Jackie Pt. 02


Chapter Six

Angie woke me at five in the morning. Normally I didn't get up for work until six so I could be at the office by eight. This morning I had to go home and get dressed for work, as I didn't bring anything with me on Saturday.

After getting out of the shower Angie handed me a pair of white panties and said. "Will you please wear these today? I want to know you pretty dick and balls are being caressed by my satin panties."

I was a little leery of this so I said. "What if someone sees them, I would be a laughing stock." Even as it came out of my mouth I knew that argument wouldn't hold water.

"Oh come on Jack how many times has some one at the office seen your underwear. Unless you and a few of the other guys in the library get it on when no one is looking." I couldn't help laughing at her comment. Of cause I put on the panties and a matching camisole.

I dressed in the clothes I had worn on Saturday, as they were now clean. That is all except for the boxers that miraculously disappeared. I had a feeling Angie threw them out though she wouldn't admit it.

After getting dressed Angie showed me what she would be wearing under her suit. She had on a lavender bustier and thong style panties of the same color. Tan stockings that were held up by the garter straps on the bustier. The heels she was wearing were three inch tall pumps with a small cutout at the tip of the shoe. I knew I wouldn't stop thinking about her unmentionables all day.

We kissed good bye by the door before I left for my own drab apartment. When I got there I quickly changed into a suit that I normally wore. I had thought about taking off the panties and camisole but very quickly decided against it. I wasn't worried Angie would check. I just didn't see any reason too.

Before I left my apartment I ordered a large bouquet of flowers over the Internet. I had them delivered to the office with a card that read, "To the woman who changed my life. All my thanks, Jack." I figured the card was discreet enough where no one would know it wasn't between an employee and his supervisor. After all at work she did change my life.

I arrived at work at exactly eight o'clock, which was my normal time. Angie always arrived at eight thirty, which was a half hour before the office opened at nine. I arrived first to start the coffee pot in her office and on occasion she would bring in either bagels or croissants.

When Angie arrived she was carrying donuts something she never brought in before. "Sweets for my sweetie." She told me after looking around to see if anyone was in the office. Then she grabbed a hand full of my right ass cheek and gave it a squeeze. If she was trying to be discrete she was doing a poor job of it I thought.

At nine o'clock we got down to business. We really didn't have a hard day, as most of the cases Angie was assigned to where either in negotiations or waiting to go to court. And our next court date wasn't till after the Thanksgiving holiday. She still had other cases she was working on but nothing that need to be concluded in hurry.

Angie was off talking to one of the partners when the receptionist walked in carrying the bouquet I had ordered. "Nice touch Jack and congratulations on your promotion." She told me as she handed me the bouquet. Obviously she had read the card. I was glad I didn't put anything too endearing on it.

When Angie came back and saw the bouquet she said. "Jack you shouldn't have." She went to the bouquet and read the card before coming over to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. She checked again to see if anyone had entered the room which we both knew no one had, "Is this for the promotion or the weekend?"

"Both though if anyone here asks it's for the promotion. I'm so happy to get this position." I told her.

Angie took my hand and gave it a squeeze before saying. "I have a few more positions I'd like to see you in."

"MM sounds like fun may I ask what are they?" I said as quietly as I could.

She gave my hand another squeeze and said. "You'll have to wait and see love now get back to work." She did give me another peck on the cheek before letting me resume my work.

At noon Angie had lunch brought in for us then at one she left for an appointment. I wasn't sure what this was about as it wasn't on the calendar I kept for her. This wasn't unusual, as she had done this often in the past. They were usually made by one of the partners during the day in question. She was back by four and went straight to work.

Angie and I worked until seven that night as she told me she didn't want anything getting in the way for this weekend. She said she had a new lover and she wanted to make sure she had the whole weekend open so she could play. It was strange how she seemed to worry that someone might overhear us.

We went to dinner at her choice of restaurant, which she also paid for. When I complained that she said the next time out I could pay she said, "You did my love remember breakfast Saturday morning." That's the way she was she would live up to her obligations just not the way I expected.

