street to a restaurant. As we waited for our meals we talked even more and it was at that time Angie started to hold my hand when she was saying something that was important. By the time we were done eating I felt a connection to Angie. After all we had shared some secrets that no one else knew at the firm.

When we went back to the parking lot behind the bar Angie leaned against her car and I lead against mine as she said. "I want to thank you for the great time. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time."

"I enjoyed myself too though next time I should pay the bills" I told her.

"We'll see what happens." She told me before she leaned over and our lips touched.

It wasn't a passion filled kiss like you see in the movies it was more like two friends kissing, but I did feel something in that kiss. I mean there was definitely a spark there or was it my imagination. On that we parted company and for the rest of that weekend I thought about that kiss often.

Chapter Two

On the following Monday as I was handing in the assignment I had worked on Saturday Randy Savage came into Ms. Robertson's office and said. "She sent me down could you believe that. The bitch sent me down because I took one weekend off."

"I know she called me first thing this morning." Ms. Robertson told Randy then to me she said, "Well Jack you're the next one under the gun. Just so you know she asked for you personally this morning but she really didn't have a choice as she had everyone else in this department. See if you could last longer than two weeks with her."

I didn't have to ask her who we were talking about as I knew Randy had worked for Angie for two weeks before he was sent back. I also knew several others had worked for Angie in the six months I had been at the firm, all were sent back cursing her name.

It didn't take me long to pack my belongings before I went up to Angie's office. After placing my box of personal items on her conference table I knocked lightly on her office door. After gaining permission to enter I walked in.

Angie's face lit up with her smile the second she saw me. She came around the desk and took my hand as if to shake it before saying. "Good morning Jack I hope you didn't mind me asking for you?"

"No that's quite alright." I told her thought I didn't tell her I was her only choice.

While still holding my hand she said. "You do know why I wanted you don't you. I have a feeling you are the one that could become permanent. But of cause the queen bitch is a hard woman to please. Do you think you're up to the task?"

I had to smile at her reference to being the queen bitch and Angie smiled back before I said. "Yes ma...I mean I would like to try it."

Angie gripped my hand tightly and said. "I have to tell you this up front Jack. You're on probation for the next three months. If you make it here that long the promotion is permanent and you paycheck will increase accordingly. Of cause it will be retroactive as of today. If you still think you can handle the job, and me, let's get to work."

We did just that. I quickly found out that Angie not only wanted me to do research for her but I also filled in as secretary and her personal assistant. Each morning I had to reminder her, what appointments she had and where she had to be at what time. I also typed up briefs as well as correspondence between her and her clients. I went to court with her and sat behind the bar waiting to fill any request she had.

I learned very quickly that Angie was tenacious when it came to the law. She loved going to court as she felt she couldn't lose. I knew more than one lawyer cringed when they found out they were going against the queen bitch as Angie often referred to herself. I over heard one lawyer tell another she had the looks of a French poodle and personality of a pit bull. Angie took it as a compliment.

The three months of probation went by quickly and except of the rare weekend that we didn't work we were almost inseparable. We usually ate lunch and dinner together, most times at the conference table in her outer office, but often at restaurants, which Angie paid for.

The kiss we shared on that Saturday was never repeated, though I had often wished it had. As I watched her parade in front of a jury in her three inch heels and her business suit with the modestly short skirt I thought about what it would be like to hold her in my arms and kiss her lips once more. But Angie never seemed at all interested in me that way.

Oh there were times when she would stand at my side as I showed her different cases I found that would help in her cases. Then she would place her hand on my shoulder and absent mindedly play with my pony tail or run her long fingernails cross my shoulders. That was the only intimacy we shared.

As I said before the three month probation went by quickly and before I realized, it was late October. Angie came into the office waving a white envelope as if fanning her self with it. She had a smile on her face that was breath taking.

As she handed me the envelope she said. "If my math is correct this should be good news for you. Hurry and open it."

Actually I had lost track of time in the last three months and when I opened the envelope I was surprised find it was my letter of congratuations for advancing to Associate Researcher and a check with my retroactive raise. It was a tidy sum and my mind went quickly on how I was going to spend it.

Angie seemed even more pleased with the news than I was she quickly said. "Congratulation honey. We should go out and celebrate your promotion tonight."

Angie had been calling me honey almost from the time I first came to work for her. At first I though it might mean something but after a week of hearing it almost constantly I knew it didn't mean as much as I had hoped.

"Okay but tonight I'm paying seeing you always paid before." I told her.

Angie smiled and said. "Next time I swear honey but tonight I want to pay to show my appreciation for all the hard work you've done over the last three months."

I knew arguing with Angie as like beating you head against the wall. In the end she would have her way. I was glad she had insisted, as the restaurant we went to was very expensive.

When ever Angie was paying for lunch or dinner I tried to go cheap. I picked out meals that were at the bottom of the price range. This time Angie didn't even let me order. She ordered the surf and turf, which was the most expensive meal on the menu. On top of that she ordered a bottle of wine that cost fifty dollars and thought nothing of it.

Again we talked through out the meal. We did this often when we dine together but this time it was different. When we normally went out after work we talked about work or the case Angie was working on. This time it was personal. This time we talked about our families and our past loves. Angie had quite a few more past loves than I did. In fact compared to her I was a virgin.

What was really curious was most of the people she talked about had male sounding names. There were a few that could have been female but one was never sure. I thought this was odd if the rumors I had heard were true. Of cause I didn't ask, as that would have been rude.

When dinner was over and after Angie paid she entwined the arms around my left arm as we walked out to the cars. I was surprised she did this, as it was the first time since we shared that kiss three months ago she showed me any intimacy.

When we got back to where our cars were parked Angie slid her arms around my shoulders. She stepped closer till her whole body was touching mine and said. "I'm sure glad you worked out. I would have hated to send you back to the library." I was about to tell her I was glad too but before I could get out the words her lips were on mine.

This time our kiss was passionate. This time her tongue slid past my lips and into my mouth. As our lips caressed each other's lips our tongues played with each other. I don't mind telling you my cock swelled to full erection by the time our lips separated.

When our lips separated Angie sighed and said. "You are a wonderful kisser and to think I've waited three months to find that out." We then kissed a second time.

After the second kiss ended she asked. "Would you like to go to a Celtic Festival with me tomorrow? I have two tickets and I really don't want to go alone. I thought since you're fascinated with the Highlander series you would like to go with me."

"I've never been to a Celtic Festival before what's it like." I asked though I already knew I was going with her.

"It's where people with Scottish and Irish ancestry celebrate our heritage. Even though you're not Celtic I'm sure you'll have a good time too." She told me.

At this point I probably would have followed her into hell if she had asked so I said. "Sounds like fun especially if you're going to be there. What should I wear?"

"Do you have a kilt?" She asked with a smile on her lips.

I thought she was kidding so I said with a chuckle. "No I'm too much of a man to wear a skirt."

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