After dinner we went back to our cars held each other and kissed for several minutes till I asked. "May I come over tonight?"

She thought for only a second and said. "No my love, lets wait till this weekend. If we make love tonight it will be hurried and I want our time together to be special. We'll have all weekend to play."

We kissed for a few minutes more before she said. "I have a present for you."

She pulled away and opened the trunk to her car. Inside I saw a box wrapped with pink paper and a big satin and lace ribbon and bow. It looked quite feminine and if any one at work saw me getting it I would be very embarrassed. I guess that why she waited till after dinner to give it to me.

"Go on honey take it.' She said pointing toward the box.

The box was fairly big, at least two feet long a foot wide and eighteen inches tall. When I pick up the box it was not that heavy, but there was some weight to it. As I picked it up I asked. "What's this for."

"Because I care for you very, very much and because you gave me flowers. I don't get flowers very often." She told me as she helped me open my trunk. When I asked what was in it she said. "When you get home you can look in it, not before. I'm sure once you look in it you'll know exactly what it is and what its for." We then kissed good night for several minutes before finally going our separate ways.

When I got home I set the box on the floor by my sofa before getting myself something to drink. I changed into a pair of sweat pants but decided to leave the panties and the cami on till I took my shower. I mean it still felt nice wearing it.

I sat on the sofa and pulled the satin and lace bow until it came free. I opened the box and found a jewelry box. Inside the box were six sets of cufflinks. I though this was odd as all my shirts had buttons on the cuffs.

Under the jewelry box was a layer of tissue paper. When I pulled it away I understood why she gave me the cufflinks. Under the tissue paper were ten new white shirts. They were very expensively made twill shirts.

Under the shirts was another layer of tissue paper. Under that was what I had expected. There were twelve panty and cami sets in just about ever color imaginable. At first I thought I couldn't possible wear some of them as they would show right though my shirts, but then I remember the shirts Angie had given me. They were thick enough where nothing at all would show beneath them. Obviously Angie had thought this out.

Under the fourth layer of tissue paper I found twelve short nightgowns with matching panties. They were just like the ones I had worn on Sunday night. Under that layer was another layer of something I hadn't worn before. There were twelve garter belts that matched the panty and camisole sets I had seen earlier. There were also twelve pairs of stockings. She hadn't asked me to wear those yet but I was sure it was only a matter of time.

I put all the clothes back in the box and thought about the situation. No longer was I wearing Angie's clothes for Angie to turn her on. Now I had my own lingerie that she wanted me to wear. Oh sure Angie bought them but knowing her they were mine now. This changed every thing.

Before my thoughts could get too organized the phone rang. I knew it was Angie before I even picked up the phone. "Hi love did you like the present."

"Yes it was very thoughtful of you but I have a question." Angie didn't interrupt as I continued. "I thought I was wearing your panties and camisoles for you because it turned you on."

"Oh you were sweetie." She said, "But I saw how much you enjoyed them so I got you your own wardrobe to wear. Besides we went through so many sets this weekend I have to wash almost everything I own. This way you won't have to wait for me to give you a set to wear you can pick out what you like."

"But does that still turn you on?" I asked.

"Of course it does sweetie just thinking of you sitting in your room wearing sexy lingerie has got me positively dripping." She told me breathlessly. When she continued she whispered like she was afraid some one would hear, "In fact I was going to diddle myself, but I want to save it for when were together. Will you save yourself for me too love?"

After I told her I would she said. "Now remember if and when you wear the stockings and garters you should wear your panties over the garters. This way you'll be able to take them off when you have to go potty."

By the time we said good bye I was once more convinced I was wearing the lingerie for Angie even though they were actually my own. After taking a shower I slipped on one of the new night gowns and panty sets before climbing into bed. It wasn't until then I realized how lonely my life was without Angie in bed with me.

When I woke the following morning I dug into the box for a panty and cami set to wear that day. I also pulled out one of the new shirts and a pair of cufflinks. When I came home that night I would have to find a place in my dresser for these new cloths.

I choice a beige colored set with red roses and green leaves. I hoped and prayed the shirt hid what I was wearing. After putting on the new shirt I looked myself over. Thankfully the shirt did just as I had hoped. You couldn't see a hint of the cami under it.

I looked at the stockings and garter sets and thought about putting them on. They intrigued me, but at the last second I decided against it. I guess you could say I chicken out.

When I got to the office that day Angie asked me in a whisper what I decided to wear. I told her also in a whisper what I had on. She seemed disappointed I didn't wear the stockings and matching garter belt. The next day I wore the stocking and garters, which Angie was quite thrilled over.

The week went very slowly. We really didn't have much to do in the office so mostly it was make work. Still we worked till seven before going to dinner together. Then we would kiss in the parking lot till neither one of us could stand it any longer. We parted ways two very excited people.

Thursday while we waited for our dinner to come and while Angie popped the garters that lay under my pant leg, something she had grown to love doing she said. "When you come over tomorrow don't forget to bring a suit to wear on Monday. This way you won't have to go home before going to work."

"I guess I should bring plenty of lingerie too. I'll have to wash some tonight when I get home." I told her.

"Definitely wash them but you don't have to bring any with you. I bought you a second set to wear when you at my house. No sense carrying them from one place to the other all the time." She told me just before our meals arrived.

After the waitress left I asked. "You bought me a second set?"

"Yes and I bought quite a few for myself. I also bought you a few dresses and some pretty skirts and tops to wear. After all you can't live in your lingerie all the time. Now please love lets discuss this tomorrow where no one else can hear, unless you want other people knowing what you are wearing."

That shut me up pretty quickly. I didn't get to ask her anything after dinner either as we spent most of our time making out in the parking lot until we were both shivering from the cold. I went home that night wondering how this weekend was going to turn out.

Standing outside the asshole's window while my wife was sucking his big cock I remembered that was the first time I saw his truck. It didn't look as bad as it did the day I followed my wife to his house but it was already showing signs of wear. Of cause I didn't pay it any attention that day. Kind of like the mile makers you see on the highway. You know they're there but unless you looking for it you don't see it. I remembered that it was coming toward me as I was driving to Angie house. The truck was coming up the road I had to take to get to her subdivision.

Chapter Seven

On Friday Angie had an appointment at one down at the courthouse. Seeing it was more or less a social call she left me at the office. She told me I could leave at five and come right over. She knew I already had my suit in the car for Monday.

Believe me five o'clock couldn't come soon enough but of course the afternoon dragged on and on. I though about leaving early but that would have put me at Angie's house early, and if she wasn't at home I would have to wait outside. I'm sure that would have made me look desperate. So at exactly five o'clock I made a mad dash to my car.

When I pulled into her drive way Angie's car was already there. After getting my suit I walked up to the door and rang the door bell. I waited patently but there was no answer. After a few minutes I rang the door bell a second time. A minute or so later Angie opened the door.

She looked disheveled. Her hair was wild looking, like she had not brushed it all day. Her makeup was streaked and her lipstick was smudged. Even the robe she was wearing looked like she had thrown it on in haste.

"Sorry Jack I got home early and decided to take a nap. Please come in." She told me as she stepped aside to let me in.

As soon as I walked in the door Angie hugged me tight as if she was afraid of something. She also seemed like she was getting her bearings. After hanging on to me for a minute or so she said. "Let me pop dinner into the oven and we'll go up stairs." Still slightly out of it Angie staggered toward the kitchen. A few minutes later Angie came back in to the hall and led me up the stairs by wrapping her arm around my waist.

When we entered the bedroom I saw the room looked a mess. The bed spread was thrown on the floor and the sheets on bed were all bunched up. The top mattress was slightly askew. Before I could take in the rest of the room Angie started stripping off my suit.

When she pealed off my shirt her hands were all over me. She rubbed her hands over the red satin cami I was wearing making sure to rub the material over my chest and she playfully pinched my nipples. When she unbuckled my trouser and let them fall to the floor she rubbed her hand over my panty covered bottom while she kissed me passionately.

When she pulled her lips from mine she said. "You look so sexy in your lingerie I hate to take it all off, but we must get you in the shower as I'm sure you need your legs shaved." She reluctantly finished undressing me then took me in to the bathroom.

On the bathroom vanity I saw an empty disposable douche like the one she used last Sunday after we made love. I couldn't imagine it had been there that long so I assumed she had used it recently. Before I could noticed anything else about the bathroom Angie pulled me into the shower.

In the shower we kissed and washed each other. I made sure to get all the smeared makeup off Angie's face. We also made sure our private places were very, very clean. That was the first time Angie ever touched my ass hole. She rubbed the soapy washcloth over it for several minutes while she kissed me deeply. I can't say that wasn't pleasant though I wondered why it felt so good. I mean a straight guy isn't supposed to like that sort of thing.

After we were as clean as we could get Angie grabbed the pink disposable razor and her shave gel and went to her knees in front of me. After pulling me out of the direct spray of the shower head she applied shaving gel to my left leg before she slowly shaved my leg with long strokes. It was quite erotic to watch and it felt really good too. I could honestly say I could've gotten a hard on from it, but I had gotten hard on the drive over and my erection had not gone down since.

After the fronts of my legs were done she went after my genitals. At first she shaved the pubic bone area before she started on my balls. I don't mind saying having the razor that close to my scrotum was nerve racking, but Angie shaved me without nicking me in the slightest. She even had me raise my one leg so she could shave the area between my scrotum and my asshole.

Once my front was done Angie turned me around and started on the back of my legs. She even covered my butt with shave gel and shaved it as well. I had expected this but what she did next surprised me completely.

Once she was done shaving my bottom half Angie put down the razor and started kissing my ass cheeks. Her lips moved over both cheeks and I even felt her lick each cheek several times. What really shocked me was when I felt her tongue slip between my cheeks. I couldn't stop the moan from escaping my lips, which told Angie I liked how her tongue felt.

She didn't stop there either. Once she saw I like her tongue between my cheeks she went deeper and soon she was running her tongue over my anus. That felt wonderful and confusing at the same time. I was confused because I wasn't gay but was moaning as her tongue licked at my hole. God it felt so good and yet so wrong.

Angie kept up her assault on my anus as I moaned and yes even a squeal leaped from my lips. It felt so good I nearly melted from the pleasure her tongue was giving me. That was until I felt her tongue trying to pierce my hole.

When I felt her tongue try to push its way into my hole I clamped my anus shut to keep her out. That was just wrong, she shouldn't do that. Angie was persistent. After trying to push her tongue into me and finding no success she took my balls in hand and started playing with them. This caused me to relax enough to let her tongue slide into me. I can't tell you how good that felt and I squealed like a girl as her tongue pumped in and out of me.

When I thought I couldn't take any more and I was going to pop Angie pulled her tongue from my ass and spun me around. This time there was no licking of my balls or my shaft. This time Angie took my cock straight into her mouth and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. Her mouth moved like lighting as her left hand caressed my balls.

Her right hand, which had stayed on my ass cheek, slowly started sliding over toward the crack between my cheeks. Less than a second later her finger were touching my anus in a very sensuous way. I could actually feel my anus start to open for her finger.

When I felt her finger pierce my opening I groaned out as my orgasm hit me. Instantly I was pumping squirt after squirt into Angie mouth. She in turn started fucking my ass with her finger before adding a second one. I swear it was the strongest orgasm I ever had. It felt like I squirted a quart of semen into her mouth.

Before I could completely recover from my orgasm Angie was kissing me. When her tongue slid into my mouth the sperm load I had just pumped into her mouth flowed into mine. I guess I didn't cum a quart like I thought but it was a very generous amount.

